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A Free and Fair Presidential Election Is Venezuela’s Way Forward

Efforts to end the country’s crisis at the ballot box must synchronize national, regional and international approaches.
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Venezuela suspends airline after Guaidó's flight home

Venezuelan authorities suspended a Portuguese airline on Monday days after it carried opposition leader Juan Guaidó and his uncle home from an international tour aimed at ousting President Nicolás Maduro. Guaidó's flight to Caracas on TAP Air Portugal ended his three-week tour through Europe and into the Trump White House. Venezuelan authorities arrested Guaidó's uncle upon landing, accusing him of trying to bring a small amount of explosives into the nation.
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Denouncing the U.S., Venezuelan Troops and Militias Stage Drills

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuela’s armed forces and civilian militias took the streets in cities, beaches and border regions on Saturday for drills ordered by President Nicolás Maduro, amid tensions between Washington and Caracas. Despite the maneuvers, there are no indications that the U.S. plans any military intervention in Venezuela. Washington has focused on political and diplomatic pressure in its efforts to oust Maduro, only saying last year that it had not ruled out a military option...
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U.S. condemns detention of Venezuela opposition leader Guaido's uncle

The U.S. State Department on Saturday condemned the detention of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido's uncle as politically motivated and demanded his immediate release. Juan Jose Marquez was detained on Tuesday on his return to Venezuela after a three-week international tour. "The preposterous charges that have been put forward further exemplify the increasing desperation of Maduro and his corrupt associates," said State Department spokesman Morgan Ortagus in a statement.
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Venezuelan president says arrest of Juan Guaidó "will come"

Maduro made the remark in a meeting with the international press three days after Guaidó returned from a tour to the U.S. and Europe, in defiance of a court order prohibiting him from leaving the country. Despite the order, migration officials let Guaidó into the country after he arrived on a commercial flight at Venezuela’s main international airport. Maduro said that the day Venezuela’s justice system decides Guaidó should be imprisoned “for all the crimes he’s committed,” he will be jailed.
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Celebrated Abroad, Juan Guaidó Faces Critical Test in Venezuela

On an international tour, the Venezuelan opposition leader looked strong. But at home, he faces a disillusioned base, an authoritarian leader and a pivotal moment for the country.
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Venezuelan officials arrest opposition leader's uncle

An ally of President Nicolás Maduro said Wednesday that officials have detained a close relative of opposition leader Juan Guaidó, accusing the uncle of trying to smuggle “dangerous materials” into Venezuela. Guaidó accused Maduro of using his uncle, Juan José Márquez, as a means of threatening him as he returns from an international tour rallying support to oust the socialist leader. Socialist party chief Diosdado Cabello, a Maduro ally, said in his weekly TV program Wednesday night that Guai...
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Venezuela detains opposition leader Guaido's uncle

Venezuelan authorities detained opposition leader Juan Guaido's uncle after the two men arrived at the main airport in Caracas, ruling Socialist Party Vice President Diosdado Cabello said on Wednesday. Juan Jose Marquez, who was with Guaido on his return to Venezuela on Tuesday after a three-week international tour, passed "migration normally, and as he was about to leave ... he was held for an alleged Seniat review," Guaido's press team wrote on Twitter.
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Energized Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Vowing Move Forward in Campaign Against Maduro

(CARACAS, Venezuela) — Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó is gearing up for the next stage of his following his return home from a tour abroad that included a meeting with his most important foreign ally — U.S. President Donald Trump. An energized Guaidó told cheering supporters at a public square in the capital of Caracas late Tuesday that he is armed with the backing of the “free world” to finish the job of reclaiming the nation. “Today more than ever we have to make our presence ...
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US oil executives moved from house arrest to prison after Guaido meets with Trump

Six oil executives held in Venezuela for more than two years were suddenly moved from house arrest into prison on Wednesday night, just hours after Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido met with US President Donald Trump.
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Trump told Guaido he will take new action on Venezuela in the next month

President Donald Trump pledged more action to ramp up pressure on Venezuela's embattled President Nicolas Maduro during a White House meeting Wednesday with Juan Guaido, the Venezuelan opposition leader who is recognized by the US and more than 50 countries as Venezuela's interim president, a source familiar with the meeting said.
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US warns Venezuela of consequences if Guaido harmed

The United States on Thursday warned Venezuela's leftist regime of consequences if opposition leader Juan Guaido is not allowed to return safely from a visit to Washington. "We hope that the regime makes the calculation, particularly after this trip, that the support for Guaido is strong and that the counter-reaction to any move against him would make it a mistake for the regime," said Elliott Abrams, the US pointman on Venezuela. Guaido, who is considered interim president by the United State...
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Venezuela rounds up U.S. oil executives as Guaidó visits DC

MIAMI — Six American oil executives under house arrest in Venezuela were rounded up by police hours after President Donald Trump met Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s chief opponent at the White House, according to family members of the men. Alirio Zambrano said early Thursday that the executives of Houston-based Citgo were abruptly taken from their homes last night by the SEBIN intelligence police. Zambrano, the brother of two of the six detained men, said their current whereabouts are unkn...
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Trump’s Shout-Out Masks a Bleak Outlook for Venezuela’s Guaidó

The U.S. president has made the troubled South American nation a political pawn in the new cold war with Russia.
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Nancy Pelosi (Literally) Rips Trump’s Speech Apart

Readers both praise and criticize the president’s speech and the speaker’s action when it was over.
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US threatens Venezuela with 'crippling' measures after Trump-Guaidó meeting

* US rolls out red carpet for Venezuela opposition leader * Trump administration to take unspecified steps within 30 daysThe United States has warned it was preparing “crippling” and “impactful measures” designed to force Nicolás Maduro from power as Donald Trump rolled out the red carpet for the Venezuelan leader’s challenger, Juan Guaidó.Guaidó, who has spent the last year battling – so far unsuccessfully – to topple Maduro, arrived at the White House on Wednesday afternoon and was met by the...
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Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "There's An App For That"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist: "There's An App For That" Well, that sure was some skanky-ass to-do we had out in Iowa this week. Sanders was looking really good to take it, but then they suddenly "delayed" the results because of an issue with a skanky vote-reporting app — a skanky app coded by a skanky company operated by old Hillary campaign stooges and which has also worked for the Buttigieg campaign. I'm so not into the...
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Trump uses State of Union to campaign; Pelosi rips up speech

By JONATHAN LEMIRE WASHINGTON — Standing before a Congress and a nation sharply divided by impeachment, President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address to extol a “Great American Comeback” on his watch, just three years after he took office decrying a land of “American carnage” under his predecessor. The partisan discord was on vivid display Tuesday as the first president to campaign for reelection after being impeached made his case for another term: Republican legislators chanted “F...
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Venezuela’s Guaido Rallies Supporters, Meets Rubio in Miami

(Bloomberg) -- Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s opposition leader, rallied supporters in Miami on Saturday and met with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, who’s played a key role in shaping U.S. policy on the South American country. It’s likely to be one of his last stops in a two-week global tour aimed at building support to oust his rival, President Nicolas Maduro.“We have a strategy, and the support of the world,” Guaido said in Spanish at the rally. “We’re not alone.” He asked the crowd to imagine a day when...
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Juan Guaidó Takes His Appeal to Venezuelans in Florida

Juan Guaidó, who last year declared himself Venezuela’s interim president, tried to rekindle the energy of his country’s diaspora.
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Venezuela’s Guaido Rallies in Miami, Plans to Meet Rubio

(Bloomberg) -- Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s opposition leader, rallied supporters in Miami on Saturday and will meet with U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.It’s likely to be one of his last stops in a two-week global tour aimed at building support to oust his rival, President Nicolas Maduro.“We have a strategy, and the support of the world,” Guaido said in Spanish at the rally. “We’re not alone.” He asked the crowd to imagine a day when the millions of Venezuelans living abroad could return home.Guaido is re...
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Venezuela's Guaidó angles for Trump meeting at end of trip

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó wraps up an international tour with a rally in Miami on Super Bowl weekend with the looming question whether the opposition leader can score an important meeting with President Donald Trump. Guaidó's ability to win face time with Trump in a symbolically important meeting will test the young political leader’s standing with his most important international ally. “If Trump does not meet with Guaidó, that would raise serious questions about the administrat...
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Scotiabank CEO Seeks Help for Troubled Venezuela in Op-Ed

(Bloomberg) -- Calling Venezuela one of “the most corrupt nations on Earth,” Bank of Nova Scotia Chief Executive Officer Brian Porter urged governments around the world to seize assets tied to wrongdoing and use them to support democracy in the troubled South American country.The CEO of Canada’s third-largest lender, which has significant operations in Latin America, took the unusual step of weighing in on Venezuela’s political and humanitarian crisis through an op-ed piece published in the Nati...
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Venezuela's Guaidó visits a politically agitated Spain

Juan Guaidó, the man who one year ago launched a bid to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, on Saturday paid a visit to Spain, where a thriving community of Venezuelans and a storm among Spanish political parties awaited him. Venezuela's main opposition leader is on an international tour to bolster support for his U.S.-backed effort to remove Maduro and lead the country until a presidential election deemed to be transparent can be held. After stops in London, Paris and the Davos Economic...
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Venezuela's Guaidó in Davos plea for help to overturn 'dictatorship'

Juan Guaidó says country facing refugee crisis on a par with Syria as millions fleeVenezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, has urged the world not to turn its back on his struggling country and the millions of people who have fled across its borders to escape poverty and political turbulence.Addressing the World Economic Forum on Thursday, Guaidó said the international community had a duty to help those suffering in Venezuela and those trying to leave. Continue reading...
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A year on, Juan Guaidó’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela has stalled | Tony Wood

An underestimation of Chavismo’s resilience means the US-backed drive to topple Nicolás Maduro has fizzled outA year ago, on 23 January 2019, Juan Guaidó, chairman of Venezuela’s opposition-controlled national assembly, proclaimed himself president of the country and vowed to remove Nicolás Maduro from power. Guaidó’s pretender government was swiftly recognised by the Trump administration, as well as by the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Brazil, and eventually some 50 countries in total. As stre...
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Davos 2020: US treasury secretary says Greta Thunberg should go study economics - live

Rolling coverage of the third day of the World Economic Forum in DavosLatest: Mnuchin slaps down Thunberg’s divestment callMnuchin: US does care about environmentWorld Bank chief’s Davos snub dashes hopes of climate consensusVenezuela’s Guaido asks for help 10.28am GMT Microsoft boss Satya Nadella has been talking about the importance of trust in technology.We will go backwards unless there is trust in the factor of production that is supposed to fuel the 4th Industrial Revolution.We need gl...
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Exclusive: Giuliani told U.S. his client deserves leniency for financing Venezuela's opposition - Parnas

At a lavish August gathering at a private estate in Spain, a wealthy Venezuelan businessman under criminal investigation in the United States introduced Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, to the father of Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido. The affair was part of a campaign for leniency for the businessman, Alejandro Betancourt, who sought to demonstrate his close ties to opposition figures looking to oust Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro - a key obje...
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Venezuela intelligence agents raid Guaido offices: opposition

Agents from Venezuela's Sebin intelligence service on Tuesday raided the offices of opposition leader Juan Guaido while he traveled in Europe, an opposition lawmaker said. "We have just confirmed that Sebin officers are inside the office of president Guaido," lawmaker Delsa Solorzano told reporters after speaking with security guards at Caracas's Zurich Tower.
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Venezuela crisis: Secret service raids offices of opposition leader Guaidó

The opposition leader, widely recognised as Venezuela's interim president, is on a visit to the UK.
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