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Will Cars Rule the Roads in Post-Pandemic New York?

Newly emboldened, many New Yorkers want to repurpose streets for walking, biking, dining and schools, even as traffic returns.
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Court rules House can enforce McGahn subpoena, but law professors say Trump's stalling already did its job

It's been more than a year since the Trump administration blocked House Democrats' attempt to secure testimony from former White House Counsel Don McGahn, a pivotal figure in the Mueller investigation. At the time, it appeared to be what former U.S. attorney Preet Bharara called a "stalling tactic," and a way for the Trump administration to "run out the clock" to a point where McGahn's testimony didn't matter anymore.Indeed, President Trump's impeachment trial came and went w...
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Economists show how welfare programs can turn a "profit"

A recently published study suggests that some welfare programs more than pay for themselves. It is one of the first major reviews of welfare programs to measure so many by a single metric. The findings will likely inform future welfare reform and encourage debate on how to grade success. How do you decide if a government program is doing well? Do you look at how many people it helps? Do you consider its efficiency? Perhaps it has a particular gauge limited to its focus area that can be used? If ...
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Why Brazil's decision to block WhatsApp payments damages Facebook's dream of becoming a worldwide 'super app'

In Brazil, 98% of phones have WhatsApp — it's pre-installed on many cheaper phones, and WhatsApp data is often excluded from users' plans, meaning they can use it an unlimited amount. In July, Brazil's central bank pulled the plug on Facebook's WhatsApp payments platform, just days after it launched, citing competition concerns. Facebook was hoping to use WhatsApp payments, powered by Facebook Pay, to take another step towards becoming a "super app," experts say. The objections of the central ...
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David Epstein: Thinking tools for 'wicked' problems

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Malcolm Gladwell was not able to make the live stream due to scheduling issues. Fortunately, David Epstein was able to jump in at a moment's notice. We hope you enjoy this great yet unexpected episode of Big Think Live. Our thanks to David and Maria for helping us deliver a show, it is much appreciated. --In this Big Think Live session, Malcolm Gladwell and host Maria Konnikova will explore the quirks of the human mind, the ins and outs of writing about psychology, and t...
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Dementia on the Retreat in the U.S. and Europe

Rates of dementia have steadily fallen over the past 25 years, a new study finds. But the disease is increasingly common in some parts of the world.
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Aboard the Diamond Princess, a Case Study in Aerosol Transmission

A computer model of the cruise-ship outbreak found that the virus spread most readily in microscopic droplets light enough to linger in the air.
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These 13 states need to lock down now, according to Harvard coronavirus experts

A report released by the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force warns that 21 states are now in the “red zone” and need to take aggressive steps to slow the spread of COVID-19. But new guidelines from Harvard University show the task force's recommendations may be too weak to suppress the virus.
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New poll highlights how quickly many have rising concerns about rising crime

Watching live television these days in central Ohio means seeing lots of campaign ads, and those now running most often are the Trump campaign's ads claiming crime will surge if Joe Biden were elected.  Seeing all these ads (and noticing that we no longer hear Prez Trump going after Biden for his support of the tough 1994 Crime Bill), I keep thinking the Trump campaign must have some internal polls indicating that crime and fear messages will play well with many voters across the political spect...
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Harvard professor accused of lying about China ties faces U.S. tax charges

U.S. prosecutors brought tax charges on Tuesday against a Harvard University professor accused of lying to authorities about his ties to a China-run recruitment program and funding he allegedly received from the Chinese government for research. Charles Lieber, the former chair of Harvard's chemistry and chemical biology department, was charged in an indictment filed in federal court in Boston with failing to report income he received from Wuhan University of Technology in China. The four tax-r...
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non-violence + 3.5%

How many people does it take to change an organization or a society? Minority groups need 25% to influence the majority in a society. But it only takes 10% if the group is committed with unshakeable belief. Inside an organization, the right mix of people requires only 3% to influence 85% of their colleagues. There is more information about these figures here — 25-10-3 Harvard University Professor Erica Chenoweth’s research is influencing protest movements with her findings — in first being non-v...
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Climate expert suggests Biden will have to 'admit there will be tradeoffs' to reach zero carbon goal

Climate activists and scientists have generally received former Vice President Joe Biden's plan to eliminate U.S. carbon emissions by 2035 warmly, but there will likely be some backlash ahead, especially regarding a potential reliance on wind and solar alternatives, The Guardian reports.David Keith, a climate and energy expert at Harvard University who co-authored research in 2018 that found America's transition to solar and particularly wind would require up to 20 times more land area t...
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Jets NHL Draft Days Ranked

The Winnipeg Jets have always stressed the importance of their “draft and develop” strategy: that is, building a contender through patience, deft selection, and molding of promising youngsters into top talent rather than through finagling blockbuster trades for established elites. Through the draft is how Jets’ general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has transformed, in less than a decade, a terrible Atlanta Thrashers team — whose leadership was utterly incompetent at the draft table and selected ...
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Wyss Institute's tough gel adhesive technology licensed to Amend Surgical

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University announced today that its tough gel adhesive technology has been licensed by Amend Surgical, a Florida-based medical device company focused on developing and manufacturing novel biomaterials.
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Roche, Jnana Enter Drug R&D Alliance Targeting Metabolism’s Gatekeepers

Scientists know that proteins called solute carrier (SLC) transporters move substances important to metabolism across cellular membranes. But can drugs effectively hit these proteins to treat disease? Roche is paying startup Jnana Therapeutics $40 million to find out.The alliance announced Tuesday focuses on the discovery and preclinical development of drugs for immunological and neurological diseases. In addition to the upfront cash payment, Roche may provide its new partner with research fund...
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​How start-ups raise capital when their bank account is empty

Big Think's CEO and co-founder Victoria Montgomery Brown explores the challenges of being a female entrepreneur in her forthcoming book, Digital Goddess. In one chapter, Brown offers key insights into how to raise capital when you have no money and no MVP. She advises to use every edge at your disposal; perseverance and tenacity are essential. In 2017, 40 percent of entrepreneurs were female, representing a 58 percent uptick in female-owned businesses from a decade prior. Fifty-six percent of ...
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Drugs: What America gets wrong about addiction and policy

"Why are some drugs legal and others illegal? ... if you ask how and why this distinction got made, what you realize when you look at the history is it has almost nothing to do with the relative risks of these drugs and almost everything to do with who used and who was perceived to use these drugs," sats Ethan Nadelmann. In this video, Maia Szalavitz, public policy and addiction journalist; Carl Hart, professor of neuroscience and psychology at Columbia University; Ethan Nadelmann, founder of th...
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Reduce spending on police by limiting what they must enforce

Across the country, demonstrators have marched against police violence and misconduct, and public support for the Black Lives Matter movement is at an all-time high. Politicians, corporations, and sports teams are calling for reform, and police departments nationwide are facing unprecedented scrutiny. A prominent reform proposal is reduced funding for police. We agree that such expenditures, and criminal justice spending more broadly, should be much smaller than currently. But calls for reduced ...
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How John Harrison invented the first portable precision timekeeper

It’s been over 50 years now since Colonel Humphrey Quill wrote his biography (1966) of the great pioneer of the marine chronometer, John Harrison (1693–1776). Since then, there has been a increasing interest in Harrison and the events surrounding his inventions and discoveries. Indeed, over the years, this interest has caused something of a stir in academic history-of-science circles. This seems to have been because the discussion of Harrison’s achievements has mostly been published and brought ...
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United States: Trump Administration Defrosts ICE's International Student Directive - Seyfarth Shaw LLP

The Trump administration, in response to a lawsuit filed by Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology...
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How Steven Pinker Became a Target Over His Tweets

The outcry over free speech and race takes aim at Steven Pinker, the best-selling author and well-known scholar.
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How a Famous Harvard Professor Became a Target Over His Tweets

The outcry over free speech and race takes aim at Steven Pinker, the best-selling author and well-known scholar.
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I’m the President of M.I.T. America Needs Foreign Students.

The international scholars the administration was threatening to send home are vital to American innovation and competitiveness.
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United States: Educational Institutions Take On ICE Directive Targeting International Students - Proskauer Rose LLP

On July 13, 2020, Proskauer filed an amicus brief on behalf of 15 educational institutions in support of a preliminary injunction sought by Harvard University and MIT in the District of Massachusetts.
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Signs of Covid-19 may be hidden in speech signals

It's often easy to tell when colleagues are struggling with a cold — they sound sick. Maybe their voices are lower or have a nasally tone. Infections change the quality of our voices in various ways. But MIT Lincoln Laboratory researchers are detecting these changes in Covid-19 patients even when these changes are too subtle for people to hear or even notice in themselves.By processing speech recordings of people infected with Covid-19 but not yet showing symptoms, these researchers found eviden...
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Government Rescinds Plan to Strip Visas From Foreign Students in Online Classes

The Trump administration said it would no longer require international students to attend in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic in order to remain in the country.
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The Administration Retreated on Student Visas, but the Battle Isn’t Over

The international scholars the administration was threatening to send home are vital to American innovation and competitiveness.
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17 States Sue to Block Student Visa Rules

A legal battle between universities and the Trump administration over foreign students and online learning escalated on Monday, ahead of a critical federal court hearing.
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Tech giants back suit against Trump rule that may deport students

More than 575,000 international students may be affected.
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