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2018 really was more of a dumpster fire for online hate and harassment, ADL study finds

Around 37 percent of Americans were subjected to severe hate and harassment online in 2018, according to a new study by the Anti-Defamation League, up from about 18 percent in 2017. And over half of all Americans experienced some form of harassment according to the ADL study. Facebook users bore the brunt of online harassment on social networking sites according to the ADL study, with around 56 percent of survey respondents indicating that at least some of their harassment occurred on the pla...
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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I Suck and the Problem Is the Whole Site

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose platform has become synonymous with yelling, trolling, and a less-than-stable president who uses it for incoherent rants and threats of nuclear annihilation, is in a tough spot: Many if not most of the criticisms of his site are accurate, and Dorsey’s tactic of choice when responding to…Read more...
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How to Reject Someone on Social Media

I have to deal with so much stupid on social media, it makes me want to quit nearly every site I’m on at least once a week. Surely you’ve had this feeling as well—perhaps it’s because of an annoying friend, a trend that refuses to die, or some political discourse packed with racism and idiocy.Read more...
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Harassment, Transphobia, and Racism: A Look Inside Blind's Anonymous Chatting Forum for Google Employees

In early January, Google systems reliability engineer Liz Fong-Jones announced she was leaving the company after 11 years, leaving behind, by her account, a half million dollars in stock, to work at the startup An outspoken advocate for inclusion and diversity, Fong-Jones quit citing dissatisfaction with…Read more...
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For Streamers Dealing With Stalkers, Twitch's Solutions Fall Short

For the last 41 days, a Twitch user named Mosheddy has been persistently harassing a streamer named Tanya DePass. She quickly banned him from her channel, but now he lurks, follows her to other people’s Twitch chats, sends private messages to everyone he can, and has friends drop into chat with messages “from…Read more...
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FBI: Troll Impersonated Parkland Shooter to Harass Victims' Families and Friends

In late December the friends and family members of the Parkland school shooting victims started getting alarming messages through Instagram from users names such as nikolas.killed.your.sister, nikolas.the.murderer, and the.douglas.shooter:Read more...
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How to Identify and Report Hate Speech on Social Media

Social media is great for connecting people, sharing news and information, and giving your grandmother the opportunity to air her political opinions unfettered. Unfortunately, its anonymity and widespread reach makes it an easy way for people to spread hate, and since Donald Trump’s election in 2016, social media…Read more...
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'Heartbreak' is a towering work of art

Heartbreak, written and performed by poet and playwright Emmet Kirwan, is a spoken word masterpiece. Full of passion, rage and love, heartbreak tells the story of a young Irish woman, raised in an oppressive patriarchy and poverty, who scrambles to survive before finally coming to thrive.
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We Finally Have Some Hard Data on How Much Twitter Sucks

Nine months after Amnesty International called on Twitter to be more transparent about abuse on its platform, the organization has published another study indicating that—brace yourself—Twitter still has a damning online abuse problem, and it overwhelmingly affects women of color.Read more...
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NYPD Officer Reportedly Suspended After Recording His Testicles on Body Cam

The New York City Police Department has suspended a detective after learning he recorded a 32-second video of his testicles on a body cam in what appears to have been a horribly ill-advised prank, the New York Daily News reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Former Manager Says Facebook Discriminates Against, Excludes Black Users and Staff

A former Facebook strategic partner manager for global influencers, Mark S. Luckie, sent a 2,500 word memo to all of the company’s employees before his departure in November saying the company has “a black people problem,” the Guardian reported.Read more...
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How to Spot the Next Mass Shooter

The Thousand Oaks shooter allegedly assaulted his track coach, years before the shooting. She was encouraged to keep it quiet. The Florida high school shooter allegedly abused, threatened, and stalked people he knew. The Las Vegas shooter allegedly verbally abused his girlfriend in public. There’s no surefire way to…Read more...
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From the Archives: Halloween is No Excuse to Harass

From time to time, I take a look back at a prior post that may have particular relevance now. With Halloween knocking on our doorstep and sexual harassment claims on the rise, this post from 2010 has just as much meaning today.… For most people, Halloween is a fun and silly holiday. Yet the holiday has a distinct place in employment law history.  Indeed, for some employers, the holiday has brought more tricks than treats. In Marrero v. Goya of Puerto Rico, 304 F.3d 7 (1st Cir. 2002), a supervis...
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An Early Look at the Trends at the CHRO

As part of my continuing series of posts about the CHRO, and following up from the 75th Anniversary panel discussion earlier this week, I wanted to provide an early look of the statistics that are soon to be released by the agency. I was provided a preliminary draft in preparation for the panel presentation; it should be out in the next week or two and I was asked not to divulge the specific numbers.  Stay tuned for my deep dive into the numbers when they are officially released. (As a refresher...
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Spot launches chatbot for HR departments to address harassment and discrimination

Spot, the chatbot that enables individuals to document and report harassment and discrimination, has launched a tool for human resources departments. This version enables HR departments to manage and track anonymous reports of harassment and discrimination, and follow up on those reports. Spot relies on memory science and artificial intelligence to address harassment and discrimination at work. Using the chatbot, employees can anonymously document inappropriate behavior, the ability for HR worke...
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Instagram's bullying, stalking, and harassment crisis

Twitter gets well-deserved attention for online harassment, but know who else has a huge problem there? Instagram. Big time. “Instagram Has a Massive Harassment Problem,’ as Taylor Lorenz reports for the Atlantic. “The social network cast itself as the internet’s kindest place. But users argue harassment is rampant, and employees say efforts to stem it aren’t funded well or prioritized.” Says one unfortunate and prominent young IG personality, “Instagram is the No. 1 platform that I experien...
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Lawyers: dildo-wielding cop hit men as well as women, so can't have been sexually harassing them

Lt. Thomas Murphy and Detective Sgt. Andrew Huber are named in a lawsuit against the city of Mountainside, New Jersey, which claims a large blue dildo was regularly whipped out to harass other employees. The city has a brilliant defense, though. Mountainside is asking a judge to throw out an explosive sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the borough by five male police officers and a female dispatcher, partly on the grounds that alleged misconduct in the department -- including repeated d...
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Star Wars Writer Chuck Wendig Claims Marvel Fired Him for 'Vulgarity' and 'Too Much Politics' On His Social Media

At New York Comic Con last weekend, Marvel Comics officially announced Shadow of Vader, a five-part Star Wars miniseries written by Star Wars: Aftermath book trilogy scribe Chuck Wendig. Except, the last two issues will no longer be penned by Wendig, as the author has just revealed Marvel has fired him.Read more...
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EEOC Reports Sexual Harassment Claims Up 12 Percent Nationwide

Last year I talked about how the new era of sexual harassment claims was coming.  The open question was: Would the number of claims actually increase? The answer to that is now known: Yes. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission released its preliminary data regarding workplace harassment today. And it’s findings shouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve been paying attention. Among the notable pieces of data: Charges filed with the EEOC alleging sexual harassment increased by more than 12 percent ...
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Facebook Makes It Easier to Report Bullies

Facebook is taking steps to hinder harassment on the social media platform with an array of new anti-bullying tools. Read more...
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Pew: A majority of U.S. teens are bullied online

A majority of U.S. teens have been subject to online abuse, according to a new study from Pew Research Center, out this morning. Specifically, that means they’ve experienced at least one of a half-dozen types of online cyberbullying, including name-calling, being subject to false rumors, receiving explicit images they didn’t ask for, having explicit images of themselves shared without their consent, physical threats, or being constantly asked about their location and activities in a stalker-ish ...
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Want the platforms to police bad speech and fake news? The copyright wars want a word with you.

There are lots of calls for the platforms to police the bad speech on their platform -- disinformation and fake news; hate speech and harassment, extremist content and so on -- and while that would represent a major shift in how Big Tech relates to the materials generated and shared by its users, it's not without precedent. For more than 20 years, online platforms have had a legal duty to police their users' copyright enforcements, responding to unproved accusations of copyright infringemen...
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Twitter's New Ban on 'Dehumanizing Speech' May Finally Shut Up Some Nazis

Twitter is expanding its rules on hateful conduct and will soon police “dehumanizing speech” on its platform. The move that could help stamp out some of the vilest content on the social network—if the company can adequately enforce it.Read more...
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A new, free edition Sarah Jeong's "The Internet of Garbage"

Journalist Sarah Jeong (previously) was just appointed to the New York Times's editorial board, prompting garbage people to dig through her twitter for old posts that could be made to seem offensive out of context in the hopes of getting her fired. (more…)
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Straight guy sues employer for calling him gay, says it caused him temporary facial paralysis

It all started one day in 2017 when his coworkers "decided he was gay" and started calling him antigay slurs.
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Depression – Surrender to Harassment or Physical Harm

I do believe i suffer from severe depression for many years like 15 i think .. i cant go to a counsel or therapist right now for some reasons . i faced a problem this year made me seeks for more help .. briefly my manager at work harassed me so many times and i stood still . not because i’m afraid but just stood and couldn’t say no .. i left the job after i gave up myself but i’m in a state of constant fear and anxiety .. of course i feel like if this happens again i probably pretty much will re...
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To Avoid Trouble, Companies Must Support Harassed Employees First

When news breaks about sexual harassment at a company like Uber, the public is likely to believe that the entire business has a cultural problem. In contrast, the same isn’t true for other issues, such as financial misconduct, which the public tends to see as a “bad apple” situation.That’s according to a study released in June by Harvard Business Review, which surveyed 1,500 people in the U.S. On the other hand, the study concluded that when the public learns a company has responded to a sexual...
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Twitter is purging accounts that were trying to evade prior suspensions

Twitter announced this afternoon it will begin booting accounts off its service from those who have tried to evade their account suspension. The company says that the accounts in question are users who have been previously suspended on Twitter for their abusive behavior, or for trying to evade a prior suspension. These bad actors have been able to work around Twitter’s attempt to remove them by setting up another account, it seems. The company says the new wave of suspensions will hit this we...
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Cry Me a River: You think THAT’S How Harassment Works? 

You think THAT’S How Harassment Works?  A few weeks ago my pal Derek Zeller wrote a post called “The Sexual Harassment That Never Happened.” I got just a bit worked up. I had to take a break, refill my coffee, take a short stroll, have some chocolate and then read it again. Nope; still worked […]
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Twitter will suspend repeat offenders posting abusive comments on Periscope live streams

As part of Twitter’s attempted crackdown on abusive behavior across its network, the company announced on Friday afternoon a new policy facing those who repeatedly harass, threaten, or otherwise make abusive comments during a Periscope broadcaster’s live stream. According to Twitter, the company will begin to more aggressively enforce its Periscope Community Guidelines by reviewing and suspending accounts of habitual offenders. The plans were announced via a Periscope blog post and tweet that...
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