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Let’s Grade Each of Those Rumored ‘Star Wars’ Disney+ Spin-Offs

Over the past couple of days, a pair of rumors cropped up claiming that nine Star Wars Disney+ spin-off shows are in early stages of development. We have not been able to verify these rumors, but Disney+ is going to need content and Star Wars is one of the most popular properties around, so it’s not completely unreasonable to think that a few of these ideas may actually be kicking around in the halls of the Mouse House. In lieu of treating any of these spin-off ideas as if they’re the absolute ...
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Will the pope go vegan for Lent?

Pope Francis is known for his simplicity, favoring what’s been called “papal athleisure” over the fine silks worn by his predecessors, and urging Christians to forego greed. He doesn’t want to be a millionaire. But will he turn down the chance to donate a million dollars to the charity of his choice? That’s what a group of celebrity vegans, led by 12-year-old Genesis Butler, are offering if Pope Francis goes vegan for Lent. The group Million Dollar Vegan launched earlier this month by sending a...
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Donald Glover gets 5 nominations for NAACP Image Awards

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Coming off a big night at the Grammys, Donald Glover and his alter-ego Childish Gambino have been nominated for five NAACP Image Awards. Glover is nominated for his acting and directing on “Atlanta,” and Childish Gambino got three nominations on the music side. Glover won four Grammy Awards including record and […]
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The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen from Black Directors

(Welcome to The Best Movies You’ve Never Seen, a series that takes a look at slightly more obscure, under-the-radar, or simply under-appreciated movies. This week we give a nod towards Black History Month with a look at some of the best, little-seen films from black filmmakers.) Great films and filmmakers are worth celebrating all year round, but we live in a world that likes to categorize and quantify, meaning February has been designated as Black History Month (and Women in Horror month too f...
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Critic’s Notebook: Want to Be Heard During the Grammys? Maybe Stay Home

Ariana Grande skipped the ceremony and made lots of noise, while Drake showed up and had his microphone cut off.
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This Swedish musician is Grammy- and Oscar-nominated for ‘Black Panther’ and Childish Gambino work, and next is TV’s ‘Mandalorian’ Star Wars series

Ludwig Göransson heads to the Grammy Awards on Sunday with four chances to win – nominated three times for his collaborations with hip-hop artist Childish Gambino, and once for his score to the Marvel superhero film “Black Panther.” Two weeks later, he’ll slip back into his fancy clothes for a night at the Oscars where his “Black Panther” score is also nominated. So yeah, it’s a good month to be Ludwig Göransson, but as the 34-year-old talks about the journey from his hometown in Sweden to the b...
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Can the Grammys Please Anyone?

The awards show made a series of changes in the past year to address its lack of diversity. But whether new nominees will win — or big names will show up — isn’t guaranteed.
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Marc Webb's '​The Amazing Spider-Man​' Is a Reboot That Deserves a Rewatch

None Spider-Man 3 (2007) was a disappointment to pretty much everyone, including director Sam Raimi. Although financially successful due to a surprisingly large worldwide gross (it remains the highest-grossing Spider-Man film worldwide), the messy narrative failed to live up to the standards of Raimi's celebrated first two films. In late 2007, Raimi and stars Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst signed on to Spider-Man 4, James Vanderbilt was hired to write the screenplay, and an early May 2011 rele...
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Atlanta Season Three Won’t Be Ready Any Time Soon

Atlanta season three won’t be ready any time soon Fans of the hit FX dramedy series Atlanta will have to wait a little while longer for the third season to roll out. FX boss John Landgraf revealed as much at TCA (via Deadline), stating that the series will likely not air before the Emmys in a bid to push quality over quantity. “We have so many programs that don’t cycle back on an annual basis,” Landgraf said, citing series such as Fargo and Taboo. “You have to make a decision about quality o...
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FX Says “Atlanta” Season 3 May Not Be Released Until 2020

Donald Glover has been doing so much lately that FX has announced that the upcoming third season of Atlanta has been delayed and may not arrive until sometime in 2020.John Landgraf, the network’s CEO, revealed at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Monday morning that Glover’s popular series is behind schedule.When Atlanta was renewed it for a third season last June, it was expected to return in 2019, but it has recently become clear that that’s no longer a possibility.More via ...
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‘Atlanta’ Season 3 is Being Written Right Now, But Won’t Air in Time For the 2019 Emmys [TCA 2019]

Atlanta has become Donald Glover’s most popular creative endeavor, and that’s saying a lot considering his music career and his roles in  Community and Solo: A Star Wars Story . It takes a lot longer for him to produce a season of Atlanta though, because Glover creates, produces, cowrites and stars on the show. During his executive session for the Television Critics Association, FX CEO John Landgraf updated the progress on season 3. “The writers are back working, thank God,” Lan...
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Critic’s Notebook: For Innovation at the Grammys, Look at the Best Music Video Category

The music awards have failed to recognize boundary-pushing black performers. But this year there’s a welcome surprise in a less-heralded competition.
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‘The Lion King’ Remake Will Let Beyoncé and Donald Glover Sing a Classic Duet

Can you feel the love from the star-studded cast of Jon Favreau’s upcoming CG remake of The Lion King? They’re going to show us the greatest proof of love they can with a new rendition of the classic and beloved duet “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” sung by none other than the film’s resident R&B and hip-hop superstars, Beyoncé and Donald Glover. The two play Nala and Simba, respectively, and it’s hard to not just think of the chart-topping power of the two artists combined. The winner of th...
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Off the Grid in Belize With Island Expeditions

What does the word "luxury" really mean when you're heading to Belize? This is, after all, a country where nature is the main draw and there are exactly zero international luxury hotel chains. (Just a lot of really nice independent ones.) There are places where you will get turndown service, a driver in a nice SUV, or a villa with a view, but you can get those things almost anywhere around the world. We think the best reasons to come to Belize are the experiences, especially the ones that brin...
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Danny Glover Joins the ‘Jumanji’ Sequel Cast

The Jumanji sequel cast keeps getting bigger and better. On the heels of Danny Devito and Awkwafina joining the cast of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel, Danny Glover has now been announced to board Jumanji 3 in an undisclosed role. Variety reports that Danny Glover is joining the cast of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel in a role that is being kept under wraps, much like the still-secret storyline. Glover will be welcomed into the fold by new additions Devito and Awkwafina...
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Jumanji Sequel Welcomes Danny Glover to the Jungle

Jumanji sequel welcomes Danny Glover to the jungle Sony’s Jumanji 3 continues to welcome Hollywood icons past and present to the jungle. Per The Hollywood Reporter, the film’s most recent addition is none other than Danny Glover, who joins Danny DeVito and Awkwafina — not to mention the original cast — in the anticipated sequel. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptSta...
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Danny Glover Joins ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ Sequel

Danny Glover has joined the cast of Sony’s “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” sequel. His role is being kept under wraps, as is the storyline. Glover will star opposite Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan, all of whom are set to return. Awkwafina is in final negotiations for a significant part in […]
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More on today’s orders

This afternoon the justices issued orders from their private conference earlier in the day. In addition to the two partisan-gerrymandering cases set for argument in the March session, the justices also granted review in four other new cases, involving issues ranging from “immoral” copyright marks to  vagueness in a federal criminal law. In Iancu v. Brunetti, the justices will take up a First Amendment challenge to a federal law that bans the registration of “immoral” or “scandalous” trademarks. ...
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The 10 Best Movie Capes of 2018

Capes: They’re not just for superheroes. And they never were, thank you very much. Throughout the history of film , capes have been giving high drama to every genre, from historical epics to horror films to character-based dramas to high-fashion romps to, yes, the superhero movie. They’re dramatic, impractical (yes, Edna Mode, “no capes!,” we know ), and too, too damn cool. The cinematic capes of 2018 were no exception. Join me, please, as we traipse together down this cape-lined road of...
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Two-time champion Glover 'unlikely' to be at 2020 Olympics

Two-time Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover says it is "highly unlikely" she will compete at the 2020 Games.
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Names of the year 2018

It’s my final list of the year*, and possibly my last blog post of 2018, unless something unavoidable crops up. For Names of the Year, I do my best to follow the categories established by the American Name Society – personal, place, trade, artistic and literary, miscellaneous. I also take some guidance from the Baby Name Wizard blog’s name of the year contest, which is not limited to baby names. In categorical order, then: Personal names (“names or nicknames of individual real people,...
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These are the Top 10 TV shows of 2018

Every year, it seems, the task becomes more overwhelming. How do you possibly pare down the massive avalanche of fresh content generated by the networks, cable channels and streamers into a tight little best-of list? Crazy, yes, but we weren’t about to duck the challenge. In order to ease the pain just slightly, we limited our selections to episodic scripted series. That means documentaries, movies and reality shows are out. Here, then, are the Top 10 TV shows of 2018: Alison Brie strikes a ...
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Donald Glover gives Childish Gambino an epic send-off with his final two shows at The Forum

Throughout his This Is America Tour, singer-songwriter, actor, writer, director, producer and stand-up comedian Donald Glover told audiences that they had purchased tickets to the last-ever Childish Gambino tour. In a series of interviews with various media outlets, Glover said his reason for giving up his long-running musical alter-ego was that he felt it had run its course and he wants to focus on other things including his award-winning TV series, “Atlanta.” That doesn’t mean the 35-year-old ...
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2019 Grammy Nominations: Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Women Lead the Way

Facing criticism for a lack of diversity, the Recording Academy shifted its show’s processes, giving a crop of young and less heralded artists a chance to shine.
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2019 Grammy Nominations: Kendrick Lamar Leads, and Women Dominate Major Categories

Facing criticism for a lack of diversity, the Recording Academy shifted its show’s processes, giving a crop of young and less heralded artists a chance to shine.
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Petitions of the week

This week we highlight petitions pending before the Supreme Court that address, among other things, the reasonableness of an officer’s suspicion that the registered owner of a vehicle is the person driving the vehicle, a public school’s interest in authorizing students “who believe themselves to be members of the opposite sex” to use locker rooms and restrooms reserved exclusively for the opposite sex, and whether a federal court should abstain from resolving a request to compel arbitration when...
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Sanders Seems To Be Gearing Up For Second Shot At The Presidency

BURLINGTON, Vt. (AP) — An insurgent underdog no more, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is laying the groundwork to launch a bigger presidential campaign than his first, as advisers predict he would open the 2020 Democratic presidential primary season as a political powerhouse. A final decision has not been made, but those closest to the 77-year-old self-described democratic socialist suggest that neither age nor interest from a glut of progressive presidential prospects would dissuade him from und...
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Donald Glover And Rihanna’s ‘Guava Island’ Film Trailer Lights Up Social Media

"We work hard. We deserve a day off. We’re just taking what’s ours,” says Glover, aka Childish Gambino, in the trailer.
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Donald Glover Premieres Trailer for Film With Rihanna, ‘Guava Island’ (Watch)

Earlier this year reports emerged of Donald Glover and Rihanna filming in Cuba, and it looks like the fruits of that effort, a film reportedly called “Guava Island,” were previewed at Glover’s PHAROS festival in New Zealand last weekend.  Wobbly fan footage of the trailer, first posted by Stereogum, appears below. The film, credited to […]
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Early voting centers across Los Angeles County opened on Saturday — here’s what to expect

By Bradley Bermont, Correspondent Standing in the parking garage on the West Los Angeles College campus, David Rosenthal was baffled. In-person early voting opened in Los Angeles County on Saturday and the campus had a polling location — but there weren’t any signs to direct him where to go. He had to ask a security guard for directions, but he — and many other voters — eventually found the fine arts classroom turned polling center. They were among the first Angelenos to cast their ballots in th...
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