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WABAC Wednesday

As Mr. Peabody might say, let's step into the WABAC (or Wayback) machine... Here we go, all the way back to the year 2016. I was in New York City seeing the inside of the Guggenheim Museum for the first time. I went more to see the building than the art. Good thing, because most of the art was gone. They were preparing a new installation on the building's iconic spiral ramp. Black and white treatment inside the Guggenheim. My friend and I did get to see the art in the museum's "new" (1992) win...
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Look, Buildings Of Any Tradition Can Be Beautiful

Seriously. We’re having this discussion because the U.S. president is determined to damage as much as possible before he’s forced to leave, but: “America has beautiful and popular non-traditional structures – the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles – and it has crude and soulless classical buildings.” – The Guardian (UK)
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Guggenheim Museum Investigation Comes Up Empty But Chief Curator Is Leaving

An independent investigation into how the Guggenheim Museum handled last year’s exhibition on the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat has concluded there is no evidence that the show’s guest curator, Chaédria LaBouvier, who is Black, “was subject to adverse treatment on the basis of her race,” the museum announced on Thursday. The museum simultaneously announced that Nancy Spector, the artistic director and chief curator, who is white, was leaving “to pursue other curatorial endeavors and to finish her...
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Museum visits in the COVID-19 era

There was a time when avoiding crowds in museums was a challenge. Getting to the Egyptian mummies at the British Museum before everyone else was a nearly impossible feat, and managing to get a peek of the Louvre’s Mona Lisa without hundreds of people blocking your view was the stuff of myths. But since mid-March, entire collections sit alone in galleries, undisturbed and unappreciated by the throngs of admirers who usually take so much pleasure in looking at them. A by the International Cou...
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Why follow the Camino de Norte

Since the 1990s , the medieval pilgrimage El Camino de Santiago has seen a resurgence in popularity, seeing over 300,000 pilgrims a year. It’s not surprising why this pilgrimage has become so popular. It’s easily accessible with diverse route options, luggage transportation services, and various accommodation types, from hostels to elegant inns. However, over-tourism is becoming a problem on the more popular routes. Over three-quarters of pilgrims hike the French and Portuguese routes, pathway...
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Guggenheim Hires First Full-Time Black Curator

The Guggenheim Museum has hired its first full-time black curator: Ashley James. “Her work complements the Guggenheim’s mission to present the art of today,” says Nancy Spector, the Guggenheim’s artistic director and chief curator, “which we understand as a deep and expansive view of art history.” Read more at NYT  
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People Wore White Gloves to Look Through Rihanna’s New 15-Pound Book at Her Party and Other Things We Saw Inside the Event

Don’t get stuck next to the photographers when Rihanna makes an entrance, as you may get nearly trampled; it’s an experience this reporter can attest to firsthand. Book launches, like the one Rihanna showed up for on Friday night at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum, aren’t always buzzy affairs filled with paparazzi. But when it’s…
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OxyContin Maker Settles Opioid Crisis Lawsuit With Oklahoma For $270 Million

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The maker of OxyContin and the company’s controlling family agreed to pay $270 million in a deal announced Tuesday with the state of Oklahoma to settle allegations they helped set off the nation’s deadly opioid crisis with their aggressive marketing of the powerful painkiller. It is the first settlement to come out of the recent coast-to-coast wave of lawsuits against Stamford, Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma that threaten to push the company into bankruptcy and have stain...
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Maker of OxyContin reaches $270 million settlement in Oklahoma

By KEN MILLER and GEOFF MULVIHILL OKLAHOMA CITY — The maker of OxyContin and the company’s controlling family agreed Tuesday to pay a groundbreaking $270 million to Oklahoma to settle allegations they helped create the nation’s deadly opioid crisis with their aggressive marketing of the powerful painkiller. It is the first settlement to come out of the recent coast-to-coast wave of nearly 2,000 lawsuits against Stamford, Connecticut-based Purdue Pharma that threaten to push the company into bank...
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Charity Tied To Opioid Maker’s Family To ‘Pause’ U.K. Donations

The Guggenheim Museum in NY and the Tate galleries in the U.K said they won't accept more money from the Sackler Trust.
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“Robert Mapplethorpe: Choreography for an exhibition” at Museo Madre, Naples

Classic art juxtaposed with the iconic photographer's work in a show that explores human form Symmetry was one of beloved photographer Robert Mapplethorpe‘s obsessions. Now, 30 years after his death, Mapplethorpe is celebrated with a major retrospective at NYC’s Guggenheim Museum and also in a smaller, more precious exhibition at the Museo Madre in Naples. Robert Mapplethorpe. Choreography for an Exhibition (curated by Laura Valente and Andrea Viliani) is focused …
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How can digital art created on obsolete platforms be preserved?

As the lines between art and technology continue to blur, digital art experiences become more commonplace. But these developments are raising an important question for art conservationists: How should digital artworks be preserved? The post How can digital art created on obsolete platforms be preserved? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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10 Sun-Soaked Running Events in Spain worth travelling for in 2019 + bonus fun run

If 2019 has seen you catch the running bug and set your sights on running a marathon then you might be disappointed to hear that the London Marathon is so oversubscribed by more than 100,000 runners that your chance of taking part our down to the luck of a ballot entry system each year.  However, thanks to the growing trend for marathon running, there are now events to choose from all over the world. This means you can combine a tough physical challenge with a holiday – truly earning your place ...
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My National Rifle Association Expectations

Opinion My National Rifle Association Expectations USA – -( Over the years, I have often been pretty critical of the NRA and its leadership team. Even though I try to make a point of expressing my support for the organization and its mission, there are always some who see my criticism as an attack, and an attempt to tear down the organization. In this column, rather than simply pointing at the flaws and failures of the association, I want to address some practical and reasonabl...
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Protesters Hit Guggenheim For Its Sackler Family Ties

As fake OxyContin prescription slips fell from the upper walkways of the Guggenheim Museum, protesters explained this action against the museum, which has accepted rather a lot of money from the Sackler family, “was a response to a recently disclosed statement by Richard Sackler, the son of a Purdue [Pharma] founder, who said years ago that OxyContin’s launch would be ‘followed by a blizzard of prescriptions that will bury the competition.'” – The New York Times
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Anti-opioid protesters target New York's Guggenheim over Sackler family link

Demonstrators call on museum to refuse donations from the owners of OxyContinUS art photographer and activist Nan Goldin brought the Guggenheim Museum in New York to a standstill on Saturday night as thousands of fake prescriptions were dropped into the atrium to protest against the institution’s acceptance of donations from the family who owns the maker of OxyContin – the prescription painkiller at the root of America’s opioids crisis.Tourists and locals gawped in confusion as Goldin and fellow...
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Guggenheim Deaccessions Zao Wou-Ki Painting

The Guggenheim Museum is deaccessioning a Zao Wou-Ki painting from its collection to sell at Sotheby’s Hong Kong, valued at around $7.7 million–$10 million.  “With its distinguished provenance and impeccable quality from the artist’s critical ‘Oracle Bone’ period, this masterwork will no doubt generate interest and excitement from collectors worldwide,” says Vinci Chang, Sotheby’s head of modern Asian art. […]
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An insider's guide to Bilbao

It has the buzz of the city centre, and the laid-back vibes of the Bay of Biscay coast. Kat Webster, who left the London fashion scene to run a yoga studio in the Basque city, shares her insider tips on what to see, do and eatStart your day rightI often pop into Copper Deli (Mazarredo 6) first thing for a coffee or a smoothie – they do tasty sandwiches and delicious cakes too. If you fancy something more traditional, have breakfast sitting at a marble table at the splendid Café Iruña (Jardines d...
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Download Over 325 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum

In 2014, Getty Publications announced the launch of its Virtual Library, where readers can freely browse and download 325 art books from the publisher’s backlist catalogue. The Virtual Library consists of texts associated with several Getty institutions. Readers can view extensively researched exhibition catalogues from the J. Paul Getty Museum, including Paul Cézanne's late-life watercolours, when the painter raised the still life to a high art (Cézanne in the Studio: Still Life in Watercolors...
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Custom Bikes Of The Week: 2 December, 2018

A pair of Yamaha cafe racers from the opposite ends of the capacity spectrum, Roland Sands gets stuck into the Indian FTR 1200, and some sad news from the Vincent scene. Vale Patrick Godet The renowned Vincent builder Patrick Godet passed away on Tuesday. His Swiss friend Fritz Egli (yes, of Egli-Vincent fame) made the announcement and requested privacy. Godet was well known for his exquisite restorations, and restomods such as the 1330 Cafe Racer and the less radical Sport GT. These used...
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Concert Review: Jorja Smith Lights up Gala Party at New York’s Guggenheim Museum

In recent years some of New York’s most unusual concerts have taken place at its most prestigious museums, either as special events or as entertainment at benefit parties for donors and members. We’ve seen artists ranging from The Weeknd and Robyn to James Blake and even Tei Shi performing at the Museum of Modern Art; […]
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New York – Alberto Giacometti at Guggenheim Museum Through September 12th, 2018

Giacometti (Installation view), via Art Observed White, for Alberto Giacometti, is presented as something of an etheric form, the color of death or absence playing on is interrelation with temporal action.  Space is generated only from the presence of space, and not from its reciprocal orientation. His practice is disposed towards the ideal void, where reality, […]
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Download 50,000 Art Books & Catalogs from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Digital Collections

If you’ve lived in or visited New York City, you must know the laughable futility of trying to “do the Met” in a day, or even a weekend. Not only is the museum enormous, but its permanent collections demand to be studied in detail, an activity one cannot rush through with any satisfaction. If you’re headed there for a special exhibit, be especially disciplined—make a beeline and do not stop to linger over elaborate Edo-period samurai armor or austere Shaker-made furniture. I thought I’d learned...
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New York Premiere of Rwanda: The Royal Tour

Read the full article on at - New York Premiere of Rwanda: The Royal Tour Rwanda: The Royal Tour had its New York premiere with Peter Greenberg and President Paul Kagame at the iconic Guggenheim Museum in New York on April 24, 2018. It premieres... Read More... The post New York Premiere of Rwanda: The Royal Tour appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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Yarn bomber strikes Guggenheim Museum, enrobing toilet in golden yarn

Hyperallergic reports that a prankster festooned a Guggenheim Museum toilet with gold yarn, an apparent response to the 2016 gold toilet installation at the same museum (above). (more…)
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Frank Gehry Signs On To Fantasy Extreme Model Train And Architecture Project In Massachusetts

The institution is the brainchild of former Guggenheim Museum director and a Mass MoCA founder Thomas Krens, who sees the building as the catalyst for a new “Bilbao Effect” in North Adams, helping to attract even more tourism and economic opportunity to the area. The railroad and architecture museum will be located just a few […]
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Xiu Xiu "Deforms the Unborn" at The Guggenheim after solo tour

Jamie Stewart will be going on a solo Xiu Xiu tour this spring, including U.S. shows in the South ahead of European dates. Upon his return, Xiu Xiu will play a special show at NYC's Guggenheim Museum on May 8 titled "Deforms the Unborn" as part of Danh Vo: Take My Breath Away exhibit... Continue reading… [Author: Bill Pearis]
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Top Posts From AJBlogs 02.07.18

Present What You Do The most important attribute of any arts organization is, of course, the art it presents. To many people, committing to community engagement raises images (and fears) of rapid, monumental, systemic change. While significant change may result eventually ... there is much that can be done with little or no change to currently offered programming. ... read more AJBlog: Engaging Matters Published 2018-02-06 Artists as speculators A new working paper from Amy Whitaker and Roman Kr...
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MAGA Chuds Try to Take Down the Guggenheim on Facebook and Yelp Over a Golden Toilet

If you haven’t been paying attention for the last 81 years of Western cultural history, New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is one of the biggest, most popular, and respected art museums in the world. It also recently happened to decline a request from Donald Trump to loan Vincent Van Gogh’s 1888 painting …Read more...
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White House asks for Van Gogh loan – but Guggenheim offers gold toilet instead

The Guggenheim Museum proposed lending Maurizio Cattelan’s America after turning down a request for Landscape With Snow The Guggenheim Museum has reportedly turned down a White House request to borrow a Van Gogh painting, and has instead offered the Trump administration the use of a golden toilet.The White House had asked the Guggenheim, based in New York, to borrow Landscape With Snow, Van Gogh’s 1888 work depicting a man and a dog walking through a field. Continue reading...
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