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Holbein Left A Clever Clue In A Portrait Of Henry VII’s Wife

Which wife? Well, for centuries, everyone thought it was Catherine Howard (the second of the beheadeds in the old rhyme). Instead, thanks to Hans Holbein’s clue (and an art historian’s tenacity), we now think the portrait is of Anne of Cleves (the second of the divorced wives, or in this case, annulled). – The Observer (UK)
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Holbein Left A Clever Clue In A Portrait Of Henry VIII’s Wife

Which wife? Well, for centuries, everyone thought it was Catherine Howard (the second of the beheadeds in the old rhyme). Instead, thanks to Hans Holbein’s clue (and an art historian’s tenacity), we now think the portrait is of Anne of Cleves (the second of the divorced wives, or in this case, annulled). – The Observer (UK)
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How Holbein left clever clue in portrait to identify Henry VIII’s queen

New evidence shows miniature long held to be of Catherine Howard could depict Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of ClevesCreated in around 1540 by Hans Holbein, court painter to Henry VIII and one of the greatest portraitists of all time, the miniature is a prized treasure in the Royal Collection. But the sitter is unknown, with the artefact long catalogued merely as “Portrait of a Lady, perhaps Catherine Howard”, Henry VIII’s fifth queen.Now, as a result of fresh research, she has been given a new iden...
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History Bechstein, Ludwig: Der Todtentanz [German] V 1.0 23.02.2021

Ludwig Bechstein (* 24. November 1801 in Weimar; † 14. Mai 1860 in Meiningen​) war ein deutscher Schriftsteller, Bibliothekar, Archivar und Apotheker. Er ist heute vor allem durch die von ihm herausgegebene Sammlung deutscher Volksmärchen bekannt. [Wikipedia] Hier von Ludwig Bechstein >Der Todtentanz< mit den Bildern von Hans Holbein. Attached Files Bechstein Der todtentanz .epub (2.64 MB)
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Cocktails with a Curator: The Frick Pairs Weekly Art History Lectures with Cocktail Recipes Once upon a time, not so long ago, First Fridays at the Frick were a gracious way for New Yorkers to kick off the weekend. Admission was waived, participants could take part in open sketching sessions or enjoy live performance, and curators were on hand to give mini lectures on the significance and historical context of certain prized paintings in the collection. Rather than pull the plug entirely when the museum closed due to the pandemic, the...
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A Quay Brothers Animation Explains Anamorphosis, the Renaissance Illusion That Hides Pictures within Pictures First appearances can be deceiving. Take physicist Emmanuel Maignan’s 1642 fresco in a corridor of Rome’s Trinità dei Monti monastery. Viewed head on, it appears to be a somewhat unconventional landscape in which one of the few remaining branches of a mutilated tree spreads over a city, far in the distance. Streaky clouds suggest heavy weather is brewing. Stroll to the end of the corridor and take another look. You’ll find that the tree has co...
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The Extremely Cold Case Of Hans Holbein’s Bones

London: “Emptied out by coronavirus during lockdown, the City was the perfect place for socially distanced, government-mandated walks. And beneath its streets are the bodies of innumerable plague victims. One in particular haunts me. Holbein died in London, almost certainly of plague, in 1543. The long shadow of bubonic plague permeates his art, in its danse macabre of corpses and skeletons. It seemed appropriate to seek out this master of pestilence in a time of pandemic.” – The Guardian (UK) ...
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Word of the week: Macabre

The video depicts a mass shooting in a church by a lone assassin who looks very much like the grinning 45th president of the United States. It is violent, gruesome, tasteless, and obviously faked, but the adjective the New York Times editors chose for the headline above Monday’s story was none of those words. It was, instead, macabre, a word with a long, lurid, and murky history. The organizer of the American Priority event at which the video was screened said the video was part of a “meme...
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Weatherwatch: fashion shines a light on climate change

From light clothes in medieval times to fur in the 1500s, fashion reveals how climate has changedThe history of fashion can give a fascinating glimpse of how climate has changed. Medieval times were notably mild and illustrations in manuscripts show people wearing light and loose clothes, without capes, fur or hats. That changed in the Little Ice Age, roughly spanning the 1300s to 1800s, which included some bitterly cold times. Fashions responded, especially in the 1500s, when heavy textiles in ...
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St. Albert the Great

  Thorough Theologian Albert’s greatest love of all was his love for God. Albert so loved the natural sciences, waxing eloquent in his writings on everything from flowers to insects to fish to the squirrelly daily habits of the squirrels, because they all in small, diverse ways reflected the unspeakable, simple goodness and majesty of the Creator, from whom all creation flows. Albert knew so well how God speaks to us through creation, but he also knew that God has spoken to us directly too, ...
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Another Function of a Portfolio

In the "How I Practiced Portraiture" post, Steve Caddy wrote: So many of these problems boil down to a difference between what the customer thinks they're buying and what the photographer thinks they're selling. Amen, and my experience was a vivid illustration of that. Steve was probably talking mainly about the business dealings between the photographer and the customer, but it applies equally well to the aesthetic side of the transaction as well. When I started doing portraiture, in Washington...
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Russian Photographer Captures Unusual Portraits Invoking A Feeling Of Renaissance Portraiture

These Portraits Really Are Unusual! But, you’ve really gotta check out this unusual portrait photography and appreciate Alexei’s very unique ideas. Image by Little Visuals Alexei Sovertkov is a visual artist and talented photographer from Moscow, who’s taken his inspiration from Dutch and Flemish Renaissance artists like Jan van Eyck, Rogier van Der Weyden and Hans Holbein. His works are those that have inspiration around voids, vacuums and other areas of uncertainty. A recent series of hi...
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Hans Holbein – Distinguished Court Portraitist Or Scathing Satirist?

His miniature woodcut series The Dance of Death is like a “16th-century Charlie Hebdo,” argues a Cambridge historian.
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Holbein’s Dance Of Death - the 16th Century Charlie Hebdo

As the leading painter at the Court of Henry VIII, Hans Holbein’s magnificent depictions of royalty and nobility affirmed his status as one of the greatest portrait artists of all time. Few would have considered such works the output of a dissident satirist, deeply concerned about the plight of the poor, and committed to religious reform. But according to a new study of one of his most famous works, The Dance Of Death, satire was not just an area in which Holbein dabbled early in his care...
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The Guardian Charts the Satirical Political Stance of Hans Holbein’s Woodcut Series

An article in The Guardian this week notes the often comically grisly images of Hans Holbein’s woodcut pieces as a sort of early political cartoon, noting its frank political critiques and satirical position towards the powerful figures of the artist’s day.  “The judges, the notaries, all those who should help poor people, it’s clear [from […]
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This Blogpost is NOT about Donald Trump: Seeking Beauty, Truth, Lightness

[Blogteam: HOLD while I take a break, then return to complete inserting hyperlinks. CS] By universal acknowledgement, this presidential campaign between Hillary Clinton and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named has been the worst in living memory---the lowest, the vilest, the most vitriolic. The current low point---though this campaign can always go lower---revolves around HWSNBN's alleged instances of sexual assault. It all leaves conscientious Americans feeling depressed, sullied, hurting. This campaig...
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Obtaining Peace and Zeal for Growth in Grace

OF OBTAINING PEACE, AND OF ZEAL FOR GROWTH IN GRACE 1. We might enjoy much peace if we would not busy ourselves with the words and deeds of others, and things which appertain nothing to our charge. How can he abide long in peace, who thrusteth himself into the cares of others, who seeketh occasions abroad, who little or seldom cometh to himself? Blessed are the single-hearted; for they shall enjoy much peace. 2. Why were some of the saints so perfect and contemplative? Because they labored...
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Hans Holbein Drawing of Hand Censored from Facebook

The Guardian has a peculiar story on Facebook’s censorship of a drawing by Hans Holbein this week.  The work, a study of Erasmus of Rotterdam’s right hand, was pulled from the site after claims that it violated the site’s community standards, leading to renewed criticisms of the site’s stance toward great works of art. Read more at The Guardian
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Shakespeare’s dramatic music

Whenever a public event requires a speech from Shakespeare to articulate the profundity of human experience, or to illustrate the cultural achievements of humankind (or perhaps Britain), there is a very good chance that someone will turn to Caliban: Be not afeard. The isle is full of noises, Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not. Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments Will hum about mine ears, and sometime voices That if I then waked after long sleep Will make me sleep ...
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Holbein Portait of Jane Seymour Discovered in Cambridge Home

A Hans Holbein the Younger portrait of Jane Seymour, Queen of England from 1536-1537, has been discovered in Cambridge.  The painting has hung unnoticed on the wall of a town house in the city for over 100 years.  Consultants identified the sitter and further tests traced the painting’s date to around 1532. Read more at Telegraph
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Solemnity and remembrance in the Great Hall

Blog colleague Mark Walsh contributed to this report. —————- With his sixth child, the Rev. Paul Scalia, reciting a brief litany of prayer and Bible passages, the late Justice Antonin Scalia on Friday morning lay in a flag-draped coffin, the opening of the last ceremonial tributes before he is buried Saturday afternoon.  Before public viewers were admitted, there was a half-hour service in the Court’s Great Hall for the Court’s family, in a carefully choreographed ritual of solemnity and respect...
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Mystery oak carving of King John bought on Ebay to sell for £30,000

A wooden carving of King John thought to have been designed by Hans Holbein the Younger, the Swiss-German artist famous for his iconic portraits of Henry VIII, could fetch £30,000 at auction [Author: Gregory Walton]
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How artisans used colour printing to add another dimension to woodcuts

The fearsome dragon is dead, its body contorted and mouth hanging open. Above it, a triumphant St George sits astride a splendid horse. He wears full armour, his legs thrust forward, spurs glinting and lance held high. Atop his helmet, impossibly elaborate plumes and feathers cascade upwards and outwards. In the background, a city perches on a mountain top, silhouetted against a glowering sky. This opulent image, worked in black and gold on a blue background, is one of the earliest Europe...
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'The Traitor's Mark' weaves a Tudor mystery from scraps of fact

The historical record tells us that famous Tudor portrait painter Hans Holbein died in the autumn of 1543, possibly of the plague. But did he really?
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'The Traitor's Mark' weaves a Tudor mystery from scraps of fact

The historical record tells us that famous Tudor portrait painter Hans Holbein died in the autumn of 1543, possibly of the plague. But did he really?
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Life-Size Renaissance Art at Arts Center

Westport art historian Fiona Garland today discussed Renaissance art at the weekly ArtCafe at the Westport Arts Center, including displaying a life-size print on fabric of "The Ambassadors" , a painting by Hans Holbein the Younger. As well as being a double portrait, the painting contains a still life of several meticulously rendered objects, the meaning of which is the cause of much debate.
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Golden Horn wins the Derby with Frankie Dettori – live!

Favourite Golden Horn wins big race at Epsom to give jockey Frankie Dettori his second Derby victoryToday’s race cards and results 5.02pm BST He’s off to ride Hathal in the considerably less glamorous environs of Lingfield at 7.30pm and as much as I’d love to man this live blog for another two-and-half hours in order to let you know how he gets on, there’s a Champions League final on tonight that won’t watch itself, so I’m out of here. Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest of your weekend....
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The Derby 2015 – live!

All the latest updates from Epsom and the year’s premier Flat raceChris Cook’s horse-by-horse guide to the Derby runnersAnd email [email protected] or tweet @tonypaley 1.15pm BST Romsdal out of Coronation CupOne of my favourite races but this year’s running at 3.10 is hardly going to go down as one of the great renewals - there’s only four left in the race now that Romsdal is out.Romsdal is now out of the Coronation Cup here @EpsomRacecourse leaving just four runners in the race. 1...
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