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Domination Quest Laden With Amorous Monster Girls

Eroge enthusiasts looking for a new title revolving around the capture of monster girls may be enticed by the premise of “Domination Quest: -Kuro & the Naughty Monster Girls-“, as the English-translated RPG has players doing just that along with the added benefit of sex scenes. Players assume the role of Kuro who recently had […]
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Bandaged Rei Ayanami Ero-Cosplay Very Skimpy

Cosplayer SiaoDing Komachi has taken the best bandages she could find to portray an injured Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion – showing her fans that no wounds, fictional or otherwise, will stop her from striking alluring poses. More of the cosplay and its desperate need of recuperation:
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Artist Slugbox A Lover Of Large Breasts

Art-lovers in need of more perverted illustrations depicting anime and game girls in the nude can potentially adore the works of Slugbox, whose creations feature that and also equips (most of) the charming maidens with gargantuan breasts. Slugbox’s superbly well-endowed women:
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Megane no Megami PV Mates With Megane Girls

An erotic animation focusing solely on girls with glasses has emerged in the form of “Megane no Megami”, its latest PV promising all sorts of tantalizingly erotic activities with bespectacled beauties and looking unlikely to disappoint ero-anime aficionados. Megane no Megami’s PV and all its sexual antics: Omake: Megane no Megami will be available for […]
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Muma no Machi Cornelica PV Swollen With Lust

Amorous succubus ero-anime Muma no Machi Cornelica has promised more temptations with its 2nd episode as its PV has detailed encounters with not only the delightful women from the first episode but also a new one, lovers of flat-chests will feel quite left out however. The extremely scant PV: Omake: Muma no Machi Cornelica’s 2nd […]
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Perverse Pakora Ero-Figure Superbly Flexible

Pakora from the delightfully lewd “Oideyo! Mizuryu Kei Land” doujinshi has demonstrated the extent of her perversions with this Q-Six ero-figurine, the desirable woman wearing a minimally-covering outfit that will drive any male into a wild lust when she arrives in June (both normal and tan versions are available). Pakora and her tan iteration can […]
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Mature Build Training Plays With An Older Woman

An erotic animation entitled “Mature Build Training” for delectable wife Iori Rinko of Gundam Build Fighters has become purchasable, allowing those with a distinct taste for anime mothers to indulge in her older mature beauty. The simple title involves the well-endowed Iori Rinko participating in an AV recording, with players being able to choose from […]
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Papa Datte Shitai Massaging In More Ways Than One

Yaoi romance ero-anime Papa Datte Shitai has led to more man-on-man service, starting with some innocent massaging before unfortunately denying viewers any form of penetration, surely pushing the act back to later episodes like other such short shows. Omake:
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Beautiful Bowsette Pleasurably Rides In Ero-Animation

Animator Namamo Nanase has tried their hand at popular fan-created Peach and Bowser meld Bowsette, depicting the girl in an erotic situation and further fueling the sexual fantasies of the character’s massive fanbase. The shamelessly sexy animation:
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Artist Nigo Loves Touhou Project’s Konpaku Youmu

An ero-artist going by the online handle “Nigo” has dedicated years of his life drawing Touhou Project‘s swordsman gardener Youmu Konpaku to the best of his ability and pouring all of his “love” into her as well as outside of her. More of Nigo’s passion for the half-ghost cutie:
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Tiny Evil PV Has Quite The Doll

Those in need of more petite beauties may admire Tiny Evil’s 3rd episode, as the ero-anime’s PV has detailed another supernatural happening as a doll ends up transforming into a real human girl (and immediately lusts for sexual bonding). The cute and sexy PV: Omake: Tiny Evil’s 3rd episode comes out January 25th.
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Nipple-Laden Fai Fai Nude Filters Sate The Lust

The creator of the nude filter how-to video detailing the process behind nudifying Endro’s Fai Fai has now uploaded nipple-laden versions on his blog, hopefully sating the lusts of those not merely entertained by nudity obscured by lights. The many fully-nude depictions of fabulous Fai Fai:
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Artist Shinya’s Illustrations Peak Lewdness

Shinya (Shinyanchi) has a distinct interest in the splendid girls of New Game, Hibike Euphonium and Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka (among others) as indicated by their erotic art, with the artist also possessing a raunchy obsession with pregnancy… Shinya’s countless creations featuring many alluring anime girls:
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Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi Gives Out A Sexy Second Chance

Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi has told the mysterious tale of the male protagonist transforming into a younger version of himself and being able to change things in his life, a power that any individual would covet, though the protagonist has used the opportunity to make some sexy moments happen. Omake:
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Kindred Spirits On The Roof: Full Chorus A Yuri Miracle

Exalted yuri visual novel “Kindred Spirits on the Roof” has launched its “Full Chorus” upgrade, providing lovers of romantic girl-on-girl action with sublime voice-acting and tons of extra goodies to enjoy. Heroine Toomi Yuna unexpectedly encounters two ghosts on the roof of her school one day; these two poor maidens lost their lives at a […]
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Splashbrush’s Game Girls Have No Shame

Shooter Paladins: Champions of the Realm has greatly inspired the artistic creativity of artist Splashbrush, whose erotic illustrations feature many of the girls from the title (though other enticing maidens are also present). Splashbrush’s unique style will no doubt be immediately noticeable in their lewd creations:
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More Elf Girls Raped In Jhana The Elf of Darkness

Jhana The Elf of Darkness has offered a slightly more active RPG as the game has players controlling a luscious dark elf and issuing attacks in real-time, failure – of course – rewards players with an erotic rape sequence. Taking place after the vanquishing of the demon lord, the demon realm has been thrown into […]
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Artist Mappaninatta Enamored With Large Oppai

Artist “Mappaninatta” has always been obsessed with enormous oppai and with the emergence of ship-girl mobile game Azur Lane he got a new passion. Now he almost exclusively draws well-endowed naval anime babes for the perverse enjoyment of all. More of the artist’s oppai gallery:    
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Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi PV Loves All The Women

Both older women and schoolgirls have been equally ravaged as demonstrated by the PV of the upcoming Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi, simultaneously appeasing two different preferences and looking likely to appeal to many with such a decision. The rambunctious PV: Omake:
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Faith/Grand Orgasm 3 AV Parody Does It In Swimsuits

TMA’s previous Fate/Grand Order AV parodies were apparently successful enough to warrant a 3rd entry, with “Faith/Grand Orgasm 3” this time focusing on a swimsuit theme as numerous Fate girls are ravaged in stunning bikinis – many of the erotic scenes predictably taking place at Japan’s “most popular AV pool”. Screenshots depicting the Fate girls […]
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Artist Boris Loves Lewding Nintendo Girls

Once innocent and pure Nintendo girls such as Peach, Rosalina, Samus, Zelda and all the glorious Fire Emblem maidens have shown off their lust as demonstrated by esteemed artist Boris (Noborhys), his skillful creations likely to be regarded as top tier as far as the women of Nintendo go. Those interested can observe more of […]
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Soul Of Phantasm Slays Sex-Crazed Beasts

Soul Of Phantasm has offered an erotic side-scrolling experience as players control a sexy bionoid girl as she fights evil monstrosities, a rather standard formula that leads to the female heroine being violated should players fail. Soul Of Phantasm follows Akari as she wakes up from a deep slumber and has unfortunately lost some parts […]
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Hinata Amagaki Apron Ero-Figure Cooking Up Some Sexiness

Twintailed beauty Hinata Amagaki of ero-manga Koikano x Aikano has obtained a 2nd erotic figurine for collectors to buy up, this time providing an alternate colored version that can still be stripped of its apron to reveal the maiden’s nude body – Hinata Amagaki can come into the possession of collectors this July. Hinata Amagaki […]
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Akira Sunazuka Games Her Way Into Starlight Stage

Another cute new girl has entered the idol scene in the “IdolMaster Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage” mobile game, with the 15-year-old Akira Sunazuka sure to appeal to players due to her video game streamer status – and naturally causing artists to sketch flattering illustrations of her. New idol Akira Sunazuka, ready to be scouted and […]
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Fate/Grand Order Ishtar Ero-Cosplay Features Legendary Legs

An ero-cosplayer took on the role of Fate/Grand Order‘s goddess Ishtar, boldly presenting some truly fabulous legs amongst other equally attractive body parts. Luckily, that’s not the only thing the cosplayer shows off as she gradually also loses layers of her clothing:
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Cherished Goddess The Ultimate In Flat Surfaces

Pettanko enthusiasts in need of more flat surfaces to worship need look no further as this delightful goddess has come to their rescue, with her various kinky outfits sure to also satisfy should her cutting board chest not prove adequate. More goddesses.
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Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake PV Admirably Adulterous

Another filthy cheating wife has been exposed courtesy of Tsuma ga Kirei ni Natta Wake’s PV, with the series focusing on the sexual exploits of said wife as well as her husband’s sexual attraction to her lack of faithfulness. The depraved PV: Omake:
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Video Collection -Takao Type- Tries All Sorts Of Sexy Things

Kantai Collection fans wishing more erotic content of the animated variety existed for the series need look no further as “Video Collection -Takao Type-” has arrived, boasting tantalizing voices in addition to elevate the sexiness to incomprehensible levels. The delightful package comes with a multitude of sex-centric videos starring both Takao and Atago as they […]
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Joy Ride’s Gorgeous Girls Incredibly Buxom

The stunning women in Joy Ride‘s art mostly possess some rather sizable breasts (a quality that some males will adore), with the artist’s skill being so lauded that he has even earned numerous ero-anime. Joy Ride has not only sketched his own original girls, but he has also illustrated well-known anime girls in the nude:
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Police Woman Akiko Ero-Figure Superbly Arresting

Figure collectors who prefer sexy women in positions of power may become intoxicated by the allure of this ero-figurine, with the charming Akiko’s (designed by Oda Non) gargantuan bottom and breasts surely seducing buyers into making a purchase when she arrives in March. Akiko can be pre-ordered now.
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