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Google Is Shuttering Its Gimmicky Immersive Video Studio

After six years, Google is shutting down Spotlight Stories, its in-house immersive entertainment studio. What exactly was Spotlight Stories, you ask? Fair question. Unless you’re an avid virtual reality enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve never even heard of Google’s attempts at creating 360-degree short films…Read more...
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YouTube brings Coachella to the whole world again this year

Coachella is one of the biggest music festivals in the world but there’s still thousands of people left wishing they could go every year – So YouTube are bringing it to everyone. YouTube have confirmed that they are the exclusive live-streaming partner for one of America’s biggest popular music festivals; Coachella. The giant festival is renowned around the world for it’s giant scope and eclectic line-ups of the biggest artists all around the world as well as loads of underground favourites....
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Bright spots in the VR market

Virtual Reality is in a public relations slump. Two years ago the public’s expectations for virtual reality’s potential was at its peak. Many believed (and still continue to believe) that VR would transform the way we connect, interact, and communicate in our personal and professional lives. Google Trends highlighting search trends related to Virtual Reality over time; the “note” refers to an improvement in Google’s data collection system that occurred in early 2016 It’s easy to understa...
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The YD Black Friday Wishlist: Cool Products, Cool Deals!

The season of giving (even if it means giving unto oneself) is upon us and we present to you the consolidated 2018 Black Friday Gift Guide… a list of products that wowed us, from the year gone by. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the YD Family!P.S. Stay tuned for the Cyber Monday Gift Guide that drops at the beginning of next week! __ 01. Royole Moon by Royole You may remember Royole for its most recent launch, the Flexpai, a tablet that literally folds into a phone. The California start-up...
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Gearing up to step into virtual reality

Makula Dunbar Contributor Makula Dunbar is a writer with Wirecutter. More posts by this contributor 5 apps and services for productivity and wellness The best gear for starting a small business Editor’s note: This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter’s independently chosen editorial picks, Wirecutter and TechCrunch may earn affiliate commissions. For the past two years, we’ve been clo...
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Technology Trends that dominate 2018 and going forward

In the age of disruption, businesses and their leaders will rise or fall based on their ability to spot and creatively respond to rapid technological change. Some companies notice an emerging technology and take a “wait and see” attitude. Others see a new technology and take action. They begin experimenting, making small bets, and learning. Their attitude is that it’s never too early to start. It’s never too early to begin looking at what others are already doing. It’s never too early to ...
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Songbird: a virtual moment of extinction in Hawaii - 360° video

Hawaii is the extinct bird capital of the world. Many native birds are endangered, but for some it's too late. The fabled ʻōʻō (songbird) was last seen in 1985. Set amid the cloud forest of Kauai, Songbird takes you back in time to meet the legendary species and hear its last song.Songbird is available as a 360° interactive virtual reality experience for Daydream and HTC Vive, as a stereoscopic 360° film for Google Cardboard and as a 360° monoscopic film for YouTube. To view this 360° film of So...
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Smartibots do for robots what Google Cardboard did for VR

In 2014 when Google debuted the cardboard VR headset, it changed the game, bringing VR into every home, destroying the misconception that VR was an expensive ordeal like how Oculus presented it to be. The Crafty Robot does the same with robotics, democratizing the technology and helping everyone have access to the tools to build robots that perform tasks as complex as detect objects and follow them, or as simple and pleasant as deliver your cup of tea to you.The $40 robot comes in three types. A...
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Google Expeditions go beyond the classroom with AR Tours for Android and iOS

Google has officially rolled out its Expeditions AR tours to anyone with an Android or iOS device via the Google Expeditions app. In addition, the company also added more content for users to explore along with new features. The post Google Expeditions go beyond the classroom with AR Tours for Android and iOS appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Tour Creator: an easy way for businesses to create and share their own VR tours

Imagine touring a hotel before you book it, seeing the inside of your new office before your first day of orientation, or previewing an apartment before ever stepping foot inside. VR takes you places and lets you experience things that are otherwise too far away, expensive or even impossible to do in the real world. And now Tour Creator, which we launched last week at Google I/O, enables businesses to make their own VR experiences to reach both customers and employees.Tour Creator was inspired b...
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Students can now make their own VR content with Google Tour Creator

A few years ago, Google gave students a chance to experience virtual reality through Google Expeditions. Using Google Cardboard, the app allowed students to take VR field trips all over the world. Some of the places they got to explore included the Great Wall of China and the Yosemite. This time around, however, the tech […] The post Students can now make their own VR content with Google Tour Creator appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Google’s new Tour Creator lets students make their own VR tours

Google today launched a new tool for teachers and their students called Tour Creator, which allows anyone to create their own VR tour using imagery from Google’s Street View or their own 360-degree photos. The new app is designed to work with Google Cardboard and Google’s existing VR “field trips” app . The goal with Expeditions is to let people virtually travel the world to see far off places they may never have the chance to visit in person – like Antarctica or Machu Picchu, for example. G...
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Google teams with NBC to build VR content for its TV shows

Virtual reality has yet to hit the big time with the vast majority of consumers — headset sales are still in the single-digit millions — but today Google and NBC announced a deal to make programming that could help the medium pick up some more mainstream appeal. The two said that they will be working together to produce at least 10 multi-episode VR productions that will run as extra content alongside core programming on NBC itself and its network of other channels. Users can watch in VR on Googl...
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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality: What Does It Mean to the Church?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Create No Limits, Only Imagination On a warm morning in July 2016, I arrived at the studio to find a crowd of my coworkers standing in the parking lot. They looked like a group of paparazzi, with their phones out–but from my vantage point, I couldn’t spot the celebrity. To settle my curiosity, I decided to join them. That day, I learned about Pokémon Go. The world quickly became obsessed with the idea of searching for and collecting virtual creatur...
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Get Coachella-ready with a little help from Google Home

It’s almost time for Coachella-goers to descend upon the desert. At Google, we’ve been cooking up a few ways to help you get festival-ready, so you won’t miss a beat.Using your Google Home, Mini, Max or the Google Assistant on your phone, here’s what happens when you say “Hey Google, talk to Coachella.”Discover new artists:You know your must-see artists for the weekend, but this year’s lineup is flush with amazing acts that you may not be familiar with. This new feature allows you to discover ne...
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How Virtual Reality Can Help Your Business

Only a decade ago, using technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) was incredibly expensive and the market was virtually nonexistent. Now, virtual reality is an exciting technology for developers and consumers alike. The VR and AR markets have enormous growth potential. According to Statista, the market for VR software and hardware will grow to $40 billion. This year alone, they project the market will grow to $12.1 billion, doubling last year’s figure. The VR and AR mark...
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Virtual Reality – see the 360° opportunities

How many of you or your kids have received a virtual reality headset lately as a gift? I’m here to tell you that virtual reality headsets are THE thing lately. If you’re not familiar with how they work, virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience where your head movements are tracked in a three-dimensional world, creating visual experiences that are so real, your mind and body react as though it’s actually happening. This concept was first introduced in the 90s but the technology was just t...
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Google’s Free App Analyzes Your Selfie and Then Finds Your Doppelganger in Museum Portraits

Having the ability to virtually explore the history, back stories, and cultural significance of artworks from over a thousand museums generates nowhere near the excitement as a feature allowing users to upload selfies in hopes of locating an Instagram-worthy doppelgänger somewhere in this vast digital collection. On the other hand, if this low-brow innovation leads great hordes of millennials and iGen-ers to cross the thresholds of museums in over 70 countries, who are we to criticize? So w...
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Virtual Reality And Beyond: The Future Of Music Experiences

As virtual reality technology continues to grow and develop, becoming increasingly accessible to consumers, its convergence with music is creating a number of exciting opportunities in the industry.   _________________________ Guest post by Jen Sako of The Music Development Agency Virtual Reality is bringing us exciting, new technology and the way it is being incorporated with music is groundbreaking.  If you’ve ever spent any time wondering how you can make ...
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Take Your First Cautious Steps Into VR With This $10 View-Master

It’s not as advanced as a Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift, but if you have a smartphone and $10, you can experience VR with this View-Master VR starter set. The View-Master is actually just a Google Cardboard-compatible VR headset, except, you know, it’s not made of cardboard, even if it’s priced like it could be.Read more...
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Is Virtual or Augmented Reality the Next Big Thing in Advertising?

The following is a guest contributed post by Shawn Walker, VP, Strategy & Product Development at Symphonic Digital. Is virtual reality advertising’s next big thing? Or is it augmented reality? Perhaps neither is as far away as you may think. If you’ve caught a Weedle, Rattata or Pidgey — or any of the Pokémon Go creatures, you’ve already dabbled in augmented reality. Star Wars makes it possible for fans to become a Jedi Master and fight Kylo Ren (that’s the bad guy for non-geeks) without traveli...
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Look around, CNN's best 360˚ videos are on your app

If you're using your CNN app on an iPhone or iPad, find the Google Cardboard icon on your 360˚ video in landscape mode. Tap it to launch the Cardboard experience.
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All things are possible: Grow with Google and Impact Challenge come to OKC

As an Oklahoman, it’s exciting to work for a company like Google in Oklahoma City—a community I’m proud to call home and that has given me every opportunity in life to succeed. The homesteader Angelo Scott said our city’s spirit has "an attitude that all things are possible if people are willing to take a chance and embrace the future without hesitation or reservation." As Oklahoma City has developed a diverse economic base as a center for energy, healthcare, aerospace and technology, its spirit...
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A look inside 2017 Europe Code Week

Last month, we announced our support of Europe Code Week 2017, an initiative from the European Commission to encourage programming by showing educators, families and young people how to bring ideas to life with code, demystifying these skills and bringing motivated people together to learn. We provided sponsorships to 60 organizations in 33 countries that take creative, interactive and inspiring approaches to get students excited about computer science. And we’re excited that in total, 56,000 st...
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This Headset Does VR the Correct Way

“Would you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly?” says the narrator in the video above rather convincingly, and I can’t help but agree with her. Seeing is believing, but try watching a movie with terrible audio quality and you immediately realize how bad your experience feels. The same goes for VR. Be it the cheap Google Cardboard, or the state-of-the-art HTC Vive, audio is given the least priority and you know what, it reminds me of something we humans have experienced be...
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Urban Carry REVO Modular Holster System Trial & Review

John puts the Urban Carry REVO Modular Holster System to the test. The Urban Carry REVO is more of a modular holster system than a single holster. John Crump U.S.A. –-(  It had been a long since I reviewed the Urban Carry Holster G2 holster, but their unique below the waistband designed was so innovative it left an impression on me. I love companies that are willing to take risks and push the boundaries to try to change the industry. So when I received an email asking if I ...
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Probably a Good Thing

There is one area of technology that I have very little experience with and that’s AR/VR. It was only recently that I purchased one of the Google Cardboard headsets! This area of technology is fascinating though and the recent iOS update and the growing number of AR apps in the App Store is fun to play with. Just messing around. This is one area of technology that I’m entirely behind the curve on and I think I’m okay with that. I’ve never even put on an Oculus rig yet and although I’ve se...
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360 Photography and Video: The Next Big Thing?

If you are a gamer, you cannot fail to have heard of Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. For non gamers they are virtual reality headsets that immerse people in a 360 degree virtual world bringing an entire new dimension to playing games. Over the last 18 months though, people have begun to realise that the power of these head sets lies not just in gaming but in real life applications as well. From inside one of these headsets you can look around a 360 degree photograph and now even 360 degree videos. The ...
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Meet a teacher helping indigenous women in Mexico get online

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom. In Mexico, we wanted to explore how teachers and students are using technology to empower a rising generation of innovative changemakers—and this week, we’re sharing some of the stories we found. Tune into the hashtag #innovarparami to see how education leaders in Latin America are thinking about innovation.Miroslava Silva is a teacher, social scientist and activist who has dedicated...
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Adventures abound: Explore Google Expeditions on your own

Google Expeditions makes it possible for teachers to take their classrooms on virtual reality field trips to amazing places like the Taj Mahal or Machu Picchu. Today, we’re starting to roll out a new solo mode of Expeditions for Android, so that anybody can explore more than 600 different tours on their own. Just download the Expeditions app (coming soon for iOS), drop your phone into Cardboard and get ready for an adventure. For the past two ye...
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