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Chicago! I'm at C2E2 this weekend with my new book RADICALIZED! Next up: San Francisco, Portland/Ft Vancouver, Seattle & Anaheim!

Last night's book tour event in Toronto was a smashing success! Thanks to everyone who came! I just checked in for my flight to Chicago for a weekend's worth of appearances at C2E2, and then on Monday I'll be at Berkeley Arts & Letters at 7:30PM with Richard Kadrey, then at Ft Vancouver (outside of Portland, OR), and then the Seattle Public Library and finally a weekend of events at Wondercon in Anaheim. Come on out! (Image: @codepoet127)
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Toronto! I'm at the Metro Reference Library tonight at 7PM with my new book RADICALIZED! Next up: Chicago, San Francisco, Portland/Ft Washington...

We had a hell of an event last night at The Strand in NYC, and I'm about to head to the airport for my flight to Toronto for tonight's event at the Metro Reference Library, hosted by the Globe & Mail's Barry Hertz; then it's Chicago's C2E2 festival and then to Berkeley for an event with the writer and photographer Richard Kadrey, and then the at Fort Washington's Clark College (just outside of Portland, OR); and then the tour takes me to Seattle and Anaheim! I hope you'll come out and say hi!...
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Toronto! I'm at the Metro Reference Library tonight at 7PM with my new book RADICALIZED! Next up: Chicago, San Francisco, Portland/Ft Vancouver...

We had a hell of an event last night at The Strand in NYC, and I'm about to head to the airport for my flight to Toronto for tonight's event at the Metro Reference Library, hosted by the Globe & Mail's Barry Hertz; then it's Chicago's C2E2 festival and then to Berkeley for an event with the writer and photographer Richard Kadrey, and then the at Fort Vancouver's Clark College (just outside of Portland, OR); and then the tour takes me to Seattle and Anaheim! I hope you'll come out and say hi! ...
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NYC! I'm coming to The Strand tonight at 7PM with my new book RADICALIZED! Next up: Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco...

Thanks to everyone who came to last night's launch event at San Diego's Mysterious Galaxy! The next stop on my tour is an event at 7PM at The Strand in NYC where I'll be appearing with the award-winning investigative journalist Julia Angwin, who is pinch-hitting for Anand Giridharadas, who has had a family emergency. Tomorrow night, I'll be appearing at the Toronto Metro Reference Library at 7PM, with the Globe & Mail's Barry Hertz; from there, I go to Chicago's C2E2 festival and then to Be...
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An astounding gigapixel panorama of Paris affords "an eyeful of the Eiffel"

[Editor's note: Gigapixel panorama impressario Jeffrey Martin (previously) offers us "an eye full from Eiffel" in this astounding gigapixel pano of Paris -Cory] I shot this gigapixel photo in autumn 2018 from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Using an SLR camera and a variety of telephoto lenses, I shot a few thousand photos from both levels of the Eiffel Tower. The image you see here was shot from the top level, and you can actually see the Eiffel Tower itself in the image. The Eiffel To...
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First, Angélique Kidjo paid tribute to Talking Heads; now she's honoring Celia Cruz, the Queen of Salsa

Angélique Kidjo is a three-time Grammy-winning musician and activist from Benin; for more than a week, all I have listened to is her tribute to Talking Heads' 1980 album "Remain in Light," an album so great I bought tickets to see Kidjo perform it live about ten seconds after hearing it. Kidjo is moving from strength to strength, with a forthcoming Afrobeat album called "Celia," which pays tribute to Cuban diva Celia Cruz, the "Queen of Salsa." It comes out on April 19, and judging from...
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Sloth very clear on importance of chewing food slowly

“Tell tha chef it's excellent.” Definitely thought this was just a looped clip, but hold on. Nope. This slow eating sloth is very serious about eating slowly. Tell tha chef it's excellent [via]
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Los Angeles! I'm launching my new book Radicalized with Lexi Alexander tonight (next: San Diego, NYC, Toronto...)

Tonight is the launch for my latest book of science fiction for adults, Radicalized: I'll be at the Barnes and Novel at The Grove in Los Angeles, in conversation with director/activist/stuntwoman/champion kickboxer Lexi Alexander, starting at 7PM. From there, the tour takes me to San Diego tomorrow (Mysterious Galaxy, 7:30 PM; then NYC on Wednesday (The Strand, 7PM, with Anand Giridharadas); then Toronto on Thursday (Metro Reference Library, 7PM, with Barry Hertz), and then I'm in Chicago, ...
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A glowing, 3D printed rose that "blooms" when you touch its petals

Daren Schwenke's 3D printed blooming rose embeds a capacitive touch sensor -- a magnetic wire -- in one of the leaves, which trips an Arduino-controlled actuator that changes the rose's lighting and causes the petals -- 3D printed and then shaped over a hot chandelier bulb -- to splay open or fold closed. The build log reveals a lively open-source hardware/free software collaboration that is a miniature, perfect case-study. What finally materialized is a terrific combination of common ha...
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To do in San Francisco: Future Perfect: A Postcapitalist Adventure from Free Machine on March 24

[Editor's note: I'm on the advisory board for Free Machine, a nonprofit that describes itself as an "LA-based collective of UX designers, artists, urban planners, and policy wonks. By using the tools of culture to shift the conversation around tech and society, we aim to shape a hi-tech future that is equitable, sustainable, and abundant." The following is from Ben Gansky, Free Machine's executive Director] I'd like to invite you to join me at Free Machine's Future Perfect: A Postcapitalist Ad...
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Radicalized is one of The Verge’s picks for March!

Well, this is awesome: Andrew Liptak picked my next book, Radicalized as one of The Verge's picks for March! The tour starts Monday! Cory Doctorow is best known for novels, but his new book is a little different: it’s made up of four novellas set in the near future — “Unauthorized Bread,” about a woman who goes to great lengths to jailbreak the appliances in her subsidized housing; “Model Minority,” in which a superhero tries to tackle police corruption; “Radicalized,” about a man who sp...
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A massive victory for fair use in the longrunning Dr Seuss vs Star Trek parody lawsuit

Back in 2016, the Dr Seuss estate won a preliminary court action against "Oh, The Places You'll Boldly Go!" a crowdfunded parody of Dr Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go!" and Star Trek, written by veteran Star Trek creator David "Tribble" Gerrold and illustrated by the comics giant Ty Templeton. In 2017, Comicmix, the publisher, secured a partial legal victory, but the Seuss estate wasn't done -- they have been litigating ever since, but now it appears the fight is done, and Comicmix has pr...
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Acoustic meta-material: a shape that reflects sound but passes light and air

A Boston University team have developed an acoustic, 3D-printed metamaterial whose topology is such that it reflects 94% of human-audible sound; the researchers' demonstration involves inserting a ring of this stuff in a PVC pipe and blasting a speaker down one end: light and air emerges from the other end, but sound does not. The metamaterial is in contrast to traditional acoustic insulation materials, which absorb sound and convert it to heat energy; this material actualy reflects the sou...
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Improbably great: a site that reduces complex technical news to a few bullet points takes important technical news stories and reduces them to a few salient bullet points that provide a really (really!) good overview of the story; it's very similar to what I try to do here on Boing Boing: extract the salient points from a study or news story, summarize them and add context from other stories I'm following, and then provide a link to the full report for people who have read the summary and want to dig deeper. I just subscribed to their RSS. (via Four Short Links)
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Thanks to audiobooks, reading's popularity still strong in America

Reading remains solidly popular in America, with the latest figures from Pew showing that print book readership remains at same levels as they were in 2012: about 74% of Americans have read at least one book in the past year: 67% of readers have read at least one print book. Ebook growth remains stalled, but audiobook consumption is rising to compensate, with almost one in five Americans having listened to an audiobook in the past year. Audiobooks enjoyed strong growth in 18-29-year-olds ...
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BATHDOOM: A Doom level based on a terrible bathroom remodel

For years, Something Awful forum members have reveled in user bEatmstrJ's blow-by-blow account of a terrible bathroom remodel, in which he sought to transform his bathroom "with a woman in mind" with an eye to a future home-sale ("woman play an unfair role in the home-buying process"); bEatmstrJ's saga combines terrible ideas about how a bathroom should look with total home-renovation incompetence, making it the perfect foil for Something Awful's pioneering brand of jeering insults and mayhem. ...
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Critical praise for RADICALIZED, my next book, from Booklist and Publishers Weekly

My next book of science fiction for adults is Radicalized, which will be published on March 19 (I'll be making tour appearances across the US, Canada and Germany starting on March 18); the early critical notices have started to come in and gosh, they are embarrassingly effusive! From Publishers Weekly: "Doctorow (Walkaway) captures the mix of hope, fear, and uncertainty felt by those in precarious situations, set against the backdrop of intriguing futuristic landscapes. The characters are w...
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The People's Republic of Walmart: how late-stage capitalism gives way to early-stage fully automated luxury communism

Science writer Leigh Phillips's 2016 book Austerity Ecology and the Collapse-Porn Addicts was one of the most important, angry and inspiring books I read that year, a passionate argument for a high-tech just and sustainable world that celebrated materialism and comfort, rather than calling for a return to a world of three billion people scratching potatoes in the dirt; so when Phillips sent me a manuscript for his new book, The People's Republic of Walmart: How the World's Biggest Corporations ...
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Roger Wood's latest haul of wheeled, steampunk clocks

Roger Wood (previously), the bonkers steampunk assemblage clock sculptor, just sent this to his Klockwerks mailing list: "This is what I created in February."
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The Exploding Kittens Random Item "vending machine" was the most popular attraction at Comic-Con

Elan Lee (previously) is part of the team that brought us the amazing card game Exploding Kittens (previously); writing in MAKE: Magazine, Lee explains how they built an awesome Exploding Kittens vending machine for Comic-Con, to go beyond the boring, traditional ideas of what a con booth was. The vending machine sold all the company's games, but it also had a $1 "random item" button that dropped, well, random items: "whole watermelons, toilet plungers, custom drawn artwork, brooms, a bag ...
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A new line of heavy denim Starfleet jackets: the Star Trek: Discovery edition

Volante Design (previously) scored a huge win last November with a line of licensed heavy denim, cosplay-adjacent Starfleet jackets that could be worn like Star Trek: TNG uniforms or like motorcyle jackets, depending on how you zipped them. Now Volante has announced a second set of Trek jackets: the $330 Starfleet 2256 jackets, inspired by the crew uniforms from Star Trek: Discovery, with cuts for men and women, designed to flatter bodies of all sizes. The new jackets come in four colors: ...
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Tim Maughan's Infinite Detail: a debut sf novel about counterculture, resistance, and the post-internet apocalypse

Tim Maughan has long been one of the most promising up-and-coming, avante garde UK science fiction writers, whose post-cyberpunk short fiction mixed radical politics with a love of graffiti and a postmodern filmmaker's eye: now, with his debut novel Infinite Detail, Maughan shows that he has what it takes to work at longer lengths, and can sustain a first-rate adventure story that grabs and never lets go, without sacrificing the political and technological insights that give his work depth that...
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Save the Vulcan! 200 working-class Oakland artists are crowfunding to save their homes and fight the-rent-is-too-damned-high

[Editor's note: Xeno Evil is an Oakland artist fighting to save their home; I'm happy to help them with their campaign -Cory] The historic Vulcan Lofts in Oakland, CA are up for sale and nearly 200 working-class Bay Area artists are at risk of losing our homes. In order to save the Vulcan, we’ve founded a tenant’s union, hired several attorneys, and petitioned the City of Oakland to put the building under rent control. Our hearing with the rent board is coming up very soon and we need to raise...
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Man-Eaters: Handmaid's Tale meets Cat People in a comic where girls turn into man-eating were-panthers when they get their periods

Man-Eaters Volume 1 collects the first four issues of the Image comic by Chelsea Cain and Kate Niemczyk (and friends) and it's insanely great: the premise is that America's patriarchy has been given a huge boost by a mutant strait of toxoplasmosis that is benign for most carriers, but turns adolescent girls into unstoppable were-panthers that crave human flesh when they get their first periods. In response, America's city fathers (in their infinite wisdom) decide to add progesterone and oth...
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Amanda Palmer has a new album coming out and NPR is streaming it for free!

On March 29, Amanda "Fucking" Palmer (previously) will release There Will Be No Intermission, her third studio album and the first release in six long years: it's an ambitious 71 minutes long, and the whole thing is streaming as a preview on NPR's First Listen. I recommend starting with "Judy Blume" for sheer tear-jerking, and the two long confessionals, "The Ride" and "A Mother's Confession." Palmer's touring with the album, with dates across the USA and Europe; the purchase packages incl...
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Zachary Knoles imagines video games as pulp novel covers

Artist Zachary Knoles created a wonderful series of illustrations that pay tribute to video games by imagining them as pulp novel covers, with the game writers' names in the by-line slots (a very nice touch indeed!). (via Gameraboy)
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AOC is the star of a new superhero comic

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force is a new one-off graphic novel anthology from Chicago's highly topical Devil's Due comics, featuring Josh Blaylock, Tim Seeley, Hoyt Silva, Marguerite Dabaie, Dean Haspiel, Jill Thompson, Jose Garibaldi, Christa Cassano, Travis Hymel, Pat Shand, ​K. Lynn Smith, Kit Caoagas, Larry Watts, Bob Sikoryak, Adam McGovern, Nick Accardi, Shawn DePasquale, Elizabeth Marley Kim, Jason Goungor, Sherard Jackson, Peter Rostovsky, Jeffrey Burandt and Sean Von G...
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Make: high-end eyeball props, from humans to monsters to gore

Fourth Seal Studios has everything you could possibly want from high-end prop eyeballs, including $40 "camera-ready" eyes ("Gray cores darken the the 'white' of the eye and can add a more realistic sense to the overall piece the eyes are being featured in"); $22-40 sculptural eyeballs in a variety of scales; "Undead and Creature" eyes (including Red Lich, Hemorrhage, Goat Eyes, etc); kits for making your own eyes and irises; painting and display stands, and custom eyeballs to order. Check back ...
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Kickstarter Challenge: make an RPG-themed zine!

Inspired by the success of Judges' Guild, Kickstarter has launched Zine Quest, a challenge to crowdfund an RPG-themed zine ("must either contain an RPG or feature RPG-related content like maps, adventures, monsters, comics, articles, interviews, etc."); there's an impressive array of entrants already.
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Volante Augment: cyberpunk blazers and jackets

Volante Design (previously) has two new pieces: the Augment blazer and jacket, shipping on March 15 and available for pre-order today (Vest, $195: Men/Women; Blazer, $270: Men/Women), in men's sizes 37-51 (vest also in 55) and women's sizes 33-45. I'm a total sucker for contrast stitching, seams and piping and these pieces are so up my street, like a bit of golden-age Cyberdog, but straight enough that you could just squeak by wearing them to a wedding or a big day at work.
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