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Art & wine: Using art as a means of promoting wine | By Gildas L'Hostis

In recent years, the esthetics involved in drinking wine have become increasingly important. Wine is not drunk for its taste alone but also for what it represents financially, socially and culturally. Wine reflects a certain status for its drinker or buyer. Consuming wine goes above and beyond mere pleasure. Certain wines are considered works of art and winemakers are seen as artists. The extravagant prices fetched in auction houses has had the effect of breaking down barriers between win...
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Champagne tasting: how to pair Laurent-Perrier with food and art | By Alice Pedrinelli & Camille Buob

As Laurent-Perrier EHL Alliance Ambassadors, we recently had the pleasure to conduct a wine tasting with the Oenology Professor Gildas L’Hostis. During our conversation, we discussed the characteristics of Champagne in general and the tasting profile of Laurent-Perrier Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature, one of the prestige cuvée of the Maison Laurent-Perrier. Last but not least, we turned our attention to the similarities of wine with music and art. Professor Gildas L’Hostis provided us with so...
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Is Wine A Work Of Art And Is The Winemaker An Artist? | By Gildas L'Hostis

Is wine a work of art and if so, does this mean the winemaker is an artist? At first glance, this question might seem incongruous or even futile, but for connoisseurs of wine or art, the question can be relevant and worthy of discussion since both have much in common.
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