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Cardi B & Offset Reunite, Lick Tongues on the Grammy Awards Red Carpet (PHOTOS)

Good news for Offset: It looks like he definitely got his wife Cardi B back. Things were looking seriously shaky for the Migos rapper after his public plea at the Rolling Loud festival to take him back fell flat.Bad news for all of us: We apparently have to suffer through Cardi and Offset’s awkward reunion tour as they get reacquainted to being a couple again in public.Here are some photos of them licking each other’s tongues and doing the absolute damn most:Seriously though, Cardi’s wild, offbe...
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180LA, Expedia Tell Viewers to ‘Get a Room’

180 LA launched a Super Bowl spot for Expedia, cheekily telling viewers to “Get A Room.” The 30-second spot opens on a couple kissing on a blanket in a park. Soon it cuts to an old couple on a bench, then to a young couple stealing a kiss at a bar. Gradually, the public displays of affection get more and more over the top, as text appears onscreen telling viewers “This Valentine’s Day, get a room.” While some of the couples may push viewers beyond their comfort zone with their enthusiastic lip-l...
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