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This Harry Potter-themed day spa welcomes guests from any Hogwarts house

A Tennessee spa is designed to have you feeling like you're at Hogwarts, the famed school attended by Harry Potter and his friends.
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Revisiting ‘Halloweentown’, Disney’s Answer to Harry Potter

(Welcome to Out of the Disney Vault, where we explore the unsung gems and forgotten disasters currently streaming on Disney+.) There are few movies that manage to draw you into their world as instantly as the Harry Potter movies (stay with me here). Their themes of wanting a place to belong and wishing you were part of something magical, and their awe-inspiring wizarding world made millions of kids and grown-ups alike wish they could receive their Hogwarts letter one day. Of course, wh...
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A Brunch at the Duck & Waffle, London

It’s scandalous how often we take luke-warm reviews seriously without trying a place out for ourselves. Although, if I’m honest, my reason for never having visited the Duck & Waffle in Bishopsgate had more to do with never successfully getting a weekend brunch booking than it did reviews. We finally got to visit Duck & Waffle for my bestie’s birthday on a cold January morning and it was worth it for the delicious food and fabulous views. The views and surroundings might not be as good as th...
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Harry Potter Nail Art That Will Cast a Spell on Everyone - Even Muggles

Calling all Harry Potter fans: you're going to want these nails quicker than you can cast a Patronus charm. If you're a diehard Potterhead, you may have already adorned your nails with magical designs, particularly when visiting your favorite Harry Potter locations. But there is no such thing as too much wizarding world nail art! We've rounded up some of our favorite nail art ideas from your favorite characters to incredibly detailed house crests, you're sure to be inspired. If you don't have a...
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Harry Potter Film and Stage Actors Join Forces for a New Wizarding World Project

Actors who have played Hermione Granger, Albus Dumbledore and Ginny Weasley in film and onstage will lend their voices to a new piece of the Harry Potter extended universe: an audiobook adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard. The fictional stories played a pivotal role in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows as Dumbledore’s parting gift to Hermione; the tales then laid the groundwork for the novel’s central conflict. But The Tales of Beedle the Bard but has never been off...
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What You Need to Know Before Watching ‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’

There’s no denying the power and popularity of superheroes today. While Marvel is dominating the superhero market in the US, there’s another superhero juggernaut that has dominated the animation landscape for the past couple of years and is well worth your time. I’m referring to My Hero Academia , the uber-popular manga and anime franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi .  The manga is so popular it is constantly topping the graphic novel sales charts in the US , and the anime has been runn...
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Podcast #587: How to Get More Pleasure and Fulfillment Out of Your Reading

 Do you have a goal of reading more, but any time you start working on that goal, it feels like a chore? The equivalent of eating your broccoli? My guest today argues that the problem is likely due to the fact that you’re trying to read what you think you should be reading, instead of reading what you actually enjoy.  His name is Alan Jacobs. He’s a professor of literature and the author of The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction. At the start of our conversation Alan offers a cri...
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Anderson Cooper isn't a fan of Rod Blagojevich

Anderson Cooper hasn't been this pissed off since Hurricane Katrina. On Friday, Cooper interviewed newly-sprung Rod Blagojevich, the former governor of Illinois who had a 14-year prison sentence commuted by Celebrity Apprentice host Donald Trump. In 2011, Blago was found guilty of federal corruption charges related to then-President Obama's vacant senate seat. During his time in prison, Blago got woke. Comparing himself to fellow "political prisoner" Nelson Mandela, he railed against criminal in...
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Gryffindor-Inspired Bedroom

Today, I am sharing the another bedroom from the upstairs of our Harry Potter-inspired bnb—the Gryffindor bedroom! This is probably the least dramatic before and after the internet has ever seen, but hey, just showing you what we really did. Mostly just removed some wallpaper, painted, and swapped out the ceiling fan. Other than that, we simply furnished and decorated this Gryffindor-inspired bedroom. The color I chose for the accent wall in this room is Behr Morocco Red. Instead of bunk beds...
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Samara Weaving Chases Daniel Radcliffe in Guns Akimbo Clip

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Samara Weaving chases Daniel Radcliffe with a bazooka in Guns Akimbo clip Saban Films has released the first official clip from their upcoming action-comedy film Guns Akimbo, featuring Daniel Radcliffe’s Miles as he barely escapes from Nix’s bazooka with the help of his ex-girlfriend Nova.  Also starring Samara Weaving, the film will have its theatrical release in selected theaters on March 5. Check out the video in the player below! RELATED: Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe ...
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Daniel Radcliffe: ‘My Entire Life And Career Is Built On Luck And Privilege’

The "Escape from Pretoria" star knows opportunities abound due to his run as Harry Potter, and he's grateful.
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Harry Potter Library Sweepstakes #MyLibraryIsMagic

Help your library win copies of the Harry Potter series to share the magic! Share a post and say what makes your library magic, tag them, and use #MyLibraryIsMagic and #Sweepstakes to enter for a... Click to read more...
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A brief hiatus

I'd mentioned earlier that your correspondent recently had a cancer diagnosis and a lump removed from my neck in December, leaving an ear-to-Adam's-apple scar that my granddaughter announced was reminiscent of Nearly Headless Nick from the Harry-Potter series. I'm now in the midst of radiation therapy and, in the last week, it has knocked me down significantly more than I anticipated. (In particular, my 1/8-ton frame was not quite ready for the abrupt, no-solid-food switch!) As such, I'm going ...
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Brandi Carlile, Herbie Hancock, The B-52s top the Hollywood Bowl’s 2020 Summer Series

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has announced its 99th Hollywood Bowl 2020 Summer Series, which features a wide variety of music including jazz, classical, rock, world, pop and R&B. These concerts are only available to 2020 LA Phil subscribers for now at 323-850-2000 or Five or more packages will be available starting March 17 and single ticket sales begin on May 3. This list only includes the LA Phil season and not all of the lease events happening at the Hollywood Bowl. For a f...
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‘The Portable Door’ Will Team Christoph Waltz and Guy Pearce With the Jim Henson Company

Christoph Waltz and Guy Pearce will star in The Portable Door, a fantasy-adventure-comedy based on the book series from Tom Holt. The Jim Henson Company and Story Bridge Films are producing the film, which producers are describing as a cross between The Office and Harry Potter. Jeffrey Walker is directing from a screenplay adapted by Leon Ford, with Patrick Gibson set to play the lead. THR has the scoop on The Portable Door, which will finally give us all the team-up we’ve been dreaming of: ...
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Best shows to see in London in 2020

Putting on the world’s greatest shows since Shakespeare made his mark in the 1500s, London is right up there with Broadway as the most iconic place in the world to watch theater. If you’ve made your way through the long list of West End giants like The Lion King and Mamma Mia, don’t worry — you’re not done just yet. From the dark, heart-wrenching melodrama to the all-singing, all-dancing musicals, here’s our pick of London’s hottest new shows for 2020. 1. Romeo & Juliet, Shakespeare’s Globe...
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The Portable Door: Christoph Waltz & Guy Pearce to Star in Fantasy Comedy Film

The Portable Door: Christoph Waltz & Guy Pearce to star in fantasy comedy film According to The Hollywood Reporter, Muppets creator The Jim Henson Company is in the process of developing a film adaptation of The Portable Door, based on author Tom Holt’s fantasy adventure comedy J.W. Wells & Co. novel series. Oscar-winner Christoph Waltz and Emmy winner Guy Pearce have signed on to star opposite Patrick Gibson (The OA, Tolkien) with Waltz, Pearce, and Gibson portraying the roles of villain Hum...
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Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe Debunks Moon Knight Rumors

Exclusive: Daniel Radcliffe debunks Moon Knight rumors A few months back, rumors began swirling that Harry Potter alum Daniel Radcliffe was being eyed to star in Disney+’s upcoming series adaptation of Marvel’s Moon Knight in the titular role, with fan art hitting the internet of what the star would look like as the iconic character. However, whilst talking to the 30-year-old star for his upcoming biopic thriller Escape From Pretoria, Radcliffe officially debunked those rumors for ComingSoon...
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Library Designs every book addict will add to their bucket list!

I’m a complete bibliophile! In fact, give me a good book and I can cuddle up with it, completely forgetting about the rest of the world. Hence, it’s no surprise that a library is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’m sure others share the same sentiment. Libraries are warm and comforting spaces with the promise of unlimited knowledge, and are the entryway to another world. So, we’ve curated a collection of exquisite and intriguing libraries that will awaken the bibliophile within each ...
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Upon leaving prison, Rod Blagojevich announces his new party affiliation: 'I'm a Trumpocrat'

President Trump went from berating former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for his lack of Harry Potter knowledge to commuting his prison sentence.In 2011, Blagojevich was convicted of wire fraud, attempted extortion, soliciting bribes, conspiracy to commit extortion, and conspiracy to solicit and accept bribes, and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The year before, he appeared on The Apprentice, where he bombed a Harry Potter-related task. Trump admonished him for sharing "inaccurate" facts about t...
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See a Completed ‘Jurassic World 3’ Animatronic Baby Dinosaur Ready to Start Shooting

Jurassic World 3 is very close to the start of production. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were recently joined by returning cast members Jake Johnson and Omar Sy from the original Jurassic World, and now director Colin Trevorrow is showing off a completed animatronic baby dinosaur from behind the scenes of the blockbuster sequel. Jurassic World 3 Animatronic Baby Dinosaur Ready. — Colin Trevorrow (@colintrevorrow) February 17, 2020 This appears to be a c...
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‘The Secret Garden’ Trailer: The Literary Classic Gets a New Edition

David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter and Paddington movies, is ushering another literary classic to the big screen with The Secret Garden, the fourth cinematic adaptation of author Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1911 novel. Check out the colorful, magical new trailer below. The Secret Garden Trailer Last year, I caught up with the 1949 version of The Secret Garden for the first time, and I ended up finding a lot to like about it. Most prominently, the film was largely shot in black ...
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Exploring the Many Hurdles That Pixar’s ‘Monsters Inc.’ Faced on the Road to the Big Screen

(Infinity and Beyond  is a regular bi-weekly column documenting the 25-year filmography of Pixar Animation Studios, film by film. In today’s column, writer Josh Spiegel highlights Monsters, Inc .) Thursday, November 1, 2001 ought to have been a very exciting day for Pete Docter. The stalwart Pixar animator, writer, and director was just hours away from a true milestone: the first feature film bearing his name as director was going to be released in theaters nationwide. It would be the fourth...
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The New York Public Library Creates a List of 125 Books That They Love

The New York Public Library sure knows how to celebrate a quasquicentennial. In honor of its own 125th anniversary, it's rolling out a number of treats for patrons, visitors, and those who must admire it from afar. In addition to the expected author talks and live events, Patience and Fortitude, the iconic stone lions who flank the main branch's front steps, are displaying some reading material of their own—Toni Morrison’s 1987 novel Beloved and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age classic The Great ...
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Making Sense Of Through Tiny Nuggets Of Narrative

Tropes actually help us all make sense of the world (so writers, calm down; even trying to go against tropes is a trope of its own). Take a famous narrative of the late 1990s and early 2000s: “How do you make sense of something sprawling like Harry Potter? You divide it into digestible pieces. The Chosen One goes to a Wizarding School and forms a Power Trio. He’s opposed by the Evil Overlord who is Only Mostly Dead. The books get Darker and Edgier leading up to a Final Battle and a widely mocke...
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These Two Made Millions On Scamming Online Arts Tickets

Peter Hunter and David Smith tricked selling sites over two-and-a-half years, buying £4m worth of tickets that they sold for £10.8m. They targeted events including Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift gigs and Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Leeds Crown Court heard. – BBC
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Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts Book for $27.66 Shipped

On Amazon right now you can get this awesome Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts for just $27.66! This is a 63% savings and will ship free! Find more great Amazon Deals here. Note: Amazon prices and promotions can change at any time. The price(s) listed in this post is/are subject to change.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Ticket touts: Ed Sheeran and Harry Potter play ticket traders guilty of trade fraud

The men used online tricks to buy £4m worth of tickets which they sold for almost £11m.
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HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Premieres in Tokyo in Summer 2022

The internationally acclaimed, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, will make its Japanese premiere in the summer of 2022. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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My Favorite Moments Exploring Porto, Portugal

Portugal is enjoying a bit of a moment currently. Scores of travel publications have listed it as a must-visit destination and tourists are responding by planning trips not only to Lisbon, but other parts of the country as well. One of the most popular ways to experience Portugal is by taking a cruise on the scenic Douro River, which is exactly where I found myself a couple of months ago. Sailing once again with Viking Cruises, I knew what to expect from the company, but the destination was...
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