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The Quarantine Stream: ‘Halloween’ is Still Scary After All These Years

(Welcome to The Quarantine Stream, a new series where the /Film team shares what they’ve been watching while social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.) The Movie: Halloween Where You Can Stream It: Shudder The Pitch: John Carpenter accidentally invents the American slasher movie by making a low-budget fright-flick where a guy in a William Shatner mask terrorizes teens. Why It’s Essential Quarantine Viewing: Look at today’s date. No one could’ve predicted that Halloween, which had a scr...
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Listen: "Bela Lugosi's Dead" vs Disneyland's Haunted Mansion

In 2004, artist Howard Hallis celebrated the devilishly wonderful crossover of Disney and Goth culture with the now-classic "Haunted Bela," a mash-up of Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead" with the spooky narration heard in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion dark ride. Listen above! — Read the rest
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This Is How Wuhan, China, Is Celebrating Halloween

The majority of people can probably recite one of the most basic lessons of the coronavirus pandemic: Don’t get too close to others, especially without a mask. Knowing that, it would be totally reasonable to think that the picture above is from a previous Halloween, before “coronavirus” was part of our daily…Read more...
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Enjoy an old school Halloween horror marathon hosted by artist Skinner.

Of the many social activities that covid has taken from us this year, Halloween is an especially bitter pill to swallow. If you're looking for virus-free thrills from the safety of your couch this weekend, the folks at Filmbot have put together an excellent Halloween movie marathon. — Read the rest
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Ministry's "(Everyday Is) Halloween" (1984)

From the days when Al Jourgensen cultivated an English accent and I wore too much eyeliner, Ministry's "(Everyday Is) Halloween." (1984) Above, a fan video cut up from horror films.
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'Candy should not be more important than our lives': Mars Wrigley warehouse workers are calling for safe working conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Inside the battle to get hazard pay at a Mars Wrigley's warehouse. Hollis Johnson/Business Insider Workers at an Illinois distribution center for candy maker Mars Wrigley have been demanding the company provide hazard pay and improve safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mars Wrigley produces popular candies like Twix, Skittles, and M&M's. Ahead of this Halloween, the National Confectioners Association reported a 25% increase in chocolate sales. Michael Samuel, a former worker...
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Renault: Renault Monster Car

On a Halloween where we had to stay at home, we got together with our client Renault and took the monsters out of the closet to take them to the garage. Renault Monster Car, a game/filter to have fun with the family and not miss the scares of the season.  
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Halloween Movies for Shooters: Gun Choice in Horror Films

Spooky Season is in full swing, and we here at TFB wanted to get into the spirit, so today I have a special Halloween edition article for all you ghouls and goblins. Although we’ve done some All Hallow’s Eve-themed work in the past, and we’ve also touched on movie guns from time to time, I […] Read More … The post Halloween Movies for Shooters: Gun Choice in Horror Films appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Go Trick-or-Treating for These Halloween Food Deals and Freebies

Sure, we’re all panicked and on edge right now, but at least there’s free (or cheaper) food to be had. In addition to next week’s Election Day offers, a bunch of restaurants are luring people in on Halloween for their pre-candy meals. Here’s what you can get and where you can get it.Read more...
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Halloween 2020 will have the first global blue moon since World War II

As The New York Times explains: On Oct. 31 — that's Halloween to you — humans in all time zones will be treated to a blue hunter's moon. A blue moon occurs on the rare occasion when there is more than one full moon during a month. — Read the rest
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Families Balance Trick-Or-Treating With COVID Risks

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Erogames Halloween Celebration Offering All Sorts of Spooky Treats

Western eroge distributor Erogames has embraced the advent of Halloween as a handful of their games are participating in the horrifying holiday, offering new opportunities, offers, and plenty of Halloween-themed sexiness. Craving Quest (Halloween event concludes November 4th) has all its heroines dressing up in new outfits and the Candy Siblings have come to liven […]
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Halloween Weekend And Potential COVID Domino Effect

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This creepy 'haunted' Zoom call uses deepfakes to put words in your mouth — and serves as a powerful warning about the threats posed by cutting-edge misinformation techniques

A Halloween video uses a Zoom call and deep fakes. Take This Lollipop 2 Filmmakers have created a chillling interactive video that features looming figures in a video conference and deepfakes of viewers.  The on-screen experience creates a videoconference call in which a figure appears behind viewers, and viewers appear to say things they didn't as their likeness is manipulated.  The filmmakers say the project shows how easily deepfakes can be created, representing a real cybersecurity con...
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‘Hocus Pocus’ Director Wants the Original Cast Back For Disney Plus Sequel

On Friday night, the stars of “Hocus Pocus” are reuniting for a virtual charity benefit, but will the Sanderson sisters ever return for an actual sequel? Disney Plus is currently working on a sequel to “Hocus Pocus,” but no casting or storyline details have been announced, as the project remains in development. “Hocus Pocus 2” […]
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The dark history behind Halloween is even more chilling than you realized

Halloween will look a little bit different this year. Александр Довянский/Getty Images Halloween draws from both Celtic and Christian traditions. While it's always had a morbid, spooky vibe, the festivities have changed quite a lot over the centuries. Even amidst the pandemic, Americans are projected to spend $8 billion on Halloween. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Halloween is the spookiest night of the year.It's also a boon to the retail industry — even during a pande...
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These Last Minute Accessories Will Instantly Make Your Halloween Costume

Get a costume in five minutes, plus, you can wear these pieces long after the 31st.
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"Happy" is Danny Elfman's first solo song in 36 years and it'll give you chills

Move over Pharrell Williams, there's a new "Happy" in town and it's creepy AF. That's no surprise given its creator, master of macabre music Danny Elfman. Post-Oingo Boingo Elfman has made a career out of writing scores and "Happy" marks his first solo pop-rock song in decades. — Read the rest
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These Air Force F-15 fighter jets in England are going all out for Halloween

US Air Force Members of the US Air Force's 492nd Fighter Squadron, base at RAF Lakenheath in England, decked their F-15 fighters out with portraits of famous movie and comic book villains. Elaborate paint jobs are nothing new for fighter jets, but the nose art put on display this week was part of a Halloween-themed contest the base is conducting to find out which is the crowd favorite. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. When it comes to Halloween costumes, few Air Force u...
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Up To The Witching Hour: The (Almost) Lost Halloween

When lawsuits impact whether you'll be able to celebrate your favorite holiday, it's time to work harder to get it all done.
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4 tips to keep your digital marketing away from terrifying problems

How could we not do a Halloween themed blog post? Taking a pass on this opportunity would be frightfully irresponsible of us! Holidays like Halloween are great for engagement and provide tons of fun content ideas. Whether you’re composing a terrifying tweet or a heart-pounding post, here are four tips to ensure your digital marketing doesn’t get too macabre. 1. Don’t let your content turn into a zombie apocalypse Coming up with fresh content can feel demanding. After all, good content takes w...
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75+ last-minute Halloween costume ideas for kids and parents. Because what’s *not* last-minute this year?

It’s not too late to make this Halloween awesome, even if you’re doing everything last-minute. And that includes last-minute costumes. Liz recently some incredible ideas for alternate ways to celebrate Halloween besides trick or treating this year, and we even came up with some fantastic theme dinner ideas. Because whether your kids are trick-or-treating or […]
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It's Halloween, which means local news copaganda falsely claiming drugs, poisoned candy and razor blades are handed out to kids

There are many such stories every year, but today we'll be picking on ABC 7 today, pliantly running the annual fake news, sourced to local cops, warning of drugs and other dangerous items being given to children out trick-or-treating. Indiana State Police say marijuana edibles could fool parents. — Read the rest
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Roald Dahl’s The Witches is great campy fun, and don’t believe anyone who says differently.

As a movie buff, I tend to be skeptical of reboots. Especially reboots of movies like Roald Dahl’s The Witches which became an instant Halloween classic in the 90s. But the 2020 version, now on HBO Max, is more of a reimagining than a reboot. And a needed one, at that. I laughed far more […]
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How to Summon AR Ghosts With a Google Search

Halloween is my favorite holiday, but just like everything else in 2020, this year won’t be as festive for most of us. If you’re starved for some good-natured spooky vibes, you can try banishing the blah by summoning a ghost or reanimated skeleton to dance for you—digitally, at least.Read more...
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Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of October 22

Watched at Home: Top 20 Streaming Films for the Week of October 22 What a difference a week makes, eh? Especially the week before Halloween. Last week, you couch potatoes munched on a bunch of old film collections, namely Friday the 13th, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. And while the boy wizard remains at No. 4 this week his companions have been replaced by the Back to the Future Trilogy, which debuted at the No. 2 spot on the The Digital Entertainment Group’s Top 20. Great Scott! Click ...
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How to Watch Tonight's 'Hocus Pocus' Charity Reunion Show

For members of a certain generation, Hocus Pocus is among the most iconic Halloween-themed films ever made. These fans will definitely want to join their coven as the three Sanderson Sisters—played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimi—get together tonight for a live-streaming charity reunion show. Read more...
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