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John Malveaux: Feb. 9, 2020, attended "Will the Circle Be Unbroken - The Sacred Music of the African Diaspora" California State University Dominguez Hills

Albert Mc Neil cake Albert Mc Neil Uniforms John Malveaux of MusicUNTOLD writes: Feb 9, 2020  attended exhibit, celebrations, and performances at the CSUDH Gerth Archives and Special Collections and the Georgia and Nolan Payton Sacred Music Archive titled Will the Circle Be Unbroken -The Sacred Music of the African Diaspora-curated by Beth McDonald and Greg Williams at CSUDH Library Cultural Arts Center. The gospel music exhibit and archive is an invalua...
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Trump’s Pick for Spy Chief Collins Says He’s Out of Running

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump’s potential nominee for director of national intelligence, Representative Doug Collins, said he would turn down the position to focus on the Georgia senate race.“This is not a job that interests me; at this time, it’s not one that I would accept, because I’m running a Senate race down here in Georgia,” Collins said in an interview with Fox Business on Friday.Trump made the announcement during a flight to Las Vegas after a rally in Colorado Springs on Thursda...
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Boyfriend of deceased Georgia college student Anitra Gunn charged with murder

A man who had been arrested for damaging the property of a female college student whose body was found Tuesday night is now accused of her killing.
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Boyfriend of Georgia student charged with murder

A man who had been arrested for damaging the property of a female college student whose body was found Tuesday night is now accused of her killing.
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Trump Floats GOP Rep. Doug Collins To Head Intelligence; ‘Not Interested,’ Says Congressman

Apparently no one checked with Georgia GOP Rep. Doug Collins before the president floated his name to reporters.
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Trump Mad That Democrats Got Spy Agency to Say Russia Favors Him

(Bloomberg) -- President Donald Trump felt blindsided when he learned belatedly that intelligence officials briefed House lawmakers that Russia is continuing to interfere in U.S. elections -- and that Democrats elicited their view that the Russians favor Trump’s re-election, according to people familiar with the situation.Trump blamed Joseph Maguire, the acting director of national intelligence, for the episode and the failure to inform him. On Wednesday, the president announced that he was repl...
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Rep. Doug Collins said DNI chief job is 'not one that I would accept'

Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia said he's not interested in being the director of national intelligence, after President Donald Trump floated his name for the position, because he's focused on running for US Senate.
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Doug Collins Turns Down Trump’s Potential Offer To Be DNI, Says He Wants To Focus On Senate

Rep. Doug Collins’ (R-GA) fawning loyalty to President Donald Trump seemed to pay off on Thursday when Trump floated appointing the Republican to be his permanent Director of National Intelligence–but Collins isn’t interested in the role. Collins told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo on Friday morning that while it was “humbling” to be considered for the position, he wouldn’t accept the offer if Trump did decide to choose him. “Let me just tell you right now, I know the problems in our intel...
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Melting Pot Nevada May Shape Democratic Race

(Bloomberg) -- Bernie Sanders remains the candidate to beat in tomorrow’s Nevada caucuses, the first test of how the Democratic presidential aspirants perform in a state with sizable minority populations.Nevada’s demographics represent a critical comeback opportunity for one-time front-runner Joe Biden, who has shaped his candidacy around the idea he’d fare better with non-white voters but who performed poorly in Iowa and New Hampshire.The fact that half the state’s population is non-white — 30%...
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North Carolina prepares for wintry blast as 437-day snow drought ends

Wintry conditions began making a rare appearance in North Carolina Thursday, and the state ramped up preparations to mitigate as many hazards as possible as the rain and snow moved in. For many areas, that has meant school being canceled, businesses being closed and residents staying inside.On Thursday morning, Gov. Roy Cooper said 29 school districts in the state would be closed for the day while 55 others were releasing students early in advance of the snow.> When you haven't seen snow in ...
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'Sandworm' hacking group linked to Russian GRU's Main Center for Special Technology, says U.S.

• U.S. State Department blames Russia for cyberattacks that hit neighboring Georgia in October 2019 • By identifying Russia's digital assaults on neighbors, US hopes to raise awareness of ongoing GRU attacks on US Andy Greenberg at WIRED reports today on a State Department announcement that identifies Russia as having been responsible for online military attacks against its neighboring nation, Goergia, last October. From the WIRED story: For more than a decade, Russian hackers have torment...
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US, UK Formally Blame Russia for Mass-Defacement of Georgian Websites

The US and UK governments have issued official statements today formally accusing Russia's military intelligence agency, GRU, with carrying out a coordinated cyber-attack on thousands of Georgian websites in October 2019. From a report: The incident, widely reported at the time, was considered the largest cyber-attack in the former Soviet country's history. According to a report at the time, unidentified hackers broke into at least one web hosting provider and defaced more than 15,000 websites w...
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US and UK accuse Russia of major cyber attack on Georgia

The US, UK, and Georgia accused the Russian military Thursday of being behind a major 2019 cyber attack on Georgia that disrupted "several thousand Georgian government and privately-run websites and interrupted the broadcast of at least two major television stations."
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UK says Russia's GRU behind massive Georgia cyber-attack

The UK Foreign Office said October's attack was designed to undermine Georgia's sovereignty.
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U.S. and Allies Blame Russia for Cyberattack on Georgia

Britain and Australia joined the State Department in blaming Russia for a sweeping cyberattack last fall in the former Soviet republic.
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GRU won't believe it: UK and US call out Russia for cyber-attacks on Georgia last year

It's APT28 again! Public attribution names and shames state-backed crew The same Russian state hackers who unleashed NotPetya on the world's computers were behind destructive cyberattacks on Georgia during 2019, the governments of Britain and the US have said – echoing a similar attribution a decade ago.…
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The 21 most influential digital creators based in New York who rule Instagram, YouTube, and other social-media platforms

Business Insider is recognizing the leading digital stars who live and create content around the Greater New York City area. We are highlighting these 21 top creators based on audience size, creativity, and their impact on the influencer business as a whole. These New York-based creators run successful digital businesses across platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Los Angeles often takes center stage when it comes to the influencer world. Headli...
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Russia behind huge Georgia cyber-attack, UK says

The UK Foreign Office said October's attack was designed to undermine Georgia's sovereignty.
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‘We Have to Redeem the Soul of America.’ John Lewis on What’s Changed and What Hasn’t Since the March on Washington

On the day of the March on Washington, I was very excited about being able to speak to the crowd about civil rights. I was ready. A. Philip Randolph introduced me as “young John Lewis, national chairman, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.” I said to myself, “This is it. I must do my best.” I looked to my right, I looked to my left, and I looked straight ahead, and I went for it. I think often about “young John Lewis.” Today, I would tell him, “You got out there. You pushed and you p...
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Stacey Abrams Spearheads Campaign Against Voter Suppression

Since losing the Georgia governor's race in 2018, Democrat Stacey Abrams has launched Fair Fight — a voting rights campaign that's active in 18 battleground states ahead of this year's election.
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Body of missing college student found in Georgia, boyfriend arrested

Anitra Lashay Gunn was a senior studying agriculture at Fort Valley State University. She was found in a wooded area in Crawford County.
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Authorities confirm they have found the body of a missing college student in Georgia

A woman's body found in Georgia has been identified as a college student last seen on Valentine's Day, authorities said Wednesday.
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Body of college student missing since Valentine's Day found in Georgia; boyfriend arrested

Anitra Gunn, 23, was last seen on Valentine's Day in Fort Valley, Georgia. Her body was found in Crawford County, about 100 miles south of Atlanta.
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Body of college student missing since Valentine's Day found in Georgia; boyfriend arrested

Anitra Gunn, 23, was last seen on Valentine's Day in Fort Valley, Georgia. Her body was found in Crawford County, about 100 miles south of Atlanta.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Legislators, please stay out of our exam rooms. Especially when it comes to children and gender.

Legislators have found a new way to insert themselves into the physician-patient relationship. In October and November 2019, news stories regarding a parental dispute over the treatment of a transgender child prompted legislators in Texas, Kentucky, and Georgia to announce plans to introduce bills that would prohibit medical and surgical treatment of transgender children under […] Find jobs at Careers by Search thousands of physician, PA, NP, and CRNA jobs now. Learn more.
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Was bedeutet “woke”?

Dieser Artikel erschien zuerst bei RosaMag “Woke” ist ein Begriff. Ein Symbol von Zugehörigkeit. Die Beschreibung eines Prozesses. Das Wort kann als Kategorisierung dienen. Sogar als Beleidigung. Es kann eine Kluft in die Schwarze Community reißen. Wir und sie. Die “Woken” und die Verpennten. Die Erleuchteten, die Unerleuchteten. Solltest du durch die Syphären der intersektionalen, feministischen, aktivistischen, politischen, intellektuellen Elite schlängeln, dann kennst du verm...
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Agent switcheroo sees Compass, Sotheby’s swapping notable teams

Atlanta agent Jere Metcalf is returning to Sotheby's after leaving for Compass in 2018. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. agent Marc Fleisher is leaving Sotheby's for Compass.
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Encore: On 'Seeking Thrills,' Georgia Channels A Lifetime On The Dance Floor

British musician Georgia has a new album out full of throwback dance beats and stripped-back vocals. It's called Seeking Thrills. She speaks with NPR's Ari Shapiro.
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College student last seen on Valentine's Day

Authorities in Georgia have escalated the search for a missing Fort Valley State University who was last seen on Valentine's Day.
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A Georgia college student has been missing since Valentine's Day

Authorities in Georgia have escalated the search for a missing Fort Valley State University who was last seen on Valentine's Day.
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