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Goldman Sachs slashes U.S. GDP estimate further

Goldman Sachs said on Tuesday the second-quarter U.S. economic decline would be much greater than it had previously forecast and unemployment would be higher, citing anecdotal evidence and "sky-high jobless claims numbers" resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
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Goldman Sachs slashes Q2 U.S. GDP estimate further

Goldman Sachs said on Tuesday that the U.S. second quarter economic decline would be deeper than it had previously forecast and unemployment would be higher, citing anecdotal evidence and "sky-high jobless claims numbers."
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US GDP to plummet 34% in second quarter: Goldman Sachs

The world’s largest economy is likely to shrink at an annualized rate of 34 percent in the second quarter as unemployment soars to 15 percent.
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Goldman Sachs now expects US unemployment to hit 15%

After a dismal winter, China's economy is showing signs of life. But a recovery in Asia won't paper over problems in the United States and Europe as the world sinks into recession.
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Argentina Says It Aims to Avoid Default Amid Lockdown Extension

(Bloomberg) -- Argentina said it will still try to avoid a costly default, even as it extends a nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus.President Alberto Fernandez said that the country would still prioritize avoiding a default on its overseas debt, even though the already struggling economy will be hampered by a government-ordered lockdown, now in effect until April 12.Fernandez’s assurances comes as Argentina tries to renegotiate $69 billion in overseas debt and rework a deal wit...
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The Best Techniques to Remember Words in a Foreign Language

The process of learning a brand-new language is never easy. It can be overwhelming to decide where to start and understanding which methods work best for you—some people learn better via audio apps while others prefer sitting in a traditional classroom. Your memory is like a muscle, you need to exercise it on a regular basis to stay strong. The more you work it, the more powerful it then becomes. If you are following the right strategies and you’re putting in a consistent level of hard work, you...
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Coronavirus crisis a 'game changer' for oil sector - Goldman Sachs

The coronavirus pandemic and resulting plunge in crude prices will result in a leaner, stronger oil industry but raise the risk of shortages further down the line, Goldman Sachs analysts said on Monday.
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Will I get sick, will I die? Surprises in the COVID-19 hard data on infections, mortality, as the April 6th witching hour nears

Stunned viewers of CNN’s State of the Union program on Sunday morning heard Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases say that “projections showed the (COVOD-19) disease would kill between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans and infect far more,” and predicted “millions of cases” while warning that the projections and number are fluid. The coronavirus story is not usual subject at the Daily Digest, but as industrial biotechnologies pivot fast to address ...
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A $250 million day for Barclays; Snowflake's data exchange; flex-space meltdown

  Welcome to Wall Street Insider, where we take you behind the scenes of the finance team's biggest scoops and deep dives from the past week.  If you aren't yet a subscriber to Wall Street Insider, you can sign up here. Deals, IPOs, and fund launches may be slowing to a near-standstill, but work is just as busy as ever for some on Wall Street. Restructuring bankers are suddenly a hot commodity, and they're swamped with calls as companies look to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Lawyers on the ...
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Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has the cash to buy Tesla, Starbucks, or McDonald's after the coronavirus sell-off

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway can afford almost any of America's public companies following the coronavirus sell-off. The billionaire investor's conglomerate held $125 billion in cash and short-term investments at the end of December. Berkshire's cash pile exceeds the market capitalizations of more than 450 companies in the S&P 500, more than 80 in the Nasdaq 100, and 11 in the Dow 30. Ignoring all other factors, Berkshire could afford McDonald's ($125 billion), Boeing ($102 billion), Te...
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Stocks drop, but hold on to weekly gains after a big rally

By Alex Veiga and Damian J. Troise, The Associated Press Wall Street closed lower Friday but still notched big gains for the week as investors held out hope that a $2 trillion rescue package will cushion businesses and households from the economic devastation being caused by the coronavirus. The S&P 500 closed 3.4% lower, but still climbed 10.3% for the week, its biggest gain since March 2009. That follows two weeks of relentless selling. The Dow Jones Industrial Average’s 12.8% weekly gain was ...
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It Took a Pandemic for Colombia to Finally Cut Interest Rate

(Bloomberg) -- Colombia’s central bank cut borrowing costs for the first time in two years at a regularly scheduled meeting as the economy reels from the oil price crash and the coronavirus pandemic.Policy makers voted unanimously to cut the key rate to 3.75% the lowest in six years. Twelve analysts surveyed by Bloomberg had forecast the cut, five expected a quarter-point drop, five forecast no change and one predicted a larger reduction of 0.75 percentage point.The bank said it has room for fur...
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National Cathedral, Nasdaq, Businesses and Unions Locate Troves of N95 Masks

One stockpile was in the cathedral’s crypt. Others were with companies like Goldman Sachs. And a health care union said it found 39 million more.
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Stocks surge again after coronavirus relief bill passes; indexes up 6%

By Stan Choe, Alex Veiga and Damian J. Troise, The Associated Press Stocks marched higher for a third straight day Friday as a massive coronavirus relief bill gets closer to passing Congress and Wall Street took some historically bad unemployment figures in stride. The S&P 500 rose 6.2%, bringing its three-day rally to 17.6%. The Dow industrials have risen an even steeper 21.3% since Monday. Nearly 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week, easily shattering the prior rec...
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As coronavirus boosts demand for food delivery, Grubhub and JPMorgan have been working together to let drivers instantly cash out. It's a sign of how JPMorgan is using new payments tech to grow transaction banking.

Grubhub has been offering a new service in partnership with JPMorgan that allows their drivers to almost instantly cash out their earnings.  The service is similar to that offered by Grubhub competitors like Postmates, Door Dash and Uber Eats, but drivers get unlimited cash outs and, if they have a Chase account, avoid fees.  Before the food delivery companies started offering these types of services, gig-economy workers had to wait until their weekly payday to receive their earnings. Now, man...
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How the Coronavirus Is Affecting the Outlook of Small Businesses for 2020

To succeed, small businesses must be adaptable to unexpected change. The current economic crisis surrounding the coronavirus outbreak is and will continue to test this ability unlike anything experienced in the modern age. While those operating small businesses mostly had an optimistic outlook toward 2020 prior to the crisis, this view greatly changed in just a few weeks’ time. This article will highlight the outlook of SMB owners entering 2020, how the crisis has affected the outlook of small b...
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Oil demand to plunge by 10.5 million bpd in March, more in April - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs expects oil demand to fall by 10.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in March and possibly by as much as 18.7 million bpd in April, the Wall Street bank said in a note dated March 25.
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Apple Card's New Privacy Policy May Offer Second Chance to Rejected Applicants

Apple Card has a new privacy policy that impacts current customers along with people who have not yet applied for the credit card. The changes are expected to make it easier for Apple’s banking partner, Goldman Sachs, to decide which potential customers are creditworthy.Read more...
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Billionaire Mark Cuban says people should 'ignore anything someone like me might say' about sending employees back to work because 'lives are at stake'

Billionaire Mark Cuban says we should be listening to epidemiologists, not billionaires, when it comes to deciding when to return to work.  "Ignore anything someone like me might say. Lives are at stake," Cuban told Bloomberg.  Former executives like Tom Golisano and Lloyd Blankfein are both calling for the economy to be opened up as quickly as possibly, and President Trump is urging for Americans to get back to work by April 12. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Billionaire...
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Tech’s coveted internships are getting canceled due to COVID-19

Victoria Stafford, a third-year student at UC Berkeley, was set to begin working at Yelp in June as a sales intern — the only internship she applied to. And then it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. “When I first read the cancellation email, I didn’t believe it. I refreshed my inbox; I rubbed my eyes as if I were waking up from a dream. It was clear that COVID-19 was becoming a mounting concern, but it never occurred to me that my internship was in jeopardy,” Stafford said. Internsh...
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Apple Card Updates Privacy Policy to Allow for More Anonymized Data Sharing

When Apple announced its Apple Card nearly a year ago, it seemed like an alright card whose main selling point was enhanced privacy. Well with iOS 13.4, it appears that Apple has updated that privacy to allow for more anonymized data sharing with its banking partner Goldman Sachs. Read more...
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Apple Card gets updated privacy policy on new data sharing and more transaction detail

Apple is updating its privacy policy for Apple Card to enable sharing more anonymized data with Goldman Sachs, its financial partner. Apple’s reasoning here is that this will make it able to do a better job of assigning credit to new customers. The data is aggregate and anonymized, and there is an opt-out for new customers. Three things are happening here: Apple is changing the privacy policy for Apple Card with iOS to share a richer, but still anonymized credit assignment model with Goldm...
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Apple Updates Apple Card Privacy Policy to Reflect More Extensive Data Sharing Practices

Apple is updating its privacy policy for the Apple Card because it wants to share more anonymized data with Goldman Sachs, the financial partner that backs the card. Apple plans to share additional data with Goldman Sachs for improving how credit is assigned to new customers. According to TechCrunch, data that is collected is aggregated and anonymized, and there is an opt-out option for new customers. Apple says that sharing more data could expand the kind of user that is able to apply for ...
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Here Are The Pundits And Pols Willing To Trade COVID-19 Deaths For Economic Gains

For weeks, as the novel coronavirus has spread across the globe and infected hundreds of thousands of people, there have been the skeptics — those who say “social distancing,” while proven to slow the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, isn’t worth the economic cost.  President Donald Trump has leaned into that view lately, becoming its most high-profile proponent. “We’re not going to let the cure be worse than the problem,” he said at a press briefing Monday. Later, referring to social...
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Coronavirus news: Tokyo Olympics moved to 2021 as WHO warns US could be next Covid-19 hotspot

Deaths jump in Spain; France tightens lockdown; Afghanistan appeals for help amid new cases; South Africa prepares for lockdown. Follow the latest updates 1.23pm GMT The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics will come as a blow to the host country, which has spent more than $12bn on the event, while huge sums are also at stake for sponsors and broadcasters.Goldman Sachs estimated this month that Japan would lose $4.5bn (550bn yen) in inbound and domestic consumption in 2020 if the Olympics did ...
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Morning Docket: 03.24.20

* A lawyer for the Red Sox is adamant that the franchise is not guilty of sign stealing. But underhanded tactics is kind of a tradition for Boston-area teams... [Yahoo News] * A former staffer for Mike Bloomberg's presidential campaign has filed a class action lawsuit alleging that numerous staffers were promised jobs through November and were actually laid off after Bloomberg suspended his campaign. [Hill] * A Detroit courthouse has been disinfected after an attorney who visited the courtho...
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Goldman Sachs sees 1% drop in global GDP due to "coronacrisis"

Goldman Sachs said it expected global real gross domestic product to contract by about 1% in 2020, a sharper economic decline than in the year following the 2008 global financial crisis.
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Ken Burns: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Not History Repeating Itself

As the outbreak of the novel coronavirus shutters small businesses across the country, the number of jobless claims has skyrocketed from 70,000 last week to 281,000 Friday, and could spike as high as 2.25 million by next Thursday, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs. The sudden economic downturn has sent legislators on all sides of the aisle scrambling for stimulus packages to offset the damage. The GOP offered a $1,200 tax rebate; Chuck Schumer discussed expansions to unemployment insurance,...
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Wall Street WFH; BlueCrest cuts PMs; wealth managers in uncharted territory

  Welcome to Wall Street Insider, where we take you behind the scenes of the finance team's biggest scoops and deep dives from the past week.  If you aren't yet a subscriber to Wall Street Insider, you can sign up here. The new WFH reality (for some) Local governments across the US are moving to keep people inside to combat the spread of coronavirus, and many non-essential businesses are closing to customers. Wall Street quickly ditched its rotating, color-coded teams for many. Bank of America...
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This is no 2008: Mnuchin borrows from Paulson's economic crisis playbook

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has stepped into the breach as the Trump administration's point man to rescue the economy from coronavirus devastation, taking on the role his former Goldman Sachs boss, Hank Paulson, played over a decade ago.
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