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'Vulture bees' have quit pollen to feed their babies rotting meat — a mystery to scientists

Vulture bees in Costa Rica dining on raw chicken bait.Quinn McFrederick/UCR "Vulture bees" have evolved to eat meat instead of relying on pollen like other bees. Scientists hung raw chicken in Costa Rica and watched vulture bees fill their leg pouches and stomachs with it. They found acid-producing microbes in the bees' guts. Acid helps vultures and hyenas digest carrion. A group of scientists biked around Costa Rica's tropical forests, hanging chunks of raw chicken from the trees, in...
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Psychology Around the Net: February 1, 2020

Happy Groundhog Day tomorrow! Do you think we will see six more weeks of winter, or will spring arrive early? In this week’s Psychology Around the Net, we discuss why the winter blues may seem worse this year, how psychedelic therapy can help cancer patients, recognizing postpartum depression , the link between gut bacteria and mental health , the role of imbalanced neurotransmitters in social anxiety , and more.   Are the Winter Blues Worse This Year? An Expert Weighs In : Are yo...
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Try These 6 Vegetables for Ultimate Body & Mind Health

It seems unlikely that our digestive tracts would be a major intersection of body and mind—but recent research has shown that they are. The makeup of the microbiome in your gut—all the bacterial flora in your digestive tract—turns out to be a major player in overall health. And when we say health, we mean everything, from cognition and emotional wellbeing to cardiovascular fitness and the prevention or reduction of chronic disease. It’s thought that your body’s microbiome is largely establish...
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How Our Brains & Guts Work Together for Mental Health

Ten years ago, if you had asked a neuroscientist are we on the right path to understanding the inner workings of the brain, she probably would’ve gave a hearty “Yes!” But more recent research calls a lot of older assumptions about the brain — and in fact, the whole body — works. We’re only now beginning to understand that the brain doesn’t stand alone in being responsible for our thoughts and emotions. Instead, new research is shedding light on how the gut and the bacteria that call it home have...
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Parkinson’s Disease May Be Traced to Gut Bacteria

Researchers have connected gut bacteria to the brain changes in Parkinson’s
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Psychology Around the Net: November 12, 2016

I won’t begin this edition of Psychology Around the Net by saying “Happy Saturday!”, as I usually do, because I — like the rest of the country, and the world — am well aware that many of you are not happy. Whether you voted for Hillary Clinton and are outraged that — and perhaps feeling scared and threatened because — Donald Trump won the election, or you voted for Donald Trump (or a third-party candidate) and are hurt because some of your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and even stran...
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Do you have the guts to be healthy?

From weight loss to a stronger immune system – and even reducing time spent in the bathroom – sometimes it takes only small changes to benefit several areas of your life.   I asked registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia D. Stoler, DCN, for her favorite and easiest digestive health tips. Stoler is author of “Living Skinny in Fat Genes”. Lisa Nelson, RD: Why are we seeing so many TV commercials aimed at people suffering from digestive issues?   Dr. Stoler:   “It’s because millio...
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10 Ways to Cultivate Good Gut Bacteria and Reduce Depression

We are all born with genes that predispose us to all kinds of things — in my case, most of the psychiatric illnesses listed in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). And while we have some control over the way our genes express themselves or “turn on” — a new science called epigenetics — we are more or less stuck with our human genome. But we are by no means permanently attached to a diagnosis of Major Depression Disorder (if that is what Mom and Da...
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Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Difficult Patient

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes is the one where Elaine snoops inside her medical chart and reads “patient is difficult.” The doctor takes a look at her rash and says, “Well, this doesn’t look serious,” and writes something in the chart. “What are you writing?” she asks. He sneers and walks out the door. Wanting a fresh start, she goes to see another doctor, and realizes her chart follows her there. The new doctor greets her warmly until he reads the comments. He glances at her arm and says...
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8 Surprising Reasons Young People May Suffer from Depression

A friend of mine approached me the other day in tears. The 9-year-old son of a close friend of hers tried to kill himself. “He’s 9!!??!!” she said. “How do you explain that?” It’s true that we are all born with genes that predispose us to all sorts of things — in my case bipolar disorder and depression. And yes, our ancestors had these same genes. However, there is a new science called epigenetics (meaning “above” or “outside” of genetics), the study of cellular variations that are not caused by...
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Contact Lenses Fill Your Eyes With Bacteria

But scientists don't yet know if that's necessarily a bad thing
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What Your Low-Fiber Diet Does to Your Health

A new mice study shows that bacteria change drastically—and sometimes permanently—in the absence of fibe
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Can freeze-dried fecal pills help people fight obesity?

We’re all full of bacteria, but some of us don’t have as much of the ‘good’ stuff as we should. This year, medical researchers will conduct a medical trial to determine whether orally ingesting capsules filled with freeze-dried fecal matter can help crack the code in the fight against obesity. Twenty obese patients will participate in a clinical trial in an effort to determine whether ‘healthy’ bacteria from donors can be implanted into a patient’s digestive system by ingesting the pills, and w...
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Ötzi the Iceman's Gut Bacteria Can Help Us Trace Early Human Migration

The 5,300-year-old natural mummy dubbed Ötzi the Iceman, discovered in 1991, is still teaching us things. A multidisciplinary team of scientists at European Academy of Bozen have studied Ötzi’s gut bacteria to learn more about early human migration patterns.Read more...
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Is Your Microbiome Making You Crazy?

Anxiety, depression, brain fog, mood disorders, mood swings or just feeling out of sorts? It’s possible that the answers may lie in the health of the trillions of bacteria living in the intestine called the gut microbiome. There is a profound connection between gut flora composition and mood. Depending on the different types and quantities that are prevalent, these bacteria can influence everything from the immune system, digestion, DNA expression, inflammation and brain function — for better or...
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Health Highlight: Researchers use gut bacteria to map genetic mutations in colorectal cancer tumours

A new study has predicted key genetic mutations in colorectal tumours by analyzing the types of gut bacteria present around them. Read the rest of the story... »
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Gut Bacteria and Crohn’s Disease

Gut bacteria plays an important role in Crohn’s disease. Watch to learn about good bacteria, bad bacteria and the future of Crohn’s disease treatment.
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Gut Bacteria and Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis symptoms can improve when healthy bacteria is ingested. Watch this to learn more about probiotics, fecal transplants and more.
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Gut Bacteria and IBD

Healthy bacteria can improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease. Watch this to learn about the role that gut bacteria has in the development and treatment of IBD.
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