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Facebook Said to Consider Banning Political Ads

The social network has been under intense pressure for allowing misinformation and hate speech to spread on its site.
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Civil rights groups lambaste Facebook over ‘disappointing’ meeting about checking hate speech; Oversight Board’s operations delayed until fall

“Facebook wants us to accept the same old rhetoric, repackaged as a fresh response,” the Stop Hate for Profit campaign said in a statement after meeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, COO Sheryl Sandberg and Chief Product Officer Christopher Cox. The #StopHateforProfit campaign, started by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), had called on corporate advertisers to stop advertising on Facebook until the company overhauled its content moderation policies to stem hate speech and vitriol targeting minor...
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Facebook: We Were Going to Do the Right Thing Anyway, Believe You Me

Over the past decade and a half, we’ve watched Facebook mature from its halcyon era of “moving fast and breaking things” into one where it can’t seem to stop apologizing for doing exactly that. It does’t matter if it’s being implicated in multiple(!) human rights abuses, election interference, conspiracy peddling, or,…Read more...
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Facebook Ad Boycott Will Go on After Zuckerberg, Sandberg Blow Off Civil Rights Groups' Demands

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook—the social media company you may recognize from United Nations accusations of complicity in genocide and its role in recklessly flooding the web with conspiracy theories and extremism—predictably failed to placate a coalition of civil rights groups leading an ad…Read more...
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Sheryl Sandberg: Facebook will make changes to combat hate speech

The Facebook COO said the company is meeting with civil rights leaders and activists
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The Freedom of Speech, Part 2

Does someone have the right to shout over you while you are giving a speech if he disagrees with what you are saying? This is a question that falls under the governance of the First Amendment. In honor of Independence Day, we started a two-part series on the freedom of speech yesterday. Check out part 1 here if you missed it. Today we are going to look at some specific questions regarding the freedom of speech. We’ll be referencing a 2017 Brookings Institute study which involved a “national surv...
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In a panic over fleeing advertisers, Facebook launches PR blitz to announce it is "a mirror to society"

In the last couple of weeks over 200 major advertisers, including Starbucks, Ford, GM, Clorox, Reebok, Adidas, Best Buy, Clif Bar, and Chobani have left Facebook, citing concerns over the social media platform's lack of meaningful action against voter suppression campaigns and hate speech that takes place there. In a statement, Denny's said: "As America's diner, we offer an inclusive and welcoming environment where all people can enjoy a nice meal and we strongly oppose hate speech of any kind. ...
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YouTube bans 6 white supremacists channels; Reddit removes 2,000 channels for violating content policy

YouTube today banned at least six white supremacist channels, while Reddit removed 2,000 subreddits, including r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse, after a change in their content policy. What YouTube banned: Six white supremacist channels from the US, including those run by far right pseudo-science Stefan Molyneux, white supremacist outlet American Renaissance and affiliated channel AmRenPodcasts and white supremacist and former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, per The Verge. “After updating our g...
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YouTube bans 6 channels for hate speech, white supremacists Stefan Molyneux, David Duke, and Richard Spencer among them

Alphabet (Google) owned YouTube banned six channels today it says violate hate speech policies. Stefan Molyneux, David Duke, and Richard Spencer, all widely identified as white supremacists, are among the newly banned channels. Reports Julia Alexander at The Verge: Other channels banned include American Renaissance (with its associated channel AmRen Podcasts) and the channel for Spencer’s National Policy Institute. The channels repeatedly violated YouTube’s policies, a YouTube spokesperson sa...
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Reddit shuts down The_Donald for hate speech, harassment, and targeting

The 790,000 subscribers to The_Donald have suddenly found themselves without a place to spread hate and harassment after Reddit shut down the subreddit earlier this morning, reports The New York Times. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman told reporters “Reddit is a place for community and belonging, not for attacking people. The_Donald has been in violation of that.” From The New York Times: Reddit said people in “The_Donald” consistently posted racist and vulgar messages that incited harassment and target...
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Facebook will label hateful content by politicians; MediaNama’s take

Facebook will finally start labelling content from politicians that, despite being newsworthy, violates it content policies, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Friday in a Facebook Live session. Content that may lead to violence or suppresses voting, even it is by politicians, will be removed by Facebook. This announcement came almost a month after Twitter and Facebook chalked out drastically different policies on how to deal with hate speech by politicians, including US President Donald Trump. On...
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French top court strikes down proposed law against online hate speech, calls it ‘unconstitutional’

The highest French constitutional authority struck down most of the country’s online hate speech law on June 18, calling it “unconstitutional” as it would have impinged on citizen’s freedom of expression, did not give platforms enough time to get a judicial warrant for content removal or ascertain whether the content was truly violative, and made platforms responsible for the adjudication of content instead of a judicial authority so that they could avoid heavy penalties. The Wall Street Journal...
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How will EC plans to reboot rules for digital services impact startups?

A framework for ensuring fairness in digital marketplaces and tackling abusive behavior online is brewing in Europe, fed by a smorgasbord of issues and ideas, from online safety and the spread of disinformation, to platform accountability, data portability and the fair functioning of digital markets. European Commission lawmakers are even turning their eye to labor rights, spurred by regional concern over unfair conditions for platform workers. On the content side, the core question is how to ba...
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On illegal hate speech, EU lawmakers eye binding transparency for platforms

It’s more than four years since major tech platforms signed up to a voluntary pan-EU Code of Conduct on illegal hate speech removals. Yesterday the European Commission’s latest assessment of the non-legally binding agreement lauds “overall positive” results — with 90% of flagged content assessed within 24 hours and 71% of the content deemed to be illegal hate speech removed. The latter is up from just 28% in 2016. However the report cards finds platforms are still lacking in transparency. Nor ar...
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Germany tightens online hate speech rules to make platforms send reports straight to the feds

While a French online hate speech law has just been derailed by the country’s top constitutional authority on freedom of expression grounds, Germany is beefing up hate speech rules — passing a provision that will require platforms to send suspected criminal content directly to the Federal police at the point it’s reported by a user. The move is part of a wider push by the German government to tackle a rise in right wing extremism and hate crime — which it links to the spread of hate speech onlin...
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French constitutional authority rejects law forcing online platforms to delete hate-speech content

French regulation on hate speech on online platforms has been widely deemed as unconstitutional by France’s Constitutional Council, the top authority in charge of ruling whether a new law complies with the constitution. It won’t come into effect as expected in the coming weeks. As a reminder, the original law said that online platforms should remove within 24 hours illicit content that has been flagged. Otherwise, companies will have to pay hefty fines every time they infringe the law. For socia...
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Zuckerberg cites a post from India as a clear-cut example of ‘incitement to violence’

For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, while posts from US President Donald Trump may not pose a “100 per cent clear-cut of a decision”, posts from India where “someone” said “‘Hey, if the police don’t take care of this, our supporters will get in there and clear the streets’” are a clear cut case of incitement of violence and have been taken down. This was revealed in a transcript of a meeting that Zuckerberg held with 25,000 employees on June 2. Recode published the transcript of the meeting. Zucke...
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It's Not Enough to Quit Your Job

Across the country, white people are being called on to use their power and privilege to lift up black people—by hiring them, promoting them, and in some cases actively relinquishing power. In a particularly bold reflection of this stance, Alexis Ohanian announced that he will step down from his seat on the board of…Read more...
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BJP member petitions Supreme Court seeking ‘mechanism’ to check ‘seditious’, ‘anti India’ content on Twitter

BJP’s Vinit Goenka has petitioned the Supreme Court seeking directions for the government to create a mechanism to check content and advertisements on Twitter, which are allegedly spreading “hatred amongst the communities, [are] seditious, instigative, separatist, hate filled, divisive, against the society at large and against the spirit of the Union of India”. Goenka, in his […] ...
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France passes law forcing online platforms to delete hate speech content within 24 hours

France’s lower chamber of the parliament has voted in favor of a controversial law against hate speech on social networks and online platforms. As I described last year, online platforms will have to remove illicit content that has been flagged within 24 hours. Otherwise, companies will have to pay hefty fines every time they infringe the law. What do they mean by illicit content? Essentially, anything that would be considered as an offense or a crime in the offline world is now considered as il...
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Facebook upgrades its AI to better tackle COVID-19 misinformation and hate speech

Facebook’s AI tools are the only thing standing between its users and the growing onslaught of hate and misinformation the platform is experiencing. The company’s researchers have cooked up a few new capabilities for the systems that keep the adversary at bay, identifying COVID-19-related misinformation and hateful speech disguised as memes. Detecting and removing misinformation relating to the virus is obviously a priority right now, as Facebook and other social media become breeding grounds...
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Tumblr now removes reblogs in violation of its hate speech policy, not just the original posts

Tumblr is making a change to how it deals with hate speech on its blogging platform. The company announced today it will also remove the reblogs (repostings) from any blogs that were suspended for violating its policies around hate speech. Already, the company says it’s identified nearly 1,000 blogs that were banned for blatant violations of its hate speech rules. Most of these blogs contained Nazi-related content, it said. This week, Tumblr began to remove all the reblogs from these previously ...
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Free speech roundup

“New Puerto Rico law threatens jail time for spreading ‘false information’ about COVID-19” [Committee to Protect Journalists, earlier] Freedom for publishers and platforms to associate with whomever they want permits them to exclude quackery and health misinformation, and that’s a feature not a bug [Matthew Feeney] It takes the FCC all of one day to reject petition from absurdly named pressure group Free Press demanding broadcast limits on statements by Trump and his allies about the novel co...
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Cyberbullying against Asian people skyrockets 900% in wake of pandemic

Traffic on hate sites and searches for racist hashtags have also shot up
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Cyberbullying against Asian people skyrockets 900%

Traffic on hate sites and searches for racist hashtags have also shot up
Tags: News, Trends, Social Media, Cyberbullying, Hate Speech, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Hate Sites

L1ght Looks to Protect Internet Users from Toxic and Predatory Behavior

Cybersecurity has been regarded as a necessity for all computer users, especially today when data breaches and malware attacks have become rampant. However, one of the more overlooked aspects of cybersecurity is the prevention of other forms of cybercrime, such as the spread of harmful content and predatory behavior. Most current discussions on cybersecurity revolve around organizations [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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Twitter bans hate speech on the basis of age, disability or disease

Twitter will now delete tweets that “dehumanise” people on the basis of age, disability or disease. So Twitter will remove a tweet which says “people with [disease] are rats that contaminate everyone around them”. The last category is crucial in the backdrop of the coronavirus outbreak, where certain age groups might potentially be targeted. Twitter defines […] ...
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Twitter expands hateful conduct rules to ban dehumanizing speech around age, disability and now, disease

Last year, Twitter expanded its rules around hate speech to include dehumanizing speech against religious groups. Today, Twitter says it’s expanding its rule to also include language that dehumanizes people on the basis of their age, disability, or disease. The latter, of course, is a timely addition given that the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 has led to people making hateful and sometimes racist remarks on Twitter related to this topic. Twitter says that tweets that broke this ru...
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Free speech roundup

“‘Hate speech’ is not a legal category, and banning it wouldn’t stand up to scrutiny.” [Cato Daily Podcast episodes with Caleb Brown interviewing Matthew Feeney and Lou Perez] “Civil FOSTA Suits Start Showing Up In Court; Prove That FOSTA Supporters Were 100% Wrong About Who Would Be Targeted” [Mike Masnick, TechDirt, earlier] Cause célèbre in the U.K.: employment law tribunal, an institution with no exact counterpart in American law, rules against worker fired from nonprofit over tweets ex...
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Every person’s silence against violence gives perpetrators licence to kill

Ongoing hate speech, whether in person, among people or on social media, that is directed at vulnerable groups can lead to violence and death The post Every person’s silence against violence gives perpetrators licence to kill appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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