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AP says it will no longer name suspects in minor crime stories

By David Bauder | Associated Press NEW YORK — The Associated Press said Tuesday it will no longer run the names of people charged with minor crimes, out of concern that such stories can have a long, damaging afterlife on the internet that can make it hard for individuals to move on with their lives. In so doing, one of the world’s biggest newsgathering organizations has waded into a debate over an issue that wasn’t of much concern before the rise of search engines, when finding information on pe...
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Beating The Pandemic: Science Sure, But The Arts Had A Big Role

Provincial governments and public-health authorities have, understandably, been focused on science getting us out of this – but, less understandably, they’ve neglected allowing (never mind encouraging) artists to explore the possibilities of how outside-the-box creativity could make this pandemic (or future ones) less isolating and more livable. – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Massachusetts GOP chair refused calls from within his party to condemn a colleague who said she was 'sickened' a gay candidate adopted children

File: The Massachusetts State House in Boston in January 2019. AP Photo/Elise Amendola The chair of the Massachusetts GOP refused to ask a party leader to resign after she said she was "sickened" by a gay candidate. Nearly every Republican in the state House of Representatives called on him to denounce her. But in a letter last week, he said members of the GOP needed to stand up to the "far-left" and "cancel culture." See more stories on Insider's business page. The chairman of the Mas...
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Experienced Plaintiff Wins Wrongful Dismissal Suit to Some Extent

Written by Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. Employees who are unjustly dismissed cannot simply sit back, relax and wait for their payday in court. They have a duty to mitigate their losses by taking reasonable steps to find work elsewhere. In Wilson v Pomerleau Inc., 2021 BCSC 388 (CanLII), the plaintiff learned this the hard way, seeing his damages reduced on account of his lax approach to mitigating his losses. Background Richard Wilson was an experienced estimator in Bri...
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How Far Can We Go Before the Constitutional Bargain Is Undermined?

The Quebec Government’s An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec (Bill 96), has generated considerable controversy over whether a province is able to make significant constitutional changes to its status and the use of the French and English languages unilaterally. It also raises the question of whether, if enacted and the constitution is amended, it will undermine the very architecture of the 1867 constitutional “deal” that united the original four members of confede...
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Fratello On Air: Watch Culture Around The Globe

Fratello on Air returns with another talkative episode. This time, we answer a listener’s question about watch culture around the world. It’s true that Fratello boasts one of the more multinational teams. One of our listeners from Finland decided to take advantage of that by asking us about watch culture around the globe. How do […] Visit Fratello On Air: Watch Culture Around The Globe to read the full article.
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Shakespeare’s Globe’s Bumpy Return To Work

Not only are audience members (at a quarter of pre-COVID capacity) required to stay six feet from each other, so are all the actors and crew. That’s presenting quite a traffic management puzzle for director Sean Homes as he restages his 2019 production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Elizabethan theatre’s reopening. – The New York Times
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Should Arts Organizations Draw More From Their Endowments To Get Through The Pandemic? In Canada, The Argument Heats Up

Up there, as in the States, organizations themselves explain (again) that endowments are for providing income year after year and that drawing down capital is less than prudent (and forbidden by regulations). But in Canada, the issue is complicated by the fact that many of those endowments include money that came from the government, and there’s an argument that “it is bad public policy to lock up today’s tax dollars in foundations for future needs when the government might otherwise spend them...
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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Recent Headlines in the IP World: Mallory Hackett: AliveCor Aims to Ban Sales of Apple Smartwatches, Claiming Patent Infringement (Source: MobiHealthNews) Dom Amato: Patently Confusing: Vermont Businesswoman Testifies on Tricky US Patent System (Source: WCAX) Sean Silcoff: IP Experts Say Ottawa’s Proposed Regulations Could Harm Their Business and Drive Up Patent Costs for Domestic Innovators (Source: The Globe and Mail) Joff Wild: Aon’s $400m IP Fund; Nokia Seals Major Lenovo deal; LG Touts ...
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Canada’s Federal Budget Has More Than $800 Million In New Cultural Funding

“The budget earmarks $300-million over two years to Canadian Heritage to create a recovery fund to combat that drop in employment and support the recovery of those industries. … There’s an investment of $200-million through regional development agencies for major Canadian festivals, and an additional $200-million through Canadian Heritage for local festivals and cultural events, including outdoor theatre.” There’s also $70 million for musicians and music venues, $60 million for TV and film, and...
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‘War is already here’: On the Russian border, Ukrainian troops wait for Putin’s big push

This is one of the most fortified frontiers in Europe, and tensions along it have risen quickly. The Globe toured one of the outposts...
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COVID-19 International Trade in a Time of Crisis: Pandora’s Box Revisited, Part I

The spectre of “vaccine nationalism” is one of the recent challenges that the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought us. The immediate and primary focus of governments has been the serious threat to the health of their populations. The resulting economic challenges have been “game changing.” At the end of January 2021, the European Union became the first major trading power to introduce export controls on COVID-19 vaccines.[1] Other countries have considered export bans. In India, the domestic Ser...
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A Boston patrol cop allegedly abused a 12-year-old in 1995. Last year the victim reported that his daughter was abused by the same cop, who kept his badge despite an investigation finding he likely committed the crime.

A Boston police car sits outside the Long Wharf Marriott hotel in Boston on March 12, 2020. Stan Grossfeld/The Boston Globe via Getty Images A former Boston patrolman is facing charges for allegedly sexually assaulting minors. The Boston Police Department knew of allegations since 1995, the Boston Globe reported. Last summer, six minors came forward with new allegations of abuse against Patrick M. Rose Sr. See more stories on Insider's business page. The Boston Police Department kne...
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Canada’s New Opera Champion Bob McPhee, 65

As head of Calgary Opera he was one of the most innovative champions of the art form. “I think he truly changed opera in Canada. I think there was Before Bob and there is After Bob.” – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Community meetings in the San Fernando Valley, April 5-12

  Veterans Memorial Community Regional Park in Sylmar on February 4, 2021. (Photo by Dean Musgrove, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG)   Community meetings bring people together for exchange of ideas and memorable shared experiences. Here’s a sampling of online meetings in the San Fernando Valley.   Wings Over Wendy’s: Veterans of all services and their supporters meet online on Zoom. Meet and greet, 8:30 a.m., followed by meeting, 9:30 a.m. every Monday of the month. Guest speakers scheduled for...
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Canadian Theatres Use Lockdown To Upgrade

Venue operators are using their enforced downtime to scrub, buff and do major reconfigurations. In some cases, the work was commissioned and started before COVID-19. Toronto’s iconic Massey Hall, for example, closed in 2018 for a $135-million renovation that was scheduled to be completed as soon as this year, but now there’s not such a hurry. – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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U.K. watchdog probing Penguin's $2.2-billion deal for Simon & Schuster - The Globe and Mail

U.K. watchdog probing Penguin's $2.2-billion deal for Simon & Schuster   The Globe and Mail UK Regulator Investigating Penguin Random House's Acquisition of Simon & Schuster   Equities News U.K. Watchdog Investigating Penguin Random House's Acquisition of Simon & Schuster   The Wall Street Journal UK watchdog investigates Penguin owner’s Simon & Schuster takeover   The Guardian View Full Coverage on Google News
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A Year Into COVID, Canada’s Performing Arts Have Been Devastated

The performing arts, heritage sector and spectator sports – areas of the economy that depend on ticket sales– have lost more than 60 per cent of their GDP value. The only subsector to suffer more is air transportation, down 87 per cent on its GDP. – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Save 40% Off Amazon Explore Private Tours And Classes Across The Globe

Save 40% Off Amazon Explore Private Tours And Classes Across The Globe Save 40% off through 3/31 with code: HILTONHONORS The code is valid for a limited number of redemptions. Amazon Explore virtually transports U.S. travelers across the globe through interactive and customizable experiences that are livestreamed from another destination. You get a one on one live […]
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Subsidize Old News Media? That Will Stifle Innovation

“The standoff between Big Tech and the Australian government has resulted in 90 per cent of what Big Tech has agreed to pay media so far going to the country’s three largest media companies. That means the vast majority of that cash is destined for purposes other than sustaining actual journalism jobs, and tilts the playing field away from smaller publishers – which is bad for democracy.” – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Imposing Massachusetts Gun Laws on Rest of Country Relies on Selective Deception

This politically powerful Massachusetts violence monopolist intends to force his disarmament demands on you by diktat, ordering agents of the state destroy you if you don’t obey. (Senator Edward J. Markey/Facebook) U.S.A. – -( “As Massachusetts shows, strong gun-safety laws work,” a Thursday Boston Globe editorial by columnist Scot Lehigh claims. “Other states should follow suit.” Evidently two “reports” from sources we are supposed to accept as unbiased, the Centers for Disease...
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Termination Timing Proves Critical in COVID Climate

By Daniel Standing LL.B., Editor, First Reference Inc. The Ontario Superior Court of Justice’s decision in Yee v Hudson’s Bay Company, 2021 ONSC 387 is welcome news for anyone wondering about COVID-19’s effect on a reasonable notice period. For all of the upheaval that the pandemic has caused, it proved to be of little consequence to the notice owed to a dismissed company executive in this case. Background Melvin Yee worked for Hudson’s Bay Company for almost 12 years until he was dismissed i...
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Exploring Pay Inequities in the Legal Professions

It’s really not shocking for anyone who pays attention to the practice of law, but a powerful piece in The Globe recently highlighted the gender inequities in Canadian law firms. Lawyers in all practices and of all genders nodded their heads, knowingly. The article describes the calls for change that have been in place since 1996, “when women started filling up more than half the seats in law schools across the country.” But all the partners’ horses, and and the partners’ consultants, couldn’t f...
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Canada refuses to learn what an ebike is — and it’s gonna cause problems

With the proliferation of ebikes and other micromobility devices, Canada has decided it’s high time to take a look at how it regulates the tech. Reviewing regulations to bring them up to date for new tech sounds like a good thing, but in this case Canada is kind of missing the point. It could make ebikes, escooters, and the like a lot less enticing for Canadians if things don’t pan out. So what’s going on? As of February 4, Canada’s regulators have decided to repeal its Power Assisted Bicycle (P...
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Walsh places new police commissioner on leave after past domestic violence allegation surfaces

The Globe first pressed the Police Department last week about Dennis White’s work history, including three internal affairs cases, just...
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Blackout Issues In Canada Too

from Simon Hoult of the Globe and Mail, Last week, Adam Reid, a Senators fan who lives in Newfoundland, tweeted: “How does the @NHL justify blacking out games IF WE LITERALLY CANNOT GO TO GAMES [followed by five ‘disapproval’ emojis]”. The tweet registered more than 2,000 likes.     But those fans are working from an outdated playbook. Decades ago, NHL owners realized the potential for higher TV revenue outweighed the risk of cannibalizing their t...
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78s Were More Than Just Caruso, Ma Rainey, And Dixieland — They Were Used For Recording Music All Over The Globe

In fact, outside North America and Europe, 78s were the standard record format well into the 1960s, and they hold an enormous variety of music from the days before globalization. A new anthology titled An Alternate History of the World’s Music presents old recordings from places as disparate as Myanmar, Zanzibar, Ecuador, Albania, and Okinawa. –
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Playwright: We Need To Stop Cancel Culture

“I do not consent to being part of an arts community that engages in witch hunts of people who don’t think like me,” Carmen Aguirre says in the nearly 30-minute video, which she posted to YouTube. “If I am to argue with someone because I oppose their views or even find their views harmful, then I’d like the argument to state why I think that person is wrong, not why I think they’re evil,” she says. – The Globe and Mail (Canada)
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Boston Globe will consider people’s requests to have articles about them anonymized

The Boston Globe is starting a new program by which people who feel an article at the newspaper is harmful to their reputation can ask that it be updated or anonymized. It’s reminiscent of the E.U.’s “right to be forgotten,” though potentially less controversial, since it concerns only one editorial outlet and not a content-agnostic search engine. The “Fresh Start” initiative isn’t for removing bad restaurant reviews or coverage of serious crimes, but rather for more commonplace crime desk repor...
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