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Josh Brolin Reveals Dune Prep in New Photo

Josh Brolin reveals Dune prep in new photo Josh Brolin (Avengers: Endgame) is certainly doing his part to build excitement for Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming adaptation of Dune. He captioned a recent post on his personal Instagram account with a quote from Frank Herbert’s hit novel. The image, in which he bares chest, is accompanied by the following line of dialogue: PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRe...
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James Gurney’s Living Sketchbook, Volume 3 – Court Report

When I first met author and artist James Gurney some years ago, I had the opportunity to leaf through one of his sketchbooks. Gurney is so accomplished that his sketchbooks often consist of page after page of beautifully realized paintings and sketches, usually in gouache or casein. My immediate thought was that he should publish them in some form, if only because I would personally like the opportunity to look through them at leisure. I didn’t say anything at the time, but some years later, ...
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Best waterfront bars in the world

Whether you’re overlooking a pristine, tropical beach or the glittering skyline of a booming metropolis, there’s something special about enjoying cocktail hour on the water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers bring us a sense of calm, especially if we’re relishing the view with an icy beverage in hand. From a cocktail bar situated on the beach of a Spanish Mediterranean village to a towering lounge overlooking New York City, these are some of the most stunning waterfront bars in the world. Veronica’...
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Glen Wood, NASCAR Hall of Famer, dies at 93

Glen Wood, the stock car racing pride of Virginia, scored 99 NASCAR Cup wins in a career that started in 1950. He and his brother Leonard are considered among the pioneers in the sport and played major roles in popularizing the sport in Southern California, a continent away from their native Virginia. Following a lengthy illness, Glen Wood, who was the oldest living member of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, died Friday at the age of 93. “In every way, Glen Wood was an original. In building the famed Wo...
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My Worst Travel Moments of 2018

Well, you definitely can’t take the good without the bad. Every year I write about my worst travel moments to show you that you’re not immune from bad times on your travels. Travel will not solve all your problems. I’ve gone through quite a few issues on my travels: In 2012, I got my credit cards hacked while in Portugal and Spain. In 2013, I developed giant hives in Busan, South Korea, and it was nine months before they stopped popping up on a daily basis. In 2014, I got head lice in New Or...
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Miami Beach to Criminalize Unlicensed Renting

Scene from anti-Airbnb protest in Barcelona.Source The Miami Herald’s Kyra Gurney reports Miami Beach could soon arrest people operating Airbnb-like rentals without a license. The city is banning unlicensed apartment rentals with a term of less than six months, which seems like a long time to me. Asheville, NC, for example, requires a minimum of a month’s lease, which seems enough to keep out the riffraff, preserve the character of neighborhoods, or whatever they are doing. A...
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James Gurney’s Painting Animals from Life

James Gurney has an uncanny ability to take on challenging painting subjects, and then make his methods clear and easy to understand in low cost, high quality instructional videos. In his newest video, Painting Animals from Life, he tackles the problems of painting animal subjects that move and change position, and shows how to successfully capture them while painting on location. I was delighted to receive a review copy and I found it to be a valuable addition to his continuing line of video...
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Brabham BT62 Emerges During Monterey Car Week

Brabham BT62 makes North American debut during Monterey Car Week. The BT62 features a new tribute livery in honor of racing legend Dan Gurney.  What makes the Brabham BT62 so special and unique? Tony Borroz walks us through.  Coming to America Okay, get set. This’ll be our first chance to lay eyes on the Brabham BT62, the track/radical street car direct from the great Grand Prix constructors themselves. And, as a very classy, very nice nod to its debut in America, Brabham have painted their ...
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Sunday Routine: How Natasha Cornstein, C.E.O. of Blushington, Spends Her Sundays

While her son is at sleepaway camp, the beauty executive likes to sneak away with her husband sometimes to Gurney’s Montauk Resort and Seawater Spa.
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NELTA’s 48th Annual Convention photo recap

NELTA’s 48th Annual Convention was held at the Gurney’s Newport Resort & Marina on Goat Island in Newport, R.I., June 21 - 24, 2018. Below are photos from the event.  ...
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Roadsters versus rear-engines redux at Pebble Beach

Bobby Unser, Edsel B. Ford II and Dan Gurney pose with Jim Clark’s 1965 Lotus 38 in 2010. Photos courtesy Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. In 1961, Jack Brabham became the first postwar driver to qualify and race a rear-engine car at the Indianapolis 500, finishing a respectable ninth in his Cooper-Climax. Four years later, the reign of the front-engine Indy Roadster came to an abrupt end with Jim Clark’s victory in a Ford-powered Lotus 38. On August 26, Indy Roadsters will again do battle wit...
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Look Out Buddy! The Upgraded 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 Is Coming

Every so often Ford gets the Mustang just right, and when they do, I generally like them. I’m not part of the cult though. I think there have been downright terrible Mustangs in the past, and I think the continued beatification of Carroll Shelby is annoying and misplaced, but with that said, the 2019 Mustang Shelby GT350 sure looks like it’ll impress. Ford is right up front with how they made the upcoming GT350 better: “. . . Ford Performance leveraged its Mustang road course racing programs . ....
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Brabham Automotive Reveals BT62 Signature Series Livery

Alright all you well-heeled track rats, speed freaks, gearheads, and various assorted mechanical reprobates with (lots of) money. Brabham Automotive has announced all of the livery and color options for their soon-to-be-released BT62, and if this thing is as fast as it is pretty, I foresee lots of non-owners jealousy sulking in the paddock in the near future. There will be two broad categories of paintwork to choose from: The Celebration series and the Signature series. The BT62 will soon be out...
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Ford Unleashes the fastest Shelby GT350 to date.

With 526 naturally aspirated horsepower from the 5.2L flat-plane crankshaft V8, Ford’s Shelby GT350 has been a huge success. It’s got tons of power, makes all the right sounds and has the aggressive looks you’d expect from a Shelby Mustang. In 2015 Ford went from a supercharged engine to this combination that simply screams. The high-revving engine matches perfectly to a balanced suspension that’s designed to be pushed hard. It was big news when Ford announced it would continue GT350 production,...
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2019 Shelby GT350 Is a High-Tech Muscle Car

We are entirely sure if we should call the new 2019 Shelby GT350 a muscle car. All the evidence suggest that it’s become a full-blooded sports car, what with the input used in the making of it from the Mustang road course racing programs. In any case, it is a fast and handsome ‘Stang, this new GT350, and you definitely want one.  You want one, but you probably shouldn’t get one. Ford themselves have given us a reason not to buy this car. They say that to enhance the performance of the 2019 S...
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With Lotus 29 restoration, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum begins a fresh look at its collection

Photo by The359. The Jim Clark color scheme might not be accurate, but the Lotus 29 in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum’s collection does carry significant history, which is why museum officials have decided to give it a fresh restoration as part of a new effort to scrutinize the museum’s collection. “We have a history of doing restorations here at the museum, but that hasn’t happened in many years, partly from a lack of focus and funding,” said Betsy Smith, the executive director of the ...
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Legends Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to commemorate Indy’s “Roadster Era”

Indy Roadsters on display at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in 2013. Photos by author, unless otherwise noted. There’s no precise definition of an “Indy Roadster,” and there are differing opinions over who was first to use the name. Many Indy 500 fans would argue, however, that the Indy Roadster era, generally defined as 1952-’65, produced the most beautiful cars and the best quality of competition at the Brickyard. In recognition, this year’s Legends Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedwa...
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Review: Middle-Age Malaise Takes the Stage in Later Life

The Keen Company revives A.R. Gurney's play of love after 50 at Theatre Row.
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We Remember Dan Gurney and His All American Racers Team

Dan Gurney, who died in January at age 86 of complications from pneumonia, was one of those rare race drivers whose success knew no automotive boundaries. He raced European sports cars and NASCAR sedans, Formula 1 cars and Indy cars, Trans-Am and Can-Am. He won the Motor Trend 500 at Riverside so many times that some called it the Gurney 500. Sharing a GT40 with A.J. Foyt, he helped bring Ford its second consecutive Le Mans victory in 1967. He not only won the Indy 500 as a driver seven times, b...
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Celebrating Dan Gurney’s Life In Pictures

This recount of Dan Gurney could go on for a novel. How can one stop talking about a man so highly regarded as a racing driver, innovator, engineer, and legend? Spraying champagne after his Le Mans victory set a trend, but was a small footnote in the almanac of accomplishments that Dan Gurney collected in his lifetime. Though his accolades in the arena of road racing are the most notable, like so many from the era, Dan got his start in hot rodding. After his family moved to Riverside, California...
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Dan Gurney: 1931-2017

It seems as though more than a few of the performance world’s ground breakers have passed away recently and now unfortunately the list includes one more. Racing legend Dan Gurney died at 86 in Newport Beach, California on January 14, 2018. Although Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren race cars are part of his resume’, Mopar enthusiasts remember Gurney and his racing team for their work with Plymouth in 1970 and helping to market for showroom sales, the AAR ‘Cuda with its three-two-barrel 340 engine. T...
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Dan Gurney: 1931-2018

It seems as though more than a few of the performance world’s ground breakers have passed away recently and now unfortunately the list includes one more. Racing legend Dan Gurney died at 86 in Newport Beach, California on January 14, 2018. Although Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren race cars are part of his resume’, Mopar enthusiasts remember Gurney and his racing team for their work with Plymouth in 1970 and helping to market for showroom sales, the AAR ‘Cuda with its three-two-barrel 340 engine. T...
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Racing legend Dan Gurney, who lived in Newport Beach, dies at age 86

NEWPORT BEACH — Dan Gurney, the first driver with victories in each of the Formula One, IndyCar and NASCAR Cup series, died Sunday from complications of pneumonia. He was 86. His wife, Evi, announced his death in a statement distributed by All American Racers Inc. “With one last smile on his handsome face, Dan drove off into the unknown just before noon today,” said the statement signed by Evi Gurney, the Gurney family and AAR teammates. FILE – This July 27, 2007 file photo shows legendary rac...
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Dan Gurney Cause Of Death: American Racing Legend Dead At 86

Dan Gurney, the first race car driver to win all the three major competitions — Formula One, IndyCar and NASCAR, died Sunday at the age of 86 due to complications from pneumonia. Gurney’s wife, Evi Butz Gurney, announced the legend's death in a statement and said the funeral ceremony will be conducted privately according to Gurney’s wish.
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Racing Legend Dan Gurney Dies at 86

In the world of auto racing, the word “legendary” is thrown around more than it probably should be. But for American race car driver Dan Gurney, the term accurately describes the man, his achievements, and his contributions to the sport. It is with great sadness that we report that Daniel Sexton Gurney has died at the age of 86, reportedly due to complications from pneumonia. With a career that spanned decades and crossed multiple racing disciplines, Gurney was a true renaissance man. Between 19...
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PDC World Championship: Gurney beaten by Henderson in London

Northern Ireland player Daryl Gurney is out of the PDC World Championship after a 4-2 defeat by John Henderson on Saturday night.
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PDC World Championship: Gurney defeats Huybrechts in opener

Northern Ireland player Daryl Gurney eases into the second round of the PDC World Championship with a 3-1 win over Ronny Huybrechts.
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Darts star Gurney pays for school's kits

World number four Daryl Gurney is kitting out his former school's football and hockey teams.
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Viridian Releases Episode Five Of “Just The Facts” With Mark Gurney

Viridian Releases Episode Five Of Just The Facts With Mark Gurney MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. -( In the fifth episode of “Just the FACTs,” Viridian sat down with Ruger Director of Product Management Mark Gurney to discuss life at Ruger, product management, silencers, the LCP II and other new products. Like all “Just the FACTs” episodes, the interview was filmed with the FACT Weapon-Mounted Cameras (WMC).Mark Gurney has been a Ruger employee for nearly 23 years and knows a great deal about...
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LA! Watch Shaun of the Dead Outdoors at The Greek!

  Cult zom-com Shaun of the Dead to screen outdoors at LA’s The Greek Theatre Focus 15, the initiative commemorating the founding 15 years ago of worldwide film company Focus Features, has partnered with digital network Fandango and the legendary The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles for a special outdoor zombie screening of  Edgar Wright‘s cult mega-hit zom-com Shaun of the Dead the week of Halloween on  Thursday, October 26, 2017 .  Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead was the f...
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