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20 historical fiction books that will whisk you to a different world

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Some of the best historical fiction books of all time include "The Vanishing Half," "Pachinko," "The Nightingale," "Where the Crawdads Sing," and "The Underground Railroad." Amazon; Rachel Mendelson/Insider Historical fiction books offer an exciting way to learn about significant events in history. We listed some of the best books of all time, from "Pachinko" to "The Vanishing Half." Want more books? He...
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Using AI to map Africa’s buildings

Between 2020 and 2050, Africa’s population is expected to double, adding 950 million more people to its urban areas alone. However, according to 2018 figures, a scarcity of affordable housing in many African cities has forced over half of the city dwellers in Sub-Saharan Africa to live in informal settlements. And in rural areas, many also occupy makeshift structures due to widespread poverty. These shelters have remained largely undetectable using traditional monitoring tools. Machine learning,...
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Ghana: Human Resource Specialist Support For Businesses - Asare Bediako & Co

Many businesses, especially those in small scale, overlook the importance of hiring and maintaining a human resource (HR) specialist/ consultant in their businesses.
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Ghana Aims to Receive 18 Million COVID Shots by October

ACCRA (Reuters) - Ghana hopes to receive over 18 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines before October as it struggles to contain a third wave of...
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Disproportionate targeting of Jamaicans for deportation from UK, data suggests

FoI figures from Home Office indicate that nationals of particular countries who commit crimes appear more likely to be removedPeople from Caribbean countries such as Jamaica appear to be disproportionately targeted for deportation from the UK if they commit crimes, according to Home Office data obtained by the Guardian following a year-long freedom of information battle.One pressure group said the high percentage of Jamaican nationals deported was particularly glaring given their greater likeli...
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Interesting review of African (and global) trends in capital punishment abolition

The New York Times has this interesting new article on capital punishment around the world under the headline "One by One, African Countries Dismantle Colonial-Era Death Penalty Laws."  Here are excerpts: Lawmakers in Sierra Leone voted unanimously on Friday to abolish the death penalty, a momentous step that made the West African country the 23rd on the continent to prohibit capital punishment. The decision was one more step in a long-sought goal of civil society organizations and legal practi...
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Polygamy in Senegal, lesbian hookups in Cairo: inside the sex lives of African women

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah’s new book The Sex Lives of African Women examines self-discovery, freedom and healing. She talks about everything she has learnedExtract: ‘I have no idea what my husband told his wives when he married me’Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah has a face that smiles at rest. When she is speaking, it is with a constant grin, one that only falters when she talks about some of the difficult circumstances she and other African women have gone through in their quest for sexual liberation. She sp...
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Ghana: anti-gay bill proposing 10-year prison sentences sparks outrage

Bill could mean 10 years in prison for LGBTQ+ people and those who support their rightsDraft anti-gay legislation submitted to Ghana’s parliament could propose up to 10 years in jail for LGBTQ+ people as well as groups and individuals who advocate for their rights, express sympathy or offer social or medical support, in one of the most draconian and sweeping anti-gay laws proposed around the world.Support for intersex people would also be criminalised and the government could direct intersex peo...
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Ghana: Increase In Supply, Marginal Decline In Demand [An Occupancy Analysis Of Commercial Real Estate In Accra] - Firmus Advisory

In the early part of the 21st century, successive governments placed emphasis on the development of Ghana's private sector, fueling the influx of foreign investors and multinational firms...
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Ghana: Registering A Sole Proprietorship Business In 2021 - Firmus Advisory

Registering of Sole Proprietorship business in Ghana is fairly simple and easy.
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Ghana: Registering Medical Devices With FDA Ghana - Firmus Advisory

It is required to have a valid license before you manufacture or import any medical device in Ghana and registering medical devices with the relevant authorities is key.
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Ghana: Getting A Visa To Ghana, A Comprehensive Guide - Firmus Advisory

Are you are worried about getting a visa to Ghana?
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Ghana: How To Register Cosmetics In Ghana - Firmus Advisory

Do you have any cosmetic products you intend to import into Ghana or manufacture locally in Ghana?
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Ghana: Grounds For An Annulment Of Marriage In Ghana. - Legalstone Solicitors LLP

Annulment of marriage in Ghana is grounded in law, specifically the Matrimonial Causes Act, 1971 (Act 367) and the Marriages Act, 1884-1985, CAP 127.
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Ghana: Consent: Crossing A Jurisdictional Hurdle For An Arbitration Under The ICSID Convention. - Legalstone Solicitors LLP

The term jurisdiction is traditionally defined as the power of an adjudicatory body, such as a court or tribunal, to admit, hear and decide claims and make orders in relation those claims.
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Shaq Moore scores 20 seconds in, US beats Canada 1-0 in Gold Cup

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — Shaq Moore scored 20 seconds in and the United States beat Canada 1-0 Sunday to win Group B at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Moore’s goal was the fastest since U.S. records began in 1990. Clint Dempsey scored 30 seconds in against Ghana in the Americans’ 2014 World Cup opener. Both nations already were assured of advancing. The U.S. finished atop its first-round group with a 3-0 record and will play its quarterfinal on July 25 at Arlington, Texas, against Costa Rica or Jamaica,...
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Nigerian investment platform Chaka secures $1.5M pre-seed after bagging country’s first SEC license

When Robinhood raised its $3 million seed round in 2013, it was a couple of months old with huge ambitions of democratizing securities access to the underserved and unserved. Robinhood has since taken the world by storm and grown to serve more than 30 million users with its zero-commission trading .  In the past, we’ve seen such growth trickle down to other regions across the world, inspiring similar businesses. Robinhood is no exception. Several platforms have sprung forth to bring st...
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Survey shows rise in vaccine hesitancy in Ghana

Research led by the University of Southampton into the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine in Ghana, West Africa has concluded that vaccine hesitancy has seen a small, but significant increase over the last three months. This research is in collaboration with youth-led not-for-profit organisation PACKS Africa.
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Watch: James Bissue scores stunning halfway line goal in Ghana top flight

Watch as James Bissue scores from inside his own half for Elmina Sharks in Ghana's Premier League.
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Ghana: How To Secure A Loan And Other Credit Transactions In Ghana - Asare Bediako & Co

Financial institutions and other businesses, in the course of doing business, may give loans, products or services on credit.
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Arrested, abused and accused: wave of repression targets LGBT+ Ghanaians

Opening of community space in Accra, which was quickly shut, has been the trigger for new anti-LGBT+ action“All I wanted to do was help vulnerable people,” said Shaun Apong, tears streaking down his face, from behind the bars of a squalid police cell in Ho City in eastern Ghana.Apong was one of 21 people arrested in early June, charged with unlawful assembly and accused of spreading an LGBT+ agenda, amid a marked and sudden increase in sensitivities around the rights and advocacy of gay and quee...
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Ghana's Kojo Marfo: Sell-out show for butcher-turned-painter

He's got rock star fans and two sold-out shows to his name, but Kojo Marfo prefers life's simple joys.
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Ghana: How Lawyers Can Help Small And Medium Scale Businesses Grow - Asare Bediako & Co

Small and Medium scale owners tend to consult lawyers only when there is a problem or a litigation.
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Ghana: Importance Of Employee Induction - Asare Bediako & Co

Role expectations are set and that is where the company tries to get employee engaged from his/her first day on the job.
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Ghana: COVID 19: Can Employees Be Compelled To Take COVID 19 Vaccine? - Asare Bediako & Co

COVID 19 virus took the world by surprise. It started as small China problem and subsequently to become a global pandemic – the entire world problem.
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Edward Mortimer obituary

Speechwriter for Kofi Annan at the United Nations who drew on his experience as a commentator for British newspapersIn 1998 Edward Mortimer, who has died aged 77, joined the staff of the UN secretary general Kofi Annan as chief speechwriter and later director of communications. Since the UN’s foundation at the end of the second world war, its leadership had often lacked breadth and depth of vision, with the exception of the eight years under the Swede Dag Hammarskjöld until his death in a plane ...
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Hundreds of Ghana Opposition Supporters March in Protest at Killings

By Christian AkorlieACCRA (Reuters) - Hundreds of opposition supporters marched through the streets of Ghana's capital Accra on Tuesday morning,...
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Ghana: How A Foreigner Can Obtain Visa On Arrival To Nigeria 2021 - Firmus Advisory

You have an emergency or a short business notice that requires you to travel to Nigeria and you urgently need to obtain an entry visa on arrival to Nigeria.
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Ghana: How To Obtain A Visa On Arrival To Ghana - Firmus Advisory

An entry visa issued by Ghana Immigration Service is a permit issued to foreigners who wish to enter or transit through Ghana's territory.
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Ghana: Ghana Work Visa – This Is How To Get It - Firmus Advisory

Ghana work visa is what you need to enable you live and work in Ghana. This is a simplified guide showing you how to get it.
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