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Strength & III Ero-Doujin Loaded with Caramel

Artist M-da s-tarou will appease those with a thirst for delicious tan girls as his newest ero-doujin Strength and III possesses just such maidens as they perform all sorts of sexual deeds with numerous males at once. Sample pages for the sultry doujin demonstrate that the artist does not hold back when it comes to […]
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Araiya-san Already Going All the Way

Araiya-san! Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? has chosen not to tease viewers any longer as the show’s main couple have gone straight to intercourse only four episodes in, bound to have watchers discussing which maiden will be next (in addition to the impressive art and animation). Omake:
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Easter Bunny Girl Ero-Gallery Hops Forward

The Easter holidays have descended and even if some countries don’t necessarily celebrate the holiday, some individuals at least contribute to it in other ways (such as by sharing or sketching 2D bunny girls). Both Western and Eastern artists have taken the incentive to draw some erotic Easter bunnies:
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Misty Gets Moist in Erotic Pokemon Animation

Beloved Pokemon character Misty has fed her urges as this new animation has her claiming a reward from a trainer she beat in battle, but upon discovering he has no cash, the mischievous girl predictably chooses a more pleasurable form of compensation. The 3-minute animation will no doubt please Pokemon enthusiasts and perverts alike:
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Nande Koko ni Sensei ga Guidebook a Nipple-Laden Treasure

Those watching the currently airing Nande Koko ni Sensei ga anime who are in desperate need of nipples can perhaps satiate their lusts by way of this newly launched guidebook, as it possesses a gallery of nude illustrations that will have many wondering why nipples aren’t present in the TV broadcast. The titillating guide contains […]
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F Go Nyo Sexy Strategy Eroge Pokes the FGO Girls

Fate/Grand Order fans thirsting for another eroge featuring the game’s seductive servants can rely on “F Go Nyo” as the title has players participating in a “side-scrolling” strategy game, offering sex scenes as a reward for those who succeed in battle. F Go Nyo has players facing an endless assault of foes with their collected […]
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Mama wa Taimanin Spiraling into Degeneracy

The release of Mama wa Taimanin will surely be lauded by many hardcore Taimanin fans as the eroge is once again rife with depravity, this time putting emphasis on an older woman as her innocent family ends up growing ever more impure. Following the life of a former Taimanin, the visual novel begins with the […]
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Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai Pushing Erotic Boundaries

A PV for the 2nd episode of ero-anime Ecchi na Onee-chan ni Shiboraretai has seen to more shameless sexual escapades as the male protagonist mates with two gorgeous girls, the concept of plot being seemingly nonexistent (something watchers could likely care less about). All sorts of stimulating positions can be witnessed as the PV has […]
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Taimanin Saga Reference Book Utterly Shameless

In honor of the Taimanin franchise’s 15th anniversary, the special “Taimanin Saga Settei Shiryoshu” has been released, a reference book of sorts that boasts a myriad of illustrations and information for every entry in the rape-heavy series. The sacred tome apparently covers the entire franchise, from Taimanin Asagi to Taimanin RPGX and even the latest […]
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Hoshino Miyako Ero-Gallery Not at All Lazy

Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!‘s Miyako Hoshino may have a relatively shy disposition, but it seems she has quite the appealing body hidden under her tracksuit, quickly gaining favor of various ero-artists who have naturally separated her from her clothes.
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Saber’s Edge Wielding Cutting Edge Sexiness

Nutaku has unveiled their newest sex-laden title, Saber’s Edge, a pirate-themed treasure hunting title that has players building a crew and outfitting them with powerful equipment before stumbling upon some erotic secrets. Saber’s Edge has players going on a journey to the Seven Skies and its hundreds of islands in pursuit of treasure and glory, […]
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Girl in the Park Shameless Streaking Ero-Figure

An incredibly naughty figurine of the erotic sort has made an appearance, the item focusing on a cute girl exposing herself in the park whilst straddling one of the rides; those thrilled at the idea of a woman being nude in public can expect to acquire the figure for themselves in March 2020. The figure […]
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Nutaku Spring Sale Welcomes the New Season with Sexiness

Nutaku has welcomed the spring season with a special sale for its consumers, as countless erotic games on the platform are offering deals and events where players can acquire all sorts of goodies for a limited time. Some of Nutaku’s luscious titles that are offering deals and special events for the spring sale: Users can […]
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Artist Minakami Obsessed with Stocking

Artist Minakami seems to possess a significant fondness for a small group of characters as demonstrated by his creations, the charming Stocking of Panty and Stocking being one of them as she is constantly being drawn in various erotic situations. Those particularly stimulated by maidens such as Stocking, Hanekawa from Monogatari and Felicia from Darkstalkers […]
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Ero-Artist Ebi 193 Busts Out Busty Touhou Characters

Popular Touhou artist Ebi 193 has been enamored by Touhou’s fabulous maidens, drawing most of them with massive oppai and featuring them in various situations that will make any onlooker feel the same. More of the beautiful and busty Touhou girls:  
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Injected a Drug into a Futanari Unbelievably Gigantic

Futanari enthusiasts with a sense of humor can satiate their sexual lusts with the aid of “Injected a Drug into a Futanari China-dress Girl’s Penis and it got HUGE“, a lewd animation centering on a futanari girl in a China dress as her genitalia expand to unrealistic proportions. The animation depicts an encounter with the […]
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Shou-san Bouzu Ero-Gallery Short & Stacked

Ero-artist Shou-san Bouzu has a very particular fetish which he executes in almost all of his works. His boundless love for short and voluminously stacked girls knows no equal as he draws all kinds of popular anime and manga characters, along with a few choice OCs. A few select examples of the artists’ adoration for […]
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Beast-Lusting Fem-Meat Heroine Brutalizes an Amazon

The overwhelmingly muscular Amazon from Dragon’s Crown has starred in eroge “A Tale of a Beast-Lusting Fem-Meat Heroine“, predictably leading to the powerful woman being restrained by amorous beasts and horribly violated, which the warrior inevitably ends up becoming addicted to. The visual novel has the Amazon battling against hordes of goblins and orcs whilst […]
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Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta Nonstop Wife Abuse

More innocent wives have been forced into sexual situations with men other than their husbands in the 2nd episode of Yue ni Hitozuma wa Netorareta, a display that will be venerated by alpha males who simply take the women they desire. Omake:
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SOD Nyuushashiki 2019 Spreads It in Public

Soft on Demand’s 2019 version of their “Nyuushashiki” title (a yearly release styled in the form of a company “welcoming ceremony”) has put a wide array of delectable maidens on display as they present their nude bodies to a crowd, the girls boldly spreading themselves open to entice not only the males in the audience […]
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Araiya-san Works Its Magic Fingers

The girls of Araiya-san! Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de!? are starving for more pleasure as the show’s 3rd airing has the beautiful red-head fingered by the male protagonist once more in a bath setting, an enviable situation that will have watchers questioning how such a thing is able to occur at a school. Omake:
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Philena Waal China Dress Ero-Figure Has Small Buns

Philena Waal, the first in the Dai-Kasshoku-Jidai series (a line of figures dedicated to providing buyers with luscious tan girls), can become the next delightfully dark addition to any collection, buyers will surely adore her tiny meat buns both under her clothes and in her tray – Philena Waal can entice with her October arrival. […]
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Little Red Riding Hood Goes Shopping Unexpectedly Gory

A rather gruesome (and comical) retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood has arrived in the form of eroge “Little Red Riding Hood Goes Shopping“, which has the girl going on a journey to her grandmother’s house but whilst dodging monstrosities that will gore her. The side-scrolling platformer may amuse solely due to its […]
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Teniohaa 2 Life-Sized Oppai Mouse Pad Definitely Perverse

Maiden Serizawa Manami from eroge Teniohaa 2 has been immortalized in the form of a life-sized oppai mouse pad, yet another item that obsessed collectors will no doubt desperately desire, though armpit fetishists may take an interest as well due to the item’s unique details. Serizawa Manami’s gorgeous upper-half has been depicted onto this sensuous […]
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Mama wa Taimanin Incestuously Depraved

Black Lilith’s imminent new eroge, Mama wa Taimanin, will surely have those who love their families a little too much quite excited as the game involves the deterioration of an honest family into sex-crazed beasts. Heroine Kana Yoshizawa lives in peace with her husband and son, she was formerly a Taimanin but has since retired […]
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Ane Chijo Max Heart PV Pent up with Lust

The usual two girls from the saucy Ane Chijo Max Heart have once again had their turn with the male protagonist in the upcoming 4th episode, some stealthy locker sex possibly being the most extreme element of the episode, good news for those unable to stomach more gruesome fetishes. A myriad of sex scenes and […]
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Run-away Girl Impregnation Abuses Run-away Schoolgirls

Run-away Girl Impregnation tells the sickening tale of an old man taking advantage of a vulnerable schoolgirl who ran away from home, a rarely covered fetish but one that perverts will be thankful for. The plot revolves around an old man who recently lost his job but soon encounters a schoolgirl waiting out the rain […]
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Muma no Machi Cornelica Knows How to Party

Muma no Machi Cornelica has added several more unique and sexy succubi as the ero-anime’s 4th episode involves a party of some sort, bound to have watchers hoping that they all take turns with the male protagonist in a giant orgy. The PV doesn’t seem to hint at an orgy higher than three individuals, though […]
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R-18 Artist Warlord Rexx Issued C&D by Blizzard

A popular artist has suffered the wrath of Blizzard and their desire to purge all porn of their beloved, innocent franchises, as Warlord Rexx was sent a cease and desist from Blizzard right in his own driveway and forcing him to not only remove all his content but stop making World of Warcraft art altogether. […]
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Kizuna Ai Ero-Gallery Ever so Scandalous

Virtual YouTuber progenitor Kizuna Ai has risen to stardom over a few short years and has become a pretty well-recognized Japanese character. Ero-artists weren’t resting on their laurels as the perky Virtual YouTuber was getting popular however, as they’ve been sketching the girl into all kinds of lewd situations. More of the lovely Ai-chan, celebrated […]
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