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Seb Gorka Has A Beef With A Cartoon Character’s Wedding

Former White House official Seb Gorka, predictably, spent some of his radio show airtime Tuesday complaining about the wedding of two cartoon characters on the PBS show “Arthur.” Arthur’s teacher, Mr. Ratburn, married a man (or, more accurately, an anthropomorphized animal of some kind) on the most recent episode. “Did you have any questions about there being a culture war, ladies and gentlemen?” Gorka asked. “Did you have any doubt in your mind? This is a war for our culture.” Gorka said tha...
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Stephen Moore Blames ‘Stupid And Evil’ Liberals For Failed Fed Bid

During a radio interview on the conservative America First radio show — hosted by far-right figure Sebastian Gorka — Stephen Moore didn’t mince his words on the “stupid and evil” liberals who, according to him, cost him his chance at a seat on the Federal Reserve Board. Egged on by Gorka’s rhetoric on Democrats, who he claims just want to “destroy people” because they have bad policies, Moore claimed the media reported on his past comments as part of a “character assassination” on him. After M...
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Gorka Calls Khashoggi An ‘Apologist For Jihadists,’ Wasn’t A ‘Champion For Democracy’

While defending Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during an appearance on CSPAN’s “Washington Journal” against claims from a caller who compared his actions to those of Venezuela dictator Nicolás Maduro, former White House aide Sebastian Gorka claimed that the Washington Post journalist murdered by Saudi Arabia was an “apologist for jihadists.” “At the end of the day, it’s not what the Washington Post or the fake news industrial complex would have you believe,” Gorka said Sunday, after h...
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QAnon Believers Crushed After Mueller Report Fails to Lead to Hillary Clinton’s Arrest

Photo Illustration by Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast / Photos by GettyWhile most of Donald Trump’s allies braced for the release on Thursday of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, believers in the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory approached the long-awaited publication with a sense of thrill. For years, QAnon fans have been mocked for believing that Mueller was secretly in league with the president, working hand-in-hand to uncover Satanic rituals committed by top Democrats before shipping th...
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Emails Show DHS Official Katie Gorka Suggested Anti-Fascists Are ‘The Actual Threats’

A senior Trump political appointee at the Department of Homeland Security suggested in 2017 that the real threat to the United States’ national security is the growing danger posed by anti-fascists. In a July 2017 email obtained by HuffPost, DHS senior policy adviser Katharine Gorka justified her successful push to revoke a $400,000 grant to Life After Hate, a group founded by former extremists that works to guide people out of the white nationalist movement. Asked by then-Secretary of Homela...
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Gorka Out at FOX

Didn't see this coming. Wondering what's behind it, given that he was just on FOX night before last.:confused:
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After Fiery Hamburger Speech At CPAC, Fox News Parts Ways With Seb Gorka

Conservative pundit and former White House official Sebastian Gorka is no longer a paid contributor at Fox News, the network confirmed to Marketwatch and Mediaite. Gorka made headlines for his comments at the Conservative Political Action Conference, when he claimed that Democrats’ Green New Deal was a guise to “take away your hamburgers.” “They want to take your pickup truck, they want to rebuild your home, they want to take away your hamburgers,” he said. “This is what Stalin dreamt about but ...
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Gorka Tells Reporter To ‘Go Outside And Lick A Metal Street Lamp’

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka earned himself a spot in the reporter response Hall of Fame with an absolute zinger to the Daily Beast’s request for comment Thursday: “go outside and lick a metal street lamp.” The weather was in the teens in Washington D.C. when Gorka delivered his devastating literary triumph. The story for which the Daily Beast sought comment is less deserving of praise: Gorka is peddling a conspiracy theory forged in the fires of QAnon that Supreme Court Justice Ru...
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Rashida Tlaib Just Said What Everyone Else Is Too Afraid To Say Out Loud

On the day Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American woman elected to Congress, was sworn in as a freshman representative from Michigan, she published an op-ed in the Detroit Free Press making the case for Donald Trump's impeachment."President Donald Trump is a direct and serious threat to our country. On an almost daily basis, he attacks our Constitution, our democracy, the rule of law and the people who are in this country. His conduct has created a constitutional crisis that we must conf...
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Gorka: Cohen case is classic entrapment

Fox News national security strategist Sebastian Gorka and Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz analyze the sentencing of Michael Cohen and Gen. Michael Flynn.
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Trump’s Book Club: A President Who Doesn’t Read Promotes the Books That Promote Him

President Trump, who is not a reader, has used Twitter to plug a slew of Trump-friendly books with titles like “Why We Fight” and “The Russia Hoax.”
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Gemma Atkinson reveals Gorka's reaction to Strictly partner Katie Piper

If there is anyone who knows a thing or two about Strictly Come Dancing, it's Gemma...
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Gemma Atkinson reveals something very surprising about her relationship with Gorka

Gemma Atkinson found love with pro dancer Gorka Marquez on last year's Strictly Come...
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Gorka: Why should any ex-official retain security clearance?

Trump says he's received 'tremendous response' after revoking Brennan's security clearance; reaction on 'Hannity.'
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Faux News: Ex-Trump Aide Seb Gorka Gives Out Fake Fox News Business Cards

Former White House aide Sebastian Gorka is giving out fake, poorly doctored Fox News business cards, according to a Monday Mediate report. The cards, which include his personal number and email, use an outdated Fox News logo alongside different font and coloration than real Fox News cards. The fake cards were revealed on the heels of a Daily Beast report that Gorka was banned from the “hard news” shows on Fox due to his lack of credibility, instead shunted aside to the “opinion” sh...
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Sebastian Gorka, former aide to Donald Trump, to speak at Oxford Union

Ex-editor at rightwing website Breibart will address the prestigious university debating society on 7 JuneSebastian Gorka, a former aide to Donald Trump and an ex-editor at rightwing website Breitbart, has been invited to speak at the Oxford Union, it was announced on Sunday. Gorka, a hardliner on immigration and terrorism, is scheduled to address the prestigious university debating society on 7 June. Continue reading...
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Sinclair: Worse Than One Viral Video

The Sinclair Broadcast Group’s biased programming may soon be available in 72 percent of U.S. households. That’s bad news for local media.
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Sebastian Gorka tells conservatives meeting in Riverside: ‘We can take California back’

Donald Trump’s 2016 victory is proof that even a deep-blue state like California can be won by Republicans, former Trump White House adviser Sebastian Gorka told a gathering of conservatives Sunday, April 8 in Riverside. “I am here to tell you, it’s possible, even in California,” Gorka said to cheers and applause as the keynote speaker at the Fifth Annual Unite Inland Empire Conservative Conference. “All the rules have been broken. Donald Trump took the rulebook of the elite and shredded it, bur...
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Is the extreme now front and center in conservative politics?

His critics call him an extremist, an Islamophobe and a friend to neo-Nazis. But the Unite Inland Empire Conservative Conference is calling Sebastian Gorka its keynote speaker. Gorka, a former adviser to President Donald Trump, will speak at the annual gathering Sunday, April 8 in Riverside. He will be joined by British media figure Katie Hopkins, who once suggested using gunboats to prevent migrants from crossing the Mediterranean. She also left her job at a radio station after calling on Twitt...
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Gorka: Trump stood up and North Korea backed down

Trump's agreement to meet with Kim Jong Un could lead to a foreign policy breakthrough; Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Dan Bongino react on 'Hannity.'
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Dr. Gorka on the handling of Rob Porter accusations

Fox News contributor sounds off.
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The Conversation: On What Planet Is the F.B.I. Anti-Republican?

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. But this is getting weirder and weirder.
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Hungarian Police Had Arrest Warrant For Gorka While He Served As Trump Aide

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hungarian police had an arrest warrant open for Sebastian Gorka during the eight months he spent as a national security aide to U.S. President Donald Trump.The warrant issued in September 2016 is for unspecified weapons or ammunitions charges. It remained posted Thursday on the website of Hungary’s national police. Read More → [Author: Associated Press]
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Gorka Acknowledges Being 'Told' To Speak To Michael Wolff For Book

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka wrote Monday that he had been told to participate in Michael Wolff’s blockbuster book, “Fire and Fury,” which asserts that President Donald Trump’s own inner circle believes him to be unfit to serve. Gorka, now a contributor at Fox News, admitted in an op-ed in the Hill that he hadn’t read the book — “I refuse to buy the book of a man who so avowedly holds what, in a previous age, we would have called treasonous goals, but I have read the publicly rel...
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Word of the week: Self-own

In the digital world, ownership – or ownage, is it’s often called – is an intangible quality. The tech-jargon sense of to own originated among hackers in the 1990s, who used it to mean “taking control of someone else’s computer”; it was picked up by gamers, for whom it means “to defeat.” (The variant pwn, which originated as a misspelling in the game WarCraft, is sometimes substituted for humorous effect.) To self-own, then, is to confidently blunder into a self-defeating backfire, usually beca...
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Ex-WH Adviser Gorka Landed Speaking Contract With Heritage Foundation

Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka found a new venue for his pro-MAGA message: the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank.The foundation confirmed to TPM Tuesday that the onetime Trump adviser has entered into a contract to give a series of five foreign policy speeches to its audiences, the fourth of which will be delivered at its D.C. headquarters in mid-December. Read More → [Author: Allegra Kirkland]
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Trump ally Sebastian Gorka said he never leaves the house without 2 pistols and a tourniquet — and Twitter lit up

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, said he always carries two pistols, a tourniquet, and a copy of the US Constitution. In a recent interview, Gorka shared his wide-ranging collection of guns, including AK rifles, handguns, and .22 caliber rifles. After the interview was published, featuring staged photos of Gorka wearing a suede vest, people on Twitter mocked his attire. Sebastian Gorka loves guns. The former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump ha...
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Sebastian Gorka And Two-Gun Carry

HuffPo: Gun magazine Recoil published a profile on Saturday about controversial former Donald Trump aide Sebastian Gorka. The interview, which can be read in full here, touches on Gorka’s stint advising Trump on national security (Gorka left in August, following criticism over his anti-Islamist views and reported ties to a far-right Hungarian group), his political stances and his dim view of the media (hi!). Since Recoil is focused on firearms, the piece included a large segment devot...
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Fox News Hires Former Donald Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity announced the hiring on his radio show Wednesday, saying that Gorka will serve as a national security strategist for the network
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Fox News Hires Former Trump Advisor Sebastian Gorka as Analyst

Sebastian Gorka, a former White House advisor who has generated controversy in the past in discussions about Islam and white supremacy, is set to join Fox News Channel as an analyst. Gorka made the announcement during Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity’s radio program. A Fox News spokesperson confirmed Gorka would be joining the network, […]
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