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Customer Acquisition: How to Get New Customers for Your Business

Whether you are selling products or services, the number one factor to make your business work is getting customers. However, acquiring customers isn't as easy as it seems. In these times, where competition is tight and everyone having access to a massive amount of digital marketing channels, the cost of acquiring customers has become more expensive. With marketing costs increasing and customers being less trustworthy of brands, it is safe to say that all businesses need a fresh, creative, bre...
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20 Email Marketing Services and Tools

For a small business, choosing the right email marketing services and tools can help you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Often overlooked, email marketing does have a significant impact on the bottom line of your business. Email continues to be the best-performing marketing channel. In fact, email marketing delivers an average Return on Investment (ROI) of 4400% or a $44.25 return for every single $1 spent. By 2023 the ...
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Important Metrics to Consider When Checking Online Campaign Progress

After launching an online marketing campaign, the next step is to determine the ways in which it is progressing. It’s not enough to post something online and expect things to end well; learning how to translate metrics as and when they come in will enable you to determine if the campaign is working or if it has gone down like a lead balloon.  Some readymade tools, such as Google Analytics, have been put to use by marketers across the globe to assist in identifying these metrics. The demands m...
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Rokk3r acquires AdMobilize and Matrix Labs for $19.5M

Miami-based AdMobilize and its spin-off, Matrix Labs , announced this morning that they are being acquired for $19.5 million. The buyer is Rokk3r, a Miami-based holding company that invests in creating, acquiring and integrating companies. AdMobilize quantifies digital advertising in the physical world, so marketers can better reach their target audiences. “If you’re walking on 5th Avenue and you pass by a bus shelter that has a digital screen, AdMobilize analyzes [peoples’] age, g...
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Job openings at Salt Creative

Salt Creative in Boise reached out to us recently and let us know of a couple openings: Web Design Intern Responsibilities: Intern responsibilities may include any of the following, as well as additional functions not listed: Implement copy edits and revisions to websites as part of the web design processFormat, upload, and add photos to websitesBuild page layouts, customize pages according to client specifications, and create contact forms for client websitesMange access and per...
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Startup advice from our Accelerator: Europe graduates

Despite all of its challenges, 2020 was a year of rapid development and expansion for the inaugural class of the Google for Startups Accelerator: Europe, an intensive three-month program designed to help growth-stage companies build their businesses. Dialing in from six countries across Europe and Israel, the nine participating startups each spent over 150 hours working with 75 industry mentors and Google experts, sharpening their skills in technology, product design, customer acquisition and le...
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What’s different about Web Stories

Stories have become a popular format for digital content and social media. It seems that most social apps have their own take on stories, but what about Web Stories? On the surface, all story variations may appear to be the same. For example, they all allow you to tap to go forward and backward, swipe up to open an attachment, or swipe right to go to the next story. That said, let’s check out some features that distinguish Web Stories from other story formats.  You can also see a full breakdown ...
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How to Interpret Google Analytics Data (Infographic)

Plenty of webmasters use Google Analytics to analyze and understand their traffic but just checking your daily traffic and traffic sources is not the way to get the most out of Google Analytics. This infographic from Lupage Digital helps you get more out of this tool:
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Most Read Blog Posts On AVC

Last month, I wrote about the value of having a list of the most read posts on a blog. I said I wanted to create that for AVC. Well, I am pleased to let you all know that we built it and it is now live on the AVC archives page. It looks like this: I am very happy to see Fake Grimlock’s “Minimum Viable Personality” guest post on the list. I stopped having guests posts quite a few years ago now, but no question that was the very best of them. The other one that I am happy to see on ...
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Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager, Dallas Opera

Reporting to the Director of Marketing, Sales, and Patron Services, the Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager works collaboratively within the Advancement team and throughout the full organization to produce email communications and update website content. In addition, this position creates and implements strategy for website development and email automation functionality to drive revenue, innovation, and increase The Dallas Opera’s digital footprint. Email Communications and Automation Ca...
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Malicious Chrome and Edge Add-Ons Had a Novel Way To Hide On 3 Million Devices

In December, Ars reported that as many as 3 million people had been infected by Chrome and Edge browser extensions that stole personal data and redirected users to ad or phishing sites. Now, the researchers who discovered the scam have revealed the lengths the extension developers took to hide their nefarious deeds. Ars Technica reports: Researchers from Prague-based Avast said on Wednesday that the extension developers employed a novel way to hide malicious traffic sent between infected devices...
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Why Is My Organic Traffic Down? Here Are 4 Things to Check

if (typeof BingeIframeRan === "undefined") { window.addEventListener("message", receiveMessage, false); function receiveMessage(event) { try { var parsed = JSON.parse( if (parsed.context === "iframe.resize") { var iframes = document.getElementsByClassName("binge-iframe"); for (let i = 0; i Do you see a negative trend in your Google Analytics account...
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AfterClick lays a heatmap over your website to show you where users are really clicking

TLDR: This subscription to AfterClick Heatmap Analytics offers website heatmapping to track every user’s action on your website in stunningly clear visuals. This is the age of Big Data. There isn’t an industry on the planet that can’t immediately immerse itself in reams and reams of information about every aspect of that business. But sometimes, all that data isn’t necessarily a good thing. If you’re a website owner, a quick look at Google Analytics makes the point. Unless you’re a data scientis...
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Preparing our partners for Apple’s iOS 14 policy updates

Apple’s upcoming App Tracking Transparency (ATT) policy will require developers to ask for permission when they use certain information from other companies’ apps and websites for advertising purposes, even if they already have user consent. Today we’re sharing how Google is helping our community prepare, as we know that developers and advertisers in the iOS ecosystem are still figuring out how to adapt. Preparing your app for iOS 14 Apple's ATT changes will reduce visibility into key metric...
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The Real Value of Surveys (and one to complete today)

The real value of community surveys lies in three areas: 1) Identifying trends over time. Every community scores well in the answer to the following member survey question: “Overall, how helpful or unhelpful do you find the community?” You can probably see why. The people who don’t get value from the community stop visiting and don’t respond to the invitation to the survey. So why bother even asking this question knowing we’re going to get a good response to it? Because it lets us track success ...
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How and Why to Audit Your Site’s Accessibility

The internet has brought us all closer together. Whether blogging and vlogging, or simply engaging with social media — we’re just a swipe, tap, or click away from diverse global cultures. All the more important, then, to make certain that all people who want to use a website should be able to do so. This is where web accessibility becomes vital. Designers use the knowledge of what physical, mental, emotional, even socio-economic issues people might face. Then they use web tools in order to ma...
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Google Analytics and AgencyLogic Single Property Websites

One very popular feature of AgencyLogic single property Websites is their ability to leverage Google Analytics, an enterprise-class Web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your Website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you’re more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websi...
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Privacy complaint targets European parliament’s COVID-19 test-booking site

The European Parliament is being investigated by the EU’s lead data regulator over a complaint that a website it set up for MEPs to book coronavirus tests may have violated data protection laws. The complaint, which has been filed by six MEPs and is being supported by the privacy campaign group noyb, alleges third party trackers were dropped without proper consent and that cookie banners presented to visitors were confusing and deceptively designed. It also alleges personal data was transferre...
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What to Do If You Run a Travel Blog During COVID-19

Travel blogs may seem like they’re a dime a dozen nowadays, and to some extent, they are. The rise of nomadic writers and influencers has led to a burst in travel blogs – and readers are usually ready to gobble all of this exciting content right up. However, the introduction of COVID-19 (and the resounding global pandemic response) has thrown a huge wrench into the average travel blogger’s plans. How do you write about vacationing and exploring the globe when the overarching message lately has...
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The 8 Benefits of Guest Blogging for Businesses

The premise of guest blogging is easy to understand. As a guest author, you’ll contribute articles (and sometimes other types of content) to external sites, known as publishers. These publishers will get the benefit of using your content to connect with their audience, and you’ll get the benefit of exposure. Oftentimes, because this relationship is mutually beneficial, both parties offer their part for free. Guest blogging is becoming increasingly popular as a marketing strategy for businesse...
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Site analytics for 2020-2021 -- trends, reflections, and thoughts

At the beginning of each year, I update my site analytics information (pulled from Google Analytics) and analyze traffic trends, user data, and any other information for my site. These analytics sometimes influence what I focus on for the upcoming year. This year, not much changed in terms of site analytics (which is a good thing). I also have a few simple thoughts on the year ahead.
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Site analytics for 2020 -- trends, reflections, and thoughts

At the beginning of each year, I update my site analytics information (pulled from Google Analytics) and analyze traffic trends, user data, and any other information for my site. These analytics sometimes influence what I focus on for the upcoming year. This year, not much changed in terms of site analytics (which is a good thing). I also have a few simple thoughts on the year ahead.
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The Best Greater Good Articles of 2020

2020 was quite the year, for the world and for the Greater Good Science Center. In the face of a global pandemic and political instability, roughly one million readers turned to Greater Good Magazine every month, the most ever. Here are the 10 most popular Greater Good articles from this momentous year, according to Google Analytics. 1. Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine, by Brooke Anderson: If you’re sheltering in place, be sure to check in with yourself. 2. How to Help Teens S...
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Google Analytics 4 Traffic Types by Stream

Guilherme asks, "Can I ask you something about platform type? I ran facebook ads to my website, shouldn't my traffic be split between the 3 types fo platform (web, android and ios)? I only got Web..." There's a bit of a mixup here. Let's dig into some of the nomenclature of Google Analytics 4 to […]
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How to choose the right technology for your startup

If you're having trouble deciding whether to use desktops or laptops, or which stack to run your code, this guide can help you find the right answer. EyeEm/Getty Images When you finally have a business idea and the right people and resources to help execute it, the next crucial step is choosing your technology.  The platform, devices, operating systems, and stack you choose will depend on the product, customers, and business model you have.  Don't skip out on important steps like perfo...
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How to Install Matomo (Piwik) Web Analytics on CentOS 8

Matomo formerly known as Piwik is an open-source analytics application for the Linux operating system. It is very similar to Google Analytics that helps you to tracks and display the location of user visits.
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AMP – The Future of Landing Pages

Should you implement AMP onto your website? Before we start discussing why you should implement AMP, let’s discuss what is AMP. What is AMP? AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages; AMP is something, which makes the pages load faster on a mobile device. No one uses a desktop anymore; ask yourself when the last time was you’ve gone on to a desktop and looked up for something. Mobile devices have long past surpassed desktop usage, so it is essential to concentrate on your website’s mobile device...
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Get Back to Basics with These 10 Small Business Improvement Tips

Running a business can get complicated. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and forget the basic strategies that got you there. But staying strong in those areas is a must, as members of the online small business community can attest. Get their top tips for going back to basics in the list below. Get Started with Google Analytics 4 Google Analytics is an essential tool for businesses to get to know their online visitors. Even for businesses that are familiar with the basic platform, t...
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3 Marketing Tips For eCommerce Retailers In 2021

by Andy Bojko, Director at Hidepark Leather With many retailers hit hard this year by the pandemic, businesses are turning to ecommerce to regain lost sales in 2021 as their customers move online to conduct their shopping. The events of 2020 have caused a significant shift in buying habits, meaning online sales will become a lifeline for many businesses over the next year. To help ecommerce retailers set up for 2021, here are 3 tips on how businesses can successfully implement small changes to ...
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Getting started with the Google Analytics 4 Property

Earlier this year, we announced that all AgencyLogic single property Websites had move data analytics and reports exclusively to Google Analytics. Today we continue to share information on Google Analytics as the service continues to improve with the recent release of Google Analytics 4 Property. In this video, from the Google Analytics YouTube channel, Krista Seiden takes us through an overview of Google Analytics 4 Property and we learn about some of the exciting new things launchingThe...
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