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The FMLA does not require that an employee use magic words to request leave

According to the FMLA's regulations, "When an employee seeks leave for the first time for a FMLA-qualifying reason, the employee need not expressly assert rights under the FMLA or even mention the FMLA." Courts do not interpret this burden as a heavy one. An employee need not use the letters "F-M-L-A," or any other magic words to request leave under the statute. As long as the employee provides enough information for the employer to reasonably conclude that an FMLA event described has occurre...
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Walpole To Denmark

Day 46 52Walpole to Denmark Semiamusing cut and paste from my Facebook page version long winded daybyday version follows below plus lots and lots of photosWalpole to Denmark via Peaceful Bay aka Section 7 and a bit of
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Susannah Gill sets new women’s world record for 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days

Susannah Gill, 34, of London has smashed the women’s world record in the World Marathon Challenge, which consists of running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. Gill in Antartica: Photo Courtesy of Susannah Gill Gill completed the challenge in 24 hours, 19 minutes and nine seconds, beating the previous record by more than three hours. The runner averaged three hours and 28 minutes for each marathon. Mike Wardian of Arlington, VA won the men’s race and holds the world re...
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Symposium: Clarity of the record should bring clarity of purpose

Justin Levitt is a professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles; he runs the website “All About Redistricting.” Partisan gerrymandering is back. There are two cases before the Supreme Court this term: a Democratic gerrymander in Maryland and a Republican gerrymander in North Carolina. The cases are different – and though neither is perfect, the basic problem of partisan political entrenchment is unlikely to be presented more cleanly. The evidentiary record in each case is firmly turned up to 11. ...
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Watch a low flyover of Jupiter's moon Europa

Kevin Gill, a NASA software engineer who deals in data visualization and analysis, created this new, director's cut of his low flyover movie of Jupiter's moon Europa. Cut from recently processed images transmitted back from the Galileo orbiter launched in 1989, Gill explains, the video "uses high resolution grayscale and low resolution color images taken between 1996 and 1998." Both NASA and the European Space Agency have missions in development to collect much higher data about Europa from p...
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Gill Arms Launches New GPR 9M Pistol With SafeSet Firing Mechanism

Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol Lakewood, WA. – -( We are excited to announce the release of our full-size handgun Gill GPR 9M. This is a metal frame limited edition pistol. After extensive research, analysis, and testing, we are confident that you will be amazed at this simple design handgun. There are just 25 components parts which are 20% reduction in part count compare to other leading firearms and less than half the parts of 1911 pistol. Our SafeSet firing mechanism is second to n...
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Symposium: 1 First Street, NE, Punxsutawney, PA

Tyler Green is the solicitor general of Utah. My last contribution to a SCOTUSblog symposium on political gerrymandering used homemade bad theater to depict how a Supreme Court decision setting a standard for political-gerrymandering claims would change life for state legislators and their attorneys. The court dodged this issue in Gill v. Whitford. But the issue has returned this term in Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek. These events evoke a seasonally appropriate, classic film — Grou...
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Symposium: Precedent dictates a win for the plaintiffs in this term’s partisan-gerrymandering cases

Guy-Uriel E. Charles is the Bennett Boskey Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Edward and Ellen Schwarzman Professor of Law at Duke Law School. Luis E. Fuentes-Rohwer is Professor of Law and Harry T. Ice Faculty Fellow at Indiana University Bloomington Maurer School of Law. In Lamone v. Benisek, a three-judge federal district court in Maryland concluded that Maryland Democrats intentionally moved 66,000 Republican voters out of Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District in order to ...
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Symposium: Much ado about partisan gerrymandering

Kaylan L. Phillips serves as litigation counsel for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm dedicated to election integrity. For more than 30 years, the Supreme Court has struggled to articulate a standard for evaluating partisan-gerrymandering claims. The reason is simple: There is no workable standard. Redistricting is a quintessential lawmaking function, one that the Constitution reserves to the states. Court intervention should be reserved for the most egre...
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Seven marathons in seven days: British runner sets time record

Susannah Gill beats women’s record for World Marathon ChallengeWhat started out as a “crazy ambition” yesterday ended in a world record as the British runner Susannah Gill successfully completed seven marathons across seven continents in seven days to win the gruelling World Marathon Challenge in the fastest time by a women athlete.Along the way Gill, a 34-year-old from London, braved -35C temperatures in Antartica and 35C heat in Cape Town before finishing the event in Miami in a total time of ...
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Briton Gill battles brutal conditions to claim World Marathon title

British runner Susannah Gill has won the women's title at the World Marathon Challenge after completing seven marathons in seven days, battling diverse conditions across seven continents. Gill finished a grueling 295-kilometre (183 miles) challenge in a world record time of 24 hours, 19 minutes and nine seconds, burning up to 5,000 calories a day. The challenge seemed absolutely irresistible to me," Gill told BBC.
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Another review of the bad mess surrounding the "good time" fix in the FIRST STEP Act

I have done a few prior FIRST STEP Act implementation posts here and here focused on the problems with immediate application of its "good time" fix.  This recent Mother Jones article, fully headlined "Trump’s One Real Bipartisan Win Is Already Turning Into a Mess: Confusion and division over a provision in the First Step Act has left thousands of well-behaved inmates in limbo," effectively explains the issue and reports on the latest state of affairs. Here are excerpts:   The law stipulates tha...
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Symposium: How to win the partisan gerrymandering cases

Daniel Tokaji is Associate Dean for Faculty and Charles W. Ebersold and Florence Whitcomb Ebersold Professor of Constitutional Law at The Ohio State University Michael E. Moritz College of Law. No one said this would be easy. For decades, critics of partisan gerrymandering have been knocking on the U.S. Supreme Court’s door, seeking a ruling that extreme gerrymanders violate the U.S. Constitution. Even as the problem has worsened, the court has refused to open that door – though it hasn’t locked...
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Symposium: Why not continue the political struggle in partisan-gerrymandering cases?

Derek Muller is an associate professor of law at the Pepperdine University School of Law. “In a democratic society like ours, relief must come through an aroused popular conscience that sears the conscience of the people’s representatives.” So wrote Justice Felix Frankfurter in his dissenting opinion in Baker v. Carr in 1962. It was, of course, a dissent. A majority of the Supreme Court in short order reorganized state legislatures according to its own understanding of fair representation — that...
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Predators’ History at the Trade Deadline

Nashville Predators general manager David Poile is the longest tenured GM in the NHL, having accepted the position on July 9, 1997. In his role, he has led the Predators to a lot of success, including a Stanley Cup Final appearance in 2017. He has also created for himself a reputation of being a trade master, having built a large percentage of the team’s current roster through trades. Related: 20 Biggest NHL Trades in the Past Year With the 2019 Trade Deadline less than a month away, in the next...
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Walpole

Day 44 and 45Mt Clare Shelter to Walpole and a Rest Day10.4km even shorter dayAnother late start with a super short walk into Walpole. I hang around the shelter as it steadily rains. My gas canister ran out on the final boil th
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[SHOT 2019] Only 25 Parts? The Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol

In this episode of TFBTV, James speaks with Raj of Gill Arms, a company that makes the GPR 9M, a pistol that has only 25 components, which is incredibly low. From Gill Arms’ website: “This is our simplest design with just 25 component parts. Simple design with low part count increase reliability and reduces maintenance. […] Read More … The post [SHOT 2019] Only 25 Parts? The Gill Arms GPR 9M Pistol appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Mt Clare Shelter

Day 43Long Point Shelter to Mt Clare Shelter13.6km short dayA 4 hr walk today getting in to Mt Clare at just after 130. Wrote this diary entry at 6pm inside my sleeping bag inside my tent inside the shelter in a storm.T
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Andy Gill of Gang of Four talks Trump, punk, politics and ‘Entertainment!’ at 40

Gang of Four, whose iconic 1979 debut album “Entertainment!” arrived 40 years ago, always had a political edge as sharp as the jagged riffs of guitarist Andy Gill. But they tried to avoid specific events and figures in their songwriting back then, favoring the intersection of politics with the personal rather than polemics, says Gill in a recent phone call from London. “However, in this day and age Trump and family are providing so much entertainment it would be foolish, it would be rude, not to...
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New Zealand field, change opening plans; Gill debuts

Pretty close to the World Cup, New Zealand showed they were not fixed on the idea of Colin Munro opening the innings
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Long Point Shelter

Day 42Woolbales Shelter to Long Point Shelter18.5kmA very mixed terrain day that took 545 hrs of walking and 1 hr and 15 minutes of assorted breaks.Best bitsthe slippery granite rocks where I took a long early
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Yes Bank names Deutsche's Gill as CEO after central bank spat

Yes Bank has hired the head of Deutsche Bank India Ravneet Gill as its new chief executive after the Reserve Bank of India demanded Rana Kapoor was replaced, lifting its shares.
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Yes Bank names Deutsche Bank's Gill as CEO to replace Kapoor

India's Yes Bank said it won central bank approval to appoint Deutsche Bank India head Ravneet Singh Gill as the successor to controversial incumbent chief executive Rana Kapoor, sending the private sector lender's shares up sharply.
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track...Woolbales Shelter

Day 41Mt Chance Shelter to Woolbales Shelter21.8km 1.5km Mt Pingerup LoopHoping for a miraculous patch of fineness to have another crack at the Mt Chance dome. Pack up all my gear the only things that had dried were my tent inner and
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Dog Pool and Mt Chance Shelter

Day 39Maringup Shelter to Dog Pool25.7kmPredictably glorious sunrise. Super flat hiking flat flat flat and really wide cleared track as in Bibbulmun Super Highway wide. It was very nice when the granite outcrops started popping up ra
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track ... Maringup Shelter

Day 38Gardner to Maringup Shelter17.1 kmIn an attempt to alleviate the possible boredom of reading my last few entries this entry is a bit more light hearted and was composed on my phone during the many hours of darkness in my tent the
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Gardner not yet finished Shelter

Day 37Northcliffe to Gardner15.2 kmCouple of items of business to attend to this morning had an extra week of leave confirmed from my manager called my friend Meg who wants to join me in Walpole to do the Walpole to Albany section s
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Cape to Cape in Western Australia

With almost 2 weeks of leave over my least favourite season summer for the Xmas and New Year break I was going a bit stir crazy. What to do Where to go Where could I go that wasn't going to cost much and wasn't going to kill me with heat stress Well..
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track... Northcliffe

Day 36Schafer Shelter to Northcliffe14.5 kmThis would have to the most amazing place to wake up so far the most stunning sunrise over the dam two distinct colour schemes within ten minutes. As you can see for the multiple pics I was i
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Gill Goes.... Trekking the Bibbulmun Track ... Schafer Shelter

Day 35Warren Shelter to Schafer Shelter22.1 km Two chickens walking on the footpathOne goes to cross the roadThe other one says Don't do it you will never hear the end of it
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