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Frequency change request for Love Sport and Panjab Radio

Ofcom has received a request from Love Sport and Panjab Radio to swap the format of each licence. Love Sport currently broadcasts London-wide with a coverage area of over ten million adults on 558AM on the licence originally started by Spectrum Radio in 1990. The Kelvin Mackenzie-owned station launched in March 2018 on AM and DAB and has had a format change approved last year to remove finance news from its character. Panjabi Radio is covering North London on 1584AM on the licence won by Lon...
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UK's Guardian switches to biodegradable wrapping for newspapers

The Guardian — a national newspaper in the U.K. — has ditched its polythene packaging and replaced it with a compostable wrapper in an effort to reduce plastic waste. The newspaper and its inserts are now packaged in a clear, biodegradable material made from potato starch that will completely compost in just six months. The choice to scrap the plastic packaging makes The Guardian the first national newspaper in the U.K. to make such a switch, following publications like the National Trust membe...
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Why you Should book Zimbabwe as your Next African Safari Holiday

Following years of planning and a supposed £120 million loan from China, Zimbabwe finally opened its landmark Victoria Falls International Airport back in 2016. Even more recently, it was announced that Brits would be able to board direct flights from London, creating a portal into a world of unheralded adventure and relatively unspoiled landscapes. It’s also seen demand soar for African safaris, which help you to navigate some of the wildest terrains safely and securely and d...
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NMC Health makes first UK acquisition with Aspen Healthcare deal - The National

NMC Health makes first UK acquisition with Aspen Healthcare deal - The National:London-listed NMC Health said it agreed to acquire 100 per cent of the equity of Aspen Healthcare for £10 million – its first acquisition of a UK-based healthcare company.“The acquisition provides NMC a very cost-effective means of introducing its fertility services to the UK,” the group said on Monday in a statement to the London Stock Exchange.NMC Health acquired Aspen Healthcare from New York Stock Exchange-listed...
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Why agencies committed to diversity need to end nepotism

The Drum recently published this article by our UK CEO, Jim Coleman, discussing why agencies need to take action to make sure that everyone has an equal chance of getting a seat at the table; and why ending nepotism in hiring practices is key to securing a diverse future for our industry. They’ve been kind enough to let us reproduce it below. Work placements have long been a way for young people to get a foot in the door. They are easy CV wins, showing enthusiasm for the ad industry, and at time...
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On the Amazon’s lawless frontier, murder mystery divides the locals and loggers

The Ka’apor tribe fight a daily battle in Brazil’s Maranhão state to protect their forestsSairá Ka’apor patrolled one of the most murderous frontiers in the world, a remote and largely lawless region of the Brazilian Amazon where his indigenous community has fought for generations to protect their forest land.Armed with clubs, bows and arrows, GPS trackers and crude guns, he and fellow members of Ka’apor Forest Guard drove off – and sometimes attacked – loggers who intruded into their territory,...
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UK: Big Voice London - Carter-Ruck

Carter-Ruck is delighted to be associated sponsor for Big Voice London, which acts as a valuable resource for the younger generation living in the Greater London area and provides advice
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Waymo Logs 4 Million Miles in Self-Driving Cars

Formerly known as Google’s self-driving car project, Waymo has been working on autonomous vehicle technology since 2009. Now, its self-driving cars have logged more than 4 million miles on public roads. Over the course of eight years, Waymo has tested its cars in 23 U.S. cities throughout the western coast of the U.S. and Texas. It took Waymo 18 months to complete its first million miles, but just six months for the last million. Recently, Waymo has been testing Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans...
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Waymo Begins Testing Completely Self-Driving Cars on Public Roads

Waymo, the autonomous tech division spun off from Google’s self-driving car project, announced today that after eight years of development, it will begin testing true driverless vehicles in the Phoenix metro area. The cars will still have steering wheels, so they won’t be the Level 5 autonomous vehicles it’s working towards. But Waymo believes its technology is advanced enough that it no longer needs anyone in the driver’s seat, even as an emergency backup. Waymo is also confident enough in its ...
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Five things to watch for in Saints-Dolphins in London

The NFL returns to London for the second of four games this season, bringing the Miami Dolphins (1-1) and the New Orleans Saints (1-2) into the Greater London area.
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Patients have to wait for over 10 days to secure GP appointment in Greater London, study finds

Research by ZoomDoc, a GP on-demand service, has found that patients on average have to wait for over 10 days to see a GP in Greater London if they look for an appointment on Wednesday.
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Roberts Radio launches digital radio adapter

A range of car digital radio adapters and a new fitting service, was announced at the Drive to Digital 2017 conference, at the British Museum today. They’re being launched by two of the UK’s leading technology manufacturers, Nextbase and Roberts Radio, and the car servicing business, Halfords Autocentres. Nextbase is introducing two new DAB products this autumn: the Nextbase ADAPT DAB250 and the Nextbase ADAPT DAB350BT,  the latter with the additional benefits of Bluetooth and hands-free...
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Facts about London

No culture is as enthusiastic about general knowledge and quizzes than the UK. From Mastermind and University Challenge, the radio show Round Britain Quiz, to weekly pub quizzes, trivia is a cherished British institution. To honor this fascination, London Unlocked has put together interesting facts for us in an infographic about London, most of these fact, we bet you didn’t know. 1. The Houses of Parliament has 1,000 rooms,100 staircases, eleven courtyards, eight bars and six restaurants, none...
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20 great things to do in Greater London

The UK capital hides some of its greatest attractions where visitors never think to look -- beyond the city's center
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English county council saves millions switching to G Suite and Chromebooks

A day in the life of an employee at Northumberland County Council in northern England involves everything from running schools, repairing roads or literally putting out fires. It’s work that never stops and that stretches across a rural area the size of Greater London with 330,000 citizens and three million sheep.Two years ago, the Northumberland IT team started to notice strain in their service infrastructure which connects 380 locations across the region, and recent budget cuts made that syste...
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Cycling, pollution and London – what you need to know

London’s poor air quality has been in the headlines and, as a cyclist, this invisible danger is a major concern. According to figures from Kings College London, by January 5th of this year, Brixton had already exceeded the annual EU permitted nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels. This is primarily caused by diesel cars, which contribute 90-95% of NO2 emissions. The Royal College of Physicians published a report suggesting that it costs the UK more than £20 billion a year to deal with the effects of pol...
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Caffe Nero to expand Biobean collaboration following successful first phase

In the UK, following a successful trial of Biobean’s technology to produce biomass pellets from spent coffee grounds, Caffe Nero is looking to scale up its partnership beyond Greater London. Since the company began collecting its coffee grounds in July, Biobean has produced 98 metric tons of pellets from 218 tons of grounds. Further development is undergoing to produce transportation biofuel from the oil in the grounds, which if successful could produce enough fuel to circle London 3,689 times j...
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20 great things to do in Greater London

The UK capital hides some of its greatest attractions where visitors never think to look -- beyond the city's center
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Man charged with murder at London immigration centre

64-year-old man dies after incident at privately run detention and removal facility near Heathrow airport A man has been charged with murder after a fatal assault at an immigration facility in Greater London, police said.Zana Assad Yusif, 31, has been charged with the murder of 64-year-old Tarek Chowdhury following an incident at Colnbrook immigration removal centre in West Drayton. Continue reading...
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BA teams up with Portr to offer London-wide luggage pick up

Passengers on board British Airways flights can have their bags picked up and checked in from any address in London thanks to a new service from travel tech firm Portr. Luggage – under a passenger’s designated weight allowance – can be collected from homes, offices or hotel lobbies around Greater London through the AirPortr + … Continue reading BA teams up with Portr to offer London-wide luggage pick up
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Men more likely to complain about ads

Men complain about adverts more than women and people in Greater London and the South East are the most likely to raise their concerns, figures show.
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3br house for exchange with London or Philadelphia (richmond / seacliff) 3bd 2200ft 2

We are a retired couple, nonsmokers, who frequently travel to the U.K. (usually cities) and Philadelphia (to visit our son's family), very interested in a long-term exchange in Greater London (see dates) and about two weeks in Philadelphia (sometime [...]
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3br house for exchange with London or Philadelphia (richmond / seacliff) 3bd 2200ft 2

We are a retired couple, nonsmokers, who frequently travel to the U.K. (usually cities) and Philadelphia (to visit our son's family), very interested in a long-term exchange in Greater London and about two weeks in Philadelphia. We have had over 25 s [...]
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After Brexit, Uncertainty Over Status Of EU Workers Living In U.K.

Last month's vote by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has left a lot of unanswered questions. One is what will happen to the 2.5 million EU residents who now work in the U.K. Many employers say sending them home would be a disaster for the British economy.Go into any store or restaurant in Greater London and the chances are good the people working there are from the EU. They teach in Britain's schools, pick its crops and build its houses. They're prominent in finance and medicine."...
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Researchers assess heatwave risks associated with climate change

Combining climate and mortality data, researchers have estimated that 315 deaths in Greater London and 735 deaths in Central Paris can be strongly linked to the 2003 heatwave that set record-breaking temperatures across Europe.
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Cycling with children in London

A few weeks ago we brought you a guide to learning to ride a bike in London as an adult. Now, with the school holidays rapidly approaching (whoop to a quieter commute!) we felt it was a good time to bring together some resources for cycling with children in London. It may seem like the sort of place that is inhospitable to children learning to ride, but it needn’t be. The principles of learning as an adult are taken from advice you get given when teaching children to ride. As with most things i...
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Ireland-UK Trip: England Day 5 - Ruins

We did a quick foray back into Wales after leaving the hotel in Bristol, England.  The objective was to see the Chepstow Castle ruins.  It's claim to fame is having the oldest castle gate still in existence, using tree ring dating, they figure it goes back to around 1109 I seem to recall. We then headed towards the nearby Tintern Abbey along the Welsh border of the river Wye.  It must have been quite the impressive abbey in its heyday.  Founded by the Cisternian Order of Monks and d...
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Brexit: A Cousin Of Trumpism? A Distant Cousin Of Fascism?

June 24, 2016: I spoke to my friend in Britain this morning. Still absorbing the shock that her nation had voted itself out of Europe, she said, "Today I live in a different country." I recognized the sentiment. It was widespread in this country, the USA, in the wake of 9-11. When people said, "Everything has changed." Practical things will be different in Britain. Companies will migrate to the continent for free access to the larger market. Border crossings coming and going will become cumberso...
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Bleak skies at night: the year without a summer and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Two hundred years ago this month, Mary Shelley had the terrifying ‘waking dream’ that she subsequently molded into the greatest Gothic novel of all time; Frankenstein. As all who have read the book or seen one of the many film adaptations will know, the ‘monster’ cobbled together out of human odds and ends by rogue scientist, Victor Frankenstein, is galvanised into existence by the power of electricity. In reality, however, the monster and all the book’s characters were brought to life by the po...
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Unsinkable Jack Russells

A Jack Russell terrier named "Jagermeister" fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico with nothing but a life jacket on. The good news: he treaded water for three hours and was eventually rescued by  boaters who saw the dog drifting in his orange life vest. To actually see the dog, they had to pass withing ten feet of the swimming canine. After pulling the dog on board, the saviors radioed the Coast Guard which informed them that someone had reported a dog lost overboard, and a reunion was facilita...
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