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John Boehner calls Trump 'a guy who's unemployed' and 'has nothing else to do but cause trouble'

Former House Speaker John Boehner. AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File During an interview on ABC's "The View," John Boehner called out Trump's post-presidential behavior. "Here's a guy who's unemployed, has nothing else to do but cause trouble," he said. Boehner expressed disappointment that Trump has misled his supporters about the election results. See more stories on Insider's business page. Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio on Monday blasted former Presi...
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John Boehner said he skewered Ted Cruz in his book because Cruz was 'stirring up some of the crazies in my own caucus'

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration in 2017. Tom Williams/Getty Images Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner doubled down on his criticism of Sen. Ted Cruz on Monday. Boehner said he "zeroed in" on Cruz because the senator was "stirring up some of the crazies in my own caucus." The former speaker even added in the audiobook of his memoir: "PS, Ted Cruz, go f--- yourself." See more stories on Insider's business page. Former Republica...
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Boehner slams Trump's conduct during the 2020 election, says the former president 'abused' his loyalists

Former President Donald Trump. AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, File John Boehner said in a USA Today interview that Trump "abused" his loyalists in the aftermath of the 2020 election. Boehner slammed Trump for "continuing to say things that just weren't true" about the final results. The former House speaker said that he felt "disgust" over the Capitol insurrection. See more stories on Insider's business page. Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner said that former President Donald Trump "abu...
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Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner calls fellow Republican Jim Jordan a 'political terrorist'

Former House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) stands for the Pledge of Allegiance during a ceremony to unveil a portrait in his honor at the US Capitol on November 19, 2019. Alex Edelman/Getty Images Boehner described several fellow Republicans as "political terrorists," including Rep. Jim Jordan. "I never saw a guy who spent more time tearing things apart ― never building anything," he said. In his book, Boehner seemed relieved that he didn't have to interact with Trump while in office. ...
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John Boehner Lambasts Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz As ‘Political Terrorists’ In Blistering Interview

The former GOP House Speaker blamed lawmakers from his own party for helping to ignite the deadly Capitol insurrection.
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Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner says he wishes he'd fought against Bill Clinton's impeachment by Republicans

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton shakes hands with House Speaker John Boehner at the Inaugural Luncheon in Statuary Hall on Inauguration day at the U.S. Capitol building January 21, 2013 in Washington D.C. Allison Shelley/Getty Images John Boehner, the former Republican House Speaker, wrote in his forthcoming memoir that he regrets supporting former President Bill Clinton's impeachment. He argued that the impeachment was a political effort by his party to win House seats in the midt...
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John Boehner Reveals The ‘Very, Very Small’ Thing Trump Erupted Over At Golf Fundraiser

“This was real anger," the former GOP House Speaker recalls in his upcoming memoir.
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GOP House fundraisers accuse people who uncheck their recurring donation box of being Trump 'DEFECTORS' and prey to 'the Radical Left'

President Donald Trump Getty House Republicans' campaign arm debuted a recurring donation box with a stark message. The NRCC warns that if you "UNCHECK this box, we'll have to tell Trump you're a DEFECTOR." GOP campaign committees are ignoring Trump's warnings to refrain from using his name to fundraise. See more stories on Insider's business page. The National Republican Congressional Committee debuted a bright-yellow pre-checked recurring donation box on its donation...
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New Complaint Hits Louisiana Legislators' 'Dark Money' Group

A new complaint by a conservative Republican is alleging that Louisiana’s top GOP House and Senate leaders are engaging in improper political activities through a nonprofit they created to promote their agenda.
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Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner in new book excerpt calls Ted Cruz a 'reckless a--hole who thinks he is smarter than everyone else'

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, answers questions on his opinion on the resignation of Speaker of the House John Boehner at the Values Voters Summit at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington D.C., Friday, September 25, 2015. Al Drago/Getty Images Former House Speaker John Boehner didn't mince words about his ex-GOP colleagues in his new book, "On the House." Boehner calls Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas "dangerous" and a "reckless a--hole" in an excerpt of his forthcom...
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John Boehner says in forthcoming memoir that in 2010 a Republican could be a 'total moron' and still be elected in the midterms

John Boehner. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque John Boehner said that a Republican "could be a total moron" and still get elected in 2010. 2010 was a big year for the GOP and Boehner said, "we did pick up a fair number in that category." The former Republican House Speaker didn't hold back in an excerpt of his memoir published Friday. See more stories on Insider's business page. Former GOP House Speaker John Boehner said that a Republican "could be a total moron" and still be elected to Con...
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Matt Gaetz said he's talked to every conservative network about a post-Congress gig, but Fox News denied his claims, saying it had 'no interest in hiring him'

Rep. Matt Gaetz is reportedly under investigation for violating sex-trafficking laws. Samuel Corum/Getty Images Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says he has been talking to major networks about potential gigs. Gaetz said he had spoken with Newsmax, OANN, and Fox News, among others, about "life after Congress." But Fox News told the Daily Beast they have "no interest in hiring him." See more stories on Insider's business page. Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz again teased a possible early retirement...
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An Army lieutenant says New York Rep. Tom Reed sexually harassed her when she was a junior lobbyist

Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., speaks in the House. House Television via AP A former lobbyist told the Washington Post that GOP Rep. Tom Reed sexually harassed her. Nicolette Davis said a drunk Reed unhooked her bra and touched her thighs at a bar in 2017. Reed, reportedly considering a run for New York governor in 2022, denied her account. See more stories on Insider's business page. An Army lieutenant and former lobbyist said that New York Rep. Tom Reed, a Republican reportedly considering ...
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GOP House Leader McCarthy to introduce resolution calling for Rep. Swalwell's removal from Intelligence Committee

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy will introduce a resolution to remove Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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GOP House Leader Suddenly Very Concerned About Super-Spreader Events

As he was bashing the Biden administration’s immigration policy Tuesday, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) expressed a sudden, deep concern about certain super-spreader events. [Author: Kate Riga]
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House Democrat says his party is 'crushing the coronavirus' while the GOP is tied up with 'fake outrage' over Dr. Seuss

House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., speaks during a press conference on Feb. 3, 2021. Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images Rep. Hakeem Jeffries criticized the GOP for paying more attention to Dr. Seuss than COVID-19. Democrat are working to aid people's recovery while the GOP focuses on culture wars, he said. The House is preparing to vote on Biden's COVID-19 package this week. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Democratic Rep. Hake...
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California Recall Threat Puts Pressure On Newsom State Of The State Speech

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Members Of Congress Left Behind A Massive Evidence Trail As They Pushed Trump’s Big Lie

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) has published an absolutely massive report compiling the social media posts of every Republican who voted to object to the counting of certain states’ Electoral College votes on Jan. 6. Then-President Donald Trump had hyped that Jan. 6 congressional objection effort as his last real hope of stealing a second term, and on the morning of Jan. 6, he urged the thousands of supporters that he’d summoned to Washington, D.C. to march on the Capitol and provide some “courage” ...
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Over a dozen GOP House members cited 'the ongoing health emergency' to skip in-person voting while they spoke at CPAC

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla.,, speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, Feb. 26, 2021, in Orlando, Fla. John Raoux/AP Over a dozen GOP members voted by proxy while speaking at a big conservative conference. Their proxy notices all cited the "ongoing public health emergency."  A group of GOP lawmakers sued over the proxy system in 2020. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Over a dozen members of Congress speaking at the Conservative Political...
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Former GOP House Speaker Quits New Job After Criticism

A former high-ranking Republican lawmaker has quit as leader of an economic development group in southwestern Michigan.
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Trump and Pence 'departed amicably' and 'they've spoken since' leaving office, former Pence chief of staff says

Then-Vice President Mike Pence and then-President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden on March 29, 2020. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images Marc Short said that Trump and Pence "departed amicably" from the White House last month. While Trump is slated to speak at CPAC this week, Pence reportedly declined to attend. "The President told the Vice President he did a great job for him," Short said. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Marc Short, who served as chief of staff to former ...
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Herrera Beutler Urges 'Patriots' to Talk About Trump Call

A Republican from Washington state who was one of 10 GOP House members who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump is urging people with knowledge of conversations Trump had during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot to come forward.
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'I don't think we have identified a problem we are trying to solve': Georgia GOP officials are rallying behind voting changes despite no evidence of mass fraud

Gov. Brian Kemp, center, with Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, left, and Georgia state House Speaker David Ralston. AP Photo/John Bazemore Top Georgia GOP officials are pushing for voting changes, especially with absentee balloting. The state's lieutenant governor could not fully explain why the changes are necessary. The GOP response is widely seen as a reaction to Biden's win and the dual Senate losses in January. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. After President Joe Biden's ...
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A man charged in the Capitol insurrection asked a federal court if he could fly to Peru for his wedding

Supporters of President Trump storm the United States Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington DC. Evelyn Hockstein/For The Washington Post via Getty Images) A man charged in the US Capitol insurrection requested permission to travel to Peru to get married. Troy Williams was charged on January 28 on three separate counts stemming from the Capitol breach. A woman from Texas also charged in the riot was previously granted permission to go to Mexico. Visit the Business section of Insid...
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Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney to apologize after she voted to impeach Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming). AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File Kevin McCarthy told Liz Cheney to apologize after she voted to impeach Trump, Axios reported. Cheney was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump for a second time. House Minority leader McCarthy reportedly said GOP colleagues wanted to hear Cheney say sorry. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy told Rep. Liz Cheney to apologize after she voted to impea...
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Rep. Madison Cawthorn says he doesn't regret telling a crowd before the Capitol riot that it had 'fight in it'

Newly elected U.S. Rep Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) speaks as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump gather by the White House ahead of Trump's speech to contest the certification by the U.S. Congress of the results of the 2020 presidential election in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021. REUTERS/Jim Bourg Rep. Madison Cawthorn defended his speech at the "Stop the Steal" rally ahead of the Capitol riot. He had told the crowd it had some "fight in it" during his speech on January 6. He sai...
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How Kevin McCarthy fought off a party revolt

The GOP House leader faced a brutal political dilemma this week, yet emerged stronger at the end.
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2 recent GOP votes show the party is more invested in censuring members who break with party line than addressing extremism and violence within its own ranks

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Erin Scott-Pool/Getty Eleven House Republicans voted to effectively punish Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for endorsing political violence. Six times as many voted to strip Rep. Liz Cheney's leadership position for supporting Trump's impeachment. With both lawmakers facing scrutiny, the votes highlight an ongoing division within the party. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was stripped of her committee assignments ...
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Republicans need the Marjorie Taylor Greene wing of the party, and she knows it

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks as ex-President Donald Trump listens at a campaign rally on Jan. 4, 2021. AP Photo/Brynn Anderson Republicans had their chance to bench conspiracy theory-spouting Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.  But they didn't because while QAnon is fading away, conspiracy theorists are now part of the GOP base.  The House voted to strip Greene of committee assignments, but her apology-free speech proved she knows she's untouchable in the GOP.  This is an opinion column. T...
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House prepares to strip far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) leaves her office at the US Capitol on February 3, 2021 in Washington, DC. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images The House is preparing to strip Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments. She will effectively lose her seats on the House Education and Labor Committee and Budget Committee. Thursday's move will come after revelations about her public endorsement of political violence. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. The House of...
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