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The #TexasGeorgeFloydAct: What component bills are still moving in the #txlege homestretch?

Over the weekend, your correspondent put together an update on the status of all the various bills that make up the Texas George Floyd Act for the 65-group coalition promoting them, so let's re-post it here for Grits readers who may be interested. There are four weeks to go in the legislative session, so all these bills are in the make-or-break home stretch.The Texas George Floyd Act, as distinct from federal legislation by the same name, fundamentally has eight component parts. These have also ...
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Assessing status of police-reform bills as #txlege reaches inflection point

The Texas Tribune published a story in the wake of the Derek Chauvin verdict interviewing families of police brutality victims pushing for the Texas George Floyd Act. While that omnibus legislation appears stalled, as we've discussed in two recent, special podcast episodes, it has also been broken up into a number of different bills, some of which are still wending their way through the process. We're now at an inflection point in the Texas legislative process: Bills that are out of committee ...
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Two decades after Tulia, corroboration requirement for police in drug cases may finally have its day

Debates around the Texas George Floyd Act have revived discussions of accountability in drug enforcement that first arose two decades ago following the Tulia drug stings. Regular readers know George Floyd was one of scores of Houstonians convicted of drug possession based on the uncorroborated testimony of Houston Police Narcotics Officer Gerald Goines, whose mendacious testimony about fabricated informants resulted in the deadly Harding Street raid.Goines' case - and the audit of the HPD narcot...
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Proposed no-knock warrant ban not quite a ban, but a good conversation starter

Your correspondent testified yesterday on behalf of a couple of bills ostensibly banning no-knock search warrants, although a committee substitute would allow them if the police chief signed off. Reps Gene Wu and Jasmine Crockett brought the legislation. Best news coverage was out of Killeen, where this issue has taken on a life of its own.While Grits testified in favor, the bill as proposed is about the most minimalist reform imaginable and won't either a) ban no-knock warrants or b) solve the ...
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UPDATE: Illicit Deadly No-Knock Houston Raid of Innocent Couple ~ VIDEO

Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims. U.S.A. –-( Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg held a press conference on the 25th of January, 2021, to release details about new indictments from a grand jury in the ongoing investigation of the illicit no-knock raid which occurred on the 28th of January, 2019, in Houston, Texas, on Harding Street. A gunfight occurred when the plainclothes officers burst in and shot the couple’s dog. See video below of press conference by...
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Top Ten Texas Criminal Justice Stories of 2020: Looking back at a crazy, (literally) sick year

It's been a crazy year,  both for me personally (I underwent throat-cancer treatment and lost nearly 100 pounds) and for the state and nation generally, between COVID, the Trump un-election, and the massive protests surrounding Houstonite George Floyd's death that in many ways defined the year.If we were ranking criminal-justice stories, those protests would be the biggest one from any traditional newsroom perspective, even if the coronavirus in jails and prisons claimed more lives. But those pr...
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Four stories let public peer into soul of Houston justice system

The justice system can be difficult to understand for experts and darn near impossible for laypeople. Grits believes that's in part because the public best understands issues of crime, punishment and justice through storytelling, but there are too many stories emerging from the system which often seem to produce contradictory moral conclusions. Which story one latches onto may tell more about the storyteller (or the listener) than the system. Yet at the same time, the stories are important and t...
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Houston civiliain-review fail, docs vs. 'less-lethal' munitions, Ranger revisionism, and other stories

Let's clear a few browser tabs and share a few odds and ends that deserve Grits readers attention:FBI called to investigate SAPD use of force: The San Antonio police chief requested the FBI investigate after a pair of excessive force incidents, including one where an officer placed his knee on an arrestee's neck while he was handcuffed and not resisting. Regular readers know that some 70 percent of SAPD officers fired by the chief end up back on the force thanks to the arbitration process under ...
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More Felony Charges for More Officers from Deadly 2019 Houston No-Knock Raid

More Felony Charges for More Officers from Deadly 2019 Houston No-Knock RaidiStock-1055138108 U.S.A. –-( On 28 January, 2019, a Houston Police Department Narcotics unit executed a no-knock warrant on an innocent Houston Couple, Dennis Tuttle, a disabled Navy veteran, and his wife Rhogena Nicholas, a devout Christian. The raid was based on lies told to the court, about drug sales that never happened, to obtain the warrant. The couple were not drug dealers. When armed men burst in...
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Internal Investigation Shows The Houston PD's Narcotics Units Was An Unsupervised Mess (techdirt)

The Houston PD decided to take a look at itself after a botched drug raid ended with two people killed by officers. The raid was predicated on pure bullshit. Officer Gerald Goines turned two Houston residents into dangerous drug traffickers by using a nonexistent confidential informant, drugs Goines had stashed in his squad car, and a narrative unsupported by any actual facts. Claims of heroin trafficking by a violent drug dealer were undercut by the raid itself, which turned up no heroin or the...
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Houston PD should shut down Narcotics Division based on problems revealed in (redacted) audit

Readers of this blog know Grits is a solutions-oriented guy, so stick with me because I've got one here. The audit of the Houston PD Narcotics Division was finally released last week, albeit with officer names annoyingly redacted. Sam Walker, an old-school criminologist from the University of Nebraska who's seen a lot of dysfunctional agencies in his day, declared that, “The number and variety of errors looks like an operation completely out of control,” reported St. John Barned-Smith in the ...
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Reform updates from Dallas, Houston, and Austin, a police-union hissy fit, how police spend their time, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends related to policing that merit Grits readers' attention: Big D Demands for Police Reform Check out a out of Dallas from anti-police brutality activists, and see coverage from the Dallas Morning News: Dubbed 10 New Directions for Public Safety and Positive Community Change, the demands fall into one of two categories, the authors say: reprioritizing city and county money currently earmarked for public safety and increasing transparency and accountability.Among...
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Imagining a "George Floyd Act" for Texas

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already suggested he'd be open to signing a "George Floyd Act" next legislative session, and legislative offices have begun jockeying over who should carry such a bill and what should be in it. As a thought experiment, let's explore possible policy proposals such George-Floyd legislation might embrace. The Texas legislative session won't begin until January, so there's plenty of time to add to and refine this list. (As always, gentle readers, please suggest any omis...
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The Monster Cop Who Encountered George Floyd in Houston

Among the mourners at George Floyd’s funeral was Harris County Attorney Kim Ogg, whose office sent Floyd a letter last year saying he may have been a victim of a police injustice, long before the one that killed him.The letter is dated March 8, 2019, and was sent to 3512 Nalle St. in Houston, the last address listed in court records. His mother, Larcenia Floyd, resided there until her death on May 30, 2018. Floyd had not lived here since 2014, when he moved to Minneapolis. He may have never rece...
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Protest fallout, remembering George Floyd, abolishing police in schools, coronavirus and the courts, and other stories

Let's clear a few browser tabs with a roundup of odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Austin city council ready for its close up on police reform First, on Thursday, the Austin City Council will hear 5 #cjreform resolutions including a directive to strengthen Austin PD's use of force policy and another calling for a reduction in the police department's budget. Council offices report having received so many thousands of emails and phone calls that their systems are failing an...
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Did a Houston cop set up George Floyd years before Minnesota cops killed him? How militarized policing escalated protests; 50 years of ignoring 'accumulated grievances,' and other stories

It's been a crazy few days for those of us who work on criminal-justice reform. The news right now is filled with analysis and accounts of all the protests, so I won't rehash it all. But here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: George Floyd in Texas We've been learning more about George Floyd, who died in Minnesota at the hands of police but grew up in Texas and was a victim of corrupt police here, as well. Mike Hall at Texas Monthly wrote a brilliant profile of Floy...
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Texas DA To Dismiss 91 Drug Convictions Made By Ex-Cop Accused Of Lying

Prosecutors said former officer Gerald Goines allegedly lied about evidence in order to obtain warrants to make arrests.
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Austin PD refuses to save overdosed addicts, nuther case overturned because of lying Houston PD narc, COVID spurs discussion of 'new normal' on who to jail, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that deserve Grits readers' attention: Austin PD to overdosed addicts: Just die Austin has seen a spike in drug overdoses, with five overdose deaths in just two weeks in April, reported KXAN. But Chief Brian Manley returned a donation of Narcan worth a quarter of a million dollars that was intended to give officers in the field tools to save these folks. That's just pointless and cruel. Add this to the increasingly long list of reasons why this guy should lose his jo...
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Corrupt Houston drug cop allegedly set up innocent people, bail reform and mental illness, sensory penalties, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention: Conviction overturned based on Gerald Goines testimony A man allegedly set up in a drug case by former Houston PD narcotics officer Gerald Goines has been declared actually innocent by a local judge. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals still must approve those findings, but regardless, with Goines having investigated 14,000 different cases over the years, the implications are huge once convictions start to be overturned. Readers w...
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Grand Jury Indictments in Harris County Prosecution of Police in No Knock Raid

U.S.A. –-( In the ongoing investigation of the murder of an innocent couple during a Houston no-knock raid, two police officers have been indicted by a Harris County Grand Jury. On 28 January, 2019, a no-knock raid was executed at 7815 Harding Street, the residence of a longtime married couple of modest means, Dennis Tuttle and his wife of twenty years, Rhogena Nicholas. Neither of the couple had any significant police record. Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victim...
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Ex-Police Officers Indicted In Botched Raid That Killed Couple And Their Dog

Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant face felony charges stemming from the 2019 drug raid at a Houston home.
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Murder indictments handed down in deadly Houston drug raid

A grand jury has indicted two former Houston police officers — including one who is facing murder counts — for their roles in a deadly January 2019 drug raid that killed a couple, prosecutors announced Wednesday. The indictments follow similar charges that were filed in August by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. Ex-officer Gerald Goines was indicted on two counts of felony murder.
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Made-up informants, prosecutor misconduct, reacting to crime in Dallas, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit Grits' readers attention on a big football weekend: How deep does the rabbit hole go in Houston PD narcotics scandal? Gerald Goines, the Houston PD narcotics officer at the center of the scandal surrounding a botched drug raid based on a fabricated informant, allegedly set up innocent people in other cases. In the latest episode, Goines alleged mendacity combined with what the post-conviction division chief at the DA's office called a "quintessential" exam...
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On the dangers of dick-ish drug enforcement, racist cop rose in Austin PD ranks, indigent defense denied in Amarillo, and other stories

Just in time for the drive to Grandma's house, here's the November 2019 episode* of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast covering Texas criminal justice politics and policy, co-hosted with Amanda Marzullo of the Texas Defender Service.In this month's episode: Introductory tomfoolery ¡Poncho! Top Stories Houston PD narcotics division a black hole of bad practices (2:32)Federal judge defines limits of DNA mixture software (8:54) Fill in the Blank Victoria County Jail death from drug with...
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Public policy responses to informant abuses

 Two informant related stories recall a raft of snitching coverage on this blog, now mostly more than a decade ago.First, our pal Pam Colloff has the story of a Texas man turned professional snitch, including four death penalty cases, on the NY Times magazine cover this Sunday. Pam has created a newsletter associated with the 13.5k-word story, sign up to receive followups and updates.Also, Keri Blakinger tweeted out documents showing that Officer Gerald Goines told Houston PD investigators in Fe...
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Ex-Houston cop pleads not guilty to deadly drug raid charges

HOUSTON (AP) — A former Houston police officer has pleaded not guilty to federal charges he provided false information in a January drug raid that left two people dead and several officers injured. Gerald Goines entered his plea during a Friday court hearing. A magistrate judge didn’t immediately rule on Goines’ request for bond. Prosecutors […]
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Harris bail settlement finalized, steep cost of criminal fines, the geography of incarceration, and other stories

Here are a few items that merit Grits readers attention this morning: Harris County bail settlement finalized Federal District Judge Lee Rosenthal ignored criticisms from Harris County DA Kim Ogg and others, finally approving settlement language in bail-reform litigation there. See the consent decree and the settlement agreement. Congratulations to all involved! The Geography of Incarceration Which Texas zip codes generate the most TDCJ prisoners? A new analysis from a group called Commit breaks...
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Two Former Houston Police Officers Arrested by Feds for Deadly Drug Raid

Houston Police DepartmentTwo former Houston police officers were indicted by a federal grand jury on Wednesday in connection with a January drug raid that left two people dead and five officers injured.Gerald Goines, 55, and his partner, 46-year-old Steven Bryant, were both taken into custody by the FBI on several charges stemming from a civil-rights investigation into the Jan. 28 narcotics raid at a Harding Street home. Goines is accused of falsifying information to secure a state search warran...
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Ex-Houston officers face federal charges in deadly drug raid

HOUSTON (AP) — Two former Houston police officers are facing federal charges for their roles in a January drug raid that left two people dead and several officers injured. Federal authorities said Wednesday that the charges against Gerald Goines and Steven Bryant are the result of a civil rights investigation by the FBI. The Jan. […]
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Houston No-Knock Raid where 2 Killed, 4 Police Wounded, Results in 4 Retirements

Opinion Dennis Tuttle and Rhogena Nicholas were the victims. Arizona – -( There are continued repercussions from the no-knock raid that resulted in the death of a middle-aged couple in Houston, and the wounding of four police officers in the gunfight the raid engendered.  The strike happened on January 28, 2019. Four officers have retired as of 22 March 2019. Dennis Tuttle was a Navy veteran. His wife, Rhogena Nicholas, was a supporter of President Trump.  They had no crimina...
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