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How to do a one-page analysis in Google Analytics

I often get a request from our Blog team about one of their pages. Sometimes they want to know if the page has gotten more pageviews or they notice something weird and they want me to find out what’s going on. And this time they wanted more insight in the performance of one particular page. […] The post How to do a one-page analysis in Google Analytics appeared first on Yoast.
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How to Find Orphaned Pages and What to Do with Them

Last updated on May 21, 2019 at 05:43 pm Maintaining a website and doing SEO means putting out content regularly. Whether it’s an e-commerce website that has thousands of products or a services website that publishes blog posts regularly, a website will inevitably expand the number of pages inside as time goes by. Whether a website has 100 pages or 10,000 pages, internal linking is a crucial on-page SEO strategy . Linking one page to another helps visitors to navigate through your web...
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How to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Income by Setting Goals

The post How to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic and Income by Setting Goals appeared first on ProBlogger. This post is based on episode 135  of the ProBlogger podcast. What does it take to make a full-time living for your blog? I know some bloggers who managed it with hundreds of daily readers, while others needed tens of thousands of daily readers. The amount of money you make from your traffic depends things such as: the monetization model you have the income streams you use your readership...
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SEO Audit 2019: A Comprehensive Guide

Last updated on May 17, 2019 at 10:37 am Website optimization is made up of different facets that need to be optimized individually in order for your site to slowly reach the top spot in the first page of the search results. Onsite optimization – consisting of different factors that are inside your website need to be checked and optimized, offsite optimization – consists of different factors that deal with links that connect other websites to yours, and technical optimization – everything t...
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11 Google Analytics Reports You Might Not Know About via @coreydmorris

Here are 11 Google Analytics reports that provide valuable insights on your audience, SEO, PPC, social, and website performance.The post 11 Google Analytics Reports You Might Not Know About via @coreydmorris appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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SEO & Progressive Web Apps: Looking to the Future

Posted by tombennetPractitioners of SEO have always been mistrustful of JavaScript. This is partly based on experience; the ability of search engines to discover, crawl, and accurately index content which is heavily reliant on JavaScript has historically been poor. But it’s also habitual, born of a general wariness towards JavaScript in all its forms that isn’t based on understanding or experience. This manifests itself as dependence on traditional SEO techniques that have not been relevant for ...
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Measure What Matters

This post first appeared on Solo PR Pro in July 2017. It has been edited and updated. As a Solo PR Pro, it is not enough to do a great job for clients, you must be able to show results in a way that is meaningful to them. Measuring results begins with the discovery process where you identify the problems they are trying to solve and agree on how you will track the solutions you propose. Still, even with clear expectations, once you are faced with actually pulling together a report, it can be ...
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5 Ways to Build an Effective Online Presence for Your Business

Going Online! By Maria Rivera Standing out in the deep thicket of the digital landscape can be a ferocious task for any website owner. After all, users have millions of options to swipe through, to click on, to engage with and to decide to follow. However, by building a strong foundation you’re able to establish your online presence and take the proper steps to promote it. You’ll soon notice potential customers flocking to you because your business’ digital entities will speak for themselves. He...
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Helping businesses grow across all 50 U.S. states

Small businesses play a vital role in American life. From the restaurants that serve as places to gather over a meal, to the bookshops and hardware stores that treat customers like family and sponsor local soccer teams, small businesses are the backbone of our communities.So I’m really proud of the work Google does to help local businesses across the United States use the power of the web to grow and thrive. Our U.S. Economic Impact Report, released today, shows that in 2018, our Search and Adve...
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Essential Instagram hacks for boosting social media marketing

Social media marketing is the next big thing in the marketing industry. Instagram is one of the social media platforms we can use to serve this purpose. Instagram is a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos as well as videos. According to the 2018 statistics, the number of Instagram users had reached 1 billion monthly active users up from 800 million in September 2017. The app continues to gain popularity worldwide day in day the United States in 2015 there we...
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8 Amazing Web Resources Designed For Musicians

As social media promotion becomes increasingly difficult for artists to to do for free, band websites have now become one the most important marketing resources you have. That said, maintaining and customizing a website can be touch trickier than social media platforms - luckily there are a number of great resources out there designed specifically to help artists do just that. ________________________________ Guest post by Patrick McGuire of Soundfly's Flypaper With social media pro...
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What Goals Should I Be Tracking in My Analytics Tool?

What comes to mind when you think of the word “goal”? Most people, myself included, think of personal goals or ambitions for your own life: obtaining a master’s degree, losing 15 pounds, or traveling to every continent. Others think of business goals: reaching an annual sales target, launching a new product or service, or expanding from selling in local to global markets. Analytics goals are different. In this post, we’ll untangle the definition of goals and help you understand what to configure...
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'What is Google Fiber?': Everything you need to know about Google's high-speed internet service

Google Fiber is a broadband internet service that Google is currently deploying in 18 cities across the US. The service is notable because of its high speed, running up to 1000 Mbps, with a friendly month-to-month, all-inclusive pricing scheme. Despite the initial promise of the network, Google has paused expansion of Fiber beyond its current 18 cities, and notably pulled Fiber out of several cities where it attempted to deploy the service.    Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories...
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Seven ways retailers can better connect with shoppers online

Consumers have high expectations these days. They want to quickly find what they are looking for, even if they don’t yet know exactly what they want to purchase. To keep up, retailers are challenged to uncover valuable insights so the path from discovery to purchase is as smooth as it can be. But this is often easier said than done, as siloed insights and legacy systems make it difficult for retailers to piece it all together.Google Ad Manager is designed to help retailers deliver meaningful sho...
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Multiple File Goals in Google Analytics

Igor asks, “What if I want to track specific file downloads as goals in Google Analytics? How do you do that?” Igor’s question is a followup from the April 25, 2019 episode. It’s quite simple to track any individual file download as a goal in Google Analytics by using the same methods, but there are […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Multiple File Goals in Google Analytics appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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The perfect digital marketing plan – checklist

Research from Smart Insights shows that many businesses still don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy, despite everyone doing digital marketing. The research also shows that many of those without a plan are looking to improve their competitiveness online, so 31% are aiming to launch a digital transformation project. Why aren’t more businesses actively planning? Perhaps one reason for the lack of strategic digital plans is that digital marketing is complex and it can be difficult to know...
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What Advanced Marketing Personalization Is and How to Use It

Marketers have been using personalization as a powerful tool in their strategy to improve marketing for many years, and, as marketing technology moves forward, personalized marketing is getting more advanced. Studies show that personalized email campaigns achieve 41% higher click-through rates and 29% higher open rates than non-personalized emails. Furthermore, your customers now expect personalized experiences. In fact, this study found that 32% of your customers expect to be delivered a perso...
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Proven Shortcuts To Improve Your Content Marketing in 2019

When it comes to content marketing, there’s no substitute for hard work and expertise, but at the same time, there’s also no point in doing work that’s unnecessary! That’s why we’ve put together these 5 shortcuts to help supercharge your content marketing. There are a number of tools and processes that we as content marketers can use to improve our efficiency and ultimately, our results. Some will simply improve efficiency, while others will open up opportunities to explore that you may never ha...
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10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Marketers and Entrepreneurs

Make social media work for you! By Aleh Barysevich Marketers and entrepreneurs have a lot in common. Both have a dozen of very different tasks to do every day. The workload is overwhelming and ever-expanding. Luckily, the world came up with software. A couple of tools under the sleeve and the lives of marketers and entrepreneurs instantly become much easier. The only question that remains is how to choose the right tools. For this list, I’ve chosen the ones that are reliable, easy to get a hold ...
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How to use Google Analytics: A beginner's guide to Google's service for website-traffic analytics

The standard version of Google Analytics is a free online tool that Google provides to help you understand, analyze, and improve your website traffic. It's easy to create a Google Analytics account and start tracking your site performance, as long as you can edit your site's HTML tag. There are a lot of reports available which let you see real-time performance, how pages perform over time, your conversion rate for e-commerce campaigns, and more. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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15 Marketing YouTube Channels For 2019

YouTube channel is becoming a great source of marketing information. This information is in the form of a series of interactive videos filled with content and interesting lessons. Many people are developing a preference for acquiring information from video tutorials and lessons. By Lorenzo Gutierrez In 2019 we have 15 marketing YouTube channels that give you deep substantive information about marketing and the insides of the online marketing business. Marketing 360 Marketing 360 chan...
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No Junk Mail Please: Traditional Marketing vs Digital

It’s the magic word of the business world: marketing. But with the magic comes mystery, and a wide range of ways you can use it to make – or break – your business. Whether you’re a billion dollar corporation or a small startup, experiencing rapid growth or stuck in a rut, marketing is an essential part of setting your business up for success. But marketing isn’t always easy – especially if you’re working with a tight budget and need to make every campaign count. Should you jump onto the latest ...
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Guide to Choosing the Best Social Media Network

Social media has changed the way we interact with people and share information. Through social media you are able to display relevant information in front of each other, and provide value. However, since the trend picked up, we now have so many more platforms showing up which didn’t exist before. This has made it tough on people because we NO longer know where to focus our attention. I believe when you start to spread out your sharing, you narrow your reach. How? Very few networks have the traff...
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2019 Higher Ed Content Conference: watch on-demand with 3 extra sessions released in May

Did you miss the #HECO19 conference in April? Watch it on-demand! The 2019 Higher Ed Content Conference was a really fun and engaging experience (check out the pics!) for all the American and Canadian teams in attendance a couple of weeks ago – and you can now get it on-demand! The HECO19 conference was full of great takeaways, fresh ideas and surprises including a 27-min Q&A session with all the speakers on screen we streamed live on Facebook (skip the first minute for the start :)! Extra...
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Want to crush your business goals? You need to upgrade your website

This post is a part of our digital audits series – a closer look at what it takes to improve your digital strategy. The words “website audit” can send chills down business owners’ spines – after all, most websites have problems. Luckily, there are simple solutions to some very common website issues. You just need to know what to look for. Keep reading to discover the main checkpoints of any good website audit. Easy navigation is essential First and foremost, your website shoul...
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Is Direct Traffic an Indicator of Brand Strength?

If you’ve gone into Google Analytics lately to look at your website performance, you’ll notice a large chunk of traffic and conversions attributed to “Direct.” It’s tempting to think all those visitors came to your website because they either already know your brand, or saw some kind of offline advertising you did. But in this post, we’ll lay out a few reasons why that isn’t always the case, and what you can do to get a true understanding of your brand strength in Google Analytics. Some Backgr...
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How To Create Content For the Finance Niche

Whether you’re a one-man army running a personal brand or a cog in a giant corporate wheel, you’re aware that content marketing is all the rage nowadays. More than 4 million blog posts go live on the internet every day, with niches ranging from general health and technology to risible cat facts. So, standing out in this sea of content by investing considerable time and effort in creating high quality, valuable content may seem like a daunting (or even futile) task. Still, according to HubSpot, ...
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4 Surprising Ways Outbound Links Impact Your Site’s Rankings

By Gaurav Sharma There is a lot of high-quality content on the internet. You likely link to relevant web pages when you write an article. But have you ever wondered how these outbound links can impact the rankings of your website? Of course, you already know that a better link profile can boost your search engine rankings. But you may be surprised to learn that outbound links can also help drive traffic to your site. In this post, you will learn about some of the ways in which outbou...
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Web Content in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Stephanie asks, “How should marketers measure the performance of content that is not web pages?” This is a very straightforward task that requires you to do two things: first, establish what kind of measure it will be (pageview, goal, etc.) and then create the infrastructure in Google Tag Manager. The best, preferred, and most scalable […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Web Content in Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Digital Marketing in Google Analytics

Stephanie asks, “How can you use Google Analytics to track non-digital marketing like billboards and other real world marketing?” You’ll want to use a combination of two techniques: UTM tracking codes and custom subdomains in your DNS. Watch the video for the complete explanation of how to set it up, what software you’ll need including […] The post You Ask, I Answer: Tracking Non-Digital Marketing in Google Analytics appeared first on Christopher S. Penn Marketing Blog.
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