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Amazon shareholders want the company to stop selling facial recognition to law enforcement

Amazon shareholders are demanding the company stop selling Rekognition, the company’s facial recognition software, to law enforcement. Unless the board of directors determines the technology “does not cause or contribute to actual or potential violations of civil and human rights,” shareholders want Amazon to stop selling the software to government agencies. Rekognition, which is part of Amazon Web Services, has the ability to conduct image and video analyses of faces. The technology can iden...
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‘Star Wars’ returns: Trump calls for space-based missile defense

The President has announced that the Defense Department will pursue a space-based missile defense system reminiscent of the one proposed by Reagan in 1983. As with Reagan’s ultimately abortive effort, the technology doesn’t actually exist yet and may not for years to come — but it certainly holds more promise now than 30 years ago. In a speech at the Pentagon reported by the Associated Press, Trump explained that a new missile defense system would “detect and destroy any missile launched against...
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These are all the federal HTTPS websites that’ll expire soon because of the US government shutdown

We like to think of ourselves as nerds here at TechCrunch, which is why we’re bring you this. During the government shutdown, security experts noticed several federal websites were throwing back browser errors because the TLS certificate, which lights up your browser with “HTTPS” or flashes a padlock, on many domains had expired. And because so many federal workers have been sent home on unpaid leave — or worse, working without pay but trying to fill in for most of their furloughed department — ...
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These are all the federal HTTPS domains that’ll expire soon because of the US government shutdown

We like to think of ourselves as nerds here at TechCrunch, which is why we’re bring you this. During the government shutdown, security experts noticed several federal websites were throwing back browser errors because the TLS certificate, which lights up your browser with “HTTPS” or flashes a padlock, on many domains had expired. And because so many federal workers have been sent home on unpaid leave — or worse, working without pay but trying to fill in for most of their furloughed department — ...
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The Number of Federal Workers Seeking Unemployment Doubled Last Week

The shutdown caused roughly 420,000 federal employees to work without pay
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Facebook to launch a political ads library in India next month

Facebook will put all political ads on its platform in India in a searchable online library starting next month. This library will contain contact information of the ad buyers and their official regulatory certificates, which have to match their government-issued documents, reports Reuters.... ...
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IAMAI’s regulatory code for OTT platforms outlining principles and seeking a creation of grievance redressal; will it lead to self-censorship?

With the aim to provide a regulatory code for video streaming platforms, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has released a document called “Code of best practices for online curated content providers.” OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, Arre, SonyLIV,... ...
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Interfaith Leaders Implore Trump, McConnell and Pelosi to End Shutdown

From the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia:   January 15, 2019 Love your neighbor as yourself.” –  Leviticus 19:18 “Do to others what you would have them do to you.” – Matthew 7:12 Allah says in the Qur’an as translated: “Fulfill the measure and weight and do not deprive people of their due and cause not corruption upon the earth after its reformation.” – Al-A`raf 7:85 “God’s grace and love can be experienced when one cares for the poor and the destitute.” – Guru Nanak, Sikh scriptures ...
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What is the Green New Deal?

Recent protests by the Sunrise Movement have taken the Green New Deal from forgotten policy to trending hashtag.The Green New Deal aims to move the U.S. to 100% renewable energy within a decade.Proponents also hope to catalyze a top-down restructuring of the U.S. economy and advance social justice issues. None In October of last year, the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a special report, titled 'Global Warming of 1.5°C'. The report's authors believed that human...
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Shutdown could delay challenge of FCC’s net neutrality rollback

The ongoing shutdown of the federal government has already had adverse effects on millions nationwide, and now could even delay a major legal challenge to the FCC’s infamous net neutrality repeal. The agency moved yesterday to delay oral arguments scheduled for just two weeks from now. The arguments in a consolidated lawsuit against the FCC led by the likes of Mozilla, Vimeo, and industry group INCOMPAS, were set to begin on February 1. But of course no one could have predicted a record-setti...
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Automakers Understandably Freaking Out Over ‘No Deal’ Brexit

With Britain’s parliament rejecting Prime Minister Theresa May’s latest Brexit deal, European automakers stand to face some strong headwinds in the near future. As of now, no clear path lies ahead. Many believe the European Union will continue playing hardball, punishing Britain for leaving. But, even if it doesn’t, loads of regulatory and trade issues must […] The post Automakers Understandably Freaking Out Over ‘No Deal’ Brexit appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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New York Judge Fully Annihilates Citizenship Question For Upcoming Census

We already do the Census stupidly, but a District Judge halts Trump's attempts to make it even less accurate.
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Trump Administration Takes Aim At Online Gambling In Sudden Wire Act Reversal

Will the federal government really try to shut down online lotteries, poker, and sports betting in 90 days?
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HyperScience, the machine learning startup tackling data entry, raises $30 million Series B

HyperScience, the machine learning company that turns human readable data into machine readable data, has today announced the close of a $30 million Series B funding round led by Stripes Group, with participation from existing investors FirstMark Capital and Felicis Ventures as well as new investors Battery Ventures, Global Founders Fund, TD Ameritrade, and QBE. HyperScience launched out of stealth in 2016 with a suite of enterprise products focused on the healthcare, insurance, finance and g...
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YC-backed Upsolve is automating bankruptcy for everyone

The popular image of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be a large company like Enron failing, or maybe some lazy drifter trying to shirk their financial responsibilities. The reality is anything but those sorts of images. Today in America, the most common reason for bankruptcy is to discharge egregious sums of medical debt [1], which might have been incurred in a short stint in a hospital emergency room. Bankruptcy allows people to get out from under a debilitating and permanent state of financial cr...
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Facebook is launching political ad checks in Nigeria, Ukraine, EU and India in coming months

Facebook is launching some of its self-styled ‘election security’ initiatives into more markets in the coming months ahead of several major votes in countries around the world. In an interview with the social networking giant confirmed it’s launching checks on political adverts on its platform in Nigeria, Ukraine and the European Union, reiterating too that ad transparency measures will launch in India ahead of its general election. Although it still hasn’t confirmed how it will respond in ot...
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Truecaller stores all Indian user data – including payments data – locally

Truecaller today announced that it stores all of its Indian user data locally, including payments data, “to ensure that the data of its Indian users remains secured and to provide faster and more reliable services”. According to the company this is aimed at safeguarding personal data.... ...
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Shashi Tharoor introduces bill to regulate the online gambling; what about regulating promotions?

Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor, introduced a private member bill, The Sports (Online Gaming and Prevention of Fraud) Bill, 2018 in the Lok Sabha, with an aim to “establish an effective regime to maintain the integrity of sports in India by preventing and penalizing sports fraud, regulation of... ...
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Union govt proposes drone corridors, service providers in Drone Regulations 2.0

The Union Government has suggested establishing a corridor for flying drones and setting up a regime for licensing and authorizing flying of drones. Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha announced the updated policy for drone operations at the Global Aviation Summit in Mumbai yesterday.... ...
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Amazon and Flipkart seek extension to comply with new FDI policy

Amazon and Flipkart have asked the government for an extension on the 1 February deadline to comply with the new FDI policy for e-commerce, reports the Economic Times. Amazon has asked for time until 1 June, while Flipkart has asked for an extension of 6 months, to 1 August. MediaNama has reached... ...
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CERN’s plan for 100-km collider makes the LHC look like a hula hoop

The Large Hadron Collider has produced a great deal of incredible science, most famously the Higgs Boson — but physicists at CERN, the international organization behind the LHC, are already looking forward to the next model. And the proposed Future Circular Collider, at 100 kilometers or 62 miles around, would be quite an upgrade. The idea isn’t new; CERN has had people looking into it for years. But the conceptual design report issued today shows that all that consulting hasn’t been idle: th...
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On Emojis And Shutdowns

Here are two concepts that shouldn't fit together, but welcome to 2019.
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Transparency-seeking OPEN Government Data Act signed into law

The federal government produces one hell of a lot of data, but despite desultory lurches toward usability, there’s little guarantee that it’s available in a way that makes it useful to anyone. That may change for the better with the OPEN Government Data Act, which the president signed into law last night. The act essentially requires federal agencies to default when possible to making data (and metadata) public, to publish that public data in a machine-readable format and catalog it online. It a...
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Microsoft continues to build government security credentials ahead of JEDI decision

While the DoD is in the process of reviewing the $10 billion JEDI cloud contract RFPs (assuming the work continues during the government shutdown), Microsoft continues to build up its federal government security bona fides, regardless. Today the company announced it has achieved the highest level of federal government clearance for the Outlook mobile app, allowing US Government Community Cloud (GCC) High and Department of Defense employees to use the mobile app. This is on top of FedRamp complia...
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Word of the week: Furlough

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history began on December 22, 2018, when Congress and the White House failed to break an impasse over a spending bill. It is now in its fourth week. An estimated 800,000 federal employees are either working without pay – as in the case of thousands of TSA workers at the nation’s airports – or furloughed: sent home, deprived of paychecks, and forbidden to do any kind of work on behalf of the government. “Furloughed employees have no automatic right to paym...
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Fiat Chrysler Worried Government Shutdown Could Delay New Products

Unless you’re employed by Uncle Sam, you may not have noticed the current government shutdown impacting your life by any meaningful margin. That, of course, has not kept the media from spending the entire month scaremongering and trying to place blame (Spoiler: It’s everyone’s fault, as these shutdowns happen anytime Congress has to agree on a new budget, […] The post Fiat Chrysler Worried Government Shutdown Could Delay New Products appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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It’s Mueller Time! Robert Mueller Gets His Own Action Figure

This heroic superlawyer is 'the last thing standing between us and utter chaos.'
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How do you fight an algorithm you cannot see?

That question in the headline was the challenge posed by a group of open knowledge junkies in Germany who wanted to understand how a person’s Schufa was calculated. Schufa is a credit bureau that generates financial scores for potential borrowers in Germany, and it is roughly equivalent to a FICO score in the United States. Schufa is not an open algorithm, and so important financial decisions are mediated by an unknown process that can be quite capricious in its scoring. So the activists created...
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