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The Bachelorette' Frontrunner Greg's Grippo on Katie Thurston Takes a Nightmarish Turn

It’s been clear from the beginning of Katie Thurston’s season that Greg Grippo could easily be the one—but on Monday night he showed us...
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'The Bachelorette' recap: Katie dubs Greg her 'frontrunner,' but will he stay?

The penultimate episode of "The Bachelorette" featured two hometown dates that went off without a hitch – and one that could unravel everything.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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The Bachelorette' recap: 'What the [bleep] just happened??'

Hometown-dates week on 'The Bachelorette' spirals into chaos when Katie's relationship with Greg suddenly implodes.
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How to land a new job when you're pregnant, from the executive who managed it

James was hired as an executive at Prospa when she was just seven weeks pregnant. Prospa/ Supplied Rebecca James was hired as an executive at Prospa when she was just seven weeks pregnant. She chose to tell her prospective employers she was in the early stages of pregnancy. Her employers were elated by the news and hired her and set up a breastfeeding room. See more stories on Insider's business page. It's a common conundrum for women who find themselves on the threshold of a fanta...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 126 – Leigh Vickery on Creating Top-Shelf Customer Experience in Legal

In an industry focused on revenue and profit, where does something like customer experience stand in the priorities of legal providers? Leigh Vickery, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Level Legal, as well as CEO and founder of Queso Mama, says that we need to look at the corporate and legal industry world differently. Instead of putting shareholders and partners first, they need to fall much further down the list. If you take care of your employees and your customers first, there will st...
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Burned by bidding wars, some buyers back off

The first house was in Midvale, Utah — a three-bedroom, just over 2,100 square feet, listed for $479,000. Rob Ettaro and his girlfriend, Kaliana Veros, who had moved from western New York to Salt Lake City, drawn by career opportunities and the stunning scenery of the Wasatch Range, decided to make an offer. This was back in the wintertime, when the young couple had a modest wish list that included room for family to visit. Their hearts still raced at the idea of being homeowners. Ettaro and Ver...
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2021 GET ON! Adv Fest: The Alternative Sturgis Adventure Motorcycle Rally

I’m always ready to be first in line to try new things, especially if it involves motorcycles. An invitation to attend the FIRST Adventure Motorcycle Rally (that I’m aware of) in Sturgis, South Dakota came from our friend Anthony Silvotti at Revzilla about a month and a half ago. It teased a raft of alluring riding opportunities and recreational activities: Meeting and riding with the Revzilla team personalities Spurgeon Dunbar, Jen Dunstan, and Brandon Wise, among others. Camping at the famous...
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The Bachelor’s Commitment to Excess Is Killing the Planet

There was a moment on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette that made my jaw drop. It had nothing to do with a fight between contestants or a heartbreaking revelation. Rather, it was water in the desert. Lots of it. And it made me think about the future of a show that has traditionally portrayed environmental…Read more...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 125 – Shailini George on Law Students Doing Well and Being Well

Suffolk Law Professor Shailini George joins us to talk about her new book, The Law Student’s Guide to Doing Well and Being Well. Professor George talks about the need for law students to take better care of their mental and physical health in order for them to not only do well in law school but to be better lawyers once they enter the profession. Whether it is stopping task switching, setting boundaries on their time, or allowing themselves to be bored, she lays out a guide for students to do b...
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NFL coach Greg Knapp passes away from injuries sustained in San Ramon bike crash

Longtime NFL coach Greg Knapp has passed away from injuries sustained in Saturday’s bike crash, when a car struck him near his Danville home. He was 58. Knapp, according to sources, sustained serious brain trauma as well as other injuries. He’d been in Walnut Creek’s John Muir Health Medical Center since the incident, and his death at 11:32 a.m. was confirmed by a hospital spokesman. “We all miss Knapper and I believe he has touched us deeply,” said Jim Mora, a longtime friend and coaching colle...
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Greg Knapp, NFL Assistant Coach And Former Sac State Star, Critically Injured In Bicycling Accident

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Did an 1860 ad for Pony Express riders say "Orphans Preferred"?

In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll explore some curiosities and unanswered questions from Greg's research, including a novelist's ashes, some bathing fairies, the mists of Dartmoor, and a ballooning leopard. We'll also revisit the Somerton man and puzzle over an armed traveler. — Read the rest
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How a “Pride Before the Fall” Moment Led to a Beautiful Redemption of Failure

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume most of us have failed at something. And I’m convinced how we see, internalize, and respond to our defeats and disappointments makes all the difference in the world. Is your tendency to dwell on your mistake and self-flagellate over your lack of success? Do you get disproportionately angry, default to a victim mentality (Why does this always happen to meeeee?), or assign blame elsewhere? Do you dig in your heels determined to make it work at all cost...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 124 – Maya Markovich and Ivy Grey on Creating More Value with the Time You Have

Dentons Nextlaw Labs ‘ Maya Markovich understands that rational lawyers would observe market dynamics and client pressures to weigh the costs and benefits of adapting their behaviors to survive change, stay employed, and make their work more fulfilling. But, people don’t always make rational decisions. And, law firm’s economic structure incentivizes lower efficiency as a method of obtaining higher revenue.  Wordrake ‘s Ivy Grey thinks that firms need to stop thinking of short-...
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Important safety tips...

Greg Ellefritz has an article worth reading if you think you are likely to ever intervene to stop an active shooter:"I’ve written about the danger of being shot by responding officers after intervening in an active killer attack many times, but I’ve never given precise guidelines about how to handle the post-shooting procedures in order to reduce the chance of being mistakenly killed. This article describes exactly what you should consider doing to keep from being killed by other first responde...
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Cybersecurity can protect data. How about elevators?

Advanced cybersecurity capabilities are essential to safeguard software, systems, and data in a new era of cloud, the internet of things, and other smart technologies. In the real estate industry, for example, companies are concerned about the potential for hijacked elevators, as well as compromised building management and heating and cooling systems. According to Greg Belanger, vice president of security technologies at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and invest...
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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Boutique

Mistake number one is boutique owners being unclear as to what they want from the sale. They must understand why they’re selling and Greg encourages everybody to take that seriously because it’s foundational. If you’re unsure of who you are, you will be unhappy with the sale. If you don’t know where you are headed, you will be unhappy with your sale. There’s no amount of money that will change us. Greg knows from personal experience and speaking on behalf of those whom he has helped sell their f...
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Could You Build a Law Library From Nothing?

I have worked in several law libraries, and I can remember the way each one felt when I first saw them; full of beauty and potential, but completely overwhelming. With each new library I would take a tour while someone knowledgeable about the collection explained where various things could be found, and each time I tried to take it all in, knowing full well that it would be months before I would feel confident that I could find anything. A new collection feels like a massive challenge to learn, ...
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Comment on crispy oven pulled pork by Greg

In reply to Sara. Nope. Uncovered the entire time.
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Arkansas is the US's new Delta epicenter. Its health director says 'we've done everything we can' to convince people to get vaccinated.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson watches an ad featuring former NBA star Sidney Moncrief that encourages people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, at the state capitol in Little Rock, May 20, 2021. Andrew Demillo/AP Photo Arkansas is seeing its highest spike in coronavirus cases in nearly five months. The spread of the Delta variant has made it a new epicenter of the US outbreak. But Arkansas health officials are still struggling to convince people to get vaccinated. See more stories on Insider'...
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Whicker: Greg Larson’s ‘Clubbie’ shows baseball’s bleak heart, powerful grip

The first year that Greg Larson worked in the clubhouse of the Aberdeen Ironbirds, he lived in a bare apartment and slept on an air mattress. In the second year, Larson did as all pros do, and made an adjustment. He ditched the apartment. Well, actually the Baltimore Orioles, the “parent club,” stopped paying for it. So Larson took pains to construct an office and a bedroom inside the ribs of a room that was already a second home to 20 or so college kids, Dominicans, teenagers and ex-dreamers an...
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Trailer: The Roy Family is Back for a Good Old Fashioned Civil War

At long last, the Roy drama has returned — and it’s messier than ever. HBO took pity on us and finally released our first glimpse of Succession season 3. From the looks of it, the Roys are even more bloodthirsty than the last time we saw them, once again attacking each other from any possible angle. After all, no one can hurt you like family can! Check out the season 3 teaser trailer below. Roy-on-Roy Action At the end of season 2, Kendall’s (Jeremy Strong) betrayal was the talk of the ...
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Comment on crispy oven pulled pork by Greg

There should be a Hall of Fame for recipes, and this should be its first inductee. Made this today as a test run for first time family post-covid party targeted for Oct 2021 (we’re in Brazil which has been, cough, problematic). It’s sheer perfection. Various thoughts: (a) My português is terrible (husband is native Brazil and he was with me but everything meat is cut differently here). We ended up with around 3.5 lbs of something from a pig’s shoulder, which they butchered down to boneless in ...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 123 – Eugene Giudice on Reflections During a Pandemic

When we all started working from home last March, we each did something to help us keep sane and stay engaged with our families, our friends, and our peers. Eugene Giudice found a unique way of doing just that with a daily note to all of the above. After more than a year of these daily inspirational emails, he put them into a book called Reflections During a Pandemic: Thoughts While Sheltering In Place Paperback . Eugene’s writings mark places in time and bring back memories of those peri...
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Legendary Big-Wave Surfer Greg ‘Da Bull’ Noll Dies at 84

Greg “Da Bull” Noll, who became a surfing legend by combining a gregarious, outsized personality with the courage and skill to ride bigger, more powerful waves than anyone had ever attempted, has died.
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Ending the mental health stigma in the tech community

Nigel Morris Contributor Share on Twitter Nigel Morris is the co-founder and managing partner of QED Investors. The road to entrepreneurship is never easy. The process is stressful and requires a tremendous amount of hustle, risk-taking and comfort with ambiguity. The sacrifices are innumerable, and they sometimes come at the expense of a person’s mental health. Founders often find themselves in situations where they are under...
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The Geek in Review Ep. 122 – AALL’s Emily Florio and Diane Rodriguez on Leading an Association Remotely

Leading a professional association over the past year has been tough. It’s like getting all of the work, and not getting any of the fun experiences of traveling to meet people around the world. For the American Association of Law Libraries’ President Emily Florio and President-Elect Diane Rodriguez , they’ve made the most of the situation they found themselves in. (Hat tip to the past-President Michelle Cosby, too!) As Florio and Rodriguez prepare for AALL’s second remote annual conferenc...
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Pixar Celebrates Pride Month by Making Adorable Short Film ‘Out’ Available to Watch for Free

To celebrate Pride Month, Pixar has made its animated short film Out, previously streaming only on Disney+, available to watch online for free. Written and directed by Steven Clay Hunter (known for animating scenes on Finding Nemo and WALL-E), Out tells the story of a character named Greg as he struggles to tell his family about his boyfriend Miguel as he’s in the process of moving. With a little cosmic interference from man’s best friend, Greg eventually gathers up the strength to come out. ...
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Turkey's Trendyol in Talks to Raise $2 Billion Investment - Sources

By Ebru Tuncay and Greg RoumeliotisISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish e-commerce firm Trendyol, backed by Chinese internet giant Alibaba, is in...
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Podcast #716: How to Make Your Life More Effortless

When we’re failing to do the things that are most important in our lives, the typical diagnosis of the problem is to believe we’re simply not working hard enough, and the typical solution to the problem is to put in more effort, apply more discipline, and grind it out. My guest would say that we’re thinking about both the root and the remedy of the issue in the wrong way. His name is Greg McKeown, and he’s the author of the bestseller Essentialism, as well as his latest book, Effortless: Make...
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