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‘The children cannot cope any more’: Suicide in Calvinia places spotlight on lack of support systems

The singer Dana Winner’s words echo off the mountains in the Hantam region of the Northern Cape. “Let the children have a world. Where there is no pain or sorrow. Where they all can live tomorrow. And they share a brighter day.” A thin layer of snow covers the mountains, while thick clouds throw a […] The post ‘The children cannot cope any more’: Suicide in Calvinia places spotlight on lack of support systems appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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‘The children cannot cope any more’: Suicide in Calvinia highlights lack of support for young

How Covid-19 has intensified the physical and emotional burdens placed on children’s shoulders. The post ‘The children cannot cope any more’: Suicide in Calvinia highlights lack of support for young appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Gorilla moms carry their dead babies around with them, which could be proof that they grieve, scientists say

A gorilla with her living newborn baby on August 20 in Bristol Zoo. Ben Birchall/PA Images/Getty Images Primates seen carrying babies after their death could be experiencing forms of grief, new research found. The evidence suggests that the mothers could learn what death is over time. The findings provide clues into the evolution of emotions. See more stories on Insider's business page. Scientists studying how chimpanzees and gorillas cope with the death of a newborn believe that th...
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The robot that allows Covid-19 patients human contact

A mental health pandemic: It’s far from ideal, but a dying mother was able to blow kisses to her child thanks to Khanya the robot The post The robot that allows Covid-19 patients human contact appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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Jesus Will Meet You in Your Mourning

While waiting in line at the coffee shop on the other side of town, a familiar voice called my name. Before I turned around, I knew the face that would greet me. We weren’t meeting there to catch up. In fact, I had no idea my friend arrived moments after I walked through the door. But I’ve heard him say my name enough times that I know his tone and cadence well enough to determine his identity with my eyes closed or my back turned. The same is true for my family and close friends. We’ve known ea...
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When our friend dates our ex, is it OK, and can we be upset about it?

Humans love to feel in control of the uncontrollable, which, incidentally, is pseudo-control. Comforting, sure, but nonetheless an illusion. Take breakups. We can feel, for all intents and purposes, ‘over’ our ex based on how we see life working out. Who moves on first, how happy we are. Remaining friends and ‘in the loop’. Thinking that our ex got (or will get) their comeuppance. Of course, we might not account for all scenarios, like… our ex dating our friend. It’s all-too-easy when a frien...
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How mental health resources in schools can help students returning with anxiety and gaps in social skills

The National Association of School Psychologists recommends a ratio of one psychologist for every 500 students. Getty Images Mental health professionals are crucial for the well-being of children, especially those in poverty. Schools can serve as critical access points, but unfilled positions this year will be a challenge. The roles must be filled by experts ready to handle students' anxiety, grief, and social skill gaps. See more stories on Insider's business page. Even before COV...
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How to Support a Partner Through the Death of a Parent

Losing a parent is as close to a universal experience as it gets, but that doesn’t mean any of us are truly prepared. When it happens to your significant other, you might be at a loss for how to help them grieve and cope, but that’s one of your responsibilities as a partner. Here’s how to be there for a partner whose…Read more...
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How to Cope With 'Disenfranchised Grief'

Grief is a natural response to loss, from the death of a loved one to the dissolution of a marriage, sudden financial stability, or the end of a friendship. While grieving, people tend to feel a range of emotions—everything from anger to guilt to sadness—all of which are normal, and can take time to work through.Read more...
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When Death Heals Your Fear of Death

Five months ago, I stood in my bathroom staring into a mirror stained with specks of toothpaste spit. I fixed my hair, pulling it behind my ears, and made my face up with all the chemicals, creams, and colors. Then I took a brush to my son’s hair, long curls of auburn red, just like my own. I told him we were dressing up, even though we weren’t leaving the house, even though we were only going to turn the computer on and sit in our dining chairs to watch the virtual viewing of my grandfather ...
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What You Need Is Consolation, Not an Explanation

I didn’t know that the seemingly innocent Google invitation called “Rediscover This Day” would throw me again in the trenches of overwhelming pain. I clicked on the link and stared at two smiling faces: my husband and me, standing on a bridge in a hug, exuding happiness, joy, and love.    To see the photo and all the happy memories it evoked felt like a stab straight into my fragile heart. That happy life was no more. Tears rolled down my cheeks, and my body shook convulsively. It hurt so ...
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Nobody Wants to Be Part of a Club They Did Not Choose

My oldest daughter and I snuck into the back of the church just before the memorial service started. She asked me to go with her to support one of her classmates, whose dad had died several months earlier while out for a jog. Because of the pandemic, the family had waited to host this celebration of his life so more people could attend. We listened to stories about his life, how he met his wife, his time in the military, the way he faithfully supported our school and the students. We belly laugh...
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The Murder & The Funeral

Officer Gordon Beesley was murdered in our community. More details have emerged about his death, and his funeral was a fitting tribute. The post The Murder & The Funeral appeared first on Lavender Luz.
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Knowing if you’re on the right track with No Contact or getting over someone

Post-breakup as you endeavour to come to terms with the loss of the relationship, it’s not uncommon to fret a little (or even a lot) about whether you’re on the ‘right track’.  If you’re No Contact, the enforced distance can cause you to wonder if you’re really moving on. You might feel alright but then worry about how you’d react if you heard from them. There can be a level of anxiety about whether how you’re thinking, feeling and acting reflects that you’re moving on. Even without No Contac...
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In Honor of Fallen Police Officer Gordon Beesley

Officer Gordon Beesley was an amazing human being, important in our community and to my family. I hate that I have to use past tense now. The post In Honor of Fallen Police Officer Gordon Beesley appeared first on Lavender Luz.
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Making sense of people seemingly being unhappy with your happiness

Not everyone is going to be happy for you when you are. People you will expect to share in your joy, to be pleased for you, to acknowledge whatever’s happened, might not. They’ll maybe like your Facebook or Instagram post(s) but say absolutely nothing at all directly to you. It could be that they go radio silent, and you’re double-checking your texts just to be sure that you didn’t miss one or mute or block them by accident. Maybe you spend time around them and they make no mention of the th...
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Kentaro Miura - A Manga Legend That Used Darkness as Light

There’s a saying that a lot of mental health experts preach - you don’t know what someone’s going through unless they either say it or you directly talk to them.  In the case of Kentaro Miura (who... More after the jump!
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The Audacity of Birds and Belief

A few weeks ago, I found a robin’s nest in our backyard. We have a small circle of five trees that stand in the left corner like five friends. The nest had been meticulously put together, piece by piece, into a haven made to house the hope and fragility of new life. When we moved into our current home, all the trees were in their process of seasonal death. Leaves were burning bright and falling free. We knew it would take time to see what these trees would become in the spring. Three of the tree...
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It’s Okay to Not Be Okay Today

I planted my heels firmly into the ground and with both my hands and my voice shaking, read a prayer to close my grandfather’s funeral service. The words about worry, fear, and loss were written a month into sheltering-in-place, and as strange as it might seem, I prayed over that prayer before I wrote it out. With so much up in the air, with losses growing and normal disappearing, I asked God to guide my hands as I typed, to speak through the pixels of a computer screen, and to bring comfort no ...
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I Have Seen the Lord

My friend Jill died in my dream last night. It happens fairly periodically actually. See, in real life, it’s been 520 days since she went to be with Jesus. Some days, it feels like she left years ago because there are so many big and little things that she’s missed. She died before the pandemic, and I often wonder what her commentary would be about a world that hoards toilet paper and hand sanitizer. But other days? I feel like it just happened — like I just got the text that she died as the sun...
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Nick Cave releases vinyl single, "Grief"

Nick Cave (of The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party, Grinderman, The Dirty Three, and more) communes with his fans via The Red Hand Files. They ask him how he's doing, what he's writing, his favorite books, and general life advice as if he were some wonderful and terrifying fortune teller living on the outskirts of an already mysterious and alluring town. — Read the rest
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Making Space For Each Other’s Grief

The week after the Atlanta massacre, I found myself lying in bed, huddled up in a ball and too nauseous to move. An Asian woman in New York had been attacked, and after a week of nightmares and continuous phone calls mentoring and counseling other Asian Americans who were grieving, this news put me over the edge. I couldn’t eat. I kept feeling like I could throw up at any moment. That’s how visceral my body’s reaction was to the recurring grief and trauma of the hate crimes against my community...
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Yuta Okkutsu - The Curse and Blessing of Love (Jujutsu Kaisen)

“I’ve always believed that love manifests the most distorted curses.” Before the curse of Ryomen Sukuna became the main problem in Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen, there was... More after the jump!
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The Best Books to Teach Your Kid About Grief and Loss

When we want to convey a difficult or abstract concept to our kids, whether it be empathy, racism, anxiety, or bullying, we often turn to children’s books for help. These books can help us introduce topics and ideas we otherwise struggle to put into our own words, and that is especially true when we have to help our…Read more...
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A note on outgrowing friendships

It’s discomforting to let go of people who have been in your life for a time. We always imagine that friendships will last forever and that the trickier ones will get better. We don’t want to outgrow our friendships. Part of growth and living is letting go of the old version of you. You are allowed to grow. It’s not a judgement on others if you no longer fit the relationship. You’re not doing something ‘wrong’ by letting go of the role you used to play. As you create healthier boundaries a...
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What is 'Grief Debt' and How Can We Get Rid of It?

As we’ve become all too familiar with over the past year, grief isn’t limited to losing a loved one (although that is its own, particularly painful type of grief). Whether it’s losing a job, not getting to see family and friends for extended periods of time, or simply mourning our pre-pandemic lives, we still have no…Read more...
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Why is your ex or their new partner ‘so happy’ on Instagram when they mistreated you?

Pre-internet and social media, to know what your ex or their current partner was up to, you had to become a stalker. You had to be prepared to nose around extensively in their lives, and this was a signpost for recognising obsession. The idea of following someone or making a nuisance out of yourself put a boundary in place. It either forced you to start grieving or left you relying on your imagination. And the latter in and of itself often became a signpost to start grieving too. Of course, ...
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This Episcopal priest writes of grief and the death of her infant son in ‘The Night Lake’

In 2014, Liz Tichenor was a recently ordained Episcopal priest living in a cabin in a church camp on the shores of Lake Tahoe with her husband Jesse, a camp counselor, and their newborn son, Fritz. On Jan. 24, Fritz, who was just 40 days old, became severely distressed and wouldn’t stop crying. The doctor at the urgent care center examined the baby but couldn’t find anything wrong. Hours later, as his parents lay in bed with the infant, Fritz stopped breathing. Jesse, who taught cardiopulmonary ...
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Podcast Ep. 212: People Can Be More Than One Thing

In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I explain why seeing people, including ourselves, as only one thing is a trap. It causes us to deny, rationalise, minimise, excuse, assume and generalise and this always leads to big problems. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Android 5 key topics in this episode To assume, for instance, that all people who lie and cheat are ‘bad’ people incapable of being thoughtful or generous at times is the trap. That doesn’t mea...
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Where to Bring Your Grief

Before I even got the call, I knew in my gut that something was wrong. Ten years ago, my dad died alone in his apartment of heart failure. Time is such a strange thing. It’s been a decade and a moment and a lifetime. My body’s calendar of grief told me this anniversary was coming before I even realized the date. I took my tears and tissue to the garage and pulled out a bunch of old pictures. I could only find one of my dad genuinely smiling alongside me and my two older sisters. But there were d...
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