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Tottenham boss Antonio Conte makes Harry Kane admission

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has made a Harry Kane admission ahead of the busy festive period of Premier League football. Conte’s Harry Kane admission Despite Antonio Conte’s arrival, Harry Kane has continued to struggle to score goals this term.In the Premier League, Kane would take until matchweek eight of the season to finally find the net.However, since that game, Kane has once again struggled for form, failing to score in the following five Premier League outings.Despite this, Conte rec...
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American Horror Story – Double Feature – review

Director: Various First aired: 2021 Contains spoilers When I reviewed the fifth season of American Horror Story, I had to admit that I was not a regular viewer of the series, which to that point had been a different story per season. That trend continued after season 5, I was just not drawn to the series itself. However, with season 10 (known a Double Feature) I was drawn back as it contained vampires (of a sort). In fact, this season booked the trend and rather than having 1 story it had 2; ep...
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After Meghan’s victory, Harry has phone hackers in his sights

Analysis: the prince may be prepared to risk a costly lawsuit against the Sun and Mirror, rather than settlingThe legal battle against the Mail on Sunday may finally be over.But for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, another one looms, and this could make it all the way to trial. Continue reading...
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Holly Willoughby's stylish baby bump photos over the years

This Morning host Holly Willoughby is mum to three children, Harry, 12, Belle, ten, and...
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Strangers rally to send Chesterfield autistic boy birthday cards

Harry's mother appealed for cards after he struggled to get anyone to come to his birthday party.
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Prince Harry reveals new pastime he couldn't do at London home

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex give royal fans glimpses into their gorgeous Montecito home...
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Prince William and Prince Harry join forces to honour the winners of Princess Diana award

Princes William and Harry have united to honour the winners of an award named in memory of...
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I'm a Celebrity: Naughty Boy's connection with Prince Harry revealed

Given Naughty Boy's successful music career, it's no wonder he's brushed...
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Prince Harry compares Covid vaccine inequity to HIV struggle

Duke of Sussex says on World Aids Day that vaccinating the world against Covid is ‘test of our moral character’Coronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe Duke of Sussex has warned of “corporate greed and political failure” prolonging the Covid pandemic, comparing a “spectacular failure” of global vaccine equity to the struggle by millions to access HIV medicines.In a letter read out at a World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS event on World Aids Day, Prince Harry said le...
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Prince Harry narrates powerful new film and it includes moving footage of Princess Diana

The Duke of Sussex has made an urgent call to end the HIV and COVID-19 pandemics in a...
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Steven Spielberg Could've Directed A Harry Potter Film — Here's Why He Didn't

It has been 10 years since the final film in the "Harry Potter" franchise came out. Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort reunited for one last, epic battle where good triumphed over evil, bringing back peace to Hogwarts for the first time ... since Harry enrolled in school. Now, the movies weren't perfect. I still mourn the erasure of Peeves, the lack of proper Indian representation during the Yule Ball (justice for Parvati and Padma Patil), and whatnot. So, when I hear that certain legendary filmmak...
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5 of Prince Harry's most touching quotes about dad Prince Charles

The Duke of Sussex has been open about his relationship with his father, the Prince of...
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Prince Charles's spokesman rejects claim he asked about Harry, Meghan's children's skin tone

Prince Charles’s spokesman rejected claims that the royal discussed the potential skin tone Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children might have. #princecharles #meghanmarkle
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Book: Prince Charles questioned complexion of Harry and Meghan's baby

A new book alleges vicious snubs within the royal family — and that Prince Charles questioned the skin color of his grandson, Archie. #princecharles #royalfamily #archie #meghan
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The truth about Prince Harry's UK proposal to Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement to the world four years ago, and...

Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marked a special milestone with Lilibet this week

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex marked a very special milestone with their daughter, Lilibet...
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Wanderlust Mixology: Cocktails In Paris

Hemingway favored the bohemian bars of Montparnasse, while E.E. Cummings liked to grab a drink on the Boulevard Saint-Germain—and you never knew who you might find sipping the night away at Harry’s on Rue Danou. The café culture of Paris is the stuff of legend and enthralls visitors to this day with its history, style, and of course, exquisite cocktails. Though we can’t whisk you off to France (quel dommage!), this one-hour class is a journey of discovery where you’ll learn to mix the kind of dr...
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14 adorable photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son Archie

The little boy became a big brother to Lilibet in June 2021
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Overlooked Holiday Movies That Are Surprisingly Somber

Most winter holiday viewing is drawn from relatively narrow lists of familiar favorites, to the point that even several of our supposedly "alternative" or "contrarian" choices have become well-worn selections. Only particularly crotchety curmudgeons continue to argue against acknowledging "Die Hard" or "Gremlins" as Christmas films anymore, and it's no secret by now how many of Shane Black's scripts are set during Christmas.But there remain obscure oddballs of holiday movies, often available exc...
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Titleist Ball Fitting – Case Studies

Why should I get fitted for a golf ball? It’s a fair question and one most golfers likely don’t spend enough time pondering. The myriad answers start to get at what is a very simple and, at times, nuanced situation. The most basic and applicable thinking is that the ball is the only piece of equipment you use on every shot. More detailed fittings might involve specific-use cases, such as 7-iron peak height, player-preferred spin around the greens, long-iron descent angle … Those sorts of situat...
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Blood House – review

Director: Tony Manders Release date: 2021 Contains spoilers It is a shame that Blood House, a microbudget film, works poorly because we don’t get many vampiric building films and I really wanted it to work – even at a budget level. Unfortunately, as we’ll see, it is an overly long film that really does outstay its welcome. I need to add also that I don’t think revealing the house as vampiric is too much of a spoiler as the trailer actually states it will “feed off your fears… your pain… your b...
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Eternals Writers Explain Why Harry Styles' Eros Didn't Make The Main Character Lineup

Sorry Marvel bros, Harry Styles was part of the "Eternals" game from day one. In fact, according to Ryan and Kaz Firpo — who wrote the script alongside director Chloé Zhao and co-writer Patrick Burleigh — Styles' Starfox was originally considered as a main player in the film, not just the post-credits scene."[Eros was] definitely a card that went up on the board to be in the main movie" at the beginning of the process, Ryan told The Direct in an interview. "You know, when we first started doing ...
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Holly Willoughby shares rare family video and fans notice incredible detail

Holly Willoughby is the proud mum of three children, Harry, 12, Belle, ten, and Chester, 7,...
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I'm sorry I targeted Harry's ex, says private investigator

A private investigator makes new claims of press intrusion on royals and others in a BBC documentary.
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Prince Harry: Private investigator apologises for targeting prince's ex-girlfriend

A private investigator makes new claims of press intrusion on royals and others in a BBC documentary.
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The Princes and the Press review – more degrading airing of the royal dirty laundry

BBC programme is a compelling analysis of the troubled relationship between media and monarchyA few days before her wedding, Meghan decided she wanted to wear a particular tiara with emeralds. True, this isn’t the sort of issue that should trouble citizens of a mature democracy but when it comes to royals, Britain is neither mature nor, let’s face it, democratic. Indeed, Amol Rajan, the BBC media editor who presented the Princes and the Press (BBC Two), is a declared republican who once branded ...
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I'm sorry I targeted Harry's ex, says private investigator

A private investigator makes new claims of press intrusion on royals and others in a BBC documentary.
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Prince Harry: Private investigator apologises for targeting prince's ex-girlfriend

A private investigator makes new claims of press intrusion on royals and others in a BBC documentary.
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10 royal fireplaces that are winter goals: From Prince Harry to Duchess Camilla

There's nothing quite like snuggling up in front of a cosy fireplace when the weather...
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