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Gulnar Cowasjee Serves Parsi Cuisine at your doorstep in Karachi

If you’re a food enthusiast and crave to try new delicacies, Ghar Se has something unique to offer. Ghar Se is a Karachi-based food service that serves Parsi cuisines at your doorstep. It was launched towards the end of 2020 by Gulnar Cowasjee, a former banker. “My journey began soon after resigning from a local bank,” Gulnar said speaking to Hasan Moosvi at SAMAA Digital. Gulnar wanted to be a beautician but she found her sifting through Parsi recipes after the pandemic turned everything upside...
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Eduljee Sorabjee: The Curious Case of the ‘First’ Indian-American Citizen

Los Angeles in the 1880s was a town reinventing itself. The Gold Rush was subsiding but the air was filled with promise and there were new opportunities for those who knew how to seize them. Among these was an enterprising and ingenuous Parsi gentleman from Bombay, who “with a little money and a little mystery” was able to wrangle American citizenship and make a comfortable life for himself there. His name was Eduljee Sorabjee, a ‘rarity’ whose creative mind helped him work his way through the s...
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