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6 Best Hair Oils

Hair oils have been gaining popularity, and there’s nothing I love more than dousing my hair in some oil, going to work out, and then washing it all off. I feel like the heat from the workout... Visit to read the rest of this article.
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Katy Perry Ditches Her Pixie Cut For an Ultraglamorous Long Wig in the Prettiest Shade of Blond

View this post on Instagram A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Feb 22, 2020 at 11:11pm PST Katy Perry has long blond hair now. We almost didn't recognize the singer with her new butter-hued hair. On Sunday, Perry posted a selfie wearing a voluminous, ashy-blond wig with layers and long, side-sweeping bangs. The American Idol judge captioned the Instagram post "if you don't love me at my p...
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The Man Who Creates Memorable Red Carpet Moments

Chris Appleton did J. Lo’s hair for the Super Bowl. The video went a bit crazy.
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Dua Lipa Reveals That Her New Short Bangs Weren't Exactly Intentional

Untouchable and invincible as they may seem, celebrities are still susceptible to the everyday beauty woes we plebeians deal with. Take Dua Lipa, for example. The "Physical" singer just debuted brand-new bangs born not out of the desire to experiment with a fresh look but rather of necessity due to some bleach-related damage. Ever since the end of 2019, Lipa's been rocking a cool two-toned hairstyle that's bright blond on top and black underneath, consistently opting for '90s-style face-framing...
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The Work Diary of a Hairdresser So Coveted, She Travels by Private Jet

With a cult following on Instagram, Jayne Matthews gives $325 cuts to a far-flung clientele.
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Sy Sperling, Founder of Hair Club for Men (and Also a Client), Dies at 78

A star in the era of TV pitchmen, Mr. Sperling rose to fame with ubiquitous late-night ads in the 1980s and ’90s.
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How to Find the Natural Part In Your Hair

If you’ve decided to go for a side-part hairstyle, you’ll want to part your hair the way it naturally wants to part.  The problem is, a lot guys don’t do this because they don’t know their hair even has a natural part. Instead, the way they part their hair began out of chance, continues out of habit, and may actually run opposite to their natural part. The result? A hairstyle that doesn’t stay in place or look as sharp as it could.   Consult the guide above to make sure you’re parting your hair...
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Sy Sperling, Founder of the Hair Club for Men (and Also a Client), Dies at 78

A star in the era of TV pitchmen, Mr. Sperling rose to fame with ubiquitous late-night ads in the 1980s and ’90s.
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"Drenched" Hair Color Is the Grungiest Spring Trend We Never Knew We Needed

On the arbitrary list of things you might like to be "drenched" in, there is the good (diamonds, compliments, the sun) and the bad (perfume, sweat, perfume) - but perhaps the most unexpected is when the term is used in relation to hair color. The technique, coined by colorist Karissa Schaudt at Maxine Salon in Chicago, is when "the entire head of hair is saturated with at least two different colors" - and it's just the Spring trend you've been looking for. Put simply, "drenched" hair color is t...
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Tired of Heavy Conditioners Weighing You Down? These 9 Lightweight Choices Are For You

I have thin, fine hair, and finding the right conditioner that doesn't weight it down has always been a challenge for me. Throughout the years, I've tried and tested tons of products which often end up leaving me feeling flat and greasy. So, that's why when I finally find one that gives me that thick yet lightweight feeling I've been searching for, I recommend it to everyone. If you're also struggling to find one that won't weigh you down, then I'm here to help. Ahead, I curated a list of a few...
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Kendall Jenner Modeled Floor-Length Extensions, and Somewhere Cher Is Adding to Cart

Kendall Jenner is known as the more low-key sister. While Kim Kardashian frequently opts for waist-length extensions and Kylie Jenner has worn just about every hair color imaginable, the model can typically be seen with dark brown hair that falls just below her shoulders. That all went out the window, however, in Jenner's new cover shoot for the latest, 18th issue of Garage. As part of a collaboration with conceptual artist Maurizio Cattelan, who recently made headlines for his six-figure duct-...
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The Best Products For Natural Hair, According to a Pro

When it comes to hair care, I consider myself a person who's still in the process of, uh, figuring it all out. I love coming across new (and old) products that might be helpful in terms of nourishing my curls, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I've added many a product to my collection with the help of a few YouTube videos and some personal recommendations from experts. Still, there's nothing like stumbling upon a formula that's not only been personally recommended by a pro but is also one that ...
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Styling Bangs Is Easier Than You Think - All You Need Are These 10 Products

Much like different hair types, all hair styles are not created equal. Just ask anyone with a bangs haircut. Often labeled high maintenance or difficult to pull off, there's no secret that the look requires a little more TLC. But the silver lining? They look so damn cool. Between short and blunt cut, curtain style (aka that parted '70s look), and long and wispy, there are endless ways to rock fringe. Feeling bold and daring? There's a set of bangs for that. Want to make sure they'll play nicely...
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The Best Hair and Makeup Looks This Year Are Coming From London

London Fashion Week marks the first runway season of the new decade, and with that, a fresh new attitude and rebellious spirit similar to that of last century's roaring '20s. That same mood has also made its way backstage, with hair and makeup artists delivering gutsy beauty look after gutsy beauty look and finding new ways to experiment with some of the last decade's biggest beauty trends, be it glitter, wet hair, or three-dimensional makeup. The week started off with a burst of color with the...
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Here’s Some New Stuff You Can Put In Your Hair for Spring 2020

Short, long, curly, fine, what’s your hair type? My hair is long, all the way to my butt, wavy, a bit dry, unruly AF, it’s a entity all its own. My BF says, “Never cut it!” but I’m always every so close to shaving myself bald most days. I’m always so jealous of woman that spend so much time and attention on their hair. Unless I’m going out I really don’t do a lot with my hair. But oddly enough, I sort of dig buying new potions, conditioners, and styling products for it. Is that terribly we...
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Y'all, Bald Jim Hopper Can Get It

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to inform you that Jim Hopper is alive, but perhaps even more shocking and worthy of discussion, he's now bald. In the new teaser for Stranger Things season four, we learn that the former Hawkins Chief of Police is, in fact, not dead, as the season three finale tried to suggest, and he's undergone quite the dramatic hair transformation since getting captured by the Russians. Those luscious, slicked-back locks and that full, Monopoly Man-esque mustache have bee...
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From Frohawks to Braided Buns, Let These Natural-Hair Updos Inspire Your Next Hairstyle

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the beauty of natural hair lies in its versatility and the fact that a lot of naturals can achieve just about any style they desire. For example, I love a big hair moment just as much as the next person, but there are still times - i.e. when the temperature rises or when we're just looking to protect our ends without committing to a braided protective style for a few weeks - when you can't go wrong with throwing your hair into an updo. Natural updos are...
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I Replaced My Shampoo With This $10 Cleansing Foam For 4 Days - Here's What Happened

I have struggled with oily hair my. entire. life. No-poo method? Tried that for a month. Dry shampoo? Used them all. Cleansing foam? Well, now that's different. Enter the Waterless Cleansing Foam ($10) from Batiste. The new product is designed to tackle dull hair in between washes, acting as an alternative to dry shampoo. It features a lightweight, foam-based formula that goes on wet and dries in one minute, leaving you with "fabulous, fresh, clean-feeling hair without stepping in the shower," a...
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Have You Noticed a Change in Your Hair Texture? Here's Why That Happens

Have you ever looked at your hair - like, really, really taken a good look at it - and noticed that it looks and/or feels a little differently than it did a few years ago? Your curls may not be as springy as they once were, or maybe your curl pattern altogether has loosened up a little. Upon running my hands through my hair a few months ago, I discovered that the curls at the back of my head didn't feel quite as tight or kinky as they used to. If you've shared this experience, don't panic - you...
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22 of the Best Haircare Products From Black-Founded Beauty Brands at Sephora

Breakage. Frizz. Flyaways. Dullness. If you have hair of any texture, chances are you've experienced at least one of those things. You're not alone, and there are not only many other people who can relate, there are also several who then took it upon themselves to come up with a solution for us all. There are a handful of products at Sephora founded by black men and women to treat these exact issues - and they really do know hair. While some of the creams, lotions, and oils are specifically for ...
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The Celebrity Bob Is Here to Stay, and Liza Koshy’s New Cut Is Proof

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy) on Feb 11, 2020 at 7:01pm PST Liza Koshy, a YouTuber with over 17 million subscribers (she's even interviewed Barak Obama, people) just got a new haircut, and we're here to rave about it. Koshy posted the new hairstyle to her 18 million Instagram followers on Tuesday with the caption, "bob and i look good together," and we whole...
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Amandla Stenberg's Box Braids Made Their Return With a '90s-Inspired Twist

Amandla Stenberg just brought their box braids back and gave them a fun '90s twist. The Hate U Give actor was among a sea of famous faces at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party on Sunday night where they stepped out sporting a fun, blond braided bob. According to one of Stenberg's most recent Instagram posts, the braids were created by a stylist known on social media as @yayadidmyhair, who created small box braids throughout the actor's hair with platinum blond extensions and cut them into a chin-leng...
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Amandla Stenberg's Blond Box Braids Took 6 Hours to Do - and They Were Worth the Wait

Amandla Stenberg just brought their box braids back and gave them a fun '90s twist. The Hate U Give actor was among a sea of famous faces at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party on Sunday night where they stepped out sporting a fun, blond braided bob. The braids were done by hairstylist Mariah (Yaya) Leilani, who created small box braids throughout the actor's hair with platinum blond extensions and cut them into a chin-length bob that's longer in the front and shorter in the back. "Amandla came to me ...
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I Get Bad Winter Dandruff, but These 10 Hair Products Have Transformed My Scalp

Ever since I moved to San Francisco, the cold, damp air has wreaked havoc on my scalp. I can get some pretty bad dandruff that's uncomfortable and annoying. To make matters worse, I'm a brunette, so flakes can be noticeable when I'm having a particularly bad day. Because of my issue, I have tried dozens and dozen of products intended to control or soothe dandruff. Luckily, I have narrowed it down to the very best formulas that give me relief. Ahead, you'll find the most effective products I've t...
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Dear Timothée, Where Were Your Curls at the Oscars?

Remember when the fiasco of Fyre Festival was coming to a close and Ja Rule, a seemingly critical cog in the festival's scamming machine, tweeted: "I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!" The same words ran through my mind the second Timothée Chalamet walked the Oscars red carpet in a slicked back wet hairstyle. As if it weren't shocking enough that he arrived in this Prada suit, the Little Women star seemingly left his famous curls at home. OK, the curls weren't act...
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This Director Shouted Out the Crown Act After His Short About Natural Hair Won an Oscar

#Oscars Moment: Hair Love wins Best Animated Short Film! The Academy (@TheAcademy) February 10, 2020 On Sunday night, director Matthew A. Cherry took home the Oscar for best animated short for his film, Hair Love, and his acceptance speech was just as important as the short itself. Hair Love tells the story of a young black father learning how to do his daughter's hair, and Cherry made it as an effort to normalize black hair on TV, in film, and given his special ...
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Billie Eilish's Chanel Hair Pin at the Oscars Probably Costs More Than My Rent (and I Still Want It)

We can't confirm this, but we're almost positive more people are tuning into the Oscars red carpet tonight because they knew Billie Eilish would be there. Just in case you haven't noticed, the singer is all anyone can talk about these days; 2020 just started, and she's already having a great year. Two weeks ago she swept at the Grammys, then appeared on her first Vogue cover and now is performing alongside her brother, Finneas, on the Oscars stage. Of course, fans have been anticipating her arri...
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Give Saoirse Ronan and Her New Baby Bangs the Oscar

Saoirse Ronan is not messing around at the Oscars tonight. As a fourth-time nominee, it's clear that the actress came to win, and even if she doesn't, her new set of baby bangs already did. Two years ago, Ronan was nominated for her role in Lady Bird and arrived to the Oscars with a blunt bob, freshly cut by hairstylist Adir Abergel. Naturally, fans were pleasantly surprised and shocked. Then and there she seemingly set the precedent that she would make a dramatic change to her look every time s...
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7 Of Our Favorite Celebrity Haircuts So Far This Year

When you've got a team of hair experts at your beck and call, it's easy for celebrities to play around with different hairstyles. Whether they decide to chop it all off into a pixie or bob haircut (only to then throw in some extensions), the stars always seem to serve some serious inspiration for our next trip to the salon. This year is no exception. Miley Cyrus is making us want to try out the trendy mullet haircut, and Jada Pinkett Smith's short curls are totally bringing the faux hawk back. W...
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Hidden Rainbow Balayage | New Hair for Spring 2020!

Happy new hair for spring! I’m calling this one “hidden rainbow,” because it started with the concept of rainbow hair but in such a way where it would be rainbow-esque regardless of whether it was up, down, curled or worn natural. Most pieces have two shades in a gradient but some have three and a few have the full rainbow gradient. We went with more dominant purple and pink (with more purple at the crown and with a veil of babylights) around my face. Hair was color...
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