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Google Board Sued for Hushing Misconduct Claims About Rubin

The investor claims the Google parent’s board failed in its duties by allowing the harassment to occur and covering up Rubin’s behavior, as did the company’s top executives and committee members, including co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, venture capitalist John Doerr, investor Ram Shriram and Alphabet Chief Legal Officer David Drummond, among others. “Rubin was allowed to quietly resign by defendants Larry Page and Sergey Brin after an internal investigation found the allegations of sex...
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Donuts On A Google Board

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Google and Gates-Backed Khan Academy Introduces "Grit"-Based Classroom Funding

theodp writes: Their intentions are no doubt good, but some will be troubled by Google and Khan Academy's recently-concluded LearnStorm initiative, which pitted kids-against-kids, schools-against-schools, and cities-against-cities in a 3-month learning challenge for prizes based not only on students' mastery of math skills on Khan Academy, but also their perceived 'hustle' (aka 'grit'). "Points are earned by mastering math skills and also for taking on challenging new concepts and persevering," ...
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