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Repressive violence is sweeping Bolivia. The Áñez regime must be held to account

We call upon the international community to stop supporting this government, which is committing alarming human rights abusesEvo Morales – President of Bolivia from the MAS party (Movimiento al Socialismo, Movement Towards Socialism) – was forced to resign on November 10, in what many observers view as a coup. In the wake of Morales’ resignation, there has been mounting chaos and violence. What is happening in Bolivia is highly undemocratic and we are witnessing some of the worst human rights vi...
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Bolivia protests: five killed in rally calling for exiled Morales's return

Witnesses say police opened fire on protesters near Cochabamba, where pro- and anti-Morales supporters have clashed for weeks Bolivian security forces have clashed with supporters of the exiled former president, Evo Morales, leaving at least five people dead, and escalating the challenge to the interim government to restore stability.Hospital director Guadalberto Lara said that most of the dead in Sacaba, in the centre of the country, as well as some of the dozens more who were injured, had bull...
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