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Mercedes-Benz Debuts New MBUX Hyperscreen for All-Electric EQS

This article originally appeared on AutoVision News. It has been republished with permission. The recently announced multi-display screen for the Mercedes-Benz EQS luxury EV leaves Tesla’s 17-inch display and Porsche Taycan’s 16.8-inch screen in the dust. Buyers of the all-electric Mercedes EQS will have the option for a large, curved panel that is 56 inches wide (almost the width of the vehicle) with a total surface area of 377 square inches for the passengers. The new interface is o...
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Virgil Abloh and Mercedes-Benz officially unveil their new car collaboration

Mercedes Benz Virgil Abloh and Mercedes-Benz have finally released their collection, which saw Abloh redesign the iconic G-Wagon.  The collaboration was initially teased in July.  In an interview with Hypebeast, Abloh and Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener talk about how the collaboration came to be.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Initially teased back in July, "Project Geländewagen" — a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Virgil ...
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COOL HUNTING’s Josh Rubin, A$AP Rocky and Gorden Wagener at SXSW

At SXSW, our founder and EIC Josh Rubin moderated a conversation between Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler AG’s chief design officer Gorden Wagener and hip-hop artist and fashion designer A$AP Rocky—who also has worked with MB. The three discussed cars, music, branding, culture and more—all through the lens of design. Referencing his most recent album, Testing, Rocky said, “People such as myself and other artists are …
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Mercedes-Benz predicts cars will evolve more in the next decade than ever before

Mercedes-Benz lead designer Gorden Wagener needs to push the company's design language further without diluting it. Digital Trends sat down with Wagener to gain insight into how Mercedes-Benz design will evolve as cars become more high-tech. The post Mercedes-Benz predicts cars will evolve more in the next decade than ever before appeared first on Digital Trends.
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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE: Innovative To The Core

Last time I checked, Mercedes-Benz had seven SUVs in their American lineup. Need a small luxury SUV? The GLA-Class is not bad for the sub-$34,000 base price. Want an alternative to the BMW X6? The Mercedes GLE Coupe will fulfill your fantasies. But if you want a Mercedes that can shame the BMW X5, both on and off-road, the 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class is your top choice. “The GLE exhibits iconic Mercedes-Benz design while remaining true to its character as an off-roader,” said Gorden Wagener, Ch...
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Mercedes revealed its newest luxury SUV and it's loaded with impressive tech

Mercedes-Benz is releasing the next model of its GLE luxury SUV line next summer. The car will feature five innovations centered around ride comfort, Intelligent Drive functions, brake controls, and seat size.  One such feature is active stop-and-go assist, a driver's assistance technology that enables traffic jams to be recognized early and for the car to momentarily perform tasks without the driver at speeds up to 37 mph. "The GLE exhibits iconic Mercedes-Benz design while remaining true to ...
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From Sketch to Prototype: The Mercedes Benz EQ Silver Arrow Concept

Debuted at Pebble Beach just a day ago, the Mercedes Benz EQ Silver Arrow concept is quite a looker. It also bases itself on the design of the Mercedes Benz W125 Rekordwagen from 1938… a car that, 80 years ago, wrote history for traveling down a public road at a jaw-dropping speed of 269 mph; a record that remained unbroken for 79 years, until 2017.However, I digress. The EQ Silver Arrow bases itself on a car that set a 79-year-old speed record, so it’s no surprise that the Silver Arrow was buil...
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Mercedes just revealed a futuristic 738 horsepower electric concept inspired by one of its greatest race cars

Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new EQ Silver Arrow concept on Friday at Pebble Beach in Monterey, California. The striking electric concept pays homage to the company's record-breaking W125 Grand Prix racer that averaged an incredible 268.9 mph on the autobahn in 1938 with the legendary Rudolf Caracciola behind the wheel.  According to Mercedes, the EQ Silver Arrow will have 738 horsepower at its disposal and a range of more than 250 miles. Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new EQ Silver Arrow concept...
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Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow Goes Official

The name Silver Arrow brings to our mind the black and white footage of Stirling Moss going really fast in a tube shaped silver car with a giant steering wheel. Now there is a new Silver Arrow, in concept form at least, called the Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow. This is the car for Moss’s great grandchildren.  The EQ is Mercedes’ brand for luxurious and high-end electric car, and that gives you a clue as to what sort of a car this Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow is. The design might have be...
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Mercedes is going after Rolls-Royce and Bentley with an all-new Maybach electric SUV

Mercedes just unveiled a new ultra-luxury SUV concept called the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury. The new concept gives us a glimpse of what Mercedes-Maybach may do to compete against the Bentley Bentayga and the upcoming Rolls-Royce Cullinan. The Maybach concept is powered by four electric motors that produce 750 horsepower. It draws power from an 80 kWh battery pack and has an estimated range of over 200 miles. Mercedes isn't mincing words with its latest electric SUV concept cal...
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Mercedes-Maybach’s Vision of Ultimate Luxury Involves in-car…Tea?

Mercedes has big ambitions for its first Maybach SUV, if this new concept vehicle bound for the Beijing auto show is any indication. Ahead of the reveal, Mercedes design boss Gorden Wagener has posted two new videos of the SUV’s interior on his Instagram page. As we surmised from previous teasers, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury features an abundance of white leather. Now we see a clearer picture of the individual seats with pillows, Maybach logos, and copper-colored backings. Two la...
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Mercedes, BMW to Minimize Design Lines on Future Cars

Nowadays, vehicle designs reflect an increasingly competitive space. New technologies have allowed designers to get more creative with a car’s styling, and no one wants to look boring and trite compared to rivals. But there are plenty of times automakers overwork their vehicles in the pursuit of innovation. BMW and Mercedes are far from the worst offenders, but execs at these companies say they want to make cars with fewer design lines in the future. Speaking with Automotive News Europe, Daimler...
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Designing the Future at Mercedes-Benz: Taking a look at the design process behind some of the world's most beautiful cars

What inspires the design team at Mercedes-Benz? How does their design process help them create some of the best looking cars on the road? Watch Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener and the senior design team share how they "use simple solutions to make...... Continue Reading... googletag.pubads().definePassback('1006677/coolhunting_v6_ROS_1x1_tracking', [[1,1]]).setTargeting('CHKeyword',['mercedes_benz_design_insights']).display();
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Los Angeles Auto Show: Tesla Model 3 and Other Electrifying Debuts

With the Los Angeles Auto Show open to the public through December 1st, there is plenty on show to entice car buyers weighing what’s new, sleek, fuel-efficient innovative or just plain fun. People who has put down $1,000 deposits on the new Tesla Model 3 will finally be able to get a peek. But the hype around the Model 3—which Tesla has largely kept under wraps—isn’t the only big news going on at the LA Convention Center. Auto brands are rolling out a significant number of new vehicles—more tha...
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The 2019 Mercedes-Benz CLS450 Can Change Your Mood. Literally.

( = || []).push({}); Mercedes-Benz rolled out their latest CLS at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. It has more of everything: tech, safety, performance, comfort, the whole lot. But wait, what’s this? This is very out of the ordinary! It is being propelled by a inline six cylinder? Wow, haven’t seen a new one of those in a long while. I wonder what’s in store, besides lots of torque? The Mercedes-Benz CLS, which is one of those “coupe” things that has fo...
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Mercedes just revealed an all-new version of its most unusual car

The third-generation CLS sands off some of the previous gen's sharp edges. The fastback coupé design continues to show that a two-door design can translate to a sedan. The interior in luxurious and high-tech, and the CLS comes with a new inline six-cylinder engine. The Mercedes CLS has been an offbeat but compelling ride for 15 years. A fastback, four-door "coupé," that offers a sleek take on the sedan and has surfed an influential wave on the luxury market. The fastback shape has never been...
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Mercedes-Benz unveils stunning art deco-inspired electric car

Mercedes-Benz decided to go back to the 1930s for its latest concept car, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 cabriolet concept. With its imposing grille and long, sensuous curves, this stunning car may be inspired by the art deco movement dating back several decades, but it has a 21st century powertrain with four electric motors. At 20-feet-long, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 cabriolet is over five feet longer than the Nissan Leaf. At the front there’s a grille that’s inspired by a pinstripe suit, ...
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Mercedes' most affordable cars are about to get a stylish new update

On Tuesday, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new Concept A sedan at the 2017 Shanghai motor show. The Concept A is the latest exercise in Mercedes design boss Gorden Wagener's "Sensual Purity" design language.  "Our Concept A Sedan shows that the time of creases is over," Daimler AG chief design officer Gorden Wagener said in a statement. "With its perfect proportions and a sensual treatment of surfaces with reduced lines, it is the next milestone of 'Sensual Purity' and has the potential to intro...
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Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan Previews Next-Gen Compact Four-Door

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the Concept A Sedan ahead of the Shanghai auto show. In addition to previewing a sedan variant of the compact hatch not sold in the U.S., the show car provides a glimpse at the next-gen A-Class. With its wide grille and angled-in headlights, the Concept A Sedan bears a resemblance to the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept from the front. The Concept A’s headlights are more angular, however, and feature a 3D grid element within the housings that glows different colors depending on...
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Official: Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan

Mercedes-Benz is stepping up its concept sedan game these days. Following the release of the AMG GT four-door concept Geneva and New York, they took to 2017 Shanghai Motor Show to reveal the Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan, a compact four-door sedan inspired by the “Aesthetics A” sculpture. Mercedes-Benz Concept A Sedan is a lot more than a show car though. The concept showcases the latest evolution of Mercedes design language as regards compact vehicles. That means the design of the S Sedan w...
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Will AMG’s Project One hypercar have gullwing doors?

We’ve already learned a lot about the mechanical make-up of Mercedes-AMG’s upcoming hypercar, code-named the Project One, but now the people responsible for the design of its exterior and cabin have dropped a few details. Mercedes-Benz design boss Gorden Wagener was responsible for the exterior, and in an interview with Motoring he... [Author: [email protected] (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)]
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Official: Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door Concept

Given the fact that Mercedes-Benz is following an expansionist approach to production these days it wasn’t really a surprise that they announced they want to add yet another variant to the AMG GT range. The successful sports car has now spawned a four-door sports saloon in the format of Porsche Panamera. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, the new boy is called Mercedes AMG GT Four-Door Concept for now. The production version will get its own AMG GT designation.  Although the idea of stretchi...
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Mercedes AMG GT3 Inspires Cigarette Racing Performance Boat

Mercedes-AMG and Cigarette Racing further strengthen their partnership by releasing a new boat that is said to be inspired by the Mercedes AMG GT3 race car. The Cigarette Racing Team 41’ SD GT3 boat is pitched as the most powerful “open performance” boat ever. As usual, the inspirations the boat draws from the racing car are limited to the visual features. Cigarette Racing SD GT3 features a similar paint work as well as Gorden Wagener-designed handcrafted interior and exterior, matte comp...
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