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GOP senator says he’s fed up with Trump’s attacks on McCain

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Republican senator says that he’s had enough of President Donald Trump’s personal attacks on the late John McCain and that “the country deserves better.” Johnny Isakson of Georgia is quoted Wednesday as telling The Bulwark conservative news and opinion website that “nothing is more important than the integrity of the country […]
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Sponsor of the "Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act" sues Twitter cow-account for $250 million

Devin Nunes (previously) is a Trump-loyalist whose scandals have ranged from secretly moving his family farm to make it easier to hire undocumented workers to a bizarre obsession with the Steele Dossier; and like a lot of far-right types, he's big on "preventing frivolous lawsuits" (which is to say, he wants to make it harder for the public to sue companies that harm them, which is why he cosponsored last year's Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act. Another trait Nunes shares with a lot of f...
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Nunes Learns Tough Twitter Lesson As Parody Cow Feed He’s Suing Over Goes Viral

The satirical @DevinCow account only had a handful of followers before the GOP congressman mentioned it in his lawsuit.
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Pelosi On Impeachment: ‘Wasting Your Time’ Unless Convincing Enough For GOP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seemed unfazed by critics of her impeachment stance Tuesday, saying “you’re wasting your time, unless the evidence is so conclusive that the Republicans will understand.” “Otherwise, it’s a gift to the President,” Pelosi added to USA Today. “We take our eye off the ball.” She may be working off experience, having watched the impeachment proceedings of former President Bill Clinton, which resulted in Republicans losing House seats next election cycle and Clint...
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Trump To Visit Ohio As Part Of 2020 Blitz On The Midwest

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is returning to the state that foretold his 2016 victory and serves as the linchpin of his re-election effort. Trump’s visit to Ohio on Wednesday marks his first trip to the state since last year’s midterm election campaign , when the state was a rare bright spot for Republicans in the upper Midwest. But with Trump’s path to another four years in the White House relying on a victory in the state, his nascent campaign is mindful of warning signs that Oh...
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Ahead of 2020, Trump returns to Ohio, GOP’s gem in Midwest

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is returning to the state that foretold his 2016 victory and serves as the linchpin of his re-election effort. Trump’s visit to Ohio on Wednesday marks his first trip to the state since last year’s midterm election campaign, when the state was a rare bright spot for Republicans in […]
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GOP lawmaker: 'No one but media cares about deleted post.' Constituent: 'We do.'

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), whose history of making racist remarks has recently come under scrutiny, says he does not manage the Facebook page in which a post was shared that says red states would "win" against blue ones in a potential modern-day civil war. CNN's Gary Tuchman reports.
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FinCEN, FBAR and other tax costs that prompt or slow U.S. expatriations

The rate of Americans giving up their citizenship has slowed in the last few years. Are lower taxes a reason for fewer expatriations? Immigration remains at the top of most news lists, especially since the Democratic-controlled House and Republican-led Senate both rejected Donald J. Trump's emergency declaration to shift funds to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall. But the reverse phenomenon of U.S. citizens formally leaving the country forever isn't getting as much attention as it has in th...
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Paul Ryan Moves Up In The Company

In 2010, David Frum observed that, “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox.” I was reminded of Frum’s quip when I heard that former House Speaker Paul Ryan was joining the board of directors of Fox Corporation, the newly streamlined parent ompany of the right-wing news outlet. In the Trump era, the mind-meld between Fox News and the GOP is complete. They are more than just allies or even two wings of the same movement. Rather they are...
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Feds release files on GOP train crash ahead of final report

CROZET, Va. (AP) — Federal investigators have released nearly 100 documents that detail last year’s fatal accident between a trash truck and an Amtrak train that was carrying Republican lawmakers in Virginia. National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Keith Holloway said the information was made public Tuesday “in anticipation that a final report may be issued […]
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Feds to audit Boeing 737 MAX's FAA certification

The United States Department of Transportation's office of the Inspector General will audit the Federal Aviation Administration certification of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft involved in multiple recent crashes, including a fatal Ethiopian Airlines incident earlier this month. Today, U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (who is married to GOP leader Mitch McConnell) issued this request to DOT's Inspector General to "proceed with an audit to compile an objective and detailed f...
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Anti-Trump Tweets Appear To Doom Dem Kansas Gov’s Appeals Court Nominee

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s nomination of a trial judge to Kansas’ second-highest court appeared doomed Monday after two key Republican legislators decried past social media posts criticizing President Donald Trump and expressing support for gun control and abortion rights. Senate President Susan Wagle predicted that Judge Jeffry Jack’s appointment to the Kansas Court of Appeals will not be confirmed by her GOP-dominated chamber. She and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairma...
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Blunt Punished At Home For Defecting On Trump’s Emergency Declaration

Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is paying the price for voting with the Democrats to block President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration last week. According to the Kansas City Star, Blunt was unceremoniously disinvited from a local GOP group’s gathering in one of the reddest parts of the state. “I am so disappointed in you now that I can hardly speak,” Wanda Martens, a member of the Christian County Republican Central Committee, wrote in an email to Blunt’s office. Blunt opposed Trump’s decl...
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Reagan's daughter says he'd be ‘heartbroken’ over state of the country and GOP

“Through Her Eyes” is a weekly half-hour show hosted by human rights activist Zainab Salbi that explores contemporary issues from a female perspective. An author and the daughter of the late President Ronald Reagan, Patti Davis is not one to mince words — especially when it comes to the legacy of her father and the political party that reveres him. “How about the crickets when Trump keeps assaulting the constitution,” she continued.
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Tuesday round-up

Today the justices will hear oral argument in Cochise Consultancy v. United States, ex rel. Hunt, which asks whether the “discovery” exception to False Claims Act statute of limitations applies to private parties in cases in which the government has not intervened. David Engstrom had this blog’s preview. Lauren Devendorf and Tyler Schmitt preview the case at Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute. Subscript Law provides a graphic explainer. [Disclosure: Goldstein & Russell, P.C., whose...
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Man accused of threatening delegate who vilified LGBT groups

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — A Virginia man is accused of threatening a GOP member of the West Virginia House of Delegates who called the LGBTQ community a modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan. News outlets report an arrest warrant has been issued for 49-year-old Jonathan George Benfer. Court records say Benfer called Mercer […]
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Devin Nunes Is Suing Twitter Users Including "Devin Nunes' Mom," "Devin Nunes' Cow"  

Our favorite California GOP Congressman Devin Nunes is in the news again, this time for suing Twitter for what he insists is anti-conservative bias, according to Fox News. Nunes will sue the company for $250 million in compensatory damages and $350,000 in punitive damages. The suit also targets several individual…Read more...
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House Democrats Plan April Vote On Net Neutrality Bill

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that the House will hold a vote next month on the Democrats' bill to reinstate the Obama-era net neutrality rules. "Hoyer said in a letter to colleagues that the House will consider the Save the Internet Act during the week of April 8," reports The Hill. From the report: The Republican-led Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted along party lines in 2017 to repeal the popular regulations prohibiting internet service providers from blocking or thr...
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As Bay Area moves left, some conservative voters move out

Retired engineer Stewart Tagg spent four decades in the Bay Area — appreciating the blue skies, good schools and strong economy. But in recent years, his home changed too much for his liking: higher taxes, an open immigration policy and no end in sight to the state’s liberal direction.  Tagg, 69, sold his San Jose home and moved his family to Arizona in 2014. He used a simple calculation to justify it: 70 percent politics, 30 percent taxes. “I’m a good old Republican,” Tagg said. “I just saw the...
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GOP’s New Tactic In NC-09: Blame Special Election On Democrats?

The North Carolina GOP is taking an interesting tack in its attempt to purge the stain of candidate Mark Harris’ alleged involvement in an absentee ballot scheme that tainted the 9th District race: saying that the Democrats forced a redo special election. A fundraising email from last week opens with all-caps text proclaiming “We have HORRIBLE news, and we wanted you to hear it from us first: DEMOCRATS have forced a SPECIAL ELECTION in North Carolina and the race is TIED!” Screenshot from a l...
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Trump's accusations about socialism should be taken seriously — because when it comes to business, he's a socialist (GM)

President Donald Trump attacked General Motors for idling a factory in Ohio, demanding that the carmaker reopen the plant. GM idled the plant because it was producing a slow-selling car and running well below capacity. The company will figure out what to ultimately do with the factory after it renegotiates a contract with the United Automobile Workers later this year. By imposing his political will on industrial companies, Trump is taking a page from the well-worn playbook of 20th-century soci...
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GOP Slammed Over Tweet Mocking Beto O’Rourke’s Irish Heritage

Even fellow Republicans criticized the GOP for the message.
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GOP uses Beto O'Rourke's 1998 mug shot in St. Paddy's Day Twitter attack

On Twitter, the GOP plopped a cartoonish leprechaun hat atop O’Rourke’s mug shot from his 1998 arrest for drunken driving.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Republicans resurface Beto O’Rourke DUI mugshot in St Patrick's Day attack

GOP tweeted presidential candidate’s mugshot emblazoned with a green leprechaun’s hat and the words ‘please drink responsibly’In an attempt to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and attack a political rival, the Republican party tweeted a mugshot of the Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke emblazoned with a green leprechaun’s hat and the words “please drink responsibly”.O’Rourke, 46, is a former US representative from Texas who narrowly lost a US Senate race against the Republican Ted Cruz la...
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GOP Posts ‘Irishman’ O’Rourke’s Mug Shot On St. Paddy’s: ‘Please Drink Responsibly’

Former Texas congressman and current Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 1998. On this St. Paddy's Day, a special message from noted Irishman Robert Francis O'Rourke. — GOP (@GOP) March 17, 2019 [Author: Matt Shuham]
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Reductio Ad Absurdum

Here’s an opinion piece by the two NYU students who accosted Chelsea Clinton at that Christchurch massacre vigil and denounced her as part of the hate that had spurred the attack. This is because she tweeted criticism of Ilhan Omar during the original “benjamins” controversy more than a month ago. (Here’s what I wrote in response to that original flare-up. A month later I wrote this.) Many Jews who are not supporters of the Israel right or the occupation or AIPAC thought that Omar’s remarks us...
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Donald Trump Keeps Bashing John McCain Nearly 7 Months After His Death

The president mocked the late GOP senator's grades at the U.S. Naval Academy.
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If Trump Is Re-Elected, Expect Social Security Reform to Be a Priority

If elected to a second term in 2020, President Trump could champion these two core GOP reform proposals to "fix" Social Security.
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Where’s Mick? The Hands-Off COS Was In Las Vegas During Nat’l Emergency Debacle

WASHINGTON (AP) — As President Donald Trump struggled with mounting Republican defections over his emergency declaration to pay for a border wall, his acting White House chief of staff wasn’t on Capitol Hill cajoling former colleagues or in the West Wing making calls. Instead, Mick Mulvaney was in Las Vegas for an annual getaway with friends and family. It was a telling example of Mulvaney’s laissez-faire approach as he settles into a role that has bedeviled those who came before him. His pre...
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Donald Trump predicts Jewish voters will switch to GOP in 'Jexodus.' Democrats call that a fantasy

Donald Trump and his aides are trying to persuade Jewish voters to cut their longtime ties to the Democrats.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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