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12 Southern California museums and cultural centers you can visit virtually

The entire state may be on lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn’t mean people can’t visit museums and cultural institutions, at least virtually. In response to the stay-at-home order to fight the spread of the virus, several local institutions are offering a way to experience culture, art and science with new online programming. Much of the online programming is free, but donations to keep these institutions going are accepted. Here are a dozen places in Southern Califo...
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Check out 30 famous World Heritage sites you can virtually visit on Google Earth while social distancing (GOOG)

Google Earth has a list of 30 UNESCO World Heritage sites to virtually visit and learn about online. On Thursday, the US State Department issued a Level 4 travel advisory covering all international travel. The advisory came as the coronavirus has infected more than 235,000 people and killed more than 9,700. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. COVID-19, the coronavirus disease, might stop you from traveling, but you can still visit historical sites online using Google Earth. Th...
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How to Get Google Earth Pro for Free

Google Earth Pro is free for anyone to use, but getting it working can take a little work. Here's how to use the advanced version of the most capable, publicly available mapping tool in the world.
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3 years later, Google Earth finally works on Firefox, Edge, and Opera

After nearly three years of waiting, Google Earth finally works on browsers other than Chrome, including Firefox, Opera, and the Chromium-based Edge. “After six months of a public beta, we are now making Google Earth accessible on Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers,” Earth software engineer Jessi Beck and lead manager Jordon Mears announced in a blog post. “This was made possible by moving Google Earth for Chrome onto WebAssembly (Wasm), the W3C web standard for bringing native code to the web.” ...
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Preliminary report on helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant is released; it does not say the cause

A preliminary report was released Friday on the Calabasas crash that ended the life of Kobe Bryant and eight others last month by the The National Transportation Safety Board, though it did not give any additional insight into what caused the crash. The update came as authorities continue to investigate what caused the Sikorsky S-76B to crash 40 minutes after it departed from John Wayne Airport in Orange County at 9:06 a.m. on Jan. 26. The pilot circled the Glendale area, then flew west for Cama...
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Meet the 11 power-player marketing execs who will battle it out in the next phase of the streaming TV wars

The streaming wars have not only led to a flood of new content, they're also driving a marketing blitz as new and incumbent platforms try to convince people to open their wallets and subscribe. Business Insider identified 11 marketing executives to watch at the new and forthcoming major streaming-video services. They include Joe Earley, who helped coordinate Disney Plus' massive marketing effort; Jackie Lee-Joe of Netflix, which is facing its most competitive moment ever; and Kelly Campbell, w...
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Meet the 11 power-player marketing execs who will battle it out in the next phase of the streaming wars

The streaming wars have not only led to a flood of new content, they're also driving a marketing blitz as new and incumbent platforms try to convince people to open their wallets and subscribe. Business Insider identified 11 marketing executives to watch at the new and forthcoming major streaming-video services. They include Joe Earley, who helped coordinate Disney Plus' massive marketing effort; Jackie Lee-Joe of Netflix, which is facing its most competitive moment ever; and Kelly Campbell, w...
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Google Earth just released 1,000 beautiful wallpapers you can download for free

Google has shared hundreds of beautiful wallpapers through its Earth View collection for years now. These images show off stunning sights from satellites, providing an almost surreal birds-eye view of the planet’s landscapes and oceans. Today, the company added over 1,000 images to that gallery, bringing the total to over 2,500. The company says the new Earth View images are optimized for today’s screens, “featuring brighter colors, sharper images, and resolutions up to 4K.” You can learn more a...
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1,000 of the most stunning landscapes in Google Earth

Ten years ago, I was flying over San Francisco when this strange but kaleidoscopically beautiful vista opened up outside of my tiny airplane window. When I got home, I fired up Google Earth to investigate. The aerial wonder along the southern tip of the bay turned out to be the Salt Ponds. Microorganisms reacting to the salt runoff in these waters color the pools surreal hues, and the resulting chromatic smudge is visible miles above Earth's surface. As an amateur photographer, I instinctively t...
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Here's where Google's first 21 employees are now (GOOG, GOOGL)

Most of the original employees at Google have since left the company — even founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Many early Googlers became entrepreneurs or executives at other companies. Marissa Mayer, for example, was employee No. 21 — she later became CEO of Yahoo.  Others have stayed at Google. Susan Wojcicki, Google's 16th employee, is currently the CEO of YouTube. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Only a few of Google's earliest employees still work at the internet gia...
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A look back at 15 years of mapping the world

Fifteen years ago, we launched Google Maps as a useful way to help people get around. Working on Google’s geo efforts for more than 15 years, watching Maps grow into what it is today has been an unbelievable experience. As we’ve added features and capabilities, Google Maps has evolved into much more than a website that gives you turn-by-turn directions. Today, it’s a gateway to exploring the world—both digitally and in real life, on foot or by car, via public transit or a wheelchair. Pardon the ...
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When it comes to climate hypocrisy, Canada's leaders have reached a new low

A territory that has 0.5% of the Earth’s population plans to use up nearly a third of the planet’s remaining carbon budget Americans elected Donald Trump, who insisted climate change was a hoax – so it’s no surprise that since taking office he’s been all-in for the fossil fuel industry. There’s no sense despairing; the energy is better spent fighting to remove him from office.Canada, on the other hand, elected a government that believes the climate crisis is real and dangerous – and with good r...
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Space out with Google Earth on mobile

Stars are magical. Van Gogh painted them. Shakespeare wrote about them. We make wishes on them. On the Google Earth team, we understand people’s desire to see stars just as much as they want to see Planet Earth. The Google Earth mobile app now offers wide views of our starry universe, just as Earth for the web and Earth Pro have done for some time.As smartphones and tablets have become more powerful, we’ve been able to bring the quality of Earth’s web and Pro versions to most smartphones. You ca...
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Tarotscopes that slay: New Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius Season is a time to get weird. This is the sign where the Sun feels like a stranger to itself. It can’t behave in the way it’s most accustomed– rather it must embrace the electric strangeness of this cosmic air sign. Consider Aquarius the sign of the voyeur, the rebel, the alien. As an Aquarius Sun myself, I have always felt like an oddball– the things most people take for granted I cannot help but question. And as a result I have that ferocious streak of Aquarian contrariness. I am al...
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Most popular last name around world

If everyone in America named Smith formed their own state, it would be the 35th most populous state in America. Let that sink in. And while our country and a number of other English-speaking nations have an abundance of Smiths, every country in the world has its own ubiquitous name, where it seems like you’re never in a class, workplace, or on any list without 10 other people having the same name. To find that name in every country in the world, NetCredit took a look at data from
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France 156 Falais the birthplace of William the Bastard Don't trust Camper contact or Google Earth parking in the local supermarket and the local graveyard

We returned to Gabby from our abortive trip to the abbey and packed up ready to move on to the next stop on our trip . We stopped for a coffee and a biscuit to cheer us up. Some you win . Some you lose. It was always going to be hit and miss at Christmas
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Google creates $4M fund for data-driven climate projects

Google announced plans to launch a $4 million fund in partnership with ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability to help nonprofits and academic institutions in Europe and Latin America work on data-driven projects to fight climate change. The first grant will go to the Mexican nonprofit Iniciativa Climática de México (ICM) for its "Hogar Solar" program that directs government spending on electricity to solar panels to help expand the solar market. The nonprofit targets those facing energy pov...
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Where in the World Is Santa Claus Already? Find Out With the Santa Tracker

As popular legend goes, in the wee hours of the night on every Dec. 25, a jolly bearded man flies via reindeer from the North Pole to deliver presents beneath Christmas trees worldwide. If he’s lucky, he’ll snag some chocolate chip cookies and milk. (If he’s unlucky, the Grinch could impede on his plans.) Thanks to technological innovations, you can “track” Santa’s whereabouts as he traverses the globe with Dasher, Dancer and Rudolph. Starting on Christmas Eve, Google Santa Tracker 2019 is...
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One year, three highlights: Google for Nonprofits looks back

Imagine ending homelessness, solving climate change, or guaranteeing a sustainable future for the world. Nonprofits work hard to make these goals a reality. They tackle the most urgent issues facing society, and Google products help make their missions more visible and far-reaching. Let’s look at three ways the nonprofit community thrived in 2019 with the support of Google for Nonprofits and partner teams.1. Staying in the knowFollowers of Google for Nonprofits’ monthly newsletters and livestrea...
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Using AI to find where the wild things are

According to the World Wildlife Fund, vertebrate populations have shrunk an average of 60 percent since the 1970s. And a recent UN global assessment found that we’re at risk of losing one million species to extinction, many of which may become extinct within the next decade. To better protect wildlife, seven organizations, led by Conservation International, and Google have mapped more than 4.5 million animals in the wild using photos taken from motion-activated cameras known as camera traps. The...
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A Long Beach pilot made history 55 years ago, but she and her beloved plane faded from memory. Until now

Tom Maloney sat in the office of his Laguna Niguel home one day, about five years ago, perusing – through wire-rimmed glasses – a cache of digital newspaper archives. Maloney, a retired park ranger, had done this many times before, part of his hobby as an amateur tracker of crashed airplanes. But on this day, he stumbled upon an old Los Angeles Times clipping that told an unfamiliar story. It was some 50 years ago. Wintertime. Somewhere along a gas maintenance road in the Mojave Desert. It was t...
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What to do with nuclear waste stymies nations all over the world, study finds

A protester in Laguna Beach wore a yellow hazmat suit with matching surfboard to take a stand against nuclear waste burial at San Onofre. Photo courtesy of Darin McClure This Google Earth image shows how close the expanded dry storage area for spent nuclear waste will be to the shoreline at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. (Image courtesy of Google Earth) Sound The gallery will resume in seconds San Clemente student Jill Greene, 14, marches with dozens of others against th...
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Ladies of Landsat builds inclusivity in the geosciences

Editor’s note:Today’s post is by Morgan Crowley, a Ph.D. candidate at McGill University who studies wildfire progressions. This post is based on her recent appearance on the podcast Scene From Above. Above photo courtesy of McGill University. Working and studying in the geosciences can be lonely sometimes. I didn’t realize how lonely I was, and that this loneliness was tied to my identity as a woman, until I spent several days at a conference without seeing anyone else in the ladies’ roo...
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Google Earth gets new creation tool that lets anyone create maps and stories

Google is making its Earth app more fun and useful than ever now! In the latest development, Google is now turning Earth into its storytelling canvas and create a map or story about the places that matter to you. With this feature, users can draw their placemarks, lines, and shapes, then attach your custom text, images, and videos to these locations. On top of that, it let users organize a story into a narrative and collaborate with others. These creation tools ...
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Google Earth Gets Content Creation Tools For Geography-Focused Presentations

Google Earth is getting a new content creation feature set. From a report: You'll now be able to make presentations using Google's vast 3D Earth imagery and point-of-interest information. It's sort of like a geography-focused Powerpoint. Back in 2017, Google Earth was completely rebuilt from a desktop application to a WebGL-based browser app at Starting today, on the left side of the website, you'll see a new "Projects" button, which will let you create a presentation. Just...
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New update turns Google Earth into a free storytelling platform

Google is rolling out new storytelling features to Google Earth that let you build stories and presentations that center around various places.
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Anyone can now create maps and stories on Google Earth

Google Earth is making a significant change to its product, with the addition of content creation tools that allow anyone to create maps and stories for its platform. The feature is an expansion of the Voyager program, launched in 2017, which then introduced guided tours from top storytellers, scientists, and nonprofits, like BBC Earth, Jane Goodall, Sesame Street, and NASA. Those tours combined text and imagery, including Street View and 360-degree videos, to immerse viewers in habitats around ...
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Create your own maps and stories in Google Earth

As humans, we've always bonded by sharing stories about the places that matter to us. It likely started around a campfire—elders recounting tales of sites sacred to their people. Today, we use technology to celebrate our ancestry, raise awareness about places we care about, and rekindle memories of home.For nearly 15 years, people have turned to Google Earth for a comprehensive view of our planet. But our mission has never been to just show you a static picture of the planet; we want to bring th...
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Sharing knowledge this Native American Heritage Month

I am a proud tribal member of Doyon, one of the 12 Alaska Native regional corporations. Unlike the “lower 48” states, Alaskan Native tribes are organized as incorporated entities. My family has lived and fished in Alaska for generations; we have a fish camp on the Yukon River where we come together every summer to live off the land, with no running water, no electricity and no access except by boat. Growing up each summer on the Yukon has taught me the importance of knowledge sharing—passing tra...
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