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Second Life Founder Returns To Revamp His Original Metaverse

An anonymous reader shares a report: The metaverse isn't a new concept. Not only did Neal Stephenson coin the idea in 1992, but some of us were literally living in virtual spaces with virtual currency and virtual storefronts nearly 20 years ago. The virtual place many people went back then was Second Life. Philip Rosedale, Second Life's founder, has decided to task a core team to work on evolving Second Life now that the metaverse has become a buzzword yet again. His hopes are that developing co...
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9 ways to make video calls on your TV

Video calling is at an all-time high in terms of popularity, but doing it from the best screen in the house is still surprisingly hard. Here's how to do it.
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You’re cordially invited to use my hybrid holiday party tips

Eight cousins. Six aunts and uncles. A couple of toddlers (both mine). Two (adorable) felines. Some of us will be together, while others will be staying home for the holidays this year.Sound familiar? Thankfully, many of us have learned a thing or two about “hybrid” gatherings over the past two years. I figured if it could work for…well, work, why not for the holidays?I’ll be using Google tools to help me host with ease no matter where my friends and family are this year, and I’ve come up with a...
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Stay productive with these Google features on iOS

If you use Google apps to get work done on your iPhone or iPad, we’re making some improvements to help you stay organized and productive. Keep on top of your inbox with the new Gmail widget Thanks to your helpful feedback on our first Gmail widget, we’re adding a new one so you can better manage your inbox on iOS. With the new widget, you’ll see the senders and subjects of your most recent emails right on your Home Screen. The new Gmail widget will put more of your inbox on your Home Scre...
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How to create a new Gmail account and customize your settings

Having a Gmail account gives you access to all of Google's features, like Google Drive. Image Source/Getty Images When you create a Gmail account, Google automatically gives you a Google account which grants you access to dozens of apps and services. You can create a new Gmail account on a browser or using the Gmail mobile app. You can customize Gmail settings like your profile picture, inbox appearance, and vacation auto-responder. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for mor...
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How user research helped create unemployment assistance tools

In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people across the United States were losing their jobs or experiencing job insecurity. Over the course of the year, one in four people in the U.S. would apply for unemployment. People were looking for information on government assistance — in fact, searches for “unemployment benefits” increased by more than 5,000% in 2020.While the pandemic caused a spike, people have long been searching for this kind of information. Back in 2019, a team at Google w...
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MyGate securely connects its teams with Android Enterprise

Editor's note: Today’s post is by Ravi Mohan, General Manager, and Diwesh Sahai, Head of Engineering, for MyGate. The India-based company provides software for managing 20,000 residential housing communities throughout the country.MyGate is a fast-growing company in India that aims to simplify the living experience in gated communities. Residents in over 20,000 communities across India use the MyGate mobile app to grant visitors entry, pay their leases, and get health and safety notices directly...
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Skype lives on as Microsoft adds new features to take on Zoom and Google Meet

Microsoft is updating Skype with a set of new features designed to make the app faster, reliable, and more modern.
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Google Meet will automatically adjust webcam brightness in your browser

Kris Holt Contributor Share on Twitter Kris Holt is a contributing writer at Engadget. More posts by this contributor Disney+ ‘Hawkeye’ trailer shows Clint Barton’s past catching up with him The Marvel Unlimited comics app just got a major overhaul Google Meet will soon make it easier for you to see all of your co-workers or friends properly on video calls. The web version of the app can detect...
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The Gmail App Takes Calls Now, Too, Because Google Wants It To Do Everything (slashdot)

Google is announcing even more Workspace features today, part of an increased cadence of changes to the company's office and communications software suite over the past year or so. From a report: Today's announcement is a bit of a milestone, however. Although there is still the smattering of small and coming-soon updates, the bigger change is that Gmail is getting a redesign that reveals its true nature in Google's eyes: the central hub for every Google communication app. To begin, Google is add...
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Please, Never Call Me Through Gmail

In the fires of the covid-19 pandemic, the Age of Always Online was forged. Everybody works from home now, and so work life and home life have completely blurred together into an indiscernible slop of constant optimization, with no clear delineation between being “at work” and “cooking dinner at home with loved…Read more...
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Google Workspace opens up spaces for all users

Employee location has become a bit more complicated as some return to the office, while others work remotely. To embrace those hybrid working conditions, Google is making more changes to its Google Workspace offering by going live with spaces — its tool for small group sharing — in Google Chat for all users. Spaces integrates with Workspace tools, like the calendar, Drive and documents, to provide a more hybrid work experience where users can see the full history, content and context of conversa...
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Google Meet now warns you when you're causing an echo

Alerts should help reduce a common meeting annoyance.
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Google Meet now warns when your device is causing an echo

The occasional echo on video calls is unavoidable, and Google Meet already works to "intelligently" control audio to remove it. Meet...
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In person, virtual or hybrid: helpful tools for back to school

As a former director at the largest school district in the United States, I’ve witnessed the challenges of preparing for the back-to-school season. It can be daunting to equip your districts, educators, students and families with the educational resources they need to go back to school with confidence. We recently sat down with a group of school administrators from around the world to get a sense of what they’re thinking about when using digital tools to overcome challenges for back to school in...
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Google Is Signing Out Free Hangouts Users on Mobile, Gets Closer to Finally Killing the Thing

It’s been nearly an entire year since we started talking about how Google Hangouts was officially set to disappear. Since then, it seems like we’ve been repeating the same thing every few months, only for Hangouts to stubbornly persist living. If apps could talk, Hangouts would probably declare, “what is dead may…Read more...
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Google Meet Places One-Hour Cap on Group Video Calls for Non-Paying Users

Google has brought in 60-minute group video call limits for Google Meet users with free Gmail accounts, according to recently updated support pages (via 9to5Google). The Meet service was originally exclusive to paying G-Suite members, but "unlimited" (up to 24 hour) group calls were made available for free to all users with a Google account in April 2020, in order to see off competition from Zoom and to help mitigate the impact of the global health crisis on work and relationship patterns. T...
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Google Meet’s limiting free group calls to an hour — what are your options?

The coronavirus pandemic is not over but the companies are now tiring of giving freebies. So, get ready to fork some cash for calls, as Google Meet is limiting its free calls to 60 minutes. The firm started offering free unlimited calls for all users last April, and after a few extensions, it had set the deadline for this ‘generous’ offering for June 30, 2021. Now, as noted by 9to5Google, the company is showing a new message on its support page noting that you’ll get a notification of the time l...
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Google Meet vs. Zoom: Here's how the popular video conferencing tools stack up

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Google Meet and Zoom are two of the most popular video conferencing tools on the market. Google Hangouts; Zoom Alyssa Powell/Insider If you're learning or working from home, a video conferencing tool is a must. Two of the best services out there are Google Meet and Zoom. Zoom supports larger meetings, but Google Meet is conveniently packaged with other Google services. Table of Contents: Masthead S...
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Indian edtech Teachmint raises $20 million to expand to new categories and geographies

As most Indian edtech startups work on broadening their catalog with live and recorded courses for students, some are beginning to take a different approach to tackle the South Asian nation’s large education market. Teachmint, a one-year-old startup, is betting on empowering teachers to create their own virtual classrooms with a few taps on their smartphone. The startup, which started its journey during the pandemic, has developed what it calls a mobile-first, video-first tech infrastructure to ...
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How to schedule a Google Meet appointment or start one immediately

There are several ways to schedule a Google Meet call. JGI/Tom Grill/Getty Images To schedule a Google Meet call, you can use Google Calendar, Gmail, or Meet itself. You can also start an "instant meeting," a Google Meet call that begins immediately. Once you schedule or start a Google Meet call, you can invite or share the link with anyone. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. Google Meet is one of the most popular video conferencing apps around. But to use it, you...
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How to share your screen on Google Meet and present to all attendees

It's easy to share your screen during a Google Meet call on any device. Prasit photo/Getty Images You can share your screen on Google Meet to present documents, webpages, or tabs in the meeting. Google Meet lets you share your screen on a computer or mobile device. On a computer, you can choose whether you want to share the entire screen or only a window or tab. Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories. In the age of remote work, Google Meet, the teleconferencing t...
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Collaboration and security in Google Workspace for Education

Google Workspace for Education, previously known as G Suite for Education, offers simple and flexible tools so your school community can better collaborate, manage classes and create safe learning environments. Our latest updates include improved collaboration across our products and security improvements for all Google Workspace for Education customers. The next evolution of collaboration Last month we announced smart canvas, a new experience that enhances collaboration in the tools tha...
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Classroom adapts for the future of learning and teaching

Over the last year, the use of education technology skyrocketed as schools hustled to keep students learning. As some students return to their classrooms and others continue learning from home, we’re optimistic about the role education technology can play to help teachers and school leaders as they make up for lost time. We saw Classroom become a center for teaching and learning for millions of teachers and students this year, with many schools now using Classroom as their learning management sy...
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Google Meet makes Hand Raise more prominent, adds automatic lowering and more

The Hand Raise feature in Google Meet is getting a slew of updates over the coming weeks. Everything from the end user to host...
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Google Hangouts Is Now Google Chat, and Good Luck Figuring Out Why

Google is officially making its Workspace suite of apps available to all users with a Google account instead of limiting it to folks who use apps through their employers. Nearly 3 billion users with Google accounts now have access to the company’s new versions of Gmail, Docs, and Chat. The change for those who have…Read more...
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How to Schedule a Google Meeting with Google Calendar and Apps Script

This Apps Script sample shows how you can programmatically schedule video meetings inside Google Meet with one or more participants using the Google Calendar API. It can be useful for teachers who wish to schedule regular meetings with their students but instead of manually creating meeting invites, they can easily automate the whole process for the entire class. Setup Google Meeting with Apps Script Give your meeting a title, the start date, the meeting duration, ...
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Google interconnects its Workspace apps, adds a dozen new features

Google kicked off its Google I/O Developer event this afternoon with a set of new collaborative workspace tools, which it’s calling, as a group, “Smart Canvas.” The company demonstrated using how Smart Canvas works for brainstorming and project planning, showing how users could drop in ideas about an upcoming launch, share their thoughts, work on documents together, join Google Meet calls, and solve problems together. The company says it’s enhancing its everyday collaborative documents, like Goo...
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Coworkers become allies while working from home

When Shammi Quddus joined Google in 2018, she noticed she didn’t run into many other Muslims. “There are so few of us, statistically speaking,” she says. She decided to join the [email protected] group, part of the Inter Belief Network run by Googlers to empower employees to voice and practice their beliefs. She was especially impressed by the Muslim Allyship Course the group runs, which explains the basics of the faith, and how non-Muslims can be helpful allies. She soon signed up to be an instruc...
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How workplace investigations have pivoted amid #WFH pandemic

Scores of business activities have have ground to a halt or suffered delays amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Developers have pulled back on construction projects, business conventions have been canceled and in-person meetings are largely nonexistent. But workplace investigations? They have continued, although the way they’re conducted is decidedly different in a world of remote working and social distancing. Ann Fromholz, founder and owner of The Fromholz Firm, a Pasadena-based law firm that speciali...
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