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Fighting Talk: Harley design boss Brad Richards

Harley-Davidson is under a microscope right now: its every move is dissected, examined and critiqued. And there have been plenty of moves lately. They’ve killed the Dyna while relaunching the Softail. They’ve announced a barrage of new models, including the Livewire. But although revenue is holding up at the moment, sales figures have been declining for several years—and were down 10% in 2018. It’s a challenging time for the Motor Company. So I sat down in Milwaukee with Harley’s VP of Styl...
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Harley-Davidson's New EV Acquisition Targets the Playground Crowd

The demographic of electric two-wheeler manufacturer is three- to seven-year-olds.
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DOPE DIRIGIBLE. Kacerwagen’s ‘Zeppelina V72’ Board Tracker

Written by Martin Hodgson They were the original kings of the race track, but you won’t ever find a replica of one hanging out at your local cafe bike meet. However over recent years with TV shows like Harley and the Davidsons and Sons of Speed, along with the input of America’s best builders like Billy Lane and Rick Petko, the board tracker is back with a vengeance. But what do you do when you live in a country where finding a ’20s Indian in a barn is as likely as finding the fabled pot of g...
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Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special & 2019 Street Glide Special launched in India

Harley-Davidson has launched the new Forty-Eight Special and 2019 Street Glide...
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Harley Looks to Lime and Bird Scooters for Future of Mobility Market

More Electrics and Possible Ride-Sharing Are Coming We all know what Harley-Davidson is focusing on a greener, electric future to help the brand pivot as it attracts a new customer base. A recent report from CNN suggests the company is seriously looking at electric scooter companies like Bird and Lime for its future.  “It’s a huge opportunity,” Marc McAllister, vice president of product portfolio at Harley-Davidson, told CNN. “For people who are using Bird and Lime today, how do we give them a ...
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Spirit of the XLCR: A Fat Bob custom from Blacktrack

Blacktrack Motors have got cafe racer design down to a fine art. Their first build was one of the sharpest Honda CX500 cafes we’ve ever featured, and they followed it up with a pixel perfect custom Thruxton. Now they’ve tackled their most ambitious project yet, the BT-03—a cafe racer based on the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob 114 FXFBS. The Fat Bob 114 is one of the most fun bikes in Harley’s range. Its 114 ci power plant generates 155 Nm of torque, and handling from the new generation Softail ...
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Harley-Davidson wants to compete with scooter companies

Harley-Davidson's motorcycle sales are struggling. Competing with Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft might be an answer.
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Harley-Davidson sees chance to outdo e-scooter companies

Harley-Davidson's motorcycle sales are struggling. Competing with Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft might be an answer.
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Harley-Davidson sees a chance to outdo e-scooter companies

Harley-Davidson's motorcycle sales are struggling. Competing with Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft might be an answer.
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Harley-Davidson's evolving mission toward a greener future

Harley-Davidson's motorcycle sales are struggling. Competing with Bird, Lime, Uber and Lyft might be an answer.
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Harley-Davidson announces line of electric bikes for kids

Harley-Davidson hopes to "have a significant impact in bringing the fun and enjoyment of riding to kids everywhere."
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Harley-Davidson Buys StaCyc, the Electric Push Bike Company

From Old to Young What do you do when your customer base gets too old to continue using your products? You target their grandchildren, of course. At least that’s what Harley-Davidson is doing. In the company’s quest to do a Benjamin Button-type turnaround with its customer base, it has purchased the electric stability-bike company StaCyc.  Honestly, this could turn out the be a genius long-term strategy. If you grow up zooming around on a little push bike Harley-Davidson, you’re bound to want o...
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Harley-Davidson Updates the LiveWire

Now Slightly More Enticing When the Harley-Davidson LiveWire debuted, the bike was hit hard by consumers and media for not being good enough and for being way too expensive. We joined in on this dog pile. The bike simply didn’t appear to offer enough to be a competitive bike. Well, Harley has made some updates to the model and they’ve made the bike a little more interesting. Here are the big updates that you should probably know. First off, the bike’s range was increased from the 110 miles that...
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Harley-Davidson scoots into kids electric bikes with StaCyc deal

Harley-Davidson Inc moved into kids electric bikes on Tuesday with the purchase of California-based StaCyc Inc, tapping a new business outside its declining core market in classic motorcycles.
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Harley-Davidson drops LiveWire electric motorcycle’s range, speed, charging time

Harley-Davidson traveled to the Geneva International Motor Show to release additional specifications about the LiveWire, its first electric model. The LiveWire has an urban range of up to 140 miles and takes 3.0 seconds from zero to 60 mph. The post Harley-Davidson drops LiveWire electric motorcycle’s range, speed, charging time appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Harley-Davidson buys electric bike maker for kids

Harley-Davidson just bougth StaCyc, a company that makes two-wheel electric bikes for young kids,
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Harley-Davidson scoots into kids electric two-wheelers with StaCyc deal

Harley-Davidson Inc on Tuesday acquired StaCyc Inc, which makes electric two-wheelers for kids, the U.S. motorcycle maker said.
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The 2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard Is the Dressed Down Dresser

For a More Visceral Touring Experience Harley-Davidson’s big dresser motorcycles are what many people think of when they think of the brand and for good reason. Harley sells a lot of these big bikes. What if you wanted one of them without all the luxurious features and amenities on it? Well, you used to not have an option. Enter the 2019 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Standard.  The Electra Glide Standard reduces the Electra Glide Ultra Classic down to its essentials. This eliminates all the ext...
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Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycle has a sleek new rival that has a 200-mile range and can track everything about your rides online

The race to bring electric motorcycles to the market is heating up. Harley-Davidson, the legendary American biker brand, already has plans to launch its first electric product this year (and has two other concepts in the pipeline). Other companies, like Wing, Alta and more also have models hitting the market.  Now, there's a new entrant to the race: Zero. The California-based company launched its first electric motorcycle in 2010, and followed up with the SR/F this month. Here's a first look at...
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Spike Lee Directed Stylish Coach Ad Features a Harley XG750R and Michael B. Jordan

Words Matter, But Does Reality? First off, the headline of this article is nothing more than a big name drop. With that said, there are some good names in there. Coach, the high-end retailer of men and women’s fashion items, employed superstar actor Michael B. Jordan and famous director Spike Lee to put together a killer video for #WordsMatter in an attempt to promote its men’s fashion line.  While I wouldn’t trust a Coach jacket to save me in a crash, there’s no denying that Michael B. Jordan ...
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Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Alta’s remains

As the mobility world awaits Harley Davidson’s EV debut, there’s plenty of motion in the e-moto startup space. Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new 110 horsepower SR/F model in New York this week, offering a 200 mile range, one hour charge capability, and top speed of 124 mph. The California based startup—whose investors include New York VC firm Invus—wired the SR/F with Zero’s new Cypher III operating system and Bosch’s Motorcycle Stability Control. Both combine to offer remotely synced mobile co...
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2019 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special & Street Glide Special launch on March 14

Harley-Davidson would launch the 2019 Forty-Eight Special (Sportster) and the...
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The Best of the 2019 Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

There are only four or five months of good riding weather in the American Midwest. The rest of the time, motorcyclists keep sane by wrenching. And nothing offers more inspiration than the annual Mama Tried motorcycle show in Milwaukee. The sixth edition of the show happened just last weekend, shortly after the polar vortex was done ravaging the region. Visitors huddled away from the snow inside the Eagles Club—a ballroom and live music venue with a pseudo-psychedelic interior. Inside, cust...
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Building a Street Bob custom using Harley’s rulebook

More Harley-Davidsons go under the grinder than any other make of bike. But surprisingly, The Motor Co. seldom commissions customs from big-name builders. Instead, it has developed the annual Battle of the Kings contest—where dealers customize a bike within a very strict rule set. To get a taste of how hard that is, we flew to Milwaukee for the second Harley-sponsored ‘Brewtown Throwdown’ event. The Brewtown Throwdown is a build-off between teams, made up of people from different walks of ...
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Good Ol’ Boys Tour Brings 40 Years Of The Dukes To Events Across America

The Good Ol' Boys Tour Featuring Luke Duke, Daisy Duke, ‘Crazy' Cooter Davenport, Coy Duke, Cousin Jeb Duke, Deputy Enos Strate And Deputy Cletus Hogg Brings 40 Years Of The Dukes To Events Across America. The Dukes Of Hazzard Cast Reunites During Special 40th Anniversary Year. Early Bird Ticket Prices End Sunday February 24, 2019. Concert Headliners To Be Announced On Monday February 25, 2019. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – -( Yes, it’s true! Luke Duke, Daisy Duke, ‘Crazy’ Cooter Dave...
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COOL CHANGE. Benjie’s Classic Harley Softail Bobber

Written by Andrew Jones When the new wave of Japanese customs rocked up in the late noughties, it was like the 70-odd years of custom bike history before that point didn’t exist. We barged into the room  with our new-fangled cafe racers, brats and trackers and turned up our noses at pretty much anything that wasn’t ordained as that month’s hot new trend. But as many shops now ponder their 142nd cafe racer build, the trends that prevailed in the 70s, 80s and 90s are now being seen with new, mo...
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