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Graham Torrington to host final show before retirement

Late night radio host Graham Torrington is presenting his last show for the BBC tonight as he prepares to retire after 37 years. He announced his departure in the summer, and leaves after six years on the BBC Local Radio late show across the East and West Midlands. He joined BBC WM in 2012 after a spell at BBC Radio Bristol and across the West of England. Graham is perhaps best-known to audiences from his 12 years as host of Late Night Love on the GWR/GCap network. His penultimate show last n...
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Lindsey Graham, you're on your own

There have been few high-profile Republican politicians more publicly and slavishly devoted to President Trump over the last few years than Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Words like "toady" and "lapdog" have frequently been used to describe the senator's subservience. Apparently that near-total fealty hasn't been enough for Graham to earn a little loyalty in return.The Trumpiest corners of the conservative ecosphere have made it plain in recent weeks that they're ready to abandon Grah...
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Barrett, Scalia and the Tone Deafness of Legal and Biblical Originalism

I paid little attention to Clarence Thomas’ appointment in 1991 other than to recognize, given my background in nonverbal communication, that he was probably lying about harassment. The research reveals that telling whether a person is lying is not nearly as easy as some would like you to believe. So, my conclusion was “probable.” But in watching Anita Hill all the nonverbals indicated a high probability she was telling the truth. That was all very frustrating. My focus was completely upon the h...
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Even Fox News Is Tired Of Lindsey Graham’s Groveling For Donations

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday returned to begging voters for campaign donations during a Fox News appearance — successfully making a first plea before he was abruptly cut off during a second attempt to scrounge for contributions. The South Carolina lawmaker shamelessly groveled for donations twice during Laura Ingraham’s show as he faces perhaps one of the toughest reelection bids of his career before the network cut him off:  Lindsey Graham attempts to beg for money a second time i...
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Lindsey Graham Is Being Boosted by a Tea Party Group That Has Always Hated Him

It’s no secret that Sen. Lindsey Graham is in the fight of his political life in the closing days of his campaign to win reelection to the U.S. Senate.“I’m getting overwhelmed,” Graham begged on-air with Fox News’ Sean Hannity last month, as his Democratic rival Jaime Harrison brought in a record-shattering $57 million in donations to unseat him. “Help me—they’re killing me money-wise. Help me.”But with ersatz ally President Donald Trump nowhere to be seen, a group that once despised Graham—and ...
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Senate votes to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court

By Lisa Mascaro | Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court late Monday by a deeply divided Senate, Republicans overpowering Democrats to install President Donald Trump’s nominee days before the election and secure a likely conservative court majority for years to come. Trump’s choice to fill the vacancy of the late liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg potentially opens a new era of rulings on abortion, the Affordable Care Act and even his own election...
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Former Cedar Rapids police chief dies in a plane crash

The department said in a statement, "Chief Graham had an immediate impact on the Cedar Rapids Police Department and Cedar Rapids...
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Fox host Lou Dobbs says 'I don't know why anyone' would vote for Sen. Lindsey Graham

Fox News host Lou Dobbs. John Lamparski/Getty Images Fox Business host Lou Dobbs on Friday slammed GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, saying that South Carolina voters should reject the three-term senator at the ballot box this year. Dobbs expressed exasperation that the heads of Twitter and Facebook would not testify before the Senate regarding allegations of anti-conservative bias until after the November election. "I don't know why anyone in the great state of South Carolina would ever vote for L...
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Graham’s Closing Argument Muffled As Barrett Confirmation Slips Under The Radar

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was supposed to put his uncomfortably close reelection race to rest with his starring role in an October drama: the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.  The Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, Graham got a gavel and the limelight as he shepherded conservatives’ dream judge onto the bench despite the heat of Democratic fury. He could at once contribute to the Trump administration’s radical transformation of the judiciary, emphasize his imp...
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In October, SC's Graham rakes in $1M per day for Senate race

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham has continued to rake in campaign cash in the closing days of his bid for a fourth term, raising about $1 million a day for the first two weeks of October. On Friday, Graham’s campaign said it had raised nearly $15 million in the first half of the month. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham played a prominent role in the televised process, introducing members as they spoke and able to opine on her nomination and the legal process in general.
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Senate subpoenas could force Zuckerberg and Dorsey to testify on New York Post controversy

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted in favor of issuing subpoenas for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Thursday, meaning that there might be two big tech CEO hearings on the horizon. Republicans in the committee declared their interest in a hearing on “the platforms’ censorship of New York Post articles” after social networks limited the reach of a dubious story purporting to contain hacked materials implicating Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in impropriety involving a Ukrai...
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Lindsey Graham Calls For Probe Of Rival Jaime Harrison’s Ability To Out-Fundraise Him

Graham blames "shadowy" forces — not his waning popularity — for donations pouring into his opponent's Senate run.
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Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls For Probe Of Rival Jaime Harrison’s Ability To Out-Fundraise Him

Graham blames "shadowy" forces — not his waning popularity — for donations pouring into his opponent's Senate run.
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Pro-Graham Group Runs Ad Linking Rival Harrison to ‘Looting’ and ‘Rioting’

As Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) fights for his political life, his supporters’ closing argument has emerged: a vote for Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, they contend, is a vote for looting, rioting, and chaos.That’s the message delivered by Hobart Lewis, the sheriff of Greenville County, South Carolina, in an ad paid for by a pro-Graham super PAC, that hit airwaves in the state this week.As footage rolls of looters smashing windows and setting fires, Lewis intones, “the rioting, the looting, t...
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Dianne Feinstein under attack from the left for the crime of collegiality

For the sin of collegiality, once the hallmark of the United States Senate, California Senator Dianne Feinstein is facing calls to step down as ranking minority member of the powerful Judiciary Committee. In Twitter’s garden of outrage, where courtesy and tolerance go to be buried, the calls for Feinstein’s ouster “trended” after she complimented Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, for his handling of the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. “One of...
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Supreme Court nomination advances despite Democrats’ boycott

By LISA MASCARO and MARY CLARE JALONICK | Associated Press WASHINGTON — Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans powered past a Democratic boycott Thursday to advance Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination to the full Senate, keeping President Donald Trump’s pick on track for confirmation before Election Day. Democratic senators refused to show up in protest of the GOP’s rush to install Trump’s nominee to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Never has the Senate confirmed a Supreme ...
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Barrett nomination moves to Senate floor

Judge Amy Coney Barrett moved one step closer to becoming Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday. In a hearing that Democratic senators boycotted, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted unanimously to send Barrett’s nomination to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the floor. The full Senate, where Republicans hold a majority, is expected to vote on Monday on Barrett’s nomination. The committee’s 10 Democratic members declined to attend Thursday morning’s hearing...
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A desperate Lindsey Graham pleads for donations: "Help me, please."

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah reveals just how desperate Lindsey Graham has become (starting :33) as Graham's poll numbers show him potentially trailing behind Democrat Jaime Harrison in a new Morning Consult poll. There's no subtlety as Graham admits he's being "out-raised 3-1, outspent 4-1" and begs for a few bucks from each of his Fox viewers. —
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Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison are vying for a Senate seat in South Carolina

Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Jaime Harrison is breaking fundraising records in his race against Sen. Lindsey Graham. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts Former state legislator Jaime Harrison is challenging GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham for US Senate in South Carolina.  Graham, one of the most high-profile Republican Senators and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump, is seeking a fourth term to office in 2020.  Harrison is putting up a formidable fight in deep-red South Carolina, narro...
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Dispatch: Will Trump’s most loyal ally be punished? Democrats donate millions to unseat Lindsey Graham and flip the Senate

For those lining up to vote at the old library in downtown Charleston, the upcoming election is as much a referendum on Donald Trump's most loyal lieutenant as it is on the president himself. Mr Trump may be top of the ticket but Lindsey Graham, Republican grandee and staunch Trump ally, is key to the party's struggle to keep control of the Senate. The 65-year-old three-term incumbent senator is facing the toughest fight of his political life from Jaime Harrison, a rising Democrat star w...
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Graham wants to review ActBlue's source of small-dollar contributions

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who has seen a tsunami of Democratic small-dollar donations flood the South...
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Lindsey Graham and Jaime Harrison in deadlock in South Carolina Senate battle

Senator Lindsey Graham and his Democratic opponent this autumn, Jaime Harrison, are in a statistical deadlock, recent polling in the Palmetto State has found. A new poll conducted by liberal writer and strategist Cornell Belcher and his consulting outfit Research and Strategies found Mr Harrison, the challenger, with a 2 percentage point lead over Mr Graham as the race enters its final two weeks. Mr Harrison led Mr Graham 47-45 per cent in that poll, with 5 per cent of respondents undecided.
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Obama tapes new ad for Harrison while Haley, Scott tout Graham in SC Senate race

In a rare foray into a South Carolina political race, former President Barack Obama taped a new ad supporting Democratic U.S. Senate...
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Obama urges voters to back Graham challenger in South Carolina

Former President Obama urged South Carolina voters to throw their support behind Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison in his bid to unseat Sen.
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Graham considers subpoenas for Twitter, Facebook execs over Hunter Biden emails

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is considering subpoenaing social media executives over their platforms'...
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Lindsey Graham uses Amy Coney Barrett hearing to complain about Democratic rival's fundraising

"I’d like to know where the hell some of it is coming from,” Graham said of his opponent's campaign funds
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Oracle founder Larry Ellison donated $250,000 to pro-Lindsey Graham super PAC the day the TikTok deal was announced

Reuters/Robert Galbraith Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, donated $250,000 to a pro-Lindsey Graham super PAC as his company's deal to partner with TikTok was in the final stages, according to a report from The Verge. According to documents from the Federal Election Commission, Ellison made the donation to the pro-Graham PAC Security is Strength on September 14.  As The Verge noted that the donation came just hours after Oracle announced it had edged out Microsoft to become TikTok's U...
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Pro-Abortion Group Calls for Feinstein’s Ouster from Judiciary Committee after Amy Coney Barrett Hearings

One of the nation's top abortion groups is calling for Senator Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) to be ousted from her position as the Judiciary Committee's ranking member after she praised the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, calling them “one of the best set of hearings that I’ve participated in.”The head of NARAL Pro-Choice America issued a scathing statement on Friday, a day after the last day of hearings on Barrett's nomination concluded.“Americans -...
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Graham: Senate Judiciary to vote on subpoena for Facebook CEO

The panel is looking to compel the chiefs of Facebook and Twitter to testify on allegations of bias.
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Democrats' Anger Over Barrett Could Have Big Consequences in the Senate

WASHINGTON -- Judge Amy Coney Barrett is on a glide path to the Supreme Court, but she will leave behind a Senate badly torn by its third confirmation blowup in four years, with the potential for severe repercussions should Democrats take control next year.The decision by Sen. Mitch McConnell and Republicans to push through Barrett's nomination to the high court on the eve of the election, after blocking President Barack Obama's pick under similar circumstances in 2016, enraged many Demo...
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