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Smart-home tech for agents: Moen goes with the Flo

Brandon Doyle and Colton Pratt scoured the Consumer Electronics Show to uncover the best, most exciting products coming down the pike. This week, Moen's new line of smart bathroom and kitchen appliances.
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Google Assistant has your back for a romantic day this Valentine’s Day

Google have made it simple to tell your Google Assistant to change the vibe and make things romantic on the international day of romance. With your Smart Speaker you can simply ask it to play something appropriate this Valentine’s Day. Save the shuffling around on your phone or computer looking for the right song or playlist and let Google do the work while you get cosy with your loved one. If you have Smart colour changing lights then Google will bring the whole vibe down to a Valentin...
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How to Use Google Assistant's Ambient Mode on Android

Our smartphones can display tons of information and provide helpful shortcuts even when they’re locked, and Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode is worth trying out. It allows you to use several of your phone’s best features without having to unlock it, saving you precious time and the annoyance of fumbling around with…Read more...
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Use your smart speaker to make Valentine’s Day a little sweeter

This year, there's no better wingman for Valentine's Day than Alexa or Google Assistant. Let them help you plan.
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The best Google Home tips, tricks, and Easter eggs for 2020

What can you do with Google Home? Here are tips to help you make the most of your smart speaker or display.
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What is Android TV? Google’s smart TV software fully explained

As brands like Sony, Hisense, and Philips start to use it, you'll be hearing a lot more about Android TV.
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Ask the Google Assistant to find your keys with Tile

Here's a scenario that happens in my house about three times a week. I'm in a rush to get out the door, and then realize that I can’t find my car keys. I check underneath the sofa cushions, pick through the pockets of my pants from the day before, and turn my bag inside out, only to realize the keys are hiding behind the stack of mail.Now, the Google Assistant can help me keep track of my keys—it works with Tile to help you quickly find your things just by asking. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker tha...
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Google Assistant now works with Tile to find your lost stuff

Google Assistant is today rolling out support for Tile’s Bluetooth tracker, designed to help you keep up with your often misplaced items — like your keys, purse, wallet, remote, and more. The new integration will allow Google Assistant users on any Nest device to ask questions like, “Hey Google, where is my purse?” They can instruct the Assistant to ring their device” by saying things like “Hey Google, make my backpack ring.” Variations on these commands are also supported, like, “Hey Google, fi...
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Gear up for the Big Game with Search and the Assistant

Huddle up, football fans! It’s almost game time. This Sunday, people around the country will gather to watch Kansas City and San Francisco face off in the biggest football game of the year. We took a look at Google Trends data to see the top questions, recipes and topics people are searching for. Fun fact: Search interest in Roman numerals spikes every year at this time (and this year roman numeral LIV is no exception) .While the teams get ready to go head to head, Search and the Google Assistan...
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Google’s next virtual assistant could chat your ear off on just about any topic

In a new paper, Google detailed Meena, a "human-like" chatbot that can "engage in conversation on any topic."
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Google and the Super Bowl: Here to help

Ten years ago Google aired its first-ever commercial, during the 2010 Super Bowl. We’ve run several more Super Bowl ads in the years since. And on Sunday, viewers of this year’s game will see “Loretta,” which tells the story of a man who uses the Google Assistant to keep the memory of his love alive. The ad reflects our goal to build products that help people in their daily lives, in both big and small ways. Sometimes that’s finding a location, sometimes it’s playing a favorite movie, and someti...
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Data Privacy Day: seven ways we protect your privacy

Keeping you safe online is a top priority at Google, especially for the thousands of Googlers who work on privacy and security around the world. Today on Data Privacy Day, we’re sharing some of the many ways we keep you safe online and across our products—from built-in protections to easy tools that keep you in control of your privacy.1. Keep your passwords safePassword Manager in your Google Account helps you remember and securely store strong passwords for all your online accounts. With Passwo...
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Put Alexa and Siri to Work

Voice-activated helpers can automate life’s little chores, once you get the hang of them.
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3 tech giants are teaming up to make smart home devices easier to use

Amazon, Apple, and Google have teamed up with the Zigbee Alliance to create a single, royalty-free wireless protocol that will make smart home devices easier to connect and use.
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Imagine if the Google Home smart-speaker charged your phone, and had audio drivers from Devialet

The future is truly in multitasking. It isn’t enough that your wireless charger charges only one device. It needs to charge three at a time… and your wristwatch? It should tell you the time, indicate your health, and also let you send and receive calls. In a world where all our products are designed to multitask, it seems like the smart-speaker is capable of a lot more than playing audio from the web on command. Meet the Soundform Elite. It’s a smart-speaker enabled with Google Assistant (and it...
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Google Nest Mini review: better bass and recycled plastic

Upgrade keeps what is good and improves sound for Google’s smallest, cheapest smart speakerThe second generation of Google’s smallest smart speaker gets a new name, more eco-friendly, a little smarter and more bass.The £49 Nest Mini replaces the Google Home Mini as part of a revamped and renamed line of Google smart home products under the Nest brand, pushing its predecessor to a clearance price of only £19. Continue reading...
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Google Nest Mini vs. Amazon Echo Dot: Which is better?

We put the two most popular smart home speakers — the Google Nest Mini and the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot — together and tested them on appearance, audio, and abilities. So which should you buy?
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How to quickly set up your Google Home, Home Mini, or Nest Hub

Google Home devices can do a whole lot, from playing music to reading the weather to controlling your smart home devices. We'll show you how to set up your Google Home speaker so you can get started.
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The best Google Home-compatible devices for 2020

Google Home is a voice-controlled speaker built to compete with the Amazon Echo. It can control lights, switches, appliances, and thermostats from select partners. Here are some of the best Google Home-compatible devices on the market.
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Google Teases Feature That Allows Assistant to Read Webpages to You in Dozens of Languages

Google has unveiled a potentially helpful new feature that will allow Google Assistant to read websites back to the user as well as translate them to more than three dozen languages.Read more...
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Google Assistant: Now More Helpful Around the House and More Respectful of Privacy

After three years of learning new tricks at CES, in 2020 Google is giving the Google Assistant some seriously useful smart home upgrades while also teaching it how to better respect your privacy. Read more...
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A more helpful Google Assistant for your every day

Available in more than 90 countries, the Google Assistant now helps more than 500 million people every month to get things done across smart speakers and Smart Displays, phones, TVs, cars and more. At CES, we’re announcing new features that make the Assistant more helpful throughout your day when you’re at home, in the car or on your phone.  The helpful home We’ve come a long way in making it easier to set up smart devices with the Google Assistant, and we’ll continue working to make the exp...
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Interpreter mode expands globally to airports, banks and more

Our goal with the Google Assistant is to help people get things done, and one of the most powerful ways we can do that is by enabling people to connect with one another. Last year, we introduced a real-time translation feature called interpreter mode to help hotel guests communicate with concierge staff—even if they don’t speak the same language. We brought the feature to smart speakers, Smart Displays and most recently to phones, so you can now get translation help on the go.Today, we’re partne...
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Google just revealed that half a billion people around the world are using the Google Assistant as it battles with Amazon to conquer the smart home (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google just announced that 500 million people around the world are using the Google Assistant, its voice-activated digital assistant. The milestone was announced just ahead of CES, the annual tech conference in Las Vegas where Amazon's Alexa has had a growing presence in recent years. Google hasn't previously said how many people are using the Google Assistant each month, although it had said a year ago that it was available on 1 billion devices. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stor...
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Here’s everything Google announced at CES 2020

Another year, another blast of Google Assistant news on the first official day of CES. Google slimmed things down a touch for CES this year, though they’ve still got a big presence here. While they didn’t build a whole damn amusement park ride this time around, they’ve still got a massive two-story booth (complete with slides?) parked right outside the front doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center. As with last year, just about everything Google is showing off at CES 2020 is focused around t...
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Apple, Google and Amazon Join Forces for More Connected Smart-Homes

A new coalition (which officially launches this year) between Apple, Google, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance will result in most new devices being compatible with each aforementioned brands’ smart-home products. Setting an official standard for how products should coexist and connect will “make it easier both for consumers to build their ideal smart-home environment and also for manufacturers to develop new products.” That means one …
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The best smart speakers for 2020

Stuck talking to yourself? Get an A.I. assistant to keep you company! Whether you put your stock in Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, we've picked out the best smart speaker for any smart home ecosystem.
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A 3D-printed neighborhood, at-home insemination tools, alternative education and more innovation from around the globe Hawaii Moves to Ban Single-Use Takeout Containers Part of a comprehensive plan to drastically reduce single-use plastic reliance within the state, Hawaii passed a ban on plastic takeout containers—plates, bowls, cups, utensils, straws, foam containers, and more. The plan (formally named Bill 40) will roll out over two years, allowing …
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Let Google be your holiday travel tour guide

When it comes to travel, I’m a planner. I’m content to spend weeks preparing the perfect holiday getaway: deciding on the ideal destination, finding the cheapest flights and sniffing out the best accommodations. I’ve been dreaming about a trip to Greece next year, and—true story—I’ve already got a spreadsheet to compare potential destinations, organized by flight length and hotel perks.But the thing I don’t like to do is plot out the nitty-gritty details. I want to visit the important museums an...
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Interpreter mode brings real-time translation to your phone

You’ve booked your flights, found the perfect hotel and mapped out all of the must-see local attractions. Only one slight issue—you weren’t able to brush up on a new foreign language in time for your trip. The Google Assistant is here to help.Travelers already turn to the Assistant for help researching and checking into flights, finding local restaurant recommendations and more. To give you even more help during your trip, the Assistant’s real-time translation feature, interpreter mode, is start...
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