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Iron in the Greenland ice core relative to Asian loess records over the past 110,000 years

Xiao and colleagues examined "iron hypothesis" evidences in Greenland NEEM ice core. The result showed that the iron (Fe) records were significantly anti-correlated with the carbon oxide (CO2) concentrations during cold periods over the past 110 kyr B.P. The severe anthropogenic contamination has no significant impacts on the bioavailable Fe deposition in the NEEM ice core.
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Traditional fermented foods

Fermentation is an ancient culinary technique used around the world. It was originally developed to preserve food during harsh winters and food shortages before the time of refrigeration. Vikings traversing the oceans on long voyages needed a supply of edible fish so they didn’t starve while at sea, so they invented lutefisk. Too dangerous to fish on the ice in the winter? The Inuit people have an answer: Stuff a seal carcass with birds and bury it underground until it ferments. And if you’re...
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Soft coral garden discovered in Greenland's deep sea

A deep-sea soft coral garden habitat has been discovered in Greenlandic waters by scientists from UCL, ZSL and Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, using an innovative and low-cost deep-sea video camera built and deployed by the team.
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Scientists Found a Vast, Deep Sea Coral Garden off Greenland's Coast

In the depths of the water just west of Greenland, scientists have discovered a previously unknown coral garden. They described the ecosystem in a new study published in Frontiers in Marine Science on Monday.Read more...
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11 restaurants serving the best Buffalo wings in the San Fernando Valley

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and we cranked up the backyard Weber to celebrate the Fourth of July — the anniversary of our freedom and liberty — we’d cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. We’d inhale Everests of coleslaw and potato salad. And Lord knows we would drink beer, lots and lots of beer, from long-forgotten brands with names like Old Milwaukee, Pils, Rheingold, Olympia and Jax. Sudsy memories all. We still eat our burgers and dogs, and drink our beer in copious ...
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This Week In Trailers: The Booksellers, Sweat, Lost Bullet, Southern Survival, All I Can Say

Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week we read a book, hit the like button on what’s left of our dignity, go on a vehicular adventure, hang out with a bunch of survivalist...
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Watch: Nothing like a good ol' disaster movie to distract us from our chaos

What better way to escape from today's madness than to watch a film about an entirely different kind of disaster: a humanity-destroying comet? If we were living in the pre-pandemic olden days of last summer, Greenland would already be in theaters (originally scheduled for release June 12th), surely marketed as a blockbuster. Starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin, the big budget movie was rescheduled to July 31 due to, of course, the Covid-19 shutdowns. Then it was again rescheduled to it...
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‘Den of Thieves’ and ‘Angel Has Fallen’ Sequels Are Coming to Save Cinema

The movie business is in rough shape right now. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet just got pushed back again, this time to mid-August, and we’re not even sure if the movie will be able to meet that release date. But fear not, because Hollywood is still set on getting back to work in the near future. And when the cameras start rolling, it sounds like there will be Den of Thieves and Angel Has Fallen sequels, with Gerard Butler waiting to help resurrect cinema with a bang. Entertainment Weekly recently...
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A Familiar Jurassic Park Name Returns for Dominion, With a New Face

Disney could push back Mulan’s release once more. Try to be surprised, but yes, Chiwetel Ejiofor will be back for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Michael Bay-produced coronavirus disaster movie expands its cast. Plus, Flex Mentallo helps Rita out in new Doom Patrol pictures, and Gerard Butler runs…Read more...
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‘Greenland’ Trailer: It’s Gerard Butler vs. a Comet in New Sci-Fi Disaster Flick

Gerard Butler has already established himself as the B-movie king, and now he’s coming for the disaster movie genre. The actor has battled Geostorms and will now be facing off against a planet-killing comet in Greenland, a sci-fi disaster thriller that reunites Butler with his Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh. Watch the Greenland trailer below. Greenland Trailer Unexpectedly, Gerard Butler plays a regular family man in Greenland, who is just one among billions of people who wat...
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New Greenland Trailer for the Gerard Butler Thriller

New Greenland trailer for the Gerard Butler thriller STX Films has released a new Greenland trailer for the thriller starring Gerard Butler’s (300, Law Abiding Citizen, Fallen series) that is set for release in theaters on August 14. Check out the trailer in the player below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = readAdmiralCookie(); ...
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New Trailer for Comet Disaster Movie 'Greenland' with Gerard Butler

"Just try to get to safety!" The comet is back! STX has finally followed up and officially debuted the first trailer for disaster movie Greenland, the latest from stuntman turned director Ric Roman Waugh (Shot Caller, Angel Has Fallen). The apocalyptic mega disaster in this one involves a comet breaking into pieces, and these pieces striking Earth causing complete devastation. The main plot focuses on one family that must safely get to an underground bunker located in Greenland before anothe...
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Greenland Trailer: Watch Gerard Butler Try To Survive Armageddon With His Family

Is Gerard Butler the John McClane of natural disasters?
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Kandahar: Gerard Butler to Star in Ric Roman Waugh’s New Action Film

Kandahar: Gerard Butler to star in Ric Roman Waugh’s new action film After working together on last year’s Angel Has Fallen which grossed over $140 million worldwide, Gerard Butler and director Ric Roman Waugh have officially set up their next collaboration with Thunder Road Film’s forthcoming action feature titled Kandahar. Waugh and Butler also worked together on the upcoming disaster thriller Greenland which is scheduled to hit theaters on August 14, 2020. “It’s rare to find the combinati...
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Gerard Butler to Star in Ric Roman Waugh’s Action Thriller ‘Kandahar’

Gerard Butler is set to reteam with “Greenland” and “Angel Has Fallen” director Ric Roman Waugh on action thriller “Kandahar.” CAA Media Finance is representing the film’s U.S. rights, and Capstone is handling international, and will present the project to buyers at the virtual Cannes Market. Waugh will direct from a screenplay he wrote with […]
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Bill & Ted Face the Music Release Date Moves Up A Week

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Bill & Ted Face the Music release date moves up a week Orion Pictures has officially changed the release date for the long-awaited film Bill & Ted Face the Music.  Originally set for an August 21, 2020 release, the Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter-led threequel will hit the theaters a week earlier on August 14, 2020, which was previously occupied by Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel. The new date will see the comedy sci-fi film go up against Gerard Butler’s disaster film G...
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‘No Time to Die,’ ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ Both Get New Earlier Release Dates

Following the massive reshuffling of Warner Bros.’ major releases, MGM and United Artists Releasing are following suit with some release date changes of their own. United Artists Releasing jumped to move the long-awaited sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music to the August release date vacated by Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman 1984, while MGM’s latest Bond flick No Time to Die has actually been pushed up a week in the U.S. A few days ago, Warner Bros. reshuffled its release calendar, pushing the hig...
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The Matrix 4 Pushed to 2022, Godzilla vs. Kong Moves to 2021

The Matrix 4 pushed to 2022, Godzilla vs. Kong to 2021 Warner Bros. is taking the final hours of the business week to shuffle around its release schedule for a number of major upcoming projects, beginning with Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984 and now has confirmed that The Matrix 4 will be moving from its planned May 21, 2021 release to April 1, 2022 while Godzilla vs. Kong will take over its spot, according to Deadline. RELATED: Warner Bros. Pushes Back Wonder Woman 1984 by Two Months ...
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Film News Roundup: Patrick Wilson Joins Halle Berry, Josh Gad in Science-Fiction Epic ‘Moonfall’

In today’s film news roundup, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Plummer and Miles Teller score roles in upcoming movies, and STX moves its Gerard Butler sci-fier “Greenland” back two weeks. CASTINGS Patrick Wilson will star alongside Halle Berry and Josh Gad in Roland Emmerich’s forthcoming science fiction epic “Moonfall.” Charlie Plummer is also joining the cast. Lionsgate […]
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Film News Roundup: Director’s Cut of ‘Everest’ Documentary Scheduled for 2021 Release

In today’s film news roundup, a directors’s cut of “Everest” has been scheduled for release, “John Lewis: Good Trouble” has been set for international sales, RightsTrade hires Bill Lischak, Gerard Butler’s “Greenland” is scheduled and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s latest film gets a release. RELEASES MacGillivray Freeman Films has set a February release for a special director’s cut […]
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STX Films Sets Gerard Butler’s Greenland for Late July Release

STX Films Sets Gerard Butler’s Greenland for Late July Release STX Films has set a July 31 release date for Gerard Butler’s (300, Law Abiding Citizen, Fallen series) thriller Greenland, directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Shot Caller, Snitch). The movie is currently not opening against any wide releases. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; admiralCookie = rea...
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5 products that come from outer space

Meteorites have been used for a variety of practical purposes since the Bronze Age. Since we can get iron from Earth, some of these items are focused towards collectors. These items are practical, beautiful, and remind us of the heavens we interact with more than we think. Humans have been using metals mined from meteorites for most of our history. King Tut had a dagger, bracelet, and headrest made from meteoric iron; the Paleo-Eskimo and Inuit of Greenland mined fallen meteorites for the stuff;...
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Ancient Mass Extinction Tied To Ozone Loss, Warming Climate

Iwastheone shares a report from Science Magazine: The end of the Devonian period, 359 million years ago, was an eventful time: Fish were inching out of the ocean, and fernlike forests were advancing on land. The world was recovering from a mass extinction 12 million years earlier, but the climate was still chaotic, swinging between hothouse conditions and freezes so deep that glaciers formed in the tropics. And then, just as the planet was warming from one of these ice ages, another extinction s...
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Researchers capture rarely heard narwhal vocalizations (video)

With the help of Inuit hunters, geophysicists recently recorded the various calls, buzzes, clicks and whistles of narwhals as they summered in a Greenland fjord. The recordings help scientists better understand the soundscape of Arctic glacial fjords and provide valuable insight into the behavior of these shy and mysterious creatures, according to the researchers.
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A landslide is imminent and so is its tsunami

A remote area visited by tourists and cruises, and home to fishing villages, is about to be visited by a devastating tsunami.A wall of rock exposed by a receding glacier is about crash into the waters below.Glaciers hold such areas together — and when they're gone, bad stuff can be left behind. The Barry Glacier gives its name to Alaska's Barry Arm Fjord, and a new forecasts trouble ahead.Thanks to global warming, the glacier has been retreating, so far removing two-thirds of its support for ...
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The Arctic Is Unraveling as a Massive Heat Wave Grips the Region

It wouldn’t be spring in the climate change era without a massive heat wave in the Arctic.Read more...
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FS Gear Review: Upgrade Your Long Underwear Game With Brynje RaceBase

“You should probably wear something over that.” That was my husband’s witty response when I asked what he thought of the Brynje RaceBase long sleeve shirt and 3/4 tight base layers . No, most people don’t ski in just their long underwear, but these, in particular, would be quite revealing.  Why? Unlike traditional base layers, the RaceBase is made out of a polypropylene mesh, designed to allow maximum breathability while reducing air turbulence between the outermost layer of fabric,...
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Narwhal population to decline

With everyone single-mindedly focused on the pandemic, it can be easy to forget about our planet’s other, more pressing issue: climate change. Unlike COVID-19, which will eventually be in the rearview mirror, global warming is here to stay, and its effects will impact not only humans, but the entirety of the world’s ecosystem. A recent study published by The Royal Society found that the world’s narwhal population will decline significantly by the end of this century because of the warming sea...
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New Trump Administration Aid To Greenland Stirs Fears Of A U.S. Takeover

Even amid the pandemic, the battle between the U.S., China and others over Greenland's future is raging.
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