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Ten Signature Images From Milton Glaser’s Eclectic Career

In his graphic designs, he mingled Dürer with de Chirico, Breuer with Klimt, Islamic ornament with African textiles.
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Why Milton Glaser’s Iconic “I [Heart] New York” Worked

Glaser scrawled the first draft of the logo in the back of a cab, in 1976, red ink on a scrap of envelope; the sketch is now, fittingly, in the possession of the Museum of Modern Art. He made it for a marketing campaign for New York State, in 1977, which was a tricky moment for the city in particular—it didn’t seem very lovable. In the final design, the typeface is American Typewriter, friendly and approachable, with a cartoonish cast (notice the rounded bent knee of the “N”) that was Glaser’s ...
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Milton Glaser’s Unseen Design for New York: ‘Together’

A conversation with the graphic designer, who, until his death at 91, was still thinking about how his craft could help his beleaguered city.
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Milton Glaser (RIP) Explains Why We Must Overcome the Fear of Failure, Take Risks & Discover Our True Potential

Milton Glaser died last week at the age of 91, a long life that included decade upon decade as the best-known name in graphic design. Within the profession he became as well-known as several of his designs did in the wider world: the Bob Dylan poster, logos for companies like DC Comics, the Glaser Stencil font, and above all  I ? NY. Glaser may have become an icon, but he didn't become a brand — "one of my most despised words," he says in the interview clip above. He also acknowledges tha...
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Celebrating Pride in a Time of Protests and Pandemic

The 50th anniversary of the first Pride parade in the city was, because of the pandemic, a subdued affair. 
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Milton Glaser (RIP) Presents 10 Rules for Life & Work: Wisdom from the Celebrated Designer

“None of us has really the ability to understand our path until it’s over,” the celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser (RIP) muses less than a minute into the above video. Glaser’s many contributions to pop culture---the  I ? NY logo, the psychedelic portrait of a rainbow-haired Bob Dylan, DC Comics’ classic bullet logo---confer undeniable authority. To the outside eye, he seems to have had a pretty firm handle on the path he traveled for lo these many decades. Aspirant designers would d...
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Studio Visit | Milton Glaser

The designer Milton Glaser describes the birth of the ubiquitous “I ♥ NY” logo and the early days of New York magazine.
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Milton Glaser, Master Designer Of I Heart NY Logo, 91

Glaser, a co-founder of New York Magazine and designer of iconic images and styles, “changed the vocabulary of American visual culture in the 1960s and ’70s with his brightly colored, extroverted posters, magazines, book covers and record sleeves, notably his 1967 poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair and his ‘I  NY’ logo.” – The New York Times
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Milton Glaser, Award-Winning Graphic Designer of ‘I Heart NY’ Logo, Dies at 91

Milton Glaser, the renowned graphic designer who created the iconic “I Heart NY” logo, died on June 26, which was his 91st birthday. According to The New York Times, his wife, Shirley Glaser, said a stroke was the cause of death, although he also suffered from renal failure. Glaser is well-known for his 1966 psychedelic […]
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Milton Glaser, Graphic Designer Who Shaped Visual Identities of Countless Brands, Dies at 91

Milton Glaser, the designer and commercial artist whose seven decades of output included the legendary "I NY" logo, died of a stroke on Friday. He was 91 years old. A prodigiously gifted artist, conceptual thinker and intellectual, Glaser personified the field of postwar graphic design. Combining a wide range of artistic influences and brightening them...
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Milton Glaser, legendary graphic designer, RIP

Milton Glaser, the graphic designer who defined the visual style of the 1960s and 1970s, has died at age 91 of a stroke. Thanks for all the color, Mr. Glaser. You've seen his work everywhere, from the iconic "I NY" graphic for a 1977 tourism campaign to the incredible poster included in Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits album in 1967. He was also co-founder of New York magazine. From the New York Times: “We were excited by the very idea that we could use anything in the visual history of hum...
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Milton Glaser, groundbreaking I ❤️ NY designer, dies aged 91

Glaser’s bold logo, created for free in 1977, helped boost New York’s image and he was also part of the team that founded New York magazineMilton Glaser, the groundbreaking graphic designer who adorned Bob Dylan’s silhouette with psychedelic hair and summed up the feelings for his native New York with “I (HEART) NY,” died Friday, on his 91st birthday.The cause was a stroke and Glaser had also had renal failure, his wife, Shirley Glaser, told The New York Times. Continue reading...
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Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

He also created the famous poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, was a co-founder of New York magazine and produced designs for everything from supermarkets to restaurants to “Mad Men.”
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Milton Glaser, Designer of Iconic ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

He also created the famous poster of Bob Dylan with psychedelic hair, was a co-founder of New York magazine and produced designs for everything from supermarkets to restaurants to “Mad Men.”
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Employees say Google cut diversity programs to make conservatives happy

“A hundred black employees could testify to the pain they feel in a climate that’s inadvertently hostile towards them and management will go back and say, ‘I need to get more data,’ and then three angry white men complain and everything comes to a halt.” So says a Google employee speaking to NBC News under condition of anonymity. NBC News reporter April Glaser today released a bombshell report indicating Google’s pivoted toward appeasing conservatives in a company-wide rollback of inclusivity an...
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5 leckere Rezepte, die die kulinarischen Highlights deines Grillabends werden

Die Grillsaison hat begonnen! Und auch, wenn wir dieses Jahr leider auf große Grillpartys mit all unseren Freund*innen verzichten müssen (danke Corona), können wir zumindest ein paar unserer Lieben zum kleinen BBQ einladen – und die freuen sich bestimmt schon riesig auf saftige Spieße, leckere Salate und einen tollen Abend zusammen.Wenn du allerdings keine Lust mehr darauf hast, Cevapcici und Kartoffelsalat zu servieren, sondern dich mal an neuen Grillrezepten ausprobieren willst, bist du hier a...
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Study: Later Bedtime Linked With Obesity For Children Under 6

(CNN) — A new study has linked a later bedtime with an increased risk of obesity for kids — although the researchers say parents shouldn’t rush to put their preschoolers to sleep earlier as a result. Instead, concerned moms and dads should focus on maintaining a regular routine when it comes to scheduling meal and bed times, said Dr. Claude Marcus, a professor of pediatrics at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and an author of the study, which published Tuesday in the journal Pediatrics. The re...
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How to Have Better Conversations

In his popular TED Talk, “5 Ways to Listen Better,” Julian Treasure makes this powerful statement about a disturbing trend in conversation: “The art of conversation is being replaced, dangerously, I think, by personal broadcasting.” Those of us who teach, lead, or give presentations pretty regularly might be at an even greater risk for this. Have those of us who are so used to monologues lost the art of the dialogue? Let’s take a look at 3 ways to make sure our conversations aren’t one-sided. 1...
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The Best New Comedy Specials to Stream Right Now

Jenny Slate, Nikki Glaser, Bill Burr and Jaboukie Young-White have new shows that will make you chuckle, sigh or laugh out loud.
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China Loves News About Trump's Controversies. Not This Time.

BEIJING -- Since a trade war broke out with the United States, China's state-run media has not held back from commenting on the swirl of political controversies around President Donald Trump. At least, not until now.After Trump openly urged China on Thursday to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, Chinese news media and officials were strikingly muted.While news of Trump's request has seeped onto the Chinese internet, official media have been silent so fa...
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Marsh closes $5.6 bln buy of Jardine Lloyd Thompson

Marsh & McLennan Cos Inc said April 1 that it its $5.6 billion buy of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc has closed. The deal was announced in September. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. (NYSE:MMC) today completed the acquisition of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc (JLT) for $5.6 billion in fully diluted equity value, furthering its role as the world’s preeminent professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people. “Today marks the beginning ...
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Mental Health and Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is defined as abnormally excessive sweating unrelated to heat or exercise. If you have this condition you might find yourself sweating so much that it soaks through your clothes or drips off your hands. Hands, feet, underarms and the face are areas that are typically affected, and the sweating usually occurs on both sides of the body. The most common form of hyperhidrosis is known as primary focal (essential) hyperhidrosis. The nerves responsible for signaling sweat glands be...
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Cardiac Rehabilitees’ Technology Experiences Before Remote Rehabilitation: Qualitative Study Using a Grounded Theory Approach

Background: Even though technology is becoming increasingly common in rehabilitation programs, insufficient data are as yet available on rehabilitees’ perceptions and experiences. It is important to understand their abilities when using technology for remote rehabilitation. Objective: This is a qualitative study on technology experiences of persons affected by cardiovascular disease assessed before remote rehabilitation. The aim of the study was to explore rehabilitees’ experiences and attitudes...
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To automate bigger stores than Amazon, Standard Cognition buys

Standard Cognition helps retail stores stand up to Jeff Bezos’ juggernaut. The $50 million-funded autonomous checkout startup is racing to equip bigger shops with scanless payment technology that lets customers walk out the door without ever stopping at a cashier. While Amazon Go opens its own 2,000 square foot boutiques, Standard Cognition is working on outfitting 20,000 square foot and larger drug stores and grocers. That led Standard Cognition to make its first acquisition, Why w...
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Mentors, Attachment Disorders, and Your Career

-->When I was 15 years old, I spent a year living with my family in Bangkok, Thailand. We lived in a small apartment tower with about twelve other families. One day, I went down to the lobby of the apartment before going to school and there was a small puppy that had come in off the street. I did not know exactly where the puppy came from, but I did recognize that the guards in the building were not being all that nice to the puppy.  The puppy was obviously a street dog, and it appeared to be al...
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What to Buy in September

(TNS)—September is a big month for bargains, with deep discounts on summer merchandise and more. “September is all about the end of summer, so anything seasonal is going to be on clearance,” says Benjamin K. Glaser, former features editor with You’ll find the last of the one-cent and 10-cent deals on school supplies at the big office-supply chains in September. If you or the student in your life needs a laptop computer, you might find a bargain. “Inventory will be more limited, but...
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Citizen Designer

So, what is the responsibility of a designer when the design is impeccable but the client is tainted? Being accountable to some moral standard is the key. A designer must be professionally, culturally, and socially responsible for the impact his or her design has on the citizenry. Indeed, every good citizen must understand that his or her respective actions will have reactions. All individual acts, including the creation and manufacture of design for a client, exert impact on others. But Rand ...
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El Salvador switches allegiance from Taiwan to China, drawing ire from the US  

On the face of it, this week’s break in diplomatic relations between tiny Taiwan, population 23.5 million, and even tinier El Salvador, population 6.3m, did not herald a dramatic shift in global politics. But the Central American nation’s sudden switch in allegiance to China has clearly rattled its US neighbour.  Accusing China of destabilising cross-Strait relations, the White House said: "This is a decision that affects not just El Salvador, but also the economic health and security of the ent...
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Erroll Garner: Nightconcert

When Erroll Garner died in 1977, his business partner and manager Martha Glaser became executor of his estate. The position gave her full control over Garner's unissued recordings, which she kept under lock and key. When Glaser died in December 2014, the Garner estate passed to the University of Pittsburgh, and material once salted away began to emerge: Concert by the Sea and Ready Take One were the first two. Recently, the third—Nightconcert—was released by Mack Avenue Records. I review the al...
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A Museum Held a Show of Protest Art. Then the Artists Protested the Museum.

Dozens of works were removed from an exhibition at the Design Museum in London after their creators objected to the institution’s hosting an event for a defense firm.
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