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Sailor’s Choice: A Monkey that flits between sea and shore

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. After all, it’s the foundation of business for brands such as Harley-Davidson and Indian, and model lines such as Triumph’s ‘modern classics’ and the BMW R nineT and R18. It’s also the driving force behind ‘Gorilla,’ the latest build from Bunker, the prolific custom powerhouse based in Istanbul. Mert and Can Uzer, the brothers behind Bunker, were inspired by their customer’s reminiscing—which dates back to an early fascination with minibikes in the 1970s....
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‘It Was This Epic Adventure’: Historian Bettany Hughes On Smithsonian Channel’s ‘Greek Island Odyssey’

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Top 3 Places In Europe To Live In As A Start-up Millionaire 

All start-up entrepreneurs have at least one idol they look up to and say: “I wanna be that guy, when I make it”. Whether it is Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Elon Musk or another rich and famous entrepreneur that has made a name for themselves worldwide, when you start up a company – you aim for the stars. In this article we take a look at possible destinations you can migrate to, when you actually make it and sell your company for a million-dollar valuation. Together with our partner for th...
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Expert Interview with Sophie Linardopoulos of Zolotas Australia Bridal

Boho brides, take note. Zolotas Australia Bridal hand make the most beautiful gowns with seamless silhouettes and a unique heritage. Crafted in Greece, the land of the Bohemian summer, these gowns channel the spirit of a wedding in the Greek Islands and are made with a lot of love, joy and passion. Today we chat to Sophie Linardopoulos, owner of Zolotas Australia Bridal, about these special gowns and the process of making them for the lucky brides that get to wear them on their big days. Continu...
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Nisyros 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Nisyros, Greece

Nisyros Island is a tiny Greek island and municipality in the Aegean Sea that has an area of only 16 square miles. It belongs to the Dodecanese Group of Islands and is located between Kos and Tilos. The island is also the home of the only active volcano in Greece aside from Thyra in Santorini, which is called the Nisyros Volcano. The last eruption of the volcano, however, was back in 1888. Nonetheless, whether you’re simply visiting Nisyros for the day or spending the night on the isl...
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Acorn TV Announces June 2020 Lineup

Acorn TV Announces June 2020 Lineup Acorn TV has revealed its June 2020 lineup, including the second series of Hidden, the new Danish mystery series The Sommerdahl Murders, the final three episodes of the Acorn TV Original Series Dead Still, the Seachange: Paradise Reclaimed reboot, and more. Acorn TV now offers an extended 30-day free trial for new and old subscribers (previously 7-day trial), so they can start to binge programming from an ever-growing slate of world-class mysteries, dramas,...
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I’m 28, I Travel Full-Time & This Is How Much I Spent On My Trip To Paros, Greece

Welcome to Travel Diaries, a Refinery29 series where we tag along as real women embark on trips around the world and track their travel expenses down to the last cent. Here, we offer a detailed, intimate account of when, where, and how our peers spend their vacation days and disposable income: all the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises. This week’s travel diary: A 28-year-old PR consultant who travels full-time, shares a glimpse into her week in Paros, Greece, workin...
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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Beach Holiday

Everyone looks forward to their annual vacation, and the first thing that usually comes to mind is a week or two in a sun-drenched location where the main activity is relaxing on a gorgeous beach. But, there are plenty of other ways to have a fantastic vacation, such as: 5 Alternatives to a Traditional Beach Holiday Cruises Cruises are not just for older people and couples. They are now an attractive option for all ages. There is also an extensive range of cruise options that people may not...
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Planning a Boomer Adventure cruising through the Greek Islands

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Best Black Friday travel deals

We hope your credit cards have had a nice, relaxing week. Because they’re about to get a serious workout as soon as the turkey is cleaned up, when Black Friday and Cyber Monday drain our collective bank accounts in the spirit of spending to save. And sure, while there are no shortage of 476-inch televisions and stuffed animals that giggle when you touch them, the best value you’re gonna find this weekend is in travel. From airlines to cruise ships, hotels, tours, and dinners in strangers’ hom...
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The Island of Paros, Greece’s Design Hotel: Parīlio

33 suites in classic Cycladic architecture set atop rolling grounds of rugged beauty From its open and airy entrance onward, the recently opened Parīlio hotel welcomes guests into tranquility. Within the oft overrun Greek islands, Parīlio’s serene home of Paros—historically acknowledged as one of the most beautiful—sustains its mission of peace and quiet. The Design Hotel comprises 33 suites and excels at the subtle gestures …
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Outdoor fun on Antiparos, Greece

Even if you’re a frequent visitor to the islands of Greece, you may not have heard of Antiparos. No, it’s not the little contrarian brother of Paros, but it does often get overlooked in favor of the larger nearby island. With under 2,000 permanent residents and spanning just 17 square miles, Antiparos is small in many senses of the word, but not when it comes to adventure and natural, rugged beauty. By all means, take some time to visit Paros on your vacation but also carve out some time to s...
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The Ultimate Guide for Traveling to the Greek Islands

Are you planning a trip to Greece this summer? Well, this is an expansive country that’s spread over many islands. Once you get here, you may spend months exploring this historic and fascinating area. As you’ll note, some islands are famous for their beaches and natural life. Others have a strong cultural tradition or a significant nightlife. While many of these islands are inhabited, you’ll also come across outcroppings and small reefs in the sea. For the inhabited islands, you’ll need to inter...
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The Ultimate Guide for Travelling to the Greek Islands

Are you planning a trip to Greece this summer? Well, this is an expansive country that’s spread over many islands. Once you get here, you may spend months exploring this historic and fascinating area. As you’ll note, some islands are famous for their beaches and natural life. Other have a strong cultural tradition or a significant nightlife. While many of these islands are inhabited, you’ll also come across outcroppings and small reefs in the sea. For the inhabited islands, you’ll need to intera...
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Strictly Speaking - James and Ola: the judges have made some BIG mistakes, Dev and Dianne were robbed and Neil deserves happiness 

James and Ola Jordan have just returned from the Greek Islands for some filming, and took a...
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Greek islands without the crowds

Summering in the Greek islands isn’t just for British royalty anymore. And, unfortunately, that’s kind of the problem. The places that have given the islands their worldwide reputation for white-walled cliffside villages, ancient ruins, and stunning blue water are full. Hit a beach in Santorini this time of year, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someplace to put a towel. Drinks at bars in Mykonos are as much as they are in Manhattan. It’s generally just a tourism glut. The good news is that...
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5 Lessons Kids Learn from Traveling

While some parents are under the impression that it’s better to wait until the kids are older before traveling with them, as long as you plan getaways and activities that are age appropriate, it’s one of the best things you can do. In fact, many teachers feel that children learn so much from traveling they don’t mind if you pull them out of school for a week or so to go. That may be part of the reason why so many millennials, 44 percent according to Travel Agent Central, are traveling with thei...
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'This Is Our Jungle': Abysmal Conditions for Refugees in the Greek Islands

The European Union claims that the refugee pact with Turkey has been a success. Yet asylum-seeker camps on Greek islands in the Aegean have transformed into prisons. Thousands of migrants live there in horrific conditions.
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Highlights of the Greek Islands

There’s something undeniably romantic about hopping between the Greek islands. Marvelling at brilliant blue waters, relaxing on white-sand beaches and basking in the Mediterranean sun. But, this is also the land of the Greek gods. From the Olympic Stadium to Rhodes’ acropolis and the Minoan palace of Knossos, this is your chance to walk among […] The post Highlights of the Greek Islands appeared first on A Luxury Travel Blog.
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Reasons to visit Piraeus, Greece

On your visit to Greece, there’s a good chance you’ll pass through Piraeus. There’s an equally good chance you won’t slow down to check out this port city, using it instead as a throughway between Athens and the Greek Islands as do millions of tourists each year. But Piraeus has more to offer than its busy boat docks and traffic jams. It has picturesque neighborhoods, hilltop restaurants with amazing views, and some of the most incredible seafood the country has to offer. Here’s why Piraeus s...
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The Very Best Things to do in Santorini

While most people seem to visit for a day on a cruise ship, there are many things to do in Santorini to fill up a week or two of your time! We fell in love with Santorini. A lot of people tell us "they don't like Santorini, it's too busy."  But we found it to […] Read the original post The Very Best Things to do in Santorini on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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Intimate Greek Wedding at Alemagou in Mikonos

When you choose a location as stunning as the Greek Islands for your Big Day, you don't need a lot of fluff. The backdrop of the Aegean Sea and the white-washed houses are enough. Just layer on the love. That's exactly how this Bride & Groom celebrated their union. Thanks to Vasilis Kantarakis Films and Les Anagnou Photographers for documenting it all so beautifully, we get a virtual seat to their intimate I dos.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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Best Black Friday Cyber Monday deals

Once upon a time , the day after Thanksgiving — aka the day no one in the US has a damn thing to do — was known as Black Friday. The day retail outlets went “into the black,” so to speak, as shoppers jammed malls and department stores to get a jump on their Christmas shopping. But as shopping in actual stores has become about as relevant as landlines, the shift in Black Friday madness has turned to Cyber Monday — when online retailers offer huge discounts, minus the elbows to the face over Tic...
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Best Greek Islands To Cruise Tips

Greece and the Greek Islands is a wonderful cruising destination, with many cruises starting and ending in Athens and Venice, known as Eastern Mediterranean Cruises. But when you are looking at which cruise line and itinerary to go on your Greek Islands cruise vacation, make sure you are going to the best, most beautiful and interesting islands and ports. Many only go to a few and very busy ones, skipping some of the more appealing ones. In this episode I recommend the best islands and ports you...
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The best things to do in Crete

Days enjoying cerulean blue waters and secluded beach coves, followed by meals made from gorgeous produce and fresh seafood, sound like the dream getaway — albeit a dream that most of the world shares when it comes to Greece. With a rise in popularity, the port areas of Greece’s most popular islands have become overrun with souvenir shops and lackluster restaurants. Thankfully, Crete remains one of the country’s lesser-known spots. From mom-and-pop food spots to a bustling capital city and re...
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Private Paradise: Why Rent A Villa in Zakynthos, Greece

Traveling to Greece can be overwhelming not just because of its breathtaking beauty but also because there are literally hundreds of spots to visit, sites to discover, and history to learn. A person on a holiday can only do so much, right? Aside from the activities, choosing where to stay can be a little tricky especially for first-time visitors, but good thing there are countless of lodging options in Greece. From boutique hotels down to chic private villas, the Greek Islands literally has e...
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Fine for stealing pebbles

For many vacationers , taking a glass jar of sand or a few seashells home from their beach vacation almost seems like a right of passage. Few mementos make better restroom decor than pebbles, and grabbing a few small rocks to pack up and take home can be the perfect reminder of sun-bathed memories. Unless you’re traveling to the Greek island of Skiathos, where those pocketed pebbles could come at a hefty cost. Among the most popular destinations on the island, Lalaria Beach is lined with white...
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Highlights of Greece

Greece has been a tourist hot spot ever since its modern inception. It is also well-known for its earlier periods, packed with history. In fact, Greece regularly makes the top 20 list of must-see tourist destinations in the world for TripAdvisor and other publications. Greece and the Greek Islands feature three main cultural aspects that cannot go unnoticed: ancient civilization architecture, fantastic landscapes, and a flourishing tourist trade. Greece is hot in the summertime, I am not going t...
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MTV Orders Lindsay Lohan Docuseries ‘Lohan Beach Club’

MTV has ordered a docuseries centered on Lindsay Lohan. Currently titled “Lohan Beach Club,” the series will follow Lohan as she tries to launch an exclusive seaside resort in Mykonos, Greece. This marks Lohan’s third business venture in the Greek Islands, following the opening of Lohan Nightclub in Athens and Lohan Beach House Rhodes in […]
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Take a Mamma Mia! cruise of Greece

If you marveled at the beauty of Greece in the original Mamma Mia! movie, this seven-day cruise might just be perfect for your next vacation. In celebration of the original film’s 10-year anniversary and the recent release of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, Star Clippers has announced a ‘Mamma Mia Highlights’ itinerary for its eastern Mediterranean cruise, with guests departing from Athens on three dates in 2019. The journey will bring visitors to a variety of locations in Greece that were featu...
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