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‘Sophisticated’: ancient faeces shows humans enjoyed beer and blue cheese 2,700 years ago

Austrian Alps salt miners had a ‘balanced diet’, with an analysis of bronze and iron age excrement finding the earliest evidence of cheese ripening in EuropeIt’s no secret that beer and blue cheese go hand in hand – but a new study reveals how deep their roots run in Europe, where workers at a salt mine in Austria were gorging on both up to 2,700 years ago.Scientists made the discovery by analysing samples of human excrement found at the heart of the Hallstatt mine in the Austrian Alps. Continu...
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New study of 2,600-year-old poop suggests Iron Age miners drank beer and ate blue cheese

An illustrated scene of the Hallstatt salt mountain in the early Iron Age. Reschreiter_Groebner/NHM Scientists analyzed the DNA in an ancient European salt miner's poop from some 2,600 years ago. They found the feces contained microbes consistent with the production of beer and blue cheese. Salt miners were previously thought to mostly eat gruel. The finding suggests they were more sophisticated. A new study of 2,600-year-old feces from an Iron Age salt miner suggested that workers at ...
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Most beautiful villages in Austria

With each popular film or television show comes a deluge of tourists to the production’s filming location or the fictional setting where it takes place. Take, as examples, the boom of visitors in Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast and Northern Ireland to see where Game of Thrones was filmed or the tourism industry built around the Lord of the Rings movie series. Now, the same is happening in fairytale-esque Hallstatt, Austria, where fans of the Frozen franchise are crowding the Alpine hamlet (even tho...
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How to Become a Sustainable Traveler in 2020

Posted: 2/17/2020 | February 17th, 2020 After years on the sidelines, sustainable travel has made its way to the forefront of the travel industry. Environmentally friendly travel is now one of the fastest-growing movements in the industry, and I, for one, welcome this trend. It’s an incredibly important topic that I’ve been writing about for years. After all, why destroy what you love? No one wants to see paradise paved over. We all cringe when we return to an overdeveloped, polluted destinatio...
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Instagram is ‘killing’ Hallstatt, Let it go!

Instagram has a tendency to make places ‘trend’. This makes global locations become inundated with tourists. Sometimes it’s cool, but sometimes this is to the detriment to the local community. Let’s look at what’s going on at Hallstatt as an example. Hallstatt, Austria, is a very small town, virtually free of traffic, and with minimal […] The post Instagram is ‘killing’ Hallstatt, Let it go! appeared first on DIY Photography.
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This Austrian Village, Overrun By ‘Frozen’ Tourists, Wants Them To Go To The Salt Mines

Only 780 people live in Hallstatt, Austria – but a million tourists visit each year, hoping for the perfect Frozen-style photo. The town had had enough. “Hallstatt is embarking on a campaign to focus on quality — not quantity — tourism, according to local officials. Tour buses, which tally as many as 90 on the busiest days, will be capped at 50 and must register with the tourism office. Groups that arrange lunches at local restaurants, sign up for boat cruises or visit Hallstatt’s famous salt m...
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This Austrian Village Wants ‘Frozen’ Fans to Let It Go

Do you want to visit Hallstatt? Officials say too many tourists — many of them fans of the blockbuster film — are coming to the 16th-century village just to take pictures.
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Let it Go! Why the mayor of Hallstatt is telling Frozen fans to stay away

The tiny Austrian village was reportedly the inspiration for Arendelle in the Disney film – and up to 10,000 tourists overwhelm it each dayName: Hallstatt, Austria.Age: Archaeology suggests the area has been settled for about 3,000 years. Continue reading...
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Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–November 8, 2018

Read the full article on at - Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–November 8, 2018 Congrats to Michael, who is this week’s winner of the travel photo contest! This photo is of Hallstatt in Austria. The village of  Hallstatt is a UNESCO World Heritage site.   Each... Read More... The post Peter’s Favorite Fan Photo of the Week–November 8, 2018 appeared first on Peter Greenberg Travel Detective.
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50 Awesome Inspirational Travel Quotes

As many of you know, I love to use quotes on my blog. Like a good photo, a good quote can stop you in your tracks and fill you with wonder. And when it comes to travel quotes, a good quote can make you stop what you’re doing, buy a plane or a train ticket, pack your suitcase, and run out the door for your next adventure. So here are 50 of my all-time favorite travel quotes. Hope you enjoy them! The Eifel Tower as seen from Trocadéro at dawn “To Travel is to Live” ~ Hans Christi...
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Best places to go in Europe in fall

With such a diverse range of cultures, geography, architecture, and natural beauty in such close proximity, Europe has everything you could possibly want in a fall adventure. But with so many countries to visit, so much food to eat, and so many city names to mispronounce, it’s tough to know where to start. A group of friends and I recently rented a van and drove across Europe, aiming to get the full fall experience in seven different countries. Here is the beauty we witnessed. 1. Burg Eltz,...
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Images of Austria

Austria may be a globally recognized tourist destination, but somehow, it still seems to fly beneath the radar. With powerhouse neighbors like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and Czech Republic, it’s almost understandable. But with a comprehensive rail network running the continent’s most advanced trains, and some of the most remarkable natural, historical, and cultural sites in Europe, this is one country not to overlook when planning a cross-continental journey. 1 ...
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11 itineraries in the Alps

11 awesome itineraries for your trip through the Alps Wengen, Switzerland. Photo: Ivo Scholz E urope’s highest mountain range — spanning a whopping 750 miles — naturally holds every kind of adventure one could possibly think of. The Alpine valleys of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland still hide idyllic villages where cheesemaking and woodworking reign supreme. Bustling cities like Zurich, Salzburg, and Munich mean world-class experiences at the foot of Mother Nature’s best wo...
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Vienna Austria

Although I had incorrectly booked our Sept. 7 train tickets from Hallstatt it was no problem boarding at Bad Goisern two stops later. Our reserved first class seats were a little more comfortable and we could order food from our seat or sit in the dining
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Salzkammergut Region of Austria

Geo 47.5573 13.647Today was one of our longest drives travelling from Venice to Hallstatt a trip of roughly four hours. At 130kms per hour on the Austrian and Italian Autobahns the journey goes quick though.It was beautiful driving through the val
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Striking gold twice over in Hallstatt

Gold with the extraordinary picturesque location on the shores of the Hallstatter See lake and white gold with the salt mine another Unesco World Heritage site and one that had provided great wealth to the Habsburgs. Mind blowing history that we litera
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Hallstatt, Austria: The Most Beautiful Village of All?

Written by GoNomad Perched on the side of a pristine lake in Austria, Hallstatt just might be the world's most beautiful village. is so pretty that a copy was built in China. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Travel with disposable cameras

WE LIVE in a time of potential instant photographic gratification. We check the screens on our digital devices often before we’ve even looked at a scene with our own eyes. When we travel, it’s easy to get caught in a spiral of constant photo-taking, photo-checking, photo-retaking, photo-filtering, and then photo-sharing. But what if we only had one chance to take the photograph, and we’d only find out how good it was after it was too late to do anything about it? I decided to try the experiment ...
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The Week in Photos: Like You’ll Never Experience…ANYWHERE

No surprises, we've had another terrific week in photography online. With content writers and photographers posting tutorials, special reviews and great photography for everyone to see and enjoy – this is sure to be an experience you won't forget before next time. This week's list of hand-selected photography links features the work of some of the best people working in the field today, brought to you by Toad Hollow Photography. We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the To...
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An Austrian Day Trip to Hallstatt in Winter

Adi and her family take a day trip to Austria to discover the magic of UNESCO-Listed Hallstatt in winter. We recently vacationed in Slovenia and on the way back my husband surprised me with one hour detour from our route to Hallstatt, Austria. Hallstatt is a village in the Salzkammergut, a region in Austria listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This little village of just over nine hundred inhabitants is well known for its salt mines and salt production dating back to prehistoric times. The...
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The Most Romantic Small Towns In Europe

For Condé Nast Traveler, by Krisanne Fordham. We know you love Paris, Venice, and Florence. Problem is, so does every other couple in the world. This Valentine’s Day — or on a romantic weekend away — seek out the quiet romance of these secluded small towns across Europe instead. 1. Giethoorn, the Netherlands The village of Giethoorn in northern Holland has been called many things, repeatedly: “the Venice of the North,” for its serene canals; “like something out of a fairytale,” for its thatched ...
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A Journey Through the Most Beautiful Places in Austria

Guest contributor, Barbara, takes us on a tour of the most beautiful places in Austria. From the bustling capital of Vienna to picture-perfect Halstatt, she takes us through the some of the best places to visit in Austria. Austria, situated in the heart of Central-Europe, is an exciting country with a rich historical background, fascinating cities and beautiful mountains. It has many famous ski resorts, as some of Europe’s most beautiful mountains are found here. The Alps stretch across the we...
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Amazing Photography From 2016 and What to Look Out For in 2017!

It’s Been Quite a Year in Photography As 2016 ends and we all look forward to what 2017 has in store for us all, we find Toad Hollow Photography has been looking all over the internet for links to share in their final post for the year. This week’s list includes a selection of “Best of 2016” features, along with tutorials, special features and great photography.  We really hope you enjoy the final post of the year as much as the Toad did himself in bringing this list to you. 2016 – THE YEAR I...
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Meet Your Rick Steves Tour Group: The Name Game

I just met 26 happy travelers and we're well into our My Way Alpine Europe Tour. It's so much fun to be personally leading our tours again. (Over the next 12 days or so, I'll be reporting on the fun we're having.) We lead about 900 tours each season. On our tours, we become like a family, and it's important that we know each other's names. Early on, we play a memory game to learn everyone's name. Here, on the lakeside terrace of our Hallstatt hotel, watch as little Allison demonstrates how agile...
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Wait! You Nearly Forgot To Check Out These Photography Links

Image by Michael Gaida Toad Hollow Photography is back at it this week searching for links to tutorials special features, great photography and interesting blogs to share with everyone. This weeks list is composed of a wide variety of subjects and topics with something here for photography enthusiasts of all genres. We really hope you enjoy checking out these links as much as the Toad did in bringing this list to you. TUTORIAL LINKS Beginner Photographers. Don’t Fall At The First Hurdle! – th...
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9 of the Strangest Bone Churches of Europe

I'll admit right up front here that I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to creepy stuff. I've never been into scary movies, and even cover my eyes during the fake surgery scenes in "House." But on my first trip to Italy, when I heard there was a chapel in Rome which had decorated its walls with the bones of more than 4,000 monks, I knew I had to see it. Little did I know at the time, bone churches in Europe aren't that uncommon. Which is excellent news if you, like me, are on a mission to see all ...
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The Colors & Natural Beauty of Salzburgerland

No, Salzburgerland is not a made-up name from some childhood fairy tale, but the region that includes the historical city of Salzburg Austria. From countryside drives where mist and cloud overtake you, particularly prevalent in the late fall and winter, to mountainous peaks, there's plenty to keep your schedule packed. I had an opportunity to spend some time in the countryside as well as the city in the late fall, where we took in much of the East of the region, which included many of the origin...
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A European City So Beautiful, China Made a Replica of It

Hiding deep in the Dachstein mountains, not too far from Salzburg, is a small town that has the charm of something out of a fairytale. Picture a one-church town, surrounded by towering mountains, sitting beside a glasslike lake; the only thing you hear are trickles of ice-cold water running from a small stream into the deep blue body of water. As you look across the lake, the scene is broken up only by the sight of majestic white swans catching the first light. Could this be the most perfect pla...
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