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Beautylish Holiday 2021 Gift Card Event Starts 10/21

starts tomorrow, October 21st, at 9AM PT (noon ET), and ends October 24th, midnight PT. During the event, you’ll receive a $20 Beautylish Gift Card for every $100 spent. There will also be gift with purchases available for a myriad of brands along with a restock of Sonia G brushes. Here are some recs… Makeup Natasha Denona Metropolis ...
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15% or 20% Off Paula’s Choice Here’s What You Need

Enjoy 15% off $65 or 20% off $85 or more with code SAVEMORE at today! Please for the love of the skincare gods do haul the cleansing balm! It’s freaking ridiculously good! Also, I’ve been using a few of the boosters lately and I’m impressed! The C15 Super Booster is pretty fantastic. I swear my skin looked brighter after the first several days I start using this. And the Hyaluronic Acid Booster is pretty fab too! I’m a HA fan to the max and this stuff is lovely. Lightweigh...
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Here’s Why Your Makeup Isn’t Looking Flawless

Wondering why your makeup isn’t looking flawless? Maybe you’re concealer is caked or your powdery is adhering to drier areas of your face! There could be a very simple reason why you haven’t unlocked perfect, flawless makeup. I’ve compiled several tips and tricks to help you get the most flawless look from your makeup! Daily reminder: Clean Your Makeup Brushes I know it’s a chore but please clean your makeup brushes! You have no idea how much product and gunk gets stuck in the bristles ...
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In Bibi’s Kitchen – Vegan Recipes

I recently got a copy of In Bibi’s Kitchen, and I ran through it to see which recipes were vegan or easily veganizable (replacing milk/eggs). I realized as I was making my list that it might be helpful to other people considering the book. I think it’s a beautiful cookbook whether you’re vegan or not – but reading through it, I also found it fairly vegan friendly, and it’s also full of rich stories of countries and places and individuals (especially grandma’s) that live in or with her...
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Realtime observation of structural dynamic of influenza A hemagglutinin during viral entry

Researchers in Kanazawa University has recently reported their study in Nano Letters regarding a high-speed atomic force microscopy study on a biological event that happens during flu virus enters infects its host cell. The real-time visualization of influenza A hemagglutinin (HA) has enhanced the understanding of fusogenic transition of HA and its interactions with host endosomes.
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An asteroid as big as the Empire State Building is hurtling toward Earth and is expected to whiz by Saturday in a relative close call, according to reports. (Thanks to many people, including Not My Usual Alias, who says “I wouldn't mind a glancing blow right about now.”)
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Stream: Wajatta, ‘Don’t Let Get You Down’

A year and a half since their mind-bending, circuit-frying debut, Wajatta are back for Act 2, cementing a partnership that is perhaps one of the most unlikely collaborations in music history. Wajatta combines the talents of beat-boxer/comedian/musician/font-of-everything Reggie Watts and veteran electronic DJ/producer John Tejada. The name (pronounced wa-HA-ta) is a mash-up of the duo’s last names. The music is a mash-up of almost everything else — language, melody, beats, whimsy. This week, the...
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Human antibody reveals hidden vulnerability in influenza virus

The ever-changing 'head' of an influenza virus protein has an unexpected Achilles heel, report NIAID-funded scientists. The team discovered the structure of a naturally occurring human antibody that recognizes and disrupts a portion of the hemagglutinin (HA) protein that the virus uses to enter and infect cells. The investigators determined that the antibody, FluA-20, binds tightly to an area on the head of the HA protein that is only briefly accessible to antibody attack.

The post-2009 influenza pandemic era: time to revisit antibody immunodominance

The current inactivated influenza vaccines rely on the induction of neutralizing antibodies against the head domain of the viral hemagglutinin (HA). The HA head contains five immunodominant antigenic sites, all of which are subject to antigenic drift, thereby limiting vaccine efficacy. Bypassing the immune system’s tendency to focus on the most variable regions of the HA may be a step toward more broadly protective influenza vaccines. However, this requires a better understanding of the biologic...
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Four suggestions for using the LifeWay/GuideStone Compensation Study

LifeWay and GuideStone conduct this study of SBC compensation in even numbered years. The latest report came out just a month or so ago. It is helpful and useful. Here are some suggestions for pastors, staff, and church leaders on how it can be profitably used. Find the LifeWay/Guidestone 2018 Compensation Study and get familiar with it. If you’re the pastor, and most SBC churches have a single clergy staff, the Mighty, and sometime mighty beloved Senior Pastor, then access the study and get f...
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10 Reasons to Watch ‘Final Score’, the “Die-Hard-in-a-Stadium” Movie Starring Dave Bautista

Let’s be real. You’ve probably made up your mind about seeing Scott Mann’s Final Score based on the trailer , so nothing I say will likely convince you either way. It does what it says on the tin. Distributed by Saban in the United States, it’s the next in a long line of “Die Hard, but in a _______” movies (see also: Skyscraper, AKA Die Hard in a building), proving that while nobody can do it better than Die Hard, damn near everyone is going to try. In that regard, it sort of defies tradition...
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Deep mutational scanning of hemagglutinin helps predict evolutionary fates of human H3N2 influenza variants [Evolution]

Human influenza virus rapidly accumulates mutations in its major surface protein hemagglutinin (HA). The evolutionary success of influenza virus lineages depends on how these mutations affect HA’s functionality and antigenicity. Here we experimentally measure the effects on viral growth in cell culture of all single amino acid mutations to the...
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Atomistic simulations indicate the functional loop-to-coiled-coil transition in influenza hemagglutinin is not downhill [Biophysics and Computational Biology]

Influenza hemagglutinin (HA) mediates viral entry into host cells through a large-scale conformational rearrangement at low pH that leads to fusion of the viral and endosomal membranes. Crystallographic and biochemical data suggest that a loop-to-coiled-coil transition of the B-loop region of HA is important for driving this structural rearrangement. However,...
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There's A Right & A Wrong Way To Use Hyaluronic Acid

When it comes to go-to ingredients for keeping skin hydrated, hyaluronic acid frequently gets the top spot on must-have lists. Often referred to as HA for short, the molecule is a naturally-occurring substances in the skin — a group of carbohydrates that work to help maintain its elasticity. It's what's known as a "humectant," meaning it works like a sponge to help skin retain water and leave it plump and dewy.As we age, however, our natural levels of hyaluronic acid slowly deplete, leading to ...
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A Week In Chicago, IL, On A $90,900 Salary

Welcome toMoney Diaries , where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Today: a project manager working in travel who makes $90,900 per year and spends some of her paycheck this week on dollar oysters.Occupation: Project ManagerIndustry: TravelAge: 28Location: Chicago, ILSalary: $90,900 Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $2,438.68Mont...
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Hadi Atri: Finding Success No Matter the Market

Vitals: RE/MAX Executive Years in Business: 20 Size: 11 offices, 330 agents Regions Served: Charlotte Metropolitan, including Concord, Lake Norman; Asheville, Waynesville, Wilmington, N.C.; and Fort Mill, S.C. 2017 Sales Volume: $1,512,022,952 2017 Transactions: 5,541 units No. 154 in sales volume in RISMedia’s 2018 Power Broker Report Hadi Atri acquired RE/MAX Executive in 2009 and still looks forward to the various rewards and challenges the real estate business brings...
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HA funding eases flu surge

Additional funding for the Hospital Authority will help it cope with the current flu season. Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan made the statement after attending a radio programme today. The funding will help the Hospital Authority hire more part-time healthcare professionals, provide more honourarium to nurses, and hire more clerical support for them, she said. “I think these are just short term measures. Of course this will ease the situation right now.” Prof Chan also said demand f...
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Review: ‘M. Butterfly’ Returns to Broadway on Heavier Wings

A powerful Clive Owen is the best thing about the didactic revival of David Henry Hwang’s breakthrough look at sexual delusion and East-West relations.
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Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. Is Joining the Airline Dividend Club

In the decade after 9/11, while most of its competitors were going bankrupt, Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) was the only major airline to continue paying a dividend. However, in the past five years, many airlines have started to pay quarterly dividends again. This has been a way for airlines to reward their long-suffering shareholders -- and demonstrate confidence that their return to profitability is sustainable.Last week, Hawaii-focused leisure carrier Hawaiian Holdings (NASDAQ: HA) became...
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It's Official: Southwest Airlines Is Coming to Hawaii

For years, pundits have speculated about the potential for Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV)  to start service to Hawaii. Last month, the "Southwest-to-Hawaii" rumors reached a fever pitch, based on a variety of signs indicating that an announcement might be imminent.Earlier this week, Southwest Airlines confirmed that it plans to launch flights to Hawaii in the near future. Let's look at how this move could affect travel to one of the most popular vacation destinations in the United States.Even t...
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Simple evaluation of the ruling that the housing allowance is unconstitutional

There are others who know more. I’ll link their stuff as I see it. Basic facts: The Freedom From Religion Foundation is suing over this question: The question in this case is whether Congress may give a subset of religious employees an income tax exemption for which no one else qualifies. At issue is the constitutionality of  26 U.S.C. § 107(2), which excludes from the gross income of a “minister of the gospel” a “rental allowance paid to him as part of his compensation.” The suit is aimed at th...
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Hawaiian Holdings Stock Is a Buy on the Latest Southwest-to-Hawaii Rumors

Compared to virtually all of its airline peers, Hawaiian Holdings (NASDAQ: HA) has been having a terrific 2017. In the first half of the year, the company's net income surged more than 30% compared to the same period of 2016. For the second half of 2017, analysts expect Hawaiian Holdings' earnings to be roughly flat on a year-over-year basis.You wouldn't know it from Hawaiian Holdings' 2017 stock performance, though. Hawaiian Holdings shares have lost about a third of their value this year.Con...
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Only the Good Stuff: Multivitamins for Your Weekend [09.16.17]

Happy, happy, happy weekend!  Some real, down in the bones JOY to celebrate today! Links & stories this week 100% guaranteed to make you smile a mile wide & believe like crazy in a Good God redeeming everything — and that there’s love everywhere & for ((you))!  Serving up only the Good Stuff for you & your people right here: Eric Ward @littlecoal  Eric Ward @littlecoal  Eric Ward @littlecoal  maybe pause to take all of this extraordinary in right here?!? HA! Jo...
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Spirit Airlines Pilot Strike Vote: Less Than Meets the Eye

Earlier this week, pilots at Spirit Airlines (NASDAQ: SAVE) began voting to authorize the union leadership to call a strike if negotiations with the airline break down.To the casual observer, it might seem like Spirit's pilot crisis -- which led to a rash of flight cancellations back in May -- is getting worse. However, the strike authorization vote is purely symbolic. The probability that Spirit Airlines pilots will actually strike remains minuscule, largely because they would need the approv...
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3 Beaten-Up Cheap Stocks: Are They Bargains?

With the broader market trading at such high prices these days, it almost seems strange when an individual company's stock trades at a discount. Either the market is undervaluing the longer-term future because of something in the short term, or there is something wrong with the company and it's cheap for a reason. Three companies that have been hit particularly hard and are trading at low valuations are offshore rig owner Diamond Offshore Drilling (NYSE: DO) , oil and gas producer Denbury Resou...
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United Airlines vs. the World: This Probably Won't End Well

United Continental (NYSE: UAL) President Scott Kirby is playing with fire. Since taking the No. 2 job at United a year ago, Kirby has overseen a stark strategy change. The company has significantly increased its growth rate in the domestic market while becoming aggressive about matching or even beating competitors' prices.These moves ultimately stem from Kirby's belief that United Airlines' willingness to cut or downsize underperforming routes has harmed its financial performance in recent yea...
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1 Airline That Should Buy Back More Stock -- and 1 That Should Buy Back Less

In the past few years, U.S. airlines' profits have surged due to a combination of moderate oil prices and strong demand. Many airlines have taken advantage of their rising cash flow to buy back lots of stock. This was a particularly attractive option because most airline stocks have been quite cheap in recent years.American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) and Hawaiian Holdings (NASDAQ: HA) are two of the U.S. airline operators that have implemented share repurchase programs in recent years.With its e...
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Here's Why Hawaiian Holdings Stock Fell 12% in July

Shares of Hawaiian Holdings  (NASDAQ: HA)  sank 12% in July according to S&P Market Intelligence. Although the company reported a strong second-quarter earnings report, it couldn't allay the fears of investors who were still reeling from news that the airline would be facing increased competition next year. Investors weren't alone in their bearish outlook: Analysts also demonstrated concern, slashing the stock's target price.Beating the analysts' consensus estimate of $1.53, Hawaiian Holdings re...
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Hawaiian Holdings' EPS Soars, but Investors Still Don't Believe

Since the beginning of 2016, Hawaiian Airlines has been posting by far the best unit revenue results in the U.S. airline industry. This performance has driven strong earnings growth at parent company Hawaiian Holdings (NASDAQ: HA) .However, investors have been paying more attention to looming competitive capacity growth on the horizon. Most notably, United Continental (NYSE: UAL) plans to significantly increase service to Hawaii in 2018. As a result, Hawaiian Holdings shares have lost nearly ...
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Attempt to verify patch for 'metadata service PicklingError' on TripleO QS Master (Pike) via HA overcloud deployment

Perform HA overcloud deployment via TripleO QuickStart Master (Pike) branch via `bash -R master --config config/general_config/pacemaker.yml --nodes config/nodes/3ctlr_2comp.yml $VIRTHOST` to avoid waiting for commit's appearance in Delorean RDO trunk for Master.
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