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Watch Jaco Pastorius: The Lost Tapes Documentary, the Fan-Made Film on the Most Innovative Bass Player of All Time

People do not understand how hard a jazz musician works for a living. I’m not putting nobody down, but I’m telling you nobody understands how hard jazz musicians work. Jazz is not big in the US, because the States are too worried about Pac-Man and The Police. — Jaco When Jaco Pastorius uttered the quote above in a typically entertaining and insightful interview with Guitar World from 1983, I’m sure he meant no disrespect to the members of The Police. It may be safe to say that Jaco signi...
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Keith Richards Shows Us How to Play the Blues, Inspired by Robert Johnson, on the Acoustic Guitar

To me Robert Johnson’s influence — he was like a comet or a meteor that came along and, BOOM, suddenly he raised the ante, suddenly you just had to aim that much higher.  As Keith Richards tells it, the first time he met Brian Jones, the two “went around to his apartment crash-pad,” where all Jones had was “a chair, a record player, and a few records, one of which was Robert Johnson.” Jones put on the record, and the moment changed Richards’ life. He wasn’t so much interested in . The f...
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The Story of the SynthAxe, the Astonishing 1980s Guitar Synthesizer: Only 100 Were Ever Made

What is the musical instrument most thoroughly of the 1980s? Many would say the "keytar," a class of synthesizer keyboards shaped and worn like a guitar. Their relatively light weights and affordable prices, even when first brought to market, put keytars within the reach of musicians who wanted to possess both the wide sonic palette of digital synthesis and the inherent cool of the guitarist. This arrangement wasn't without its compromises: few keytar players enjoyed the full range of th...
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Whammy bar every guitar string on it’s own with these pitch benders

Pitch Pilot are giving your guitar wings with pitch bending for individual strings giving your playing a spicy kick. Whammy bars are great fun but do you ever wish you could use them to pitch bend just one string? That’s what Pitch Pilot are trying to do with their custom pitch bend tool which you apply to individual strings for bend control over that string only with the push of a finger. The man behind the Pitch Pilot, Tim Clarke started his journey to creating it over 6 years ago when he ...
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Trey Anastasio Band Lifts Up Los Angeles with Halloween Fiesta

It's All Hallows Eve in the City of Angels, and the historic Wiltern Theater is the place to be as guitarist Trey Anastasio leads his solo band into town for a celebratory performance. The show isn't drawing fans from all over the country as when Anastasio's primary band Phish played Halloween in Las Vegas last year, where the promise of a musical costume set saw the band deliver a truly transcendent performance for the ages with David Bowie's The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardus...
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11 classic rock songs you’ll probably hear at Rust Festival

This one goes to 11. The Rust Festival rolls into Santa Anita Park in Arcadia Nov. 25, paying homage to the 1983 US Festival’s Heavy Metal Day with a lineup of 11 tribute bands on 2 stages. While only five of the acts being honored appeared on the US Festival bill, Rust-goers will want to raise their fists to all of the groups as they offer up a selection of hits and fan favorites. And as you prepare to rock, here’s 11 songs you’ll be likely to hear. Song: “Unchained” by Van Halen Cover band:...
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St Vincent on cover of Guitar World! (in a "bikini," naturally)

Annie Clark takes an awesome jab at the magazine's long-running sexism. Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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head to Woodstock for a Session w/ Joseph Arthur, Vieux Farke Toure, John Medeski & more

Woodstock Sessions are truly an up close and personal, unique experience. Continue reading… [Author: BrooklynVegan Staff]
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Hear Dimebag Darrell's Isolated Guitar from Pantera's 'Floods'

"That particular solo was thought-out in a more orchestrated fashion than some of the others I play where I just start ripping right off the bat," Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell told Guitar World several years ago. "The thing that really makes the 'Floods' solo come across like it does is [ bassist ] Rex's playing behind it.
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Updates and other random Rush stuff

Rush is featured in the March, 2016 issue of Guitar World magazine for a feature titled Farewell to Kings in which Guitar World's Joe Bosso sits down with Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson to discuss the band's R40 Live tour, specifically the setlist selection. They go through select songs from the setlist and give their opinions on each one. The article also briefly touches on the band's future: ...
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Rush's March 2016 Guitar World magazine feature now available online

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Rush is featured in the March, 2016 issue of Guitar World magazine. The feature is titled Farewell to Kings and John over at has transcribed the article and made it available online here. In it, Guitar World's Joe Bosso sits down with Geddy and Alex to discuss the band's R40 Live tour, specifically the setlist selection. They go through select songs from the setlist and give their opinions on each one. Here's what they had to say about fan-favo...
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Rush featured in the March, 2016 issue of Guitar World magazine

Rush will be featured in the March, 2016 issue of Guitar World magazine. The cover tagline reads, Rush Prime Cuts with Alex + Geddy and the feature is described as follows: ...
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The Top 10 Guitar Lessons of 2015

With 2016 about to kick in, Guitar World is taking a nostalgic look back at the most popular stories of 2015, including viral videos, guitar lessons and other features. Even though it's a best-of piece, you'll still find a fine assortment of useful lessons here-everything from a Cracking the Code video by Troy Grady to a GW print lesson by Dream Theater's John Petrucci, not to mention two lessons by Steve Stine of LessonFace and two by Kathy Dickson of Guitar Tricks.
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Metallica, Al Di Meola, A7X, Hendrix Ranked Among 30 Greatest Shred Albums Ever [News]

Guitar World magazine recently presented its list of 30 greatest shred albums of all time. Dividing the axe-wielders into three eras - the Golden Era, the Modern Era and the Old-School Era - the list features 10 representatives from each period.
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