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Greenland Ending: What Kind Of World Is Left For The Garrity Family

Gerard Butler survived the comet, but what happens next?
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Greenland 2: 6 Quick Things We Know About Gerard Butler’s Greenland: Migration

It looks like Gerard Butler has found his next franchise.
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Ten years of ancient genome analysis has taught scientists 'what it means to be human'

A ball of 4,000-year-old hair frozen in time tangled around a whalebone comb led to the first ever reconstruction of an ancient human genome a decade ago. The hair, which was preserved in arctic permafrost in Greenland, was collected in the 1980s. It wasn't until 2010 that evolutionary biologist Professor Eske Willerslev was able to use pioneering shotgun DNA sequencing to reconstruct the genetic history of the hair. It sparked a 'decade of discovery.'
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Bacteria used to clean diesel-polluted soil in Greenland

Diesel-polluted soil from now defunct military outposts in Greenland can be remediated using naturally occurring soil bacteria according to an extensive five-year experiment in Mestersvig, East Greenland, to which the University of Copenhagen has contributed.
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Algorithm reveals the mysterious foraging habits of narwhals

An algorithm can predict when narwhals hunt - a task once nearly impossible to gain insight into. Mathematicians and computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen, together with marine biologists in Greenland, have made progress in gathering knowledge about this enigmatic Arctic whale at a time when climate change is pressuring them.
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Sam Riley, Charles Dance Star in Thriller ‘No Place Like Kill,’ Anton Launches Cannes Sales (EXCLUSIVE)

London-based financier Anton (“Greenland,” “His Dark Materials”) has boarded “No Place Like Kill,” an action-packed crime thriller from Mat Newman with Sam Riley (“Control,” “Maleficient”) and Charles Dance (“The Crown,” “Mank”) attached to star. The film will be presented to international buyers by Anton at the Virtual Cannes Film Market later this month. Set to […]
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‘Greenland’ Sequel Coming, Even Though the First Movie Kind of Ended the World

Greenland, a shockingly good Gerard Butler movie about a planet-killing comet, is getting a sequel. Which is a little surprising, since the movie ended with the comet smashing into Earth and killing off a huge chunk of the population. But those who survived will now be forced to deal with more problems as they trek across the ruined wasteland of what was once Europe. Butler and original director Ric Roman Waugh are both set to return for the sequel, which is called Greenland: Migration. I ex...
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Greenland 2 in the Works with Gerard Butler & Morena Baccarin to Return

According to Deadline, Thunder Road Pictures is currently in the process of developing a follow-up feature to last year’s sci-fi action thriller Greenland, which will be titled Greenland: Migration. Director Ric Roman Waugh will once again direct the sequel, reuniting him with the first film’s writer Chris Sparling. In addition, lead stars Gerard Butler (300) and Morena Baccarin (Deadpool films) are both attached to reprise their roles as husband and wife, John and Allison Garrity. The 2020 fil...
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Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin to Reprise Roles in ‘Greenland’ Sequel

Producer and financier Anton, Basil Iwanyk’s Thunder Road Pictures and Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel’s G-BASE will produce a sequel feature to the action thriller “Greenland.” The core filmmaking team returns with director Ric Roman Waugh headlining from a script by “Greenland” writer Chris Sparling (“Lakewood”). Butler reprises his role as structural engineer John Garrity […]
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Stunning images show the rare solar eclipse that just partially obscured the sun across the Northern Hemisphere

A composite image showing a solar eclipse from three vantage points on June 10, 2021. Left is Long Island, New York, top-right is Avon, New Jersey, and bottom-right is Baltimore, Maryland Insider/AP News/Brandon Berkoff/Collin Gross There was a partial solar eclipse on Thursday morning over much of the Northern Hemisphere. Those in the Northern US got one of the best views of the eclipse, and woke up early to see it. Here are some pictures showing the phenomenon in action. See more stori...
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Solar Eclipse Visible In Sacramento Area Early Thursday Morning

(CBS13/CNN) — The moon will partially block out the sun this Thursday to create a “ring of fire” solar eclipse. Some people in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to catch the first of two solar eclipses this year on June 10. A solar eclipse happens when the moon crosses between the sun and the Earth, which blocks a portion of the sun’s rays, according to NASA. This eclipse is an annular eclipse, meaning the moon is far enough away from the Earth that it appears smaller than the sun. When the m...
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GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert asks a National Forest Service official if she can alter the Earth's and moon's orbits to address climate change

Rep. Louie Gohmert, Republican of Texas, questions then-Attorney General William Barr during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill on July 28, 2020 in Washington, DC. In his first congressional testimony in more than a year, Barr faced questions from the committee about his deployment of federal law enforcement agents to Portland, Oregon, and other cities in response to Black Lives Matter protests; his role in using federal agents to violently clear protesters from Lafayette Squa...
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Horror Thriller ‘CURS>R,’ Starring Asa Butterfield, Iola Evans, Eddie Marsan, Joins Anton’s Cannes Slate

Producer and financier Anton, whose credits include “Greenland,” “His Dark Materials” and “The Night House,” has announced that its latest production, the feature film “CURS>R,” has wrapped principal photography in the U.K. A dark twist on the ‘80s gaming obsession, the horror thriller stars Asa Butterfield (“Sex Education,” “Greed,” “Hugo”), Iola Evans (“The 100,” “Carnival […]
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Tipping elements can destabilize each other, leading to climate domino effects

Under global warming, tipping elements in the Earth system can destabilize each other and eventually lead to climate domino effects. The ice sheets on Greenland and West Antarctica are potential starting points for tipping cascades, a novel network analysis reveals. The Atlantic overturning circulation would then act as a transmitter, and eventually elements like the Amazon rainforest would be impacted. The consequences for people would reach from sea-level rise to biosphere degradation.
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Large amounts of mercury released under southwest Greenland ice sheet

About ten percent of the global riverine export of this toxic substance to oceans originates from this region - with potentially significant impacts on Arctic organisms
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Greenland’s ice sheet is releasing huge amounts of mercury into rivers

As Greenland’s ice grinds up underlying rocks it frees up the toxic mercury they contain, potentially contaminating the aquatic life...
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What SMEs need to know about exporting to the EU in post-Brexit Britain

Over the past year, SMEs have not only needed to contend with the coronavirus pandemic, but changes to the way we trade due to Brexit have also introduced challenges. cite lost goods, increased shipping times and thicker wads of paperwork as the main headaches when exporting to the EU. Larger businesses often have the cash and resources to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. Smaller businesses may not.   Furthermore, there’s the concern that these hiccups are not mere ...
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Researchers find greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury

New research shows that concentrations of the toxic element mercury in rivers and fjords connected to the Greenland Ice Sheet are comparable to rivers in industrial China, an unexpected finding that is raising questions about the effects of glacial melting in an area that is a major exporter of seafood. 
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FSU researchers find Greenland glacial meltwaters rich in mercury

New research from Florida State University shows that concentrations of the toxic element mercury in rivers and fjords connected to the Greenland Ice Sheet are comparable to rivers in industrial China, an unexpected finding that is raising questions about the effects of glacial melting in an area that is a major exporter of seafood. 
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EPA relaunches climate indicators website showing climate change impact on health, environment

In Washington, D.C., for the first time in four years, EPA relaunched its Climate Change Indicators in the United States website for the public. The site features interactive data-exploration tools offering a closer look at graphs, maps, and figures, the importance of indicators and how climate change can affect human health and the environment. This comprehensive resource presents compelling and clear evidence of changes to our climate reflected in rising temperatures, ocean acidity, sea level ...
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10 Things in Politics: Trump's legal jeopardy has GOP worried

Welcome back to 10 Things in Politics, your weekday look at the biggest stories in DC and beyond. Sign up here to receive this newsletter.Send tips to [email protected] or tweet me at @BrentGriffiths.Here's what we're talking about:Trump indictment talk baffles and enrages some congressional RepublicansBiden hails cease-fire between Israel and HamasThe Labor Department is reportedly unable to help the 3.5 million workers set to lose their unemployment benefitsOne thing to look out f...
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US no longer wants to buy Greenland, Blinken confirms

US Secretary of State rules out any plans to buy the Danish autonomous territory US secretary of state Antony Blinken has confirmed that America no longer wants to buy Greenland.Blinken visited the Danish autonomous territory as he ended a four-day trip that included a meeting of the foreign ministers of countries bordering the Arctic. Continue reading...
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Biden Secretary of State said the US is not looking to buy Greenland after Trump floated the possibility in 2019

Antony Blinken speaks during his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of State before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee on January 19, 2021 in Washington, DC. Alex Edelman/Getty Images Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirmed the US doesn't want to buy Greenland. Blinken's confirmation came after Trump suggested purchasing the autonomous Danish territory in 2019. Danish PM Mette Frederiksen called such discussions "absurd" at the time. See more stories on Insider's b...
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Biden Admin: US Won’t Buy Greenland, Sorry For The Trump-Induced Confusion!

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday assured that the Biden administration has no desire to buy Greenland — a reported desire of former President Trump's that never came to fruition and set off a diplomatic fallout. [Author: Summer Concepcion]
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Blinken Confirms the U.S. Does Not Want to Buy Greenland After Trump Proposal

KANGERLUSSUAQ, Greenland (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Thursday confirmed that the United States does not seek to buy...
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Those Who Wish Me Dead Is a Failure of a Film in a World on Fire

An Angelina Jolie wildfire movie is every disasterologist’s dream, but Those Who Wish Me Dead ignores our current nightmare. Instead of leaving us with a high from an action-packed Jolie film, we were left wondering why Hollywood isn’t doing more to help us through our collective anxieties in the midst of a pandemic…Read more...
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Airborne radar reveals groundwater beneath glacier

Researchers have detected groundwater beneath a glacier in Greenland for the first time using airborne radar data. If applicable to other glaciers and ice sheets, the technique could allow for more accurate predictions of future sea-level rise.
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The Quarantine Stream: ‘Greenland’ is Not Your Typical Disaster Movie

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: Greenland Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max The Pitch: It’s the end of the world as we know it and Gerad Butler does not feel fine. Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: When Greenland came out last year, I didn’t pay it much mind due to both preconceived notions and willful ignorance. I knew it was a disaster movie about a comet hu...
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Greenland ice sheet on brink of major tipping point, says study

Scientists say ice equivalent to 1-2 metres of sea level rise is probably already doomed to meltA significant part of the Greenland ice sheet is on the brink of a tipping point, after which accelerated melting would become inevitable even if global heating was halted, according to new research.Rising temperatures caused by the climate crisis have already seen trillions of tonnes of Greenland’s ice pour into the ocean. Melting its ice sheet completely would eventually raise global sea level by 7 ...
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Parts of Greenland may be on the verge of tipping: New early-warning signals detected

Scientists have detected new early-warning signals indicating that the central-western part of the Greenland Ice Sheet may undergo a critical transition relatively soon. Because of rising temperatures, a new study by researchers from Germany and Norway shows, the destabilization of the ice sheet has begun and the process of melting may escalate already at limited warming levels. A tipping of the ice sheet would substantially increase long-term global sea level rise.
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