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Aladdin Made Me Feel Like a Kid Again

When I think of the animated Aladdin, I think back to being about 14-years-old, jumping up and down on my bed, and singing along to its soundtrack. At that exact moment, my friends see me doing this through the window and laugh hysterically at me. You see, I love Aladdin. I always have. And I feel this distinct…Read more...
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Film Review: Will Smith in ‘Aladdin’

Of all the characters in Walt Disney Studios’ canon, is there any more animated than the Genie from “Aladdin”? In 1992, old-school cartooning seemed the only way to keep up with comedian Robin Williams’ rapid-fire sense of humor and free-associative gift for improvisation. Much of the appeal of the original “Aladdin” came thanks to the […]
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The Cast and Creative Team Behind Aladdin Celebrate A New Take On A Disney Classic

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The cast and creative team behind Aladdin celebrate a new take on a Disney Classic Aladdin, directed by Guy Richie (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and Sherlock Holmes) starring Mena Massoud as the diamond in the rough, Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) as Jasmine and Will Smith as The Genie. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googlet...
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‘The Whistlers’ Review: A Quirky Crime Drama That Echoes Alfred Hitchcock and Guy Ritchie [Cannes]

When even fans of contemporary Romanian cinema describe the films that achieved global appreciation from a wide swath of cineastes, “funny”, “action packed”, and “plot heavy” are not usual talking points. It’s a country that for decades has generated films that are precisely constructed by often being narratively spare, reveling in character beats and the ennui of boredom in works that stretch hours and hours. This “new wave” was embraced by the same fickle arthouse crowd that now just might f...
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‘Aladdin’: Watch Composer Alan Menken Perform a Medley of Disney Songs, and Learn How Will Smith Crafted His Version of Genie

Despite going into Guy Ritchie‘s Aladdin with almost no hope whatsoever, I ended up being won over by the movie. Fans of the original Aladdin won’t be disappointed, and while I’ve grown to be somewhat cynical about Disney remaking its animated classics, this one justifies its existence by making some interesting updates while staying true to its characters. This past weekend, I attended the Aladdin press conference in Beverly Hills, and amid all of the expected answers about singing and dancing...
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‘Aladdin’ Special Look Takes You To ‘The World of Aladdin’

The reaction to Disney’s upcoming live-action Aladdin has been a bit…muted. The footage revealed is a bit lacking, and fans of the original don’t quite know what to make of Will Smith‘s take on the Genie. We won’t know how the film actually is until it’s release, but let’s just say the enthusiasm for this live-action Disney remake is a lot lower than previous releases. But maybe this Aladdin special look will do the trick. The video below goes behind-the-scenes of the Guy Ritchie-directed adapt...
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‘Aladdin’ Clip: Will Smith Puts on a Show-Stopping Performance of ‘Prince Ali’

Brush up your Sunday salaam, because Will Smith is performing his show-stopping version of one of Aladdin‘s most beloved songs: “Prince Ali.” But we’ll leave it up to your interpretation as to whether that’s a good or bad version of show-stopping. Watch the new Aladdin clip below. Aladdin Clip Watch Will Smith perform "Prince Ali" in this new clip from #Aladdin! — IGN (@IGN) May 14, 2019 One of the biggest advantages of casting Will Smith as the Genie — a rol...
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‘Aladdin’ Clips: Will Smith Shows Off His Powers, Sings His Version of ‘A Friend Like Me’

Disney is far from done unleashing their live-action remakes. Next up: Aladdin, which has Will Smith stepping into the iconic shoes, er…I mean, lamp of the Genie. However this film turns out (reaction to the trailers has been mixed, to say the least), it’s clear Smith is giving it his all. In two Aladdin clips below, you get to see the actor bring his Big Willie Style to the Disney universe. In one clip from the film, the Genie shows off his powers. In another clip, Smith is a guest on the Toni...
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‘Aladdin’ Clip: Ready for a Magic Carpet Ride?

Even though most Disney fans are probably much more excited about the prospect of The Lion King remake coming to theaters later this summer, one of the other studio’s remakes of an animated classic is arriving first. Aladdin takes the beloved 1992 animated fantasy romance and brings it into the live-action word with newcomer Mena Massoud playing the titular street urchin who wants nothing more than to marry the beautiful princess Jasmine ( Naomi Scott of Power Rangers). But he’ll need the hel...
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New ‘Aladdin’ TV Spot Explains the Basics of Wishing as Advance Tickets Go on Sale

Now that Avengers: Endgame is in theaters, Disney has moved on to promoting their next big summer release, whether you wished for it or not. Aladdin is giving the classic 1992 animated film from Walt Disney the live-action treatment. While the excitement surrounding this particular adaptation doesn’t seem to be quite as high as Beauty and the Beast before it, or even the upcoming remake of The Lion King, the time has come for Disney to start making the full push to get butts in the seats. A new...
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‘Aladdin’ TV Spot: Your Wish for New Footage is Granted

Disney is staying one jump ahead of us with a new Aladdin TV spot that grants our wish for new footage of the musical fantasy adaptation. Here, have more Aladdin and Jasmine flirting! Have more Will Smith hamming it up! But most importantly, have more Abu being absolutely adorable. Aladdin TV Spot How do you win the heart of the girl of your dreams? Break into her palace and brag about how you act like you own every place you step into. Ah, the classic romance of Aladdin and Jasmine, wh...
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‘Aladdin,’ ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’ and ‘Shaft’ Set for China Debuts

Disney’s new live-action “Aladdin” will release in China on May 24, day-and-date with North America, giving the studio a run of three films in Chinese theaters as many months.  Two other Hollywood titles will also hit the big screen in the Middle Kingdom in the coming months: “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” on May 10 and the […]
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Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Set For May 24 China Debut, Day-And-Date With U.S.

Disney’s new live-action “Aladdin” will release in China on May 24, day-and-date with North America, giving the studio a run of three films in Chinese theaters as many months.  Directed by Guy Ritchie, who also co-write the screenplay, and starring Will Smith and Canadian newcomer Mena Massoud, the film will be the twelfth live-action remake […]
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‘Aladdin,’ ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu,’ ‘Shaft’ Set for China Debuts

Disney’s new live-action “Aladdin” will release in China on May 24, day-and-date with North America, giving the studio a run of three films in Chinese theaters as many months.  Two other Hollywood titles will also hit the big screen in the Middle Kingdom in the coming months: “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” on May 10 and the […]
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‘Aladdin’ TV Spot: Listen to the New Rendition of “A Whole New World”

Get ready for “A Whole New World” to get stuck in your head all day. The iconic song from 1992’s Aladdin is as beloved as the animated Disney classic, and people were waiting with bated breath for the new rendition of it for the live-action remake. Now you can listen to a clip of it in the new Aladdin TV spot. Aladdin TV Spot Just when you thought you were tapped out of Aladdin, the latest TV spot pulls a fast one on you with its rendition of “A Whole New World,” one of the best songs i...
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‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the summer movies you’ll want to see

As we all know, “Avengers: Endgame” will be the biggest film of the summer/year/all-time-and-space, and this culmination of all things Marvel Superhero will influence movies we see for a long time to come. However, while it is kicking off Hollywood’s most lucrative season and everyone will be talking about it, “Endgame” won’t be the only tone-setter for film summer 2019. Sure, there’ll be more costumed crusaders before Labor Day. There’s the Disney-absorbed Fox Studios’ last X-Men adventures, “D...
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So Will Smith Doesn't Exactly *Sing* in Aladdin, But It Works

When it comes to Aladdin songs, “Friend Like Me” is the showstopper. Sure “A Whole New World” is beautiful and “Prince Ali” is catchy, but it’s that big, intro song sung by the genie that sticks in your head the most. So when the lights went down at CinemaCon 2019 and “Friend Like Me” from Guy Ritchie’s upcoming …Read more...
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‘Aladdin’ Footage Features Will Smith Rapping as the Genie [CinemaCon 2019]

Disney’s live-action Aladdin took us to a whole new world of footage at CinemaCon. Reaction to early trailers has been mixed, with some not quite knowing what to make of Will Smith‘s take on the Genie. Did the new footage we witnessed change that? Were we wowed? Keep reading to get our full Aladdin footage reaction straight out of CinemaCon 2019. Don’t you dare close your eyes! During the CinemaCon presentation, the audience got to watch a scene set in the Cave of Wonders. After being sent i...
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‘Aladdin’ Box Office Tracking for a Big Memorial Day Weekend Opening

Aladdin is still nearly two months away, but that’s not stopping the box office analysts from getting some long range tracking in for the live-action Disney remake’s opening. Since Aladdin is arriving during the big Memorial Day holiday weekend, the expectations will be high for the movie to deliver some serious bank, and right now the predictions are looking at an opening weekend that would land somewhere on the lower end of the Top 10 best Memorial Day opening weekends.  Right now, Box Offi...
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‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ Might Take Place in the Old West

It’s been almost a decade since we’ve seen Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law’s John Watson share the big screen in 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, but Warner Bros. is still interested in bringing them back to complete the trilogy. They’ve set a new release date for Sherlock Holmes 3 in 2021, and now a new report says that the pair could be leaving London for the sequel and heading to the American Old West. Learn more about the possible Sherlock Holmes 3 setting below. ...
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Alan Tudyk, Disney’s Lucky Charm, Will Voice Iago in ‘Aladdin’

In Disney’s upcoming remake of The Lion King, director Jon Favreau is bringing back James Earl Jones to reprise his role as Mufasa from the animated original. But no such luck for Gilbert Gottfried, who memorably voiced Jafar’s pet parrot in Disney’s 1993 animated classic Aladdin. Director Guy Ritchie has hired actor Alan Tudyk to take over the role in the studio’s upcoming live-action remake. Tudyk has become something of a lucky charm for Disney after appearing in several of their recent hits...
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‘Aladdin’ Trailer: You Ain’t Never Had a Disney Live-Action Adaptation Like This

Disney has been slowly rolling out the teasers for Aladdin, all of which have been met with, let’s say, mixed reactions. The first teaser trailer in October featured plenty of the original 1992 animated film’s iconography, but barely featured the titular character played by Mena Massoud, much less the film’s highest-billed actor, Will Smith. But then a special TV spot revealed our first look at Smith as the giant, blue genie, and that wasn’t quite well-received either. Now, Disney has finally r...
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‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ Release Date Pushed to 2021, My Dear Watson

There have been no clues to indicate Sherlock Holmes 3 is anywhere close to ready to start shooting, so you don’t have to be the world’s greatest detective to deduce that the film was unlikely to make its Christmas 2020 release date. As a result, Warner Bros. has pushed the Robert Downey Jr. sequel back an entire year, to December 2021. That will make it the first entry in the franchise in ten years, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows having been released in 2011. The game is afoot…eventuall...
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Warner Bros. Pushes Sherlock Holmes 3 Back a Year

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Warner Bros. pushes Sherlock Holmes 3 back a year According to The Wrap, Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow have pushed the long-delayed Sherlock Holmes 3 back a full year from December 25, 2020 to December 22, 2021 for reasons unknown. RELATED: Check Out Blue Will Smith in New Aladdin Teaser! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; go...
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Colin Farrell to Star in A24’s Sci-Fi Drama After Yang

Colin Farrell to star in A24’s sci-fi drama After Yang Indie film studio A24 has given the green light to After Yang, an adaptation of the Alexander Weinstein short story Saying Goodbye to Yang. Deadline reports that Colin Farrell is set to star in the film, which was written and will be directed by Kogonada. The writer/director was born in South Korea and made his debut with the 2017 John Cho vehicle Columbus. The film will follow a father and his daughter as they fight to save the life of ...
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STX Buys Matthew McConaughey’s Crime Drama ‘Bush’ for U.S.

STXfilms has picked up U.S. rights to Matthew McConaughey’s British crime drama “Bush,” with Guy Ritchie directing and producing, for $7 million. The project, formerly known as “Toff Guys,” also stars Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, and Michelle Dockery. The deal was in the works in Berlin and has just been completed. […]
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