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Climate Warnings on Gas Pumps Will Soon Appear in the First U.S. City

Climate scientists have been warning about the dangers of using oil and gas for decades. Now, one U.S. city is slapping those warnings where they’ll be seen all the time.Read more...
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Love/Hate: Joona Saikkonen

Consider this your public global warning the yung Finn Joona Saaikonen The post Love/Hate: Joona Saikkonen appeared first on YoBeat.
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Labyrinth’s Global Warning — Watch this teaser or else!

Hopefully you’ll heed the warning put forth by this teaser before it’s too late – Finlandez only know one way to board – HARD af! featuring: Henna Ikola, Roope Rautiainen, Veikka Siivonen, Kilian Hänninen, Max Sene, Saska Halmes, Joona & Petrus Saikkonen and more! Follow the Labyrynth Crew on Youtube and Instagram @labyrinthcrew
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The concerns over global warming

IN 2015, researchers at Yale and Utah State University developed a tool to precisely estimate public opinion about climate change. From this tool, the research team created the detailed map below. This map looks at American people’s level of worriedness regarding global warmning at the county level (dark blue representing a very low level of concerns and dark red/black representing a high level of concern). According to it, only 52% of the US population is concerned about global warning, but th...
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