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Gossip Girl Reboot Features 12 Episodes, Releases in Summer and Fall

The upcoming HBO Max reboot of Gossip Girl has a lot to live up to, as fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the show.   In a new behind-the-scenes look at the show from Vulture, a brief hint at when fans can expect the show to debut, and for how long, was discussed. According to the report, the show’s ten-episode order was actually bumped up to 12, with six episodes dropping weekly beginning on July 8 and the remaining six to release later in the fall.   RELATED: Gossip Girl Reboot Trai...
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Revolt Against The Rich? ‘Gossip Girl,’ ‘Elite,’ More Deal With Changing Audience Opinions of the Uber-Wealthy

Jordan Cahan and David Caspe, creators of Showtime’s dark period comedy “Black Monday,” were watching the 1987 Charlie Sheen headliner “Wall Street” when they realized that there was no limit they could reach in a fictional playground of deep pockets. “Michael Douglas won a best actor [Oscar] for this movie that was billed as a […]
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Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer Takes You Back to The Upper East Side

HBO has released the first full Gossip Girl reboot trailer. The video also reconfirms that the series will premiere on Thursday, July 8. Based on the hit The CW show of the same name, the reboot “explores just how much social media — and the landscape of New York itself — has changed in the intervening years.” The HBO Max series stars Jordan Alexander, Eli Brown, Thomas Doherty, Tavi Gevinson, Emily Alyn Lind, Evan Mock, Zion Moreno, Whitney Peak, and Savannah Lee Smith. Check out the Gos...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Revival Trailer Gives a Glimpse Into the Scandalous Lives of Manhattan’s ‘Super Rich Kids’

“Gossip Girl” is back — and is giving viewers a deeper look into Manhattan’s new elite via the revival series’ official trailer. Soundtracked by an impressive and all-too-perfect sync of Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids,” the footage proves that the new “Gossip Girl” cast still has plenty of drama to go around. The trailer features […]
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‘Gossip Girl’ Trailer: Kristen Bell’s Voice is Back to Bully Some Rich Gen-Z Kids in HBO Max Sequel Series

You know you love her. And you know you love her even more when Gossip Girl has turned her sights on the rich Gen-Z influencers of Manhattan, emerging after a nine-year silence to bully some more wealthy teens. HBO Max’s Gossip Girl sequel series introduces a new generation of sexy 20-somethings playing elite Manhattan high schoolers, who take a new girl under their wing, only to find themselves all targeted by an Instagram account calling itself Gossip Girl. Watch the Gossip Girl trailer below...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Teaser: Kristen Bell is Back to Narrate This Sequel Series for HBO Max

Gossip Girl is back, baby. Kristen Bell reprises her role in this new HBO Max iteration as the narrator and mysterious blogger who spills secrets about wealthy teens in New York’s upper crust. But while the rest of the cast consists of a bunch of fresh-faced acting talent, Bell isn’t the only returning player. Joshua Safran, who wrote and executive produced the original series when it aired on The CW, is the showrunner of what’s being described as an “extension of the pop culture classic.” And ...
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Gossip Girl Reboot First Look Teaser & Character Posters Released

HBO Max has released the first Gossip Girl reboot teaser and posters of the main cast of characters. The show is set to premiere on Thursday, July 8. Based on the hit The CW show of the same name, the reboot “explores just how much social media — and the landscape of New York itself — has changed in the intervening years.” Check out the Gossip Girl reboot first look teaser below and the character posters at the bottom of the post:  Whitney Peak will be playing the role of Zoya Lott, who is...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Revival Trailer: Fashion, Drama and Kristen Bell’s Voice Are Back on HBO Max

Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite has returned. HBO Max has finally debuted the first footage from its “Gossip Girl” revival. Gone are the tights and headbands of yesteryear, the class of 2021 has a whole new vibe. Developed by showrunner Joshua Safran (who previously worked as an executive […]
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HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Reboot Sets Premiere and New Character Details

HBO Max has finally revealed new details about their highly-anticipated Gossip Girl reboot, confirming that Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s newest teen drama series is scheduled to make its debut this summer in July and is expected to be set in a post-pandemic time. In an exclusive cover story by Cosmopolitan, a more detailed description of the reboot’s main characters has been shared, introducing us to Gossip Girl’s newest Upper East Side targets in the form of Zoya, Audrey, Aki, Julien, ...
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Gossip Girl Reboot Star Thomas Doherty Talks Original Series

Gossip Girl was one of the most popular television series of the 2000s, dominating the airwaves during its run. With the Gossip Girl reboot coming to HBO Max, it’s set to do the same once again. One of the stars of the new iteration, Thomas Doherty, recently discussed the original show. In a discussion with Interview Magazine, Doherty, who is set to play Max Wolfe in the upcoming reboot, was asked if he was a fan of the original. Doherty said he didn’t watch the show when it was initially airin...
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HBO Max 2021 Promo Reveals Gossip Girl Reboot & The Nevers

HBO Max 2021 Promo Reveals First Look at Gossip Girl Reboot & The Nevers HBO Max has released a brand new promo for their highly-anticipated shows and films that are set to debut in 2021, providing us our first look at the upcoming Gossip Girl reboot and the long-in development sci-fi drama The Nevers.  Also teasing the arrival of the Friends reunion special, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and new season of Succession, you can check out the video in the player below! RELATED: HBO Max to Launc...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Costume Designer: ‘Everyone Should Watch the Reboot to Watch the Clothes’

The moment Serena van der Woodsen stepped off the train at Grand Central Station with her tousled blonde hair, tan leather jacket and a brown Coach bag, her look from head to toe showed the “Gossip Girl” audience exactly who she was. Every character on the show owned a signature detail — from Blair Waldorf’s […]
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‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot From HBO Max to Start Shooting in New York in October

Good morning, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl’s back. The long-awaited “Gossip Girl” reboot from HBO Max will start production in New York in October, Variety has confirmed. According to a Warner Bros. spokesperson, shooting will start at the end of the month, though the specifics remain fluid. WarnerMedia Studios and Networks Group chief Ann Sarnoff […]
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Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley Vow to Live Tweet an Old Episode of ‘Gossip Girl’

In Variety’s Actors on Actors issue, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley vowed to live tweet “Gossip Girl” after discovering they both haven’t watched the series since it ended. “So we’re doing that when you come to L.A.,” said Crawford. “We’ll have a drink, we’ll watch it.” Badgley upped the ante, adding, “Dude, if we live […]
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Guess What ‘Gossip Girl’ Fans? Blake Lively Gave Penn Badgley His First iPhone

The evidence supporting the fact that Penn Badgley was indeed behind the “Gossip Girl” account is shaky at best. From fans to cast members, nobody was totally sold on the idea that his character Dan Humphrey ghostwrote the often-damning text messages and blog posts on the CW soap opera, which premiered in 2007. In a […]
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Sebastian Stan on ‘Endings, Beginnings,’ Returning to Marvel and Why He Never Wore a Belt on ‘Gossip Girl’

Every night at 7 p.m., Sebastian Stan peers outside the window of his Manhattan apartment and cheers. It’s become a nightly ritual for most New Yorkers to honor doctors, nurses and other essential workers who are on the frontlines of the coronavirus crisis. “It was crazy the other day,” Stan tells Variety. “There was a […]
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Savannah Smith Joins HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Series Reboot

Savannah Smith Joins HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Series Reboot Deadline is reporting that newcomer Savannah Smith has been cast in a lead role for HBO Max’s upcoming Gossip Girl reboot series, joining Code Black’s Emily Alyn Lind. This will serve as Smith’s first booking. Details have not yet been released regarding her role in the project. RELATED: HBO Max’s Friends Reunion Special Delays Filming Like the original series, the new iteration of Gossip Girl, written by Joshua Safran, is based on the ...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Sequel Series at HBO Max Adds Four to Cast

The new iteration of “Gossip Girl” at HBO Max is continuing to build out its main cast. Tavi Gevinson, Thomas Doherty, Adam Chanler-Berat, and Zion Moreno have all joined the upcoming series. Emily Alyn Lind, Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez, and Jason Gotay were all previously confirmed to star in the show, and Kristen Bell […]
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‘Gossip Girl’ HBO Max Series Adds Four to Cast

There’s one HBO Max series whose cast is growing pretty quick, XOXO Gossip Girl. Mere hours after Emily Alyn Lind was confirmed as a cast member, four more players have been added to the ensemble of the “Gossip Girl” sequel. Whitney Peak, Eli Brown, Johnathan Fernandez and Jason Gotay have all jumped aboard the new show, […]
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Emily Alyn Lind to Star in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Reboot

Emily Alyn Lind to Star in HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Reboot Deadline is reporting that Emily Alyn Lind (Code Black) has joined HBO Max’s reboot of Gossip Girl in a lead role. Lind will play Audrey, who has been in a long term relationship and is beginning to wonder what more could be out there. RELATED: Paul Feig’s 1970s Comedy Minx Gets Pilot Order at HBO Max Like the original series, the new iteration of Gossip Girl, written by Joshua Safran, is based on the book by Cecily von Ziegesar. Eight y...
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‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot at HBO Max Casts Emily Alyn Lind

HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” sequel series has found one of its leads. Emily Alyn Lind, whose recent credits include the Blumhouse-Facebook Watch series “Sacred Lies,” has joined the cast in a leading role. The new show, which was ordered straight to series in July 2019, is set eight years after the original’s finale and will […]
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Top 5 Gossip Girl-Approved Items That Are Still Trendy in 2020

Here's what Blair and Serena would be wearing this year.
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A Complete List of All the Original Shows and Movies in Development at HBO Max

We’re just a few days away from the launches of both AppleTV+ and Disney+, but there is still at least one more major player waiting to enter the streaming wars after those two: HBO Max. WarnerMedia’s streaming service will debut in spring of 2020 with around 10,000 hours of content available to consume, including popular hits like Friends and The Big Bang Theory. But there are also tons of original series in development for the new service, and we’re here to round them all up in one place so y...
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Capsule Wardrobe:​ Blake Lively

Ever since her first appearance on Gossip Girl, Blake Lively has been a celebrity fashion icon. She’s also one of those celebrities you just can’t help but cheer on from the sidelines. I follow Blake for more than just her fashion sense. To me, she is the queen who never ages, with a picture-perfect husband […]
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Chace Crawford Joins Lily Collins in Inheritance

Chace Crawford joins Lily Collins in Inheritance Chace Crawford has joined the cast of Inheritance, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Gossip Girl actress joins a list of actors that includes Lily Collins (To the Bone), Simon Pegg (Mission: Impossible — Fallout), Connie Nielsen (Wonder Woman), Patrick Warburton (A Series of Unfortunate Events) and Kate Mara (Megan Leavey). PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh...
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Mark Pedowitz Says ‘There’s a Discussion’ About a Gossip Girl Reboot

Mark Pedowitz says ‘There’s a discussion’ about a Gossip Girl reboot The thought of a Gossip Girl reboot might not be that far off. On Thursday at the Television Critics Association, The CW’s president, Mark Pedowitz, addressed the possibility directly, per TV Line. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAlo...
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Penn Badgley on Possible ‘Gossip Girl’ Reunion: ‘Never Say Never’

Penn Badgley isn’t saying yes to a “Gossip Girl” reunion. But he’s also not ruling it out completely. “I suppose you should never say never,” Badgley, who rose to fame playing Dan Humphrey on the CW show, told Variety. “I suppose there are conditions where I would. Do I think those conditions will ever exist? No. But they […]
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How to Dress Like Blair Waldorf

Dress like the true Queen Bee. For the second part of College Fashion's Gossip Girl Fashion series, here's a guide to dressing like Blair Waldorf, everyone's favorite GG bad girl. Here are the other articles in the Gossip Girl Fashion series: How To Dress Like Serena van der Woodsen, How To Dress Like Vanessa Abrams, How To Dress Like Georgina Sparks, How To Dress Like Jenny Humphrey, and How To Dress Like The NEW Jenny Humphrey. Blair Waldorf, played by actress Leighton Meester, is Serena's b...
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Here's Exactly What Blair Waldorf Would Wear This Summer

She's still a fashion icon and you can't tell me otherwise. Here's what Blair was rocking 10 years ago. It's time for an update! Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. I'm dedicating this post to the queen of fashion; Blair Cornelia Waldorf. It has been 10 years since we first wrote a guide to Blair Waldorf's style and we're still talking about some of those few iconic fashion moments. Who am I kidding? All of them are iconic. Here at CF, we've covered Blair's style a ton: From Blair's makeu...
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A Look Back at Newly Blonde Leighton Meester's Blair Waldorf Hair (and Headbands)

Spotted at Tribeca's Nexxus Salon, hair in foils: Leighton Meester. Yup, ICYMI, one of the most iconic millennial brunettes, Blair Waldorf - er, Leighton - just went platinum blonde. As the "Heartstrings" singer told POPSUGAR, she chose to switch things up because she wants, "to try something completely drastic and different, and I thought this is the right moment to do it. You know when you just get it in your mind and you have to do it?" Girlfriend looks fabulous, but we couldn't help but get...
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