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From Polar Bears to Lions

The Northern Wheatear has two nesting populations, one in eastern Canada that flies east across the Atlantic to Greenland, and from there to the UK and Mali, and another that flies west from Alaska to Russia down the Middle East to Chad and Kenya. From: Terrierman's Daily Dose To order the book.. [Author: PBurns]
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Stare into the abyss of a swirling black hole with this LED monolith installation (ars technica)

Enlarge / Screengrab of Jesse Woolston's latest piece, The Dynamics of Flow, debuting at Art Basel Miami Beach later this week. (credit: Jesse Woolston) Multimedia artist, composer, and sound designer Jesse Woolston has had a recurring dream for much of his life about encountering a black hole, "falling inward, and waking up terrified." (Who wouldn't wake up terrified?) According to the artist, those dreams have always been a reminder to him of "nature's terrifying awe." Now, Woolston h...
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Europe: COVID Travel Restrictions

Europe COVID 19 Flight Restrictions Dec. 2, 2021 Summary info only. Detailed intelligence available – Pre-arrival testing requirements, health forms, quarantine details, local curfews, and scenario-specific info have been omitted from this overview. Ask your Universal Trip Support team for a Feasibility Guide to get detailed intelligence for your destination of interest. Travelers from outbreak & variant virus hotspots – Many countries are restricting entry for travelers who ha...
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Rain fell at Greenland's summit this year for the first time. It's going to happen more often, study says

New research suggests that the Arctic region will see more rain than snow as climate change advances.
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Rain to replace snow in the Arctic as climate heats, study finds

Climate models show switch will happen decades faster than previously thought, with ‘profound’ implicationsRain will replace snow as the Arctic’s most common precipitation as the climate crisis heats up the planet’s northern ice cap, according to research.Today, more snow falls in the Arctic than rain. But this will reverse, the study suggests, with all the region’s land and almost all its seas receiving more rain than snow before the end of the century if the world warms by 3C. Pledges made by ...
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Greenland's Inuits seek Denmark compensation over failed social experiment

Six surviving Greenlanders are part of a group of 22 children taken for "re-education" in 1951.
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The world's most extreme golf courses

From the freezing glaciers of Greenland to golf in the shadow of a volcano, these courses certainly aren't for the faint-hearted.
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The Arctic Paradox: why the Arctic is caught in the conflicting pressures of global climate change

In October 2021, the British Antarctic Survey launched a new immersive exhibition called Polar Zero in the city of Glasgow to coincide with the COP26 conference between 1 and 12 November. The ice-covered poles have been used repeatedly to convey the urgency of the climate emergency. Melting ice, thawing permafrost, and retreating glaciers are very visible reminders of what is happening on our warming Earth. The exhibition features an Antarctic ice core containing trapped ice bubbles dating from ...
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A year after a crippling fire, one of the Coast Guard's most important ships is on a rare trip around North America

US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy in the Arctic Ocean, August 31, 2009. US Coast Guard/Petty Officer Patrick Kelley Last year, US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy was crippled by a fire in one of its propulsion motors. After replacing that motor, Healy is on a rare trip through the Northwest Passage and around North America. The trip comes as climate change and geopolitical competition make the Arctic increasingly busy. In August 2020, the US Coast Guard icebreaker Healy was forced to return to ...
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One Commercial Real Estate sells 10,000 s/f property

69 Tide Mill Road - Greenland, NH ...
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‘I am Asian, not what people expect’: Derby woman to trek solo to south pole

Preet Chandi – or Polar Preet – hopes to inspire others by becoming the first woman of colour to voyage unsupported across AntarcticaWhen she returned from a trek across Greenland last year, Preet Chandi had a mild case of frostbite on her nose. “I remember somebody saying to me they’ve never seen an injury like that on somebody of my colour skin before,” she said. “I am an Asian woman, I’m not the image that people expect to see out there.”Later this month Chandi, a 32-year-old army physiothera...
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House of Greenland Partners with SolarPower Europe and Google to Inspire Future Workers

With the world looking to the actions of leaders at COP26 this week, creative agency House of Greenland has unveiled its latest video content series for SolarPower Europe, supporting the organisation as it leads the charge to tackle the shortfall of skilled workers in the solar energy sector. The suite of videos is set to inspire and motivate people to take action and explore how they can start a career in solar. It will be housed on the Grow with Google platform: an online resour...
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Greenland's ice sheet is melting so fast, it's raising sea levels and creating global flood risk

The second largest ice sheet in the world has lost 3.5 trillion tons of ice in the past decade, and more could be in store by the end of the century.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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More airlines are choosing single-aisle jets for flights from North America to Europe - see the full evolution of jet-powered transatlantic flying

Widebody vs narrowbody aircraft Boeing, Airbus Widebody aircraft have historically dominated the transatlantic market due to their high capacity and low costs. With the rise of long-range narrowbodies, many airlines are opting to put single-aisle jets on flights across the pond. Narrowbody jets are preferable for their high efficiency and profitability for low-demand city pairs. For decades, transatlantic flying had been dominated by wide-body jets designed for high capacity long-haul ...
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New Research Confirms That the Vikings Landed in North America 471 Years Before Columbus & Exactly 1,000 Years Ago

“We have to celebrate Columbus because he discovered America.” “No he didn’t. Leif Erikson got there first.” “Nuh-uh.” “Uh-huh….” etc… I paraphrase here from the halls of my elementary school circa sometime in the late 20th century, when many of us were convinced the first Europeans to set foot on the continent were not the Spanish and their bloody-minded, treasure-seeking Italian captain, but what we thought of as bloody-minded, treasure-seeking Vikings. Which side was right? Our grade-...
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The Nazis were already shooting at US warships months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor

US Navy destroyer USS Reuben James on the Hudson River in New York, April 29, 1939. US Navy/Wikimedia Commons On October 31, 1941, USS Reuben James became the first US warship sunk by enemy action in World War II. It was the culmination of months of fighting between the US and German navies in the Atlantic. The sinking didn't bring the US into the war, but it did solidify US leaders' support for the Allies. Around 5:30 a.m. on October 31, 1941, an explosion ripped through the US Na...
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Icebergs Are Swimming Sculptures

Since 2003, photographer Olaf Otto Becker has been documenting the decline of the glaciers and ice sheet in Greenland. Greenland’s ice sheet is melting. Regularly, like the ticking of a clock, huge, new icebergs from the edges of the glacier plunge into the ocean each day with a thunderous boom and a roar. Our planet breathes. The accelerated melting of the ice is nothing more than one of our Earth’s compensatory reactions. Everything is constantly in motion. Even landscapes are changin...
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Scientists discover trace of ancient life in a 2.5 billion-year-old ruby

The ruby sample from Greenland, where the oldest known deposits of rubies are found, contained graphite -- a mineral made of pure carbon.
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The Evergrande crisis is spreading. Here are other Chinese property developers that are in default or wobbling.

China's property sector is central to its economy. Getty Images China's Evergrande crisis is spreading to the rest of the property sector, with numerous companies defaulting. Fantasia, Sinic and China Properties Group are among the other developers to have failed to meet payments. Economists worry that contagion in the property sector could knock out a key engine of Chinese growth. Evergrande Evergrande is teetering on the brink of default. STR/Getty images China's p...
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Vikings beat Columbus across the Atlantic by 470 years. Astrophysics and tree rings helped scientists nail down the timeline.

L'Anse aux Meadows was a North American landing point for the Vikings and is now part of Canada's National Park system. The indentations in the earth show evidence of rows of Viking houses. Gail Shotlander/Getty Images The Vikings inhabited Newfoundland 470 years before Columbus landed in North America, research found. Scientists previously dated a Viking settlement in Canada to the 11th century. But tree-ring dating and astrophysics revealed that Vikings were there in 1021. Histor...
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Moon Dust: Greenland's Recipe for Saving Planet Earth

By Jacob Gronholt-PedersenQEQERTARSUATSIAAT FJORD, Greenland (Reuters) - Among the glaciers and turquoise fjords of southwestern Greenland, a...
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Viking Saturn: New Ship & New Itineraries

Viking Saturn: New Ship & New Itineraries Viking announces the Viking Saturn: a new ship & new itineraries for 2023. Viking has been on a tear building new ships. They released two new ships in 2021, another is coming in 2022, and now their 9th ship will debut in 2023. Before we get started, you might enjoy our latest Viking review from when we sailed with them in September: CLICK HERE . Okay, let’s take a peek at their press release and see what all the excitement is about. Viking Saturn: 9t...
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5 billion people could face water shortage by 2050: UN

More than five billion people globally are expected to face a shortage of water by 2050, a United Nations agency report has warned. According to the report, the biggest losses are occurring in Antarctica and Greenland, but many highly populated lower latitude locations are experiencing significant water losses in areas that are traditionally providing water supply, with major ramifications for water security. [Via]
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To tackle climate change properly, the world will need Africa’s help

Next year, COP27 will be hosted in an African country, but by then it may be too late for the continent to get the assistance it needs The post To tackle climate change properly, the world will need Africa’s help appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Exclusive-Diamond Giant De Beers Hunts for Treasure in Greenland's Waters

By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Clara DeninaCOPENAGHEN/LONDON (Reuters) - Mining giant De Beers has commissioned a survey of the ocean floor off...
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The World Wants Greenland's Minerals, but Greenlanders Are Wary

The island has rare elements needed for electric cars and wind turbines. But protesters are blocking one project, signaling that mining companies must tread carefully. From a report: This huge, remote and barely habited island is known for frozen landscapes, remote fjords and glaciers that heave giant sheets of ice into the sea. But increasingly Greenland is known for something else: rare minerals. It's all because of climate change and the world's mad dash to accelerate the development of green...
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The jet stream has started an unprecedented shift north, which could wreak havoc on weather in the US and Europe

The German village of Insul in Rhineland was largely destroyed after rainfall caused devastating flooding in July. Boris Roessler/Picture Alliance/Getty Images The polar jet stream is a band of wind that separates cold Arctic air from warmer air to the south. A new study suggests that as the Earth warms, this band is moving north and out of position. That could cause more droughts and heat waves in southern Europe and the eastern US. See more stories on Insider's business page. The pol...
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Photos: How Facebook and Google use sonar ships, gigantic underwater plows, and divers to lay thousands of miles of undersea internet cables around the globe

Specialised vessels like this one are used to lay thousands of miles of internet cable along the seafloor. Alcatel submarine networks Google and Facebook are invested in dozens of subsea internet cable projects around the world. Laying these cables takes months of preparation, and specialized vessels take them out to sea. Once laid, the cables can ferry huge quantities of internet data around the globe. See more stories on Insider's business page. Google and Facebook have both laid...
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Coffee and Provocation

\ The Oldest Selective Breeding of Dogs How Artic sled dogs came to be. "A 35-person team, including a who’s who of experts in ancient DNA, has now uncovered a vivid and genetically detailed picture of the oldest known case of selective breeding, the creation of Arctic sled dogs at least 9,500 years ago. By that time, the researchers found, sled dogs already had mutations in genes involved in oxygen use and temperature sensitivity that set them apart from other dogs and wolves. And much o...
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Greenland Foreign Minister Demoted After Independence Comments

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Greenland's Prime Minister Mute Egede stripped an outspoken pro-independence minister of his responsibility for foreign...
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